Best Air Mattress Reviews of 2018 (your best choice)

Air mattresses are what you go for when looking for an extra bed. They are fun, portable, and provide better comfort than what you’d find in a sleeping bag. It’s no wonder they make great camping beds and guest bed options.

 After going through the features of a series of mattresses, we have rounded up the top performers on our list. As usual, it’s always good to remember that an air mattress is not intended for daily use. As such, when looking for an air mattress, consider a few factors.

Comfortable Sleeping Platform

You should not expect the same comfort level as that of sleeping on a regular foam or latex bed. But your air mattress should remain relatively firm without deflating throughout the night. If you feel the need to top up the air every time you need to sleep on it, go ahead and fill it up. However, if it fails to hold you up for the night, it’s not a mattress that will last a decent period.

Internal/Built-in Pump

An air bed that carries an inbuilt pump has the best convenience when it comes to inflating and deflating of the mattress. You’ll not risk losing the pump or adapters when you need to use them. These beds also feature buttons to choose the comfort level so that you can have the ideal firmness for your back.

A Solid Guarantee 

Air mattresses do not last very long. The most decent one can last from anywhere over a year to around four years with either occasional or regular use. As such, the mattress should have a solid backing from the manufacturer which comes by offering at least 1 year warranty against defects.

A Fair Price 

In the world of air mattresses, a reasonable price is what you should watch. A top-quality air bed should price anywhere around $150. Any mattress at this price range will have an adequate warranty and excellent customer service. On the other hand, a cheap airbed pricing at less than $60 will lack in the basics of customer support and warranty.

Benefits of an Air Mattress

• Convenient for Travel

It’s on a rare occasion that a regular bed will fold up to take for vacations or camping trips. An air bed deflates to a subtle size such it can fit in a small storage bag. You’ll love this convenience for guests and overnight trips the same.

• Custom Comfort

Although this is a subjective matter, an air bed provides more comfort than a couch, a sleeping bag, or even a floor mat in a tent. The support comes in that since you can’t take a comfy foam bed, you’ll feel better on an air mattress. You also get to customize the comfort level by adjusting the air level of the mattress by the touch of a button.

Best Air Mattress Reviews: Comparison Table








1-click internal pump

Waterproof flocked top and multiple vinyl layers

18.96 lbs

Comfort Coil Technology 40-internal air coils

1 year

Built-in rotary pump

Puncture-resistant  PVC and flocking top

15 lbs

Dream Coil Supporting Technology

1 year

Built-in Electric pump

Waterproof flocked top and vinyl layers

13.57 lbs

Vinyl beams

90 days

High-powered internal electric pump

Waterproof flocked top and polyester fibers

21 lbs.

Fiber-tech beam technology

90 days

Two Never Flat internal Pumps

Leak-free PVC and a flocked top

19 lbs

21 circuclar coils on Twin size and 35 circular coils on the Queen size

1 year

External battery powered pump

Stretch resistant TPU and soft flocked top

6 lbs.

Tuft Tech layers

1 year

Built-in battery operated or 120V plug in

Leak-free Vinyl and soft flocked top

7.31 lbs

Comfort Coil Technology

1 year

Built-in electric pump

Laminated vinyl

26 lbs

Stretch-resistant laminated vinyl

60 days free trial period and 180 days warranty

Best Air Mattresses Reviews

Best air mattress reviews

Perhaps one of the most sought air mattresses on the market is the SoundAsleep Dream Series Mattress. This queen-sized bed offers the best in terms of warranty, firmness, and quality. It comes at an affordable price, and you’ll not contend with any unnecessary features which hike the price.

Why we consider this mattress as the best air mattress?

• Inflates in Under Four Minutes 

With the patented one-click internal pump, you have a bed that inflates and deflates at a moment’s notice. It makes it a great option for guests since you won’t have any trouble topping it up. Many people notice that it reaches the desired firmness level after pumping to the highest level. It comes with simple dials which make it easy to choose the firmness. This is unlike the Insta-Bed Air Mattress which offers one firmness level owing to the two never flat pumps.

Best air mattress reviews
• Achieves Great Comfort  

As we said, the comfort can never compare to that of a regular bed, but it’s better to lie on an air bed than on a hard floor. When compared to other air mattresses; the SoundAsleep ticks by using a velvety flocked top. It prevents the sheets from sliding so that you feel comfortable throughout the night. 40 internal coils support the bed so that it stays firm. It benefits from ComfortCoil technology to ensure the mattress makes the warranty.

• Durable Materials 

Apart from the soft velvety top, it is waterproof meaning it won’t absorb any water when you take it camping. It enjoys a sure grip bottom which also comes to prevent it from shifting and sliding when you turn. It has a construction from multiple layers of PVC to keep it in good condition in that it won’t puncture and crack when used regularly.

• Impressive Warranty and Customer Support 

Among the things that make SoundAsleep attractive, we have the 1-year warranty which comes with repairs for defects by the manufacturer. Most customers report that they didn’t have to pay for the shipping to get their mattress repaired. You’ll also get to enjoy such privileges since with SoundAsleep; they ensure you are satisfied with your purchase from the beginning to the end of use of the mattress.

• Excellent Height 

If you have ever slept on a low-lying bed, it feels awkward when getting into and out of that bed. But that is not what you’ll experience with the SoundAsleep model. At 19 inches high, it takes the form of a regular bed on top of a foundation. You’ll feel equally good like it’s in your home bed. We also like that the queen size is excellent for accommodating two people without feeling squeezed. It’s also available in a twin size if you need to purchase one for a solo person or child.

• Great Portability

Even though this bed has large inflated dimensions, this mattress collapses to a subtle size. It comes with the carry bag to give you a smooth time when transporting it from place to place. Children can take it to sleepovers as it does not present any hassles when carrying, inflating, and deflating.

Best air mattress reviews

Hitches but not Drawbacks

• Does not have motion isolation

Like any other air bed, SoundAsleep does not have a way of reducing motion transfer when two people sleep on it. This means you’ll feel every movement made by the other person.

• It holds only 300 lbs

The queen-sized bed is just comfortable for persons who weigh under 300 lbs. We feel that if it were subjected to more lbs. it would start to deflate slowly throughout the night.


  • ComfortCoil Technology (40 internal coils)
  • One-click internal pump-inflates and deflates under four minutes
  • Sure-grip bottom keeps the bed stable
  • Multiple layers of PVC construction (15-gauge puncture resistant material)
  • CONS

  • It has high motion transfer
  • Can flatten under high pressure from heavyweight
  • Best air mattress reviews

    Now we look at the second mattress on our list. It’s not by any means less in terms of quality and design. It qualifies as the top pick regarding the support and structure. It is intended for indoor use just like other air mattresses that feature rubber seams. The unique thing about the WonderSleep Classic Series Airbed is the Dream Coil Technology.

    Why it is our top pick?

    • What is Dream Coil Technology?

    This is a series of 7x5 air coils which level the sleeping platform. The air coils are strong enough to give extra back and muscle support. It works hard to alleviate the pressure points thus it helps in providing deep sleep. The air coils also prevent sagging and bulging from the sides. It has internal honeycomb layering which supports the body’s natural curves. The bed also has rounded grooves that keep the beddings intact.

    Best air mattress reviews
    • True to size

    The WonderSleep airbed comes in a queen size. You’ll find that the dimensions stated on the manufacturer’s website are accurate since some inches are not slashed from the sides. It inflates to 20 inches above the floor. This height is just perfect when getting in and out of bed. It’s not as short as the Lightspeed Outdoors bed making it great for guests who need a comfortable bed.

    • Inflates using a powerful rotary pump

    If you don’t want to stand over a mattress as it pumps; grab the WonderSleep air mattress. Its rotary pump is so powerful that in less than 4 minutes, it’s all puffy and ready. The same speed is seen when deflating the bed. It collapses to a size small enough to be rolled into a storage bag.

    Snags but not Drawbacks

    • It loses its structure when used outdoors

    As we said, this bed is built for the indoors.  The seams have a rubber construction which means if they are subjected to very high temperatures it will become loose. This is where you notice sagging and loss of air at fast speeds than if you just used it indoors.

    • The pump is loud

    The rotary pump comes with the power and unwarranted noise when inflating the bed. As one user noted, the pump produces a whistle like sound. Some people find it distracting, but if you don’t mind it, you’ll end up with a product that offers convenience and support.


  • It has a waterproof flocked top
  • The structure is from multiple puncture resistant layers
  • Powerful rotary pump inflates it in four minutes
  • Dream Coils and internal honeycomb channels for back and pressure points support
  • It has an air channel for manual inflation
  • CONS

  • It is only for indoor use
  • Requires extra-large sheets because of the width and height
  • The pump is loud
  • Best air mattress reviews

    Why it’s a one of the best air mattresses?

    Another great airbed is the Intex Pillow Raised Airbed. We’ll look at the twin size to see what unique features it brings along. Starting with the pillow which ensures your head is supported at all times. We like that it is inbuilt so you won’t be installing it or carrying yours when using this bed. Some of us feel like the pillow presents a challenge when you have to use it at its firmness. 

    • Powerful Built-in Pump

    When the SoundAsleep could inflate in four minutes, this bed can inflate in three minutes. You could say it’s because it’s a twin size but the mattress will save you time and effort to inflate and deflate it. Since the internal pump is electric, it eliminates the need for using a foot or hand pump. This way, you’ll not risk losing any of the adapters that are used in subsequent top-ups.

    • Right Height for a Twin Bed

    This mattress is 16.5-inch high. It may be in a twin size, but it provides comfortable getting in and out of bed. You’ll like that someone can sit on it like on a regular bed such that you can wear shoes without bending awkwardly. If you are not afraid to sacrifice the few inches to get a quality airbed, the Intex Pillow presents a great choice.

    • Perfect for a Tight Budget 

    If you'd like to save on the price, this mattress is tailored at under $50. It’s a bed intended for occasional use since it does not have the perks that come with a top-grade bed. This is regarding the warranty since it only has a 90-day guarantee. In this period, you’ll want to find if there are any defects which need replacing or repairing. Nevertheless, you buy into an affordable bed for out of the blue guests.

    • Lightweight for Portability 

    At the full dimensions, this bed weighs around 14 lbs. But you won’t be moving the bed at full air capacity. When it collapses, you can fold it to a very tiny size such that it should fit in a travel bag. You’ll also love that the materials do not add any extra weight making the transportation process much easier. The travel bag is also provided which brings the convenience of not having to purchase a carry bag on the side.

    Best air mattress reviews
    • Comfortable Sleeping Surface 

    Looking at the top surface, you have a bed that uses a waterproof flocked top. The edges are indented such that after you fit in the sheets, they remain intact all through your sleep. It’s impressive to find that the top is raised to provide additional stability. Together with the vinyl beams, you get proper back support to alleviate achy muscles after a long day. The interior wave beam is double-layered preventing any deflation that comes from applying too much pressure.

    Cons of this mat

    • Bypassing the Electric pump is not straightforward 

    If you wish to use this mattress off the grid, the bed needs another type of external pump for inflation. You’ll have to follow the instructions about bypassing the electric pump and ensure you have a hose that fits into the hole used for manual inflation.

    • Inbuilt Pillow does not provide custom firmness 

    Some people prefer a soft pillow while others like a hard pillow. With the Intex design, you’ll have to make do with a pillow that has the same firmness level as the bed.


  • High height for a twin airbed
  • Folds to a compact, portable mattress
  • Utilizes a powerful internal pump
  • It has vinyl beams for stability and support
  • CONS

  • It’s sometimes challenging when inflating in areas not supplied with electricity
  • The pillow does not offer a personalized feeling
  • Best air mattress reviews

    Why it is one of the bests?

    Another highly sought airbed is the Intex Comfort Plush. The height of this queen mattress makes it a major attraction. Coming in at 22 inches tall anyone can get in and out of this bed with great convenience. It offers a plush sleeping experience which you can’t get anywhere else in the world of air mattresses.

    Best air mattress reviews
    • Fiber-Tech Construction

    The making of this bed is by thousands of polyester fibers. They provide support, stability, and comfort. You’ll be thankful that it is leak proof so that it stays inflated for long hours on end. The fibers keep the bed together such that no matter the pressure you exert, it retains its firmness. You’ll love that it includes a soft flocked top with indented sides. It follows the Intex Pillow Raised Airbed which ensures any fitted sheets do not slide away from the edges. The Intex Comfort Plush also has horizontal air chambers to enhance the support system of the bed. It can support a good 600 lbs. without giving in to pressure.

    Best air mattress reviews
    • Quick to Inflate  

    The 22 inches of this mattress come to life using an inbuilt electric pump. It inflates this mattress in 4½ minutes. This is not a short time, but you won’t spend any unnecessary time trying to puff it up for use. If you are tired of looking for parts of an electric pump or using an energy-intensive foot or hand pump, get the Intex Comfort Plush.

    Just plug in the pump in a 110-120 V outlet to start the inflation. The inflation dial also doubles up as a method of pumping without an electric pump. With a manual hose pump, you can still get the bed puffed up and ready for use when out in the woods. Deflating is also very convenient by the touch of a button.

    • Easy to Care and Maintain

    When it comes to maintaining the Intex Comfort Plush in good condition, you will work on a mattress that requires mild cleaning. This bed only needs a soap solution and water to get it all clean and ready for use. Since it stretches wide after the first inflation, it will need some topping up after you first inflate it. The bed holds air for extended periods before asking for a refill.

    • Saves you Money 

    Even with the many high-quality features like a thick vinyl construction, this airbed manages to come at a very affordable price. You will not notice the air loss as it is very minimal. You’ll get to use a mattress that is easy to climb in and out of, thereby providing convenient firmness. For most people not having to inflate an airbed several times when used regularly is a plus which the Intex Comfort Plush delivers.

    Hitches but not Drawbacks

    • It takes long to deflate

    When the Intex Comfort plush takes only 4½ minutes to inflates, it takes around 7 minutes to deflate; even then, sometimes it does not lie flat after collapsing. Some users have had to jump on the mattress to get all the air out. However, it collapses to the size that fits into the available carry bag.


  • Soft, waterproof flocked top
  • Tight seams ensure it is leak proof
  • Minimal air loss
  • It does not have an odor
  • Inflates quickly
  • CONS

  • It needs larger sheets than the Standard Queen Size
  • It takes some time to deflate it fully
  • Best air mattress reviews

    If you are looking for a deluxe airbed, have a look at the Insta-Bed Raised Air Mattress. It boasts 35 coils which create a thick but supportive sleeping surface. It exhibits dependability in a bed that will not deflate and leave you on the floor. You’ll experience full back support especially for persons with personal back problems like aches and inflammations.

    • Two Internal Pumps

    If you like a firm bed every second of your sleep, the Insta-Bed offers that specific support. It comes with two pumps where one of the devices is intended for inflating and deflating the mattress. It gets it up and ready in less than four minutes. The second pump maintains the firmness level of the bed. It ensures the mattress does not loose air when too much pressure is applied. As you can tell, you won’t be able to choose the firmness like you would with the SoundAsleep Dream Series.

    Both pumps exhibit low noise levels. Unlike an external pump, you can keep up a conversation going while filling the bed up fast and easy. Also, when the second pump senses a loss in the firmness level, it will not disturb your sleep since the pumping is just a small whispering sound. It eliminates sagging and sinking which sometimes leads to a sore back.
    Best air mattress reviews
    • Enjoys a Convenient Height

    Insta-Bed brings a bed with a height of 18 inches. It sits like a home bed since it provides for fast climbing in and out. You’ll no longer have to stumble out of a low bed which would require that you use all your leg- strength. It becomes even more useful if a senior guest will be using it.

    • Thoughtful Construction

    The flocked top enjoys a soft surface to lay the body. It provides with the feeling of a regular bed since the sheets do not produce a squishy sound when you toss. You can enjoy a peaceful night as the mattress does not remind you of being on a plastic surface. It keeps the bedding in place. Just ensure they are larger than standard Queen sheets since the bed’s dimensions do not match a conventional queen bed. You’ll also need a large tent if you wish to take it out for camping.


    • It’s a bit Pricey

    This airbed is above the $150 markup price. It is a deluxe mattress, but we don’t see any additional features which give it the high price. Nevertheless, you get a 1-year warranty and a bed that can take a beating since it is better for regular use than the Intex Comfort Plush.

    • The second pump needs to be plugged in to maintain the air pressure

    If you are headed out for a camping trip, this may be a challenge if you are not going to be in a modern campsite which offers power outlets to campers.


  • It has a comfortable height
  • Built from fairly durable materials
  • It can support up to 500 lbs.
  • Maintains the air pressure throughout the night via a second pump
  • CONS

  • It comes at a slightly higher price than other beds in its class
  • Regular queen sheets are small for the full dimensions of this bed
  • Best air mattress reviews

    Why we liked it

    Most people buy an airbed for guests since it stores compactly. But when you need to take it for camping, the pump is somewhat a problem. The Lightspeed Outdoors mattress aims at providing a bed that you can bring absolutely anywhere. It uses a battery-operated pump such that you won’t need to be in a place with an electrical outlet to use the bed.

    • Lightweight design

    Weighing in only 6 lbs. when inflated, you can already tell you’ll not feel the weight when it is folded. The bed provides a convenience of carriage such that everyone in the family can carry it. We only have a problem with the full height. At only 10.2 inches, most people find it difficult when climbing in and out of it. If you don’t mind the height, it pays off because the price is attractive and it has a 1-year warranty.

    • Offers Ample Support

    The LightSpeed Outdoors mattress has an integrated 2-inch pillow. It is unlike what you see on the Intex Pillow Raised bed since the firmness is adjustable. It has a way of customizing the whole feeling of the mattress so that the head and neck are fully supported. It uses tuft at the base to ensure it stays intact and that it will not slip when placed on a soft surface.

    • It’s Clean and Fresh

    This mattress explores a TPU construction. Other air beds like the Intex model all use PVC for the frame. TPU, on the other hand, is stretch resistant, and it does not retain an odor. As such, it does not need airing, and you can sleep directly on the top surface. It is free of any plastic smell caused by PVC and phthalate. The bed is suitable for both the elderly and young who might be affected by foreign chemical odors.

    Aspects you may not like

    • The top surface does not retain the body’s warmth

    This airbed does not have comfort air coils or an extra layer of warmth between the top and bottom layer. As such, every warm air that leaves your body is wicked away to the bottom layer. To keep warm, you’ll need to be more creative like by using a pillow top or sleeping bag on the top surface before placing the sheets and the blankets.

    • It’s slightly smaller than a Queen Bed

    If you are buying the mattress because of the Queen size, well, you are in for a bit of a surprise. This is because the bed is slightly smaller than the standard queen. It is a good fit for two small adults or one heavy-weight person. More than that and it will feel like sleeping in a squeezed bed. An exact queen size is the SoundAsleep which is also in the same price range.


  • It works using a battery powered pump
  • The TPU coat is odor and stretch resistant
  • The 2 inch pillow can be customized for the right firmness level
  • It has 1-year warranty and excellent customer care support
  • CONS

  • It’s smaller than a conventional Queen bed
  • It does not retain your body’s heat for freezing nights
  • Best air mattress reviews

    Why we consider this mattress as one of the best air mattress?

    Coleman is best known for their outdoor products. They never disappoint since their airbed is a product we feel meets the threshold of a good air mattress. First, it is at a reasonable price. No additional features come with it, so we expect it to be all-around in terms of support, comfort, weight, and durability.

    • High Inflated Dimensions

    The height of this bed stands at 18 inches. From the look of it, the bed seems to be on a platform. You can climb in and out of it like a regular bed. Plus it has very little air loss if any throughout the night. Some users report that the bed stretched too much after the first inflation so it may lose some noticeable air after some hours. As such you should refill the bed just before bedtime to prevent sagging.

    • Convenient Electric Pump and a Double Lock

    Coleman uses an internal electric pump. After plugging in, the bed is ready within four minutes. It’s just like the SoundAsleep. The only difference is that Coleman uses a double lock valve to ensure the mattress stays inflated. You can choose a comfort level to get a personalized firmness. That is if you want it hard it can inflate fully, or you can adjust the settings to a softer feel. Another impressive feature of the pump is that it can be battery-operated. This means you don’t need to be around an electric outlet to pump the mattress.

    • Achieves Excellent Comfort using Strong Comfort Coils

    Coleman uses Comfort Coil Technology. In the bed layers, you find air channels which work to prevent bulges and sagging of the mattress. What you get is a bed that has an even sleeping surface. The top is also soft-sueded to give a comfy feeling as you sleep. It is much better than an air bed that uses a vinyl top since the suede layer grasps the bedding and it will not cause them to slide away from the edges as you turn.

    Best air mattress reviews
    • Pillow Stop Design

    With many airbeds, you can’t tell where the head area is. But the Coleman design showcases a top which has a raised edge. This means that after placing a pillow, it does not slide or shift from its position. We find it better than having an integrated cushion in the layers since you’ll be using the pillow of your choice.

    Snags but not real problems

    • It is not for use outdoors

    This bed comes with rubber seams. They are affected by temperature changes which may cause them to open and create structure deformation. It is outstanding for use in rooms with normal temperature so that the bed stays in perfect condition.


  • Air channels provide constant support
  • It has a double locking valve to prevent air loss
  • The pump can be battery-operated
  • It has a 1-year warranty
  • CONS

  • It needs air refill with every subsequent use
  • It is not for outdoor use
  • Best air mattress reviews

    Why it is one of the best air beds around?

    The most exciting thing about this bed by Air Mattress is the aesthetics. If you want to be impressed by a bed from the outside look and then a great design, you’ll want to catch a glimpse of this mattress. It comes with a fitted sheet and a bed skirt. This makes it more appealing as it eliminates the look of a regular airbed and instead brings in sophistication. But is it as great on the inside? Let’s delve deeper.

    • Excellent Size Great Price!

    For a king size airbed, we feel the markup price is fair enough. You won’t dig deep into your pockets to acquire it even with the extra features. The top layer has the fitted sheet. It is softer than conventional bed sheets thus it offers a comfy sleeping area. It’s pleasing to find that it gives you an extra layer between the bed and where you’ll sleep.

    • Exceptional Back Support

    Even though this bed does not qualify for many regular uses, it assures you of constant back support. That is; when you take it for travel, you’ll receive the same comfort your home bed provides. It also excels in retaining the firmness level as it is built from laminated vinyl. It is stretch resistant. Thus, the bed does not lose much strength over time. The laminated vinyl construction is the reason why this mattress can support 600 lbs. with no fuss.

    Best air mattress reviews
    • Appreciable Guarantee-1 year Plus Trial Period

    First, there’s a 180-days warranty which covers repairs and returns for manufacturing defects. Other than that, this bed has a 60-day risk free trial period. This means that if you are not satisfied by the mattress you get, you can return it and get the money back. It’s a safer way of trying out if the bed meets all its claims in the 60 days.


    • Loses air at a higher rate than other air beds when used regularly

    For those that love to sleep on a soft mattress, this mattress seems exceptional. But after many regular uses, it will lose some of the air in the night making it softer to most peoples’ liking.  Another hitch is in that the bed becomes super hard when it is fully inflated.


  • Folds back to the size it comes in
  • The fitted sheet and bed skirt make the mattress appealing
  • Provides ample back support
  • The King size is affordable and comes in standard King dimensions
  • CONS

  • Starts to lose the air fast after using it for more than just occasional use
  • The top sheet does not maintain the body’s warmth
  • So... What is the best air mattress on the market?

    Buying an air mattress seems like a big hassle because of the wide variety on the market. But it should be fun after knowing what to expect and look for. Looking at our article, it’s a roundup of the TOP BEST AIRBEDS. The SoundAsleep Dream Series wins as our Editor’s Choice since it covers every aspect of a reliable airbed. From the customer support, warranty, comfort, and longevity, it’s a bed that’s all-around.