Best California King Size Memory Foam Mattress Toppers Reviews

While memory foam mattress toppers come in a number of sizes, the California King Size is the largest and the costliest of all.

In dimensions, the length is 82 inches while the breadth is 70 inches. They tend to be 4 inches shorter than a king-size topper width-wise but 4-inches longer.

California king size mattress topper is the best choice for couples who sleep with their baby or pet. Welcome, let's revise review our top recommendations.

8 Best California King Size Memory Foam Mattress Toppers To Consider



Cooling properties

Firmness Level



100% memory foam

Open-cell technology

Ventilated design


5 years

Gel-Infused memory foam

Cooling gel

Firm & very supportive

10 years

Gel-Infused memory foam

Ventilated Design

Cooling gel


3 years

100% memory foam

Temperature sensitive memory foam


5 years

Visco elastic memory foam

Temperature sensitive memory foam

Firm & very supportive

3 years

Memory foam

Temperature sensitive memory foam

Firm & very supportive

10 years

Visco-elastic memory foam

Temperature sensitive memory foam


20 years

Why do we consider this as one of the best California King Size Memory Foam Mattress Toppers?

• Flawless construction

The SleepJoy features a pretty and one of the most flawless designs. Uniquely, an open-cell technology has been incorporated in this topper. This technology helps to ensure balanced air circulation which eventually balances the sleeping temperature. This undoubtedly provides a peaceful and cozy night.

• Cradling comfort and pressure relief

One of the reasons why people are not sleeping comfortably is because the mattress is uncomfortable. However, the SleepJoy 2” thick topper features an exceptional design which offers appropriate cradling while relieving pressure points. This results in reduced tossing and turning and in the end, you experience a peaceful night.

• Breathable and ventilated

As its name suggests, this topper is designed to help you experience sleep joy. It is designed from a breathable material with a lot of ventilation for improved airflow. Breathability plus ventilation means more circulation under the cover and this creates a healthier, cool and sweat-free sleeping environment.

• Uses plant-based ingredients

This is one of the most environment-friendly toppers on the market. While it is CertiPUR-US certified for safety and performance, this topper is enhanced with plant-based ingredients for a lower environmental impact.

• Doesn’t smell

Foam odor is a common problem with most memory foam mattress toppers. It is surprising to see that the SleepJoy doesn’t smell even if it contains 100% memory foam. This mattress topper is odor-neutralized and this eliminates the need to ‘air-out’ before using it.

• High-quality USA materials

The SleepJoy mattress topper is proudly made in the USA this clears all the doubts as far as quality is concerned. The memory foam used in this topper is shown to provide superior durability.

What you may not like

• Less supportive: the SleepJoy topper is less dense and not very supportive. It may worsen back pains.


  • Flawless construction
  • Cradling comfort and pressure relief                          
  • Breathable and ventilated
  • Uses plant-based ingredients
  • Doesn’t smell
  • High-quality USA materials
  • CONS

    • Less supportive - it may worsen back pains

    Why do we consider this as one of the best California King Size Memory Foam Mattress Toppers?

    • Sleep like a goddess

    Quality sleep has been the central priority of the Sleep Innovation mattress topper. This topper is made from the most adaptable and inventive foam bedding out in the market. It, therefore, respond to your body and your knees to give you the unbeatable comfort so you can experience dreams that matter.

    • 100% customer satisfaction

    Sleep innovation manufacturer puts your satisfaction above all things. Topping it off, the manufacturer has spent 20 years studying people sleeping styles, body shape and sleep in order to produce the right product. Here is the kicker; the topper has been thoroughly tested to ensure you get exactly what they promise.

    • Cooling properties

    The construction of this topper is super and although it is not ventilated, it retains no heat. The 2-inches thick gel memory foam layer is so significant when it comes to temperature regulation.

    • Foam smell dissipates fast

    While smell, is a major complaint with many memory foam mattress toppers, the Sleep Innovations topper stands out from others. After 2 days of airing out, this topper will be ready for use.

    • Non-slip and therefore stays in position

    The materials used to make this topper sticks onto the mattress to prevent slipping off the mattress. As a bonus, the plush stretch-to-fit cover keeps the dual layers in position.

    • Very durable

    According to the manufacturer, this topper can hold its shape for 10 years or more. This is backed by a 10-year limited warranty. This increases your confidence with your purchase.

    What you won’t like about it

    • It is way too soft if you need something for back pains

    Why do we consider this as one of the best California King Size Memory Foam Mattress Toppers?

    • Provides a pressure relieving comfort

    This topper is made of a 3-inch layer of ventilated gel memory foam. This memory foam layer is extremely soft, airy and adaptive and therefore adds a layer of softness and pressure-relieving comfort to your underlying mattress.

    • Highly breathable

    If you take a look on this topper you will notice there are many air pores running from the top to the bottom of this topper. These airspaces improve the airflow into and out of the topper. In addition, the gel infused in this topper captures heat and distributes it across the surface for a more comfortable sleep climate.

    Creates a comfortable sleep surface

    This California Size LUCID mattress topper is made from a special memory formula that is plush, airy and responsive. The specialized formula molds to the body curves creating an individualized experience.

    Helps to reduce back pains

    This topper is proven to do a good job in reducing pressure points which are the common causes of back pain. The customized experience this topper creates ensures the spine is properly aligned and this helps to eliminate the pressure points.

    CertiPUR-US certified

    You can buy with confidence that this topper does not contain any toxic materials. Beyond this, it is dust mite and allergen resistant. This makes it a great choice for people with allergic reactions.

    What you may not like about it

    Comes without a cover

    Although this is not mandatory it is always good to have a cover for your topper.


  • Provides a pressure relieving comfort
  • Highly breathable
  • Creates a comfortable sleep surface
  • Help reduce back pains
  • CertiPUR-US certified
  • CONS

    • Comes without a cover

    Why do we consider this as one of the best California King Size Memory Foam Mattress Toppers?

    Provides adequate body support

    If your mattress is uncomfortable, this 4-inch memory foam mattress topper may be the solution you have been looking for. The firmness of this topper and the high-density base provides enough body support for better sleep.

    Reduces motion transfer

    This Best Price Memory foam topper features a responsive active suspension that does a good job to reduce motion transfer between you and your sleep partner.

    Patented technology

    If you love traveling, then this 4-inch memory foam topper is a great choice. A patented technology has been engineered into this topper. This technology aids in rolling up the mattress topper and reduce its size for a perfect fit into the box. This not only reduces shipping costs but also make it easy to take with you when camping outside.

    Environmentally friendly

    The topper is advertised as CertiPUR-US certified, this is an assurance that the components used in this topper meet the strict guidelines and standards for content, emissions, and durability.

    5-year manufacturer warranty

    And when it comes to quality the value of your money is assured. According to the manufacturer, this topper will give you up to 5 years of quality sleep. During this time you are covered against defects that can be blamed to the manufacturer.

    What you may not like about it

    Significant manufacturer odor

    If you are sensitive to smell you may find this topper uncomfortable


  • Provides adequate body support
  • Reduces motion transfer
  • Patented technology
  • Environmentally friendly
  • 5-year manufacturer warranty
  • CONS

    • Significant manufacturer odor

    Why do we consider this as one of the best California King Size Memory Foam Mattress Toppers?

    Experience a better night rest

    Owning this 3-inch thick topper is a hello to better night rest and a goodbye to uncomfortable nights. Designed with old mattresses in mind, the 4-pound density memory foam will make the indentations and sagging areas disappear from your mattress.

    Temperature sensitive foam that contours, conforms and cushions

    This topper does not rely on heat to mold to your body. The best thing is that it starts to cradle you the moment you lie down on it regardless of how warm or cool your body is. Another good thing is that

    Relieve pressure points

    This 4-pound density topper not only enhances the comfort of your mattress but also provides the much-needed support in areas where the existing mattress could be sagging or dripping. Again, its 4-pound density provides enough support to various pressure points which trigger morning aches and pains.

    Exceeds all EPA and CSPS standards

    This three-inch thick memory foam topper is PURGreen certified which gives it a clean bill of health against toxic ingredients and ozone depleters. Again, having been manufactured and packaged in the USA means the quality is unquestionable.

    3 years warranty

    Buy with confidence that this is a reliable product. The three-year warranty covers you against any problems with it during this period. Should anything happen within the period, you can always get a replacement or a refund.

    What you may not like about it    

    Hard to roll back and fit in the box

    It is not easy to compress it to fit back in the box when returning.


  • Experience a better night rest
  • Temperature sensitive foam that contours, conforms and cushions
  • Relieve pressure points
  • Exceeds all EPA and CSPS standards
  • 3 years warranty
  • CONS

    • Hard to roll back and fit in the box

    Why do we consider this as one of the best California King Size Memory Foam Mattress Toppers?

    Amazing comfort

    One thing that makes this memory foam topper stand is its flexibility. What this means for you is that you can change the feel or support of your bed. The reversible design means you can lay on the softer 4 lb. side if you want to sleep comfier or the other firm 5 lb side that offers twice the support.

    Very supportive

    The Snuggle-Pedic twin layer Visco elastic memory is designed with sleepers with back pains in mind. The 5 lb. density layer provides twice the support of the 4 lb density layer making it much thicker, more supportive.

    Best for all sleepers

    No matter how you sleep, this mattress topper is perfect for you. Its twin-layer allows the softer 4 lb density layer to cushion the shoulders and hips while the firmer 5 lb density provides the spinal column extra cushion the back and stomach sleepers require.

    Ultra-reactive and low-temperature sensitivity

    This unique formulation of memory foams responds to your body at any temperature setting. The best thing is that it won’t cause overheating like other memory foam toppers.

    90-day sleep trial

    Only the highest quality memory foam is used in its manufacture, and this explains why it is able to maintain its support for a long time. The Snuggle-Pedic double layer topper guarantees you a no-hassle refund within 90 days after the purchase, just in case you are disappointed with the topper.

    A full decade warranty

    By purchasing this product, the manufacturer promises you a 10 year limited cover on performance and durability.

    What you may not like about it

    Smell like other memory foams

    Even after airing-out, this memory foam topper emits a chemical smell but its non-toxic.

    The layers fall apart fast

    The glue joining the two layers falls off after several uses.


  • Amazing comfort
  • Very supportive
  • Best for all sleepers
  • Ultra-reactive and low-temperature sensitive
  • 90-day sleep trial
  • A full decade warranty
  • CONS

    • Smell like other memory foams

    • The layers fall apart fast

    Why do we consider this as one of the best California King Size Memory Foam Mattress Toppers?

    Extremely soft but supportive

    As a matter of fact, cloud9 toppers are known for their incredible softness. This 3-inch topper is fluffy and laying on this topper makes you feel like sleeping on the clouds. The common argument is that a soft topper is not supportive. However, that’s not the case with this Cloud9 3-inches thick topper, it is still supportive.

    Creates a cool sleep surface

    Gel beads had been infused in this topper during the manufacturing process. The gel foam captures body and the beads help transfer it from one layer to another until it is exchanged with the surroundings. The resultant surface soothes you to sleep soundly.

    Good warranty

    Cloud9 stand behind this product with a limited cover for 20 years. In contrast to what its competitors offer, the warranty coverage is way more than what its competitors offer. This assurance of quality and durability explains why the topper is a great product.

    Decompress within 1 day

    It is amazing that this Cloud9 topper expands to its full-size in less than 24 hours which is way faster than its competitors. For others, you may wait up to 72 hours before it gets to its full size.

    What you may not like about it

    Cover not included

    Although a cover is not a must have, it plays a significant role as far as cleanness of the topper is concerned. The absence of a cover in the package means you need to purchase it separately and this will cost you some extra bucks.


  • Extremely soft but supportive
  • Creates a cool sleep surface
  • Good warranty
  • Decompress within 1 day
  • CONS

    • Cover not included

    So... What is the best California King Memory Foam Mattress Topper?

    Having reviewed the 8 of our best choices, you are eager to know our winner. Here is our editor’s choice; the SleepJoy 2" ViscO2 Ventilated Memory Foam Mattress Topper, California King. There are many benefits that come with this memory foam mattress topper.

    The following are some of the reasons why it made it to the top of our list. This memory foam topper features a flawless design, odor-neutralized, ventilated, made in the USA using high-quality materials and it's eco-friendly.