Bear Mattress Review – sportsmens’ pick?

When we talk of innovation in the mattress industry, we think of a mattress that has scaled the heights of sleep quality. As we put all our focus on the Bear Mattress, we are looking at a bed designated for people who live an active lifestyle. These are the people who love to workout, prep meals in the weekend and wait for the gains in their sleep. The Bear Mattress claims to meet the specification of athletes and expectations in improved performance.

So, we took our time to research on this mattress and here’s what we found in Bear Mattress Review
Bear mattress review

A Brief Look at the Bear Company

For over 25 years, the Bear Company strives to improve sleep quality through the products they create. With their foundation based on honesty and achieving first-class customer service, the company boasts a transparent business that continues to grow.

The team involved in the construction of the Bear mattress consists of trainers, chiropractors, leading experts in the fitness and health industry, and their members of staff. Together, they have been able to create a mattress that enables athletes to recover faster and improve performance. They also aim at reaching out to the everyday busy guy who wants to wake up ready to perform better.

Donations by the Bear Company

It is important to note that when you buy into the Bear Company, you help children gain access to a healthy, active lifestyle through physical activity and sports. 1% of each sale is sent to Good Sports to helps achieve this dream.

Bear Mattress Review of essential scores


Rating on a Scale of 1-10







Edge Support


Motion Transfer


Back Sleeping


Stomach Sleeping


Side Sleeping




Value for Money


Warranty and Return Policy



The bear mattress uses the bed in box concept which basically means, your mattress is going to arrive compressed in a box.  It’s pretty straightforward to unpack this bed. You’ll only need to take it to the room you’ll be using it while it’s still in the box. This is because the mattress becomes much harder to move when it is in its decompressed form.

Place the mattress on the bed frame and unroll it. You’ll notice that it has a plastic wrapping on top. You’ll then use a sharp knife to remove the plastic wrapper carefully without injuring the mattress. It has two layers of plastic so don’t forget to remove the last wrapper. The bed starts to take shape almost immediately, but it will take some hours before it fully decompresses.

If you still need to use the Bear bed on the first day, you’ll notice it is a bit firm, but it gets easier as the memory foam adapts to the ambient temperature of the room.


The Bear mattress has utilized lots of research to create a bed that provides exceptional rest to people who lead an active lifestyle. It explores a four-layer design with graphite-infused gel memory foam and a luxurious cover. The foam layers carry different densities to diversify its firmness.

Bear mattress review

Celliant Cover

The Bear mattress utilizes a unique technology that claims to convert your body’s heat into infrared energy. This cover has a construction of fibers that contain thermo-active minerals. These minerals send the radiant heat as infrared energy back into the body.  The infrared energy increases your blood flow. As such, it speeds up recovery after a hard day of working out.

Maybe you are wondering; will you not get too hot because of the infrared energy? No, infrared energy does not pass on heat hence it should not be a problem if you are looking to sleep cool. One thing about the Celliant cover is that it is thin and soft. It provides a comfortable sleeping area that is both breathable and cool

The Foam Layers

This layer carries 1.5 inches of 4 pounds of graphite gel-infused memory foam. It is stable amidst a wide range of temperatures meaning it does not get hot nor retain any heat. What’s more, it prevents you from overheating by giving off heat to the outside. It is the pressure relieving surface that does good job for people who love sleeping on their side. The memory foam gives it the bounce that responds to the curves of your body. It hugs the body, but you won’t sink into the underlying layers since it is only 1.5 inches thick

bear mattress review
Top Layer

This layer carries 1.5 inches of 4 pounds of graphite gel-infused memory foam. It is stable amidst a wide range of temperatures meaning it does not get hot nor retain any heat. What’s more, it prevents you from overheating by giving off heat to the outside. It is the pressure relieving surface that does good job for people who love sleeping on their side. The memory foam gives it the bounce that responds to the curves of your body. It hugs the body, but you won’t sink into the underlying layers since it is only 1.5 inches thick.

Middle Polyfoam layers

These are two layers (2.5 inches) that consist of quick response foam. Each layer has 3 pounds of polyfoam to give the mattress bounce and pushback. It allows you to sleep on the surface as well as switch positions without struggling. The polyfoam also serves as the transitional layer to prevent the firm base from dis-aligning the body.

Foundation Layer

At the very bottom is 6.5 inches of high-density polyfoam with 1.8 lb density. It gives the mattress its shape, stabilizes it and prevents it from sagging over time. It also helps to keep your body aligned in whichever position that you choose to sleep.

Bear Mattress Review of basic features


While some people need a soft mattress and others want a firm mattress, Bear seems to strike the balance of the two extremities. It’s a medium firm mattress with a score of 6.5 on a scale of 1-10. This means that most people will feel supported on this bed. That is if you don’t have a strict firmness level that you prefer.

When you first sleep on the bed, it responds to your body’s curves, but the response foam prevents further sinking such that you can feel the bounce it brings along. This makes the firmness lie on the high side which mostly favors just about any sleeping position.

Motion Transfer

If you can feel every toss and turn that your partner makes in bed, it becomes so difficult to achieve a deep, fully rested sleep. Motion isolation is a factor no one should take lightly especially if you are looking to recover from a sports injury and wake up fully rejuvenated.

Since the Bear mattress draws from the active lifestyle, they understand what the bed needs in terms of dampening your partner’s movements. As such, this bed uses memory foam that is synonymous with isolating motion. It works great when you don’t want to feel your partner getting in and out of bed on lazy mornings or nights.

Pressure Relief

If you are a side sleeper, pressure points are something you have to consider when choosing the type of mattress you need. The Bear mattress excels in this sector seeing that when you are on your side, the bed tends to absorb the weight that concentrates on the hips and shoulders. This relieves the pressure letting you sleep peacefully.

For back sleepers, you will have no problems with pressure relief as this mattress hugs the curves and cinches into your back. This makes it super easy to spread the weight on the bed so that you won’t form any pressure on the back.

Stomach sleepers will also appreciate this bed. The high firmness level prevents the mattress from sinking deep thus your hips won’t sag as you sleep.

Note that the above tests are with people of average weight and the pressure may increase with heavier sleepers.
Bear mattress review


This is another feature that we can’t proceed without looking at. When we talk about the mattress facilitating quick recovery, there’s need to look at a bed that does not leave you sunk in the middle with all that energy concentrating in your body.

Although your weight mostly determines the sinkage, this mattress favors persons of all weights according to the sinkage test. With people of average weight, the bed sinks to 1.5 inches when one is lying on the back or their stomach. This means your body just sits on the top as the weight spreads out.

When lying on the side, we noticed a dip of 2 inches which is great because only a small difference is made even after applying the extra pressure. When sitting aggressively with feet on the floor, the Bear mattress dips to a good 4 inches. It indicates lots of resilience when pressure is applied. We expect that it will do a great job even for people who weigh more than 300 lbs.

Edge Support

Memory foam beds are notorious for lacking edge support as opposed to spring mattresses that use coils. The Bear mattress also struggles in this area since when you sit on the edge, it does compress as we indicated in the sinkage test. But it pays off while sleeping on the edge as it does not compress much. It’s quite a surprise we must say because edge support is essential when you need to utilize the whole bed.

Questions you may ask about Bear Mattress

Does the Bear Mattress Sleep Hot?

The time it takes for a mattress to dissipate off heat is important when you want to sleep cool. The Bear mattress takes its time before the bed regulates your temperature. This is because of the memory foam which leads to the bed holding on to heat only to give it off because of the gel infused in the foam.

The quick response foam has an open cell-structure that contributes to increased airflow between the layers. It will not cause you to break into a sweat. As such, it’s safe to say this better sleeps cool. The Bear mattress claims to sleep 7x cooler than other foam mattresses in its class.

Is the Bear Mattress Toxic?

If you are just hearing of the Celliant technology now, it may seem foreign, and perhaps you have health questions in mind. Celliant is FDA determined Infrared Yarn Technology. It is clinically tested as safe on every single Bear mattress. What you have is a mattress that provides restful sleep, increased blood flow, and improved athletic performance.

The Bear Bed is manufactured in the USA. It uses Certi-PUR Certified foams that are free of fire-retardants and any heavy metals.

Another note on Celliant is that it is non-invasive technology thus you should not expect an allergic reaction. However, you should not use the mattress is you have an allergy to polyester fibers. This is because for Celliant to be allergenic, it needs a synthetic carrier.

Does the Mattress have a Chemical Smell?

As, with any unboxing of a compressed mattress; you should expect a slight odor. Memory foam mattresses tend to give off the ‘new mattress smell’ because the chemicals that make them tend to accumulate in a closed box. The smell on the Bear mattress is so faint that only the most smell-sensitive person will feel it.

bear mattress review

Bear Mattress Review of Bed Specifications

The Bear mattress is offered without the bed foundation but in many different sizes. The size determines the price, and we find that the Queen bed is a popular choice. It is for the person who needs a versatile bed with a little extra space.

If you have no idea what platform to use with the Bear bed, we suggest using the Bear foundation since it offers ideal support. This is through the steel bars that run horizontally and vertically on the base.




Twin 75”x39”x10”

51 pounds

Twin XL 80”x39”x10”

51 pounds

Full 70”x54”x10”

65.6 pounds

Queen 80”x60”x10”

69 pounds

King 80”x76”x10”

100 pounds

California King 84”x72”x10”

100 pounds

Suitability: Who will love the Bear Mattress?

If your life revolves around sports and training

The Bear mattress incorporates Celliant technology which has been proven to impact positively on athletes. If you want restful sleep that gets you better performance during practice, the Bear Bed is perfect for you.

If you want comfort, support, and pressure relief

This mattress is one of the few that ticks in all the right boxes. You may not be an athlete, but this bed offers exceptional comfort to persons of all ages and size.

If you like sleeping cool on memory foam

Many memory foam mattresses sleep hot. The cooling on the Bear bed is excellent and enough to support cool sleepers.

bear mattress review

Maintaining and Care for the Bear Mattress

The cover on the Bear bed is removable for spot cleaning with warm water and a detergent. You should not flip the mattress as it offsets the balance between the foundation and the top memory foam layer. Otherwise, you can rotate it like twice every year so that it will wear evenly.

If you wish to protect the mattress further, Bear provides a 100% waterproof cover which helps keep your bed clean and hygienic.

Warranty, Trial Period and Return Policy

The Bear mattress comes with a 10-year limited warranty. The warranty covers repairs and replacements for mattresses with defects on the manufacturer’s side such as sinkage, indentations that are more than 1-inch deep, deep splits or cracks on the foam, and any faults in the zipper that you discover within the first 10-years.

Note that you can only use the mattress on any flat and firm surface where you have adequate support. Using it on other frames may void the warranty. The bed will not also be covered when used in commercial settings like motels, hotel, hospital, nursing home, etc.

For the Trial period, you have to stay with the mattress for 30 nights as your body gets accustomed to the new bed. After that, you have up to 100 nights to return the mattress if you feel it does not support your needs. The return timeframe is usually from the delivery date. Within the 100 days, they pick the bed for free, and you’ll receive a refund of the cost of the mattress.
Bear mattress review

Where can you buy the Bear Mattress?

This mattress is an exceptional value as it sells online without utilizing the help of retail stores. You’ll also get it on Amazon. The prices as you will note are not as hyped up like what you’d find in showrooms. Without the middlemen, it goes to say no additional costs are added to the production costs.

 Amazon has earned respect from their customers, and it is a place we highly recommend purchasing this mattress.

So... Is it worth buying according to our Bear Mattress Review?

The Bear mattress takes sleeping for the active person to a whole new level. They use innovative technology that comes at a very reasonable price. The cover is woven using FDA approved infrared yarn technology to promote blood flow and fast recovery.

It uses responsive memory foam along with quick response foam and highly supportive foam on the base. The cooling technology is top notch as it has ventilated foam and graphite-infused, gel memory foam.

If you appreciate the hugging comfort of memory foam without sleeping hot, the Bear Mattress is a great pick.

 Don’t wait for comfort to come to you. Seek it out on the Bear mattress.