Best Mattress Reviews & Guide 2016 – 2017

Being Mattress Enthusiasts, we love to explore different types of mattresses, their brands, features, and types. Well, this short discussion is specially made for people like us, the enthusiasts. What we would like to tell you is that we will be updating your time to time on choosing the top mattresses, giving out some great recommendations and providing you with valuable best mattress reviews of 2016 & 2017.

Nonetheless, technology has taken a big leap and hasn’t left mattresses as well. At our blog, you will be able to carry out proper research on some of the best mattresses, reviews and guides that will help you enjoy a comfortable sleep and of course hoarding them in your arsenal.

Before we dive into the best mattress reviews, let us ask you some simple questions. Do you suffer from a very common disease of insomnia? Do you feel exhausted and wasted when you wake up? Do your back hurt due to the un-even posture you have been sleeping in?

If the answer to all the aforementioned questions is YES, then you seriously need to take one thing in account, your Mattress. Maybe it’s time to change your Mattress and have a sound sleep.

In search for the best mattress you can feel a little confused by ubiquitous terminologies or types of mattress available in the market these days. Our team has helped prepared a mattress comparison discourse and table to help you make an informed decision.

Best Mattress Reviews 2016 – 2017

Types Of Mattresses


Latex Mattress is one of the most popular mattresses around the world, and they are way more comfortable as compared to those old-fashioned bed mattress. Latex is basically a natural material that is extracted from the sap of rubber tree or Hevea Brasiliensis, and it has an amazing elasticity.

This elasticity not only provides comfortability but also keeps the mattress in shape. Latex mattress helps a lot to keep your body in shape irrespective of your weight. If you haven’t slept on a latex mattress before, it feels pleasantly wonderful and soft to your body with a plush sensation and a great full body support.

Benefits of Latex Mattresses

  • best mattress reviewsOffers a proper balance of soft comfort and support for the back and spine.
  • A latex mattress is naturally dust, mold, and bacteria resistant with no chemical saturations in it.
  • They offer better air circulation that keeps your body cool giving you a more breathable sleeping environment.
  • Latex mattress doesn’t transmit movement easily. If you are sleeping with a partner and he makes any movement you won’t feel it.
  • Last but not the least, a latex mattress is highly durable and nonetheless an affordable option as well. You should consider it for a comfortable sleep.



A crib mattress is made for your naughty toddler, and it seems more like a car seat. However, it is more comfortable, safe and perfect for your child to enjoy a comfortable sleep. Choosing a crib mattress is very much important for your child’s health.

Always opt for a firmer one as it prevents SIDS also make sure that it says “no coils poking up through the top that is hard as a rock.” To ensure that a mattress is perfectly suited for your baby, press it from the center and see if it bounces back into its shape.

best mattress reviewsHere are a few important factors to consider when shopping for a crib mattress.

  • Design : You can go for the innerspring and foam mattress, but both have some major
  • Weight : I bought the first crib mattress that weighed only 11.7 pounds. However, you can go for 10-20 pound mattress.
  • Waterproof : Surely your newborn is ready to wet the sheets, but don’t let it spoil the mattress. Go for a waterproof mattress.
  • No-Chemicals : Make sure that your toddler’s mattress is made of pure and natural material with no chemicals as it is not good for his health.
  • Price : Finally, set a budget and look for the best option within that range.



If you are buying a mattress, then portable one could prove to be a blessing. Multiple brands in the market offer some of the best portable mattresses with impressive features and affordable price. Not to mention that nowadays, choosing a mattress is a complicated task and a bad option could ruin your sleep and cut you down on your budget with no benefit.

However, a portable mattress is always a great option that promises a comfortable sleep and gives you the ease of carrying it anywhere you want.

best mattress reviewsAs the name suggests “Portable Mattress,” it is quite obvious that these are either the ‘air mattress’ or the foldable models. You can either enjoy the experience of sleeping on an air mattress or rest your back on foldable latex or memory foam mattress.

Portable mattresses are available in nearly all sizes, and they are pretty much lighter as compared to a regular mattress. Rather than buying a sleeping bag that may not give the same level of comfort, you take your portable mattress on your camping journeys and enjoy your trip. Their flexibility and affordable prices make them a popular option both for in-house and outdoor usage.


Not made purely out of bamboo, rather a combination of memory foam and bamboo that gives you one of the most comfortable and extremely healthy sleeping places. The bamboo mattress has been proven to help aid the spinal issues, back and neck pain and shoulder sprains.

The bamboo element added in it helps in breathing during the night time and prevents any type of allergies. A bamboo mattress, in fact, feels comfortable from the beginning.

They also have an extra layer of foam that gives it durability and makes it more comfortable to sl


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at work.

best mattress reviews

What’s more intriguing about a bamboo mattress is that unlike other sleeping foams, it uses 100% pure and natural ingredients with no chemical saturation.


This not only makes it breathable but also healthier and gives it a cooling effect. Just like any other mattress, a bamboo model is also available in all sizes. Also, it doesn’t lose its shape and firmness for years.

It has an exceptional performance and a soft layer of bamboo and foam inside that makes it ideally the perfect product that you must have in your house. Although bamboo mattress has a slightly high price tag as compared to the normal products, still they are affordable.


Great innovation made out of some secret recipes that help to deliver comfort and support to your body. While the basic collection of Therapedic Mattress includes:

  • Latex foam.
  • Memory foam.
  • Pocket innerspring, and
  • Advanced airbeds.

However, these are further grouped into different brands such as;

  • Kathy Ireland
  • MemoryTouch
  • Backsense
  • Innergy
  • PureTouch

best mattress reviewsThis vast collection and brand diversity makes Therapedic Mattresses as one of the most versatile ones in the industry. Not only they are a high-quality bedding accessory but also an affordable option that fulfills all your sleeping needs.

Furthermore, you can also benefit from the Therapedic bedding accessories such as pillows and mattress pads plus premium grade materials like memory foam, down feather and natural latex foam.

Advantages of Therapedic Mattress

The main factors for which Therapedic Mattress has been praised for comprises;

  • Its affordable price with immense benefits.
  • Comfortability that is the best in the industry.
  • Elegance and a modern appearance.
  • An odorless mattress that makes it feel more natural and breathable.
  • Being light weight it is easy to maintain and carry around.
  • Is economical.
  • Durable & firm with no compromise on quality.



A folding mattress is nonetheless a versatile and portable alternative to the regular sleeping mattress. Their main selling point is their ability to fold up into a compact size so that you can easily store them or carry anywhere you want.

best mattress reviewsThey usually have three panels (two minimum) and fold up on either one or two places. Most of the folding mattresses come with a storage bag as well that gives you the convenience of carrying them on your trips, camping journeys or for sleepovers to your friend’s house.

They are not unique and versatile but also very affordable and comes in nearly all sizes.

Some of the folding mattress to consider in 2017 includes:

  • Milliard Memory foam folding mattress.
  • Lucid foam furniture folding mattress.
  • Sleep Master memory foam is the folding mattress.
  • D&D Futon Furniture polyurethane folding mattress.
  • Magshion Futon Furniture Polyester & Polyester Blend folding mattress.
  • Sproutwise Kids Bamboo Viscose & Polyester folding mattress.

As mentioned earlier, you can easily find a great folding mattress for as low as $200 while a traditional mattress can cost you a minimum of $600 and as much as $2000+. They are versatile and can be used for multiple purposes.


Orthopedic Mattress is considered to be the most comfortable and soft mattress, and it surely could be your ideal purchase. Although it is soft still it possesses firmness that provides support to your body and helps to distribute the weight evenly.

They have been proven to relieve the spinal and back pain along with neck and shoulder sprain. Using an orthopedic mattress will help you improve your body posture and relieve pain from pressure points. They are normally available in a coil sprung, pocket sprung, and memory foam varieties and perfectly suits anyone who wants a peaceful and comfortable sleep.

best mattress reviewsAn orthopedic mattress not only aids in providing a comfortable sleep but it is also designed for the well-being of your body. It helps to support your body and reduces stress, especially on the back and neck region.

These type of mattresses are usually thick and may have slightly more weight than the traditional mattresses. However, they are much convenient, affordable and beneficial. Their durable construction increases their lifespan and helps to maintain the natural shape of the mattress for years.

They are available in Single, Double, King Size and Super King Sizes with Metric and Imperial types that perfectly suits your needs. Nonetheless, Orthopedic Mattress are the best in the market.

Adjustable Air Beds

Adjustable air beds are simply great. They provide support and firmness, and their smart conforming abilities help to relieve back pain and prevents the muscle sprain. Their main selling point is their life span which is 30% greater than the traditional mattresses. As the name suggests, they use air instead of springs and foam and are easily adjustable that gives you the convenience of moving them, transporting them or even storing them with ease.

best mattress reviewsHowever, the top comfort layer is usually made of a standard foam, but it can also consist of fiber, memory foam, latex or even bamboo.

What I love the most about adjustable air beds is that you can easily adjust their firmness by adding or removing air via the electrical pump that comes along with your product. The outer layer of adjustable air beds is made of durable material that prevents those tiny items on the floor from pinching in and damaging it.

Still, you should take care and avoid any items that may pinch in. More than 90% of the users of adjustable air beds are satisfied with their investment. Surely the comfort level is a lot better than those old fashioned bulky spring mattresses.


Englander Mattress

Englander is well known for manufacturing Orthopedic Mattresses that have a unique design. Its construction consists of individual encased coils that provide extra support to your back and helps promote spine alignment that is essential for a proper body posture. Not only Orthopedic, but also they are famous for their Latex, Memory Foam, Plus size sleepers, Hybrid and Egel mattresses.

best mattress reviewsHowever, consumers have endorsed their Orthopedic, Latex and memory foam mattress the most. While memory and latex foam boasts competitive prices, the Orthopedic models are pretty expensive but not much. If you are still confused which brand to choose, Englander Mattress could be your best investment ever.

Jamison Mattress

Jamison mattress is quite new in the market and isn’t that popular as other big brands, however; you’ll be surprised to know that they have been around for 125 years. To be honest, they originally began mattress manufacturing back in 1883, and the ownership has been travelling with their family for years and continues to present in the 21st century as well.

Their most famous product apart from their comfortable mattresses is their Marriott beds that are surely luxurious ones. Although they are not very popular, still their mattresses have a slightly high price tags as compared to the regular mattresses. If you are considering to buy a great mattress, you should consider Jamison Mattress.


Coleman Air Mattress

The history of Coleman Air Mattresses dates back to the 1900 and is nonetheless one of the leading brands that manufacture some of the best mattresses in the industry. They provide you a product that delivers quality. Not only mattresses but also they have been manufacturing sleeping bags, air mattresses, tents, stoves, lanterns, electric lights and tons of other products.

best mattress reviews

Their mattresses are their top selling product and not to mention that they are simply great and ensures a comfortable night sleep. Their mattresses come with automated air pump for inflation and deflation and tons of other features to entice your sleep.

Things To Consider Before Buying The Best Mattress

1 – Layered Bedding

Nowadays mattresses top have layers of infused foam on top of it that makes it firm. The level of thickness of the layer varies from brand to brand. So it is advisable to choose a mattress that entails these types of foam layers

2 – Cooling Effect

The mattresses we have reviewed and laid down guides on mostly contain gel-infused layers that go along with the foaming material. This ensures a cooling effect while sleeping enabling a long lasting and comforting deep sleep.

The gel layers are positioned in between the mattress foam. Many people have reported improvement in their sleep patterns due to this cooling effect

3 – Torso Support

Manufacturers of mattresses have differentiated their products by introducing what is known as Lumbar Support Zone in a mattress. However this does not entirely endorse superiority over other mattresses, it’s just that some mattress target areas pertaining to the spinal cord for a firm posture while sleeping.

4 – Choosing the Right Size

Choosing the right size for your mattress is very important. The right sized mattress can enable you to stretch freely and enable you to sleep without worries of space. This gives a psychological advantage when you go to sleep on a mattress, which is just the right fit for you or your partner.

Different Size of Mattresses Include:

1 – Twin (39 by 74)

2 – Twin XL (39 by 80)

3 – Full (54 by 74)

4 – Queen (60 by 80)

5 – King Size (76 by 80)

6 – CAL King (72 by 84)

5 – Budget

Now this is something that totally relies on you. One thing should be kept in mind while buying a new mattress is that it is your health, especially your night’s sleep is at stake. In short, this is an investment for your well-being and should not be taken for granted.

Counter to it, you don’t need to spend an extravagant amount to buy a more comforting and better mattress than what you already own. It’s just that you have to factor in your current state and make an informed decision. That’s why we have reviewed mattresses of all price range, major brands and specific quality each mattress is engineered to provides.

6 – Company

We advise you to read our mattress reviews carefully and complete your due diligence before purchasing any branded mattresses. For us brand names are just for commercials and you should buy after thoroughly reviewing it against your criteria & needs


As far as the quality of mattresses are concerned don’t always rush towards the cheapest mattress or mattress deals. The mattress reviews we present to you are of reputable brands in the space, which not only deliver quality products but also provide excellent customer service.

Our Best Mattress Reviews will extensively cover things like warranty, foaming material, CertiPU-US criteria, amenability and much more factors pertinent to mattresses. We take the aforementioned variables with meticulous concern and un-earth the Best Mattress Brands for our customers.