Beautyrest 3-inch Sculpted Gel Memory Foam Mattress Topper Review

This is a relatively new product and is currently available only in Queen size. Beautyrest is a trusted brand name in the mattress industry. Beautyrest 3-inch sculpted gel memory foam mattress topper is, as the name indicates, a 3 inch thick mattress topper. It has a density of 3.2 pounds per cubic foot and offers good body support. It has an egg crate like surface with a flat bottom. The bumps and dips of the egg crate design helps to increase its breathability, support and shock resistance. This is not 100% memory foam, but gel infused ie, gel beads are infused into the memory foam to tweak its properties and make it better. A gel infused mattress topper allows more air circulation and provides a cooling effect. It makes the cells of the memory foam bigger and allows more breathability. The gel also adds more support and comfort.

beautyrest 3inch gel memory foam mattress topper


In terms of comfort this mattress topper is neither too soft nor too firm. It offers medium comfort level. The foam easily molds to our body shape doing the memory foam magic. The egg crate design also reduces sleep disturbances from your partner.

This gel memory foam bed topper by Beautyrest comes with a high quality sleep mask and polyurethane ear plugs. It has a 5 year warranty period which is a limited manufacturer warranty. It is manufactured in the US meeting all quality standards including flammability standards. As mentioned earlier it comes in Queen size with dimensions of 59x79x3 inches. This is machine cut so the dimensions may slightly vary for each piece.

The manufacturer clearly instructs that the foam will need 48 hours to expand to its full size. It comes with a slight odour which will dissipate within a few hours of airing out.

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The customer reviews for this 3 inch mattress topper by Beautyrest are very positive and it has an average star rating of 4.6/5. Out of the 15 customer reviews (this is a new product) 93% of the reviews rate this as a 4+ star product and in this 80% are 5 stars. Since this product was introduced only a few months back I cannot comment on its longevity. But since it has good density (3.2 pounds) and is gel infused it is likely to have a longer lifespan.

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It doesn’t come with a mattress cover. Ofcourse it can be used without one but I recommend a mattress pad because it is not easy to clean a memory form mattress topper. It is also easier to keep the topper in position by using deep pocketed covers. If you don’t know which one to buy try this. Is this reversible ie, ca it be flipped? I don’t recommend that since it has an egg crate surface.


Beautyrest 3-inch sculpted gel memory foam mattress topper is a good choice for a person with average build. It suites more to your bedroom than to an RV or camping ground. It also helps to reduce common back problems. One downside is it comes only in Queen size. All in all this is a good product.

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