Best Crib Mattress Reviews 2018 – The Ultimate Guide

Hunting for a crib mattress can prove to be quite a task especially for first-timers. There are too many factors to consider as it is with almost everything that’s meant to be used by infants or toddlers. This article will focus on reviewing the best crib mattresses on the market and the factors to consider when buying a crib mattress as well as the types of crib mattresses.

 At the end of the day, every parent or caregiver wants the best for their infants or toddlers. You want a healthier mattress that’s super comfortable with best support and durability. And, we all want to get the best deal when it comes to quality and prices so you might want to make several comparisons on features and prices before settling for one. Babies spend an average of 16 hours sleeping in their cribs, so you want to make sure that the mattress is safe and comfortable.

Types of Crib Mattresses

Different crib mattresses will have different interior materials. As most people say, when it comes to mattresses, what’s on the inside says a lot about how comfortable the mattress is going to be, and this is also the case with crib mattresses.

There are three main types of crib mattresses:

Foam crib mattress

Foam crib mattresses are the cheapest because they are the most basic varieties of crib mattresses. The only contain blocks of foam hence why they are cheap. They are also very light thus making a great choice for those people with portable cribs because they are easily foldable.

There are however various types of materials that are used to make a foam mattress such as bamboo fiber, latex, and polyurethane. Each of these materials will determine the price of the mattress, how comfortable the mattress is going to be and also its durability. For example, polyurethane based foam mattress is cheap though it sinks faster while latex based foam mattress is more expensive but lasts longer.

 Again, the different foam materials will give the mattresses varying firmness levels and densities so you should keep this in mind as you shop.
  • Cheap
  • Lightweight and foldable
  • They are available in various sizes
  • CONS
  • They are less durable compared to other crib mattresses
  • Innerspring/Coil spring crib mattresses

    These mattresses’ core is made of coiled steel hence their name. Compared to foam mattresses, innerspring crib mattresses are heavier and firmer. However, be sure not to fall for some salesy phrases such as “more coils equals more firm or more comfortable mattress” as this is not true. The only thing determining the comfort and firmness level of an innerspring crib mattress is the gauge/thickness of the steel coils used. The ideal gauge is 15.5 and below. Basically, the lower the gauge, then the thicker the steel wire making up each coil.

     You should avoid cheaper coil spring mattresses because they are mostly made of poor quality spring coils thus making the mattress squeak with every movement.
  • Innerspring mattresses are durable
  • Offers the best support and comfort
  • CONS
  • They are heavy
  • Expensive than foam mattresses
  • Pocket spring crib mattresses

    These mattresses too are made of steel coils as the inside material, but they differ in that each spring is sewn to its own material pocket rather than connecting to each other. They thus have individual pockets that allow each of the springs to move independently, so each spring compresses based on the amount of weight it’s supporting. This means that the mattress gives better support for the baby.

  • Offers an excellent support
  • Very durable
  • Very comfortable
  • CONS
  • Pocket spring crib mattresses are quite expensive
  • Memory Foam Crib Mattresses

    If you are looking for a comfortable crib mattress, one made of memory foam could make a great choice. Memory foam material is temperature sensitive thus the mattress molds to the baby’s body shape to offer the best comfort. At first, a memory foam mattress feels firmer but it quickly contours to the baby’s curves once they lie on it.

    Most memory foam crib mattresses will feature a coiled spring core topped with memory foam, and this means you cannot flip it over. Thus, if the crib mattresses say double sided it probably lacks a spring core.

  • Offers great comfort and support
  • It’s great for really cold seasons as it retains much of the body heat
  • Very durable
  • CONS
  • Might not be the best for warmer environments as it reduces air circulation thus sleeping hot
  • If it has a spring core, it cannot be flipped
  • Natural & organic crib mattresses

    The only way to completely avoid harsh chemicals found in most mattresses is to get a natural one. Most mattress types feature some petroleum by-products and other flame retardant chemicals, but you won’t find such in a natural crib mattress.

    Natural crib mattresses are made from all natural materials and fibers such as untreated wool to act as a dust mite resistant and natural flame retardant, organic cotton for breathability, natural latex to replace petroleum-based foams and coconut fiber for breathability as well.

     However, ensure that the mattress is all natural if it is advertised as so because some manufacturers only use just a little natural material then label the entire mattress as natural.
  • Chemical free crib mattress
  • Very durable
  • Highly breathable
  • Gentle on allergies
  • CONS
  • The firmness level of a natural/organic crib mattress varies with the materials used
  • They are quite expensive
  • You will also to do extensive research before buying because these mattresses are not too common
  • Factors to consider when looking for the best crib mattress

    • Size

    The size of the crib mattress comes first. It should fit your crib perfectly, leaving no spaces as this could be dangerous for your little one.

    Also, be keen to check the corners and see if they are rounded or square shaped as this too determines how well it fits in the crib.
    • Breathability

    You want your baby to sleep cool because too much heat could lead to discomfort. This is why some kids sleep better in other places but their beds.

    • Waterproof

    With kids, accidents are bound to happen. Thus, ensuring that the cover material is waterproof gives you an easy time cleaning after your baby. Also, a waterproof cover material prolongs the durability of your crib mattress because it keeps liquids from reaching the inside material.

    • Stain-proof/resistant

    Sometimes you won’t be around to catch the spills just as they happen. Thus, you want to ensure that your crib mattress won’t have too many stains from spills by choosing a mattress whose cover material is stain proof/resistant.

    • Inside materials

    The inside materials determine so much about the mattress. Thus, based on your needs you can either choose foam, memory foam, innerspring or any other materials that meet your needs. The inside materials determine the mattress’ durability, support, firmness, price, and so on.

    • Harsh chemicals

    Be keen to see the type of chemicals used in the process of making the crib mattresses. Some are too harsh and exposing infants or toddlers to them could result in many health issues. Read customer reviews to see other buys’ experiences as well as the product descriptions to see what’s listed.

    • Firmness level

    Basically, infants need a firm mattress to avoid suffocation risks. What’s too firm for you might be the best for your baby so shop wisely.

    Hypoallergenic crib mattress

    Hypoallergenic mattresses are those that are less allergenic. If your baby has sensitive skin or has been diagnosed with allergies or asthma, the last thing you want near them is a mattress that triggers the allergies. Hypoallergenic crib mattresses prevent irritation, and the babies sleep better.

    Double-sided crib mattress

    While infants sleep better on really firm mattresses, toddlers could do better with a little softness. Thus, most people change their mattresses when their kids reach the toddler stage, but it is much more economical if you got a double sided mattress. One side is firmer than the other, so you just flip it when need be.


    Mostly, heavy mattresses are stubborn when it comes to changing sheets or cleaning them. Therefore, to have it easy, a lightweight crib mattress is better. However, be sure that you are not compromising on quality for lightweight.

    Certification seals

    To ensure that you are getting a safe mattress for your little one, check for certifications as this shows that the mattress has undergone certain tests and it is safe for use by infants and toddlers.

    Flame retardant

    Mattresses are really flammable, and they burn really quickly, and that’s why there are set flammability standards for crib mattresses. Flame retardant means that even if your mattress catches fire it will burn much slower and there is a higher chase of saving the baby. However, ensure that the chemicals used for flame retardant are not toxic as this could cause more dangers to your baby’s health.

    Best crib Mattress Review

    Why do we consider this is the best crib mattress?


    The Colgate Eco-friendlier Classica III Crib Mattress is organic thus eco-friendly. If your infant or toddler has sensitive skin, this will make a great choice. And, it is common to see mattresses being advertised as organic but in the real sense, they are not. However, for this mattress, there is no doubt about it as it comes with a certification of being organic so you can trust each word from the manufacturers.

    Double Sided

    This is another great crib mattress that’s double-sided to ensure that you don’t run back searching for a different mattress once your infant hits the toddler stage. This is important because as kids grow, the level of firmness that they feel comfortable sleeping on changes and they move from a really firm to softer choices. With this mattress, you just need to flip it when the time comes, and your kid will continue having a comfortable sleep throughout their toddler stage.


    Most parents and caregivers are forced to buy mattress pads and other waterproof covers to place on their infants’ and toddlers’ beds because, at this age, all sorts of spillages happen all the time. However, with the Colgate eco-friendly crib mattress, you won’t be buying any pads or covers because it is waterproof and all you need when accidents happen is a washcloth to wipe everything off. This also adds to the mattress’ durability, and your baby’s hygiene levels as keeping it clean and dry are very easy.

    Safety, Comfort, and support

    The mattress is CentiPUR & Greenguard certified meaning it meets all the safety set standards and you can buy it with confidence. Again, because it is a foam mattress, it responds to your baby’s temperature and contours to their body curves to give them the most comfortable sleep. However, just as any other foam mattress, this mattress might sleep hot so you will want to invest in breathable sheets to help in creating that cool bed environment mostly if your baby doesn’t like sleeping hot or you live in a really hot environment.

    Secondly, the firmness and support are perfect for an infant or a toddler mattress. And, because it is double sided, your baby gets to use the mattress for a long time without it showing any signs of sinking thus keeping their spine properly aligned for a healthier sleep.

    This crib mattress features a flammability barrier made of rayon cloth. The cloth contains no harmful chemicals and ensures that your baby remains safe because the material does not catch fire.

  • No smell
  • Easy to clean up
  • It is eco-friendly
  • Very lightweight
  • It is dual sided
  • CONS
  • Has rounded edges, not squared
  • Only the cover of this mattress is organic
  • Before purchasing any crib mattress, you want to make sure that it is the best in terms of comfort, support, healthy, and durability. Simmons Kids Ultra crib mattress makes it to the list of the best crib mattresses because it is designed to give your baby the best Beautyrest. It is made using high-quality materials, and it is a grade hospital mattress.

    Why do we consider this is one of the best crib mattress?

    2-in-1 design

    If you are shopping for a mattress for your infant, then this mattress makes a great choice. It fits both baby cribs and baby beds thus once your baby reaches the toddler age you will just adjust it to fit their next bed which means they continue sleeping on their comfortable mattress. This helps in maintaining the baby’s sleep pattern because with most new mattresses, everyone takes some time to adjust and they might feel uncomfortable especially those that need breaking it.

    Luxurious pocket coil spring

    The Simmons kids Ultra crib mattress features luxurious pocket coil springs. This ensures that it is firm, just as recommended for infants, and comfortable as it offers great support for the babies and newborns. The pocket coil spring also gives it perfect bounce while also adding to its durability. Again, the mattress features a rain force protection at the border thus keeping the babies safe and secure.

    Waterproof cover

    If you are wondering if you should order a crib mattress plus a mattress pad or waterproof cover to keep spills from penetrating the mattress, this mattress simplifies everything for you as it is waterproof. This means you will have an easy time keeping it clean and dry for your little one to enjoy their sleep. The mattress features a threaded cover that’s also grime resistant, so you will be paying for a quality product.


    One downside of spring mattresses is that they are mostly heavy. However, this mattress is an exception as it is lightweight and this means that you will have an easy time changing the sheets of flipping and rotating it if need be. Again, because it is made using non-toxic chemicals, the mattress has no odors thus it creates a healthier indoor environment for your baby. It also features a superior woven fabric cover for durability and threading is done right so your baby will not be pulling any loose threads.


    This is a hypoallergenic mattress. If your baby has sensitive skin, this is a safe mattress to buy them. Also, the mattress features no harsh chemicals so your baby won’t be breathing chemicals in in their sleep. It also features a fire protection made of natural cotton. This means that your baby is protected in case of a fire breakout. It is also water & stain resistant, so in case of accidents, the inside materials of the mattress won’t get soaked, and you won’t be stuck with stubborn stains if you do not clean the mess immediately. The mattress is also accompanied by a limited lifetime warranty so you can always get your money back or get a replacement in case of anything.

  • This is a pocket coil springs mattress
  • Hypoallergenic crib mattress
  • It is waterproof and stain resistant
  • No harsh chemicals
  • Fire protection with natural cotton
  • A 2-in-1 design
  • Offers great support, comfort, and durability
  • Meets the federal flammability standards
  • CertiPUR-US certified
  • Features a strong woven fabric cover
  • CONS
  • Not double sided. Both sides are firm
  •  It’s heavier than foam mattresses
  • It’s heavier than foam mattresses
  • Foam-Core Crib Mattress by Sealy Soybean makes an excellent mattress for both infants and toddlers. It has been tested over time, and every buyer is pleased by it. It has also won several awards and a long track of positive reviews. The mattress is especially comfortable with perfect firmness, and your baby will love sleeping on it. Also, thanks to the material used in creating it, the mattress has no toxic components so your baby can sleep peacefully without triggering any allergic reactions.

    Why do we consider this is one of the best crib mattress?

    Made from high-quality, award-winning materials

    This crib mattress is made of high-density foam-core that’s made from soybean. It also features an original crib mattress design thus offering perfect firmness for your toddlers or infants. This particular foam core is ultra-durable and lightweight as it features both natural and renewable soybeans that are cultivated in the US. The final product, the crib mattress, is thus very supportive and firm thanks to its special design and the materials used.

    No harmful chemicals

    Some of the harmful chemicals that are most likely to be in mattresses are mercury, PGDES, phthalates, lead, TCEP and TDCPP, Formaldehyde, etc. but none of them are found in this crib mattress. In fact, this mattress is CertiPur-US certified so you can purchase it with confidence as it won’t be exposing your little one to dangerous chemicals at such an early age. As a matter of fact, you should always be on the lookout to ensure that you are not purchasing a non-certifiable foam.

    Allergen-proof and waterproof

    With this crib mattress, you won’t need to add a mattress pad because it is waterproof. It features an embossed cover making it stain-resistant and waterproof, and it thus keeps any liquids from soaking through. This is a great relief for anyone caring for toddlers or infants as accidents always happen and you don’t want to keep drying the mattresses. In case of any liquids getting on the mattress, all you need is a washcloth to wipe it dry, and it will be ready for use immediately.

    And, because this mattress’ materials are not porous, getting rid of allergens is easy as you will simply wipe them away so they won’t be hanging around waiting to cause health issues to your baby. It creates a proper resting atmosphere for the little ones.

    Passes the “Safe” test

    The mattress’ durability, crib fit and firmness meets the standards set by the American Society for Testing and Materials Crib Mattress (ASTM). It has gone through extensive tests to ensure that it can’t cause any health problems to babies and the tests also rule out the presence any harsh chemicals thus earning it the GREENGUARD Gold indoor air quality certification. In fact, reports show that this is the most bought crib mattress in the US and that the company has maintained its standards over the years.


    Once you buy the Sealy Soybean Infant/Toddler Foam-Core Crib Mattress, you won’t be replacing it till your child outgrows it. The mattress does not sag, and it maintains its firmness and support throughout as it is made of high-density foam core. Also, the square corners design also gives it a snuggly crib fit.

  • Features an extra-firm surface offering soft/comfortable sleeping surface for your infant/toddlers.
  • Very lightweight thus cleaning and also sheet-changing is easy.
  • Waterproof crib mattress thus you won’t be buying any water-proof covers
  • Allergen-proof as the materials are non-porous thus your baby sleeps better
  • Contains no harmful chemicals
  • Ideal firmness for an infant and very comfortable
  • Soy-based high-density foam
  • Lifetime warranty
  • CONS
  • Using excessively tight sheets on it could result to the mattress’ corners auto-indenting
  • Naturepedic No compromise Classic Lightweight Organic Cotton Crib Mattress lets your little one enjoy a comfortable sleep for the longest time because it also features innersprings. It is also lightweight despite the innersprings so cleaning it and changing the sheets is super-easy. The crib mattress has a perfect balance of comfort and firmness thanks to the layers of organic cotton that it features.

    Why do we consider this is one of the best crib mattress?

    Waterproof fabric and dust mite/bed bug barrier

    The mattress features a waterproof polyethylene surface which is also easy to clean. In fact, this fabric pureness meets the food contact standards so you can be sure that your baby will be enjoying sleeping on it. It is also stain-resistant, so you won’t get so worried if accidents or any type of spillage happens when you least expect.

    Again, if you are afraid that your little one might be affected by dust mites or bed bugs, this mattress will serve you better as its top cover functions as a bed bug and dust mite barrier so you won’t be buying any dust mite encasing. With just a washcloth you can get rid of any dust mites because they can’t get in the mattress as it is not porous.

    Organic cotton filling

    If for some reason you don’t want to get a foam or synthetic fabric crib mattress but still want that kind of comfort and firmness level, this mattress makes a perfect alternative as it features organic cotton filling. It is also very healthy for your baby to sleep on as it is very pure and no added harmful chemicals. The organic cotton used is the US grown, and the mattress itself is made in the US so you can expect high-quality with zero compromises.

    Firm and comfortable support

    For any mattress, the firmness level and the type of support plays a big role in how you enjoy sleeping on it. Naturepedic uses the wave support technology to give this crib mattress an excellent support combined with a perfect firmness level for infants and toddlers. This also gives it a great durability and can be used for several years without a need to replace it.

    One thing about the wave support technology is that it uses fewer materials to offer the needed support which translates to a lightweight mattress. It also gives the mattress stronger sides, center plus the corner support. And, the mattress features no polyurethane foam so no odors.

    Contemporary look with seamless waterproof edges

    This mattress features a hygienic design because it is made to have heat-sealed waterproof seams that give it a contemporary look while preventing moisture from penetrating through. You thus have an easy time keeping it clean and dry and no dust mites or bed bugs as they will have no hiding areas as the seams are impenetrable.

    Optional two-stage dual firmness

    Infants need to sleep on a really firm mattress as this is good for their backs. However, toddlers need a softer/cushioned surface though still firm and you don’t want to shop for a different mattress so soon because kids grow too fast. Thanks to this crib mattress, you can have “2 for the price of 1” as it has two sides with different firmness. Thus, you can easily flip the mattress when your kid gets to the toddler stage.

  • 100% organic cotton
  • Waterproof surface
  • Waterproof Seams
  • Built-in bed bug and dust mite barrier
  • Square corners thus a snug fit in the crib
  • Perfect fire protection (no chemical flame barriers or fire retardant chemicals used)
  • Comfortable and firm wave support technology
  • GREENGUARD certified
  • Not Toxic
  • Lightweight making it easy to change bed sheets
  • Firm with some spring
  • Doesn’t off gas
  • Lifetime limited warranty
  • CONS
  • It is a bit costly, but this is because it is a high-quality crib mattress
  • The little dreamer is an eco-friendly crib mattress, and it is very affordable. It is hypoallergenic thus safe for use by any baby and offers great comfort as it has a perfect firmness level for both infants and toddlers. It features a plant-based foam on one side and a plush surface on the other.

    Why do we consider this is one of the best crib mattress?

    No harsh chemicals

    This mattress contains no Vinyl, PVC, polyethylene, phthalates or lead. Its waterproof materials are also non-toxic, so your baby gets to sleep on a healthier mattress. Its design is simple without any fancy seams or fancy zipper system, and this is why it is more affordable and durable as well.

    The mattress’ core is also woven using mineral based woven fire barrier and then covered with water-resistant and stain plus odor resistant medical-grade material. This ensures that the kids are sleeping on a safe mattress. It is also chemical-free certified thus you can expect zero toxic off-gassing, and it is also certified for high durability & performance and spectrometer testing showing that the materials used are of high-quality.

    Two different sides

    This crib mattress features two different sides with different firmness levels. This is due to the understanding that infants need firmer mattresses than toddlers thus if your mattress has two firm sides you might have to replace it once your kid reaches the toddler stage. With this one, you won’t be shopping for another mattress soon.

    Tight seams

    You want to be sure that your baby won’t spoil the mattress by pulling any loose threads or strings. The little dreamer mattress has tight seams so even if the sheets come off your baby won’t have any threads to pull. This also contributes to its durability because you can’t expect a badly stitched mattress to be durable.

    Has just enough bounciness

    You know kids are, they like to jump on mattresses and telling them not to doesn’t help. Thus, buying a too bouncy mattress could be disastrous. Luckily, the Little Dreamer mattress is less bouncy thus does best even if your kid loves to toss or turn in their sleep.

    Sleeps relatively cool

    It is common to hear parents and caregivers complain of how their kids throw away their covers during the night and attempt to tuck them back bear no fruits. Well, most of the times kids’ temperatures rise as they sleep and the condition can easily get unbearable if the mattress is not breathable. This crib mattress sleeps relatively cool and might not do so well with people in really hot areas. It tends to retain heat thus doesn’t do a good job in creating that cool sleeping environment. However, you can add some sheets or covers that offer the needed ventilation to allow air circulation and help in keeping the crib cool.

    Support, edge support, and comfort

    The Little Dreamer mattress is designed to offer the best support for your infant or toddler and also has the best edge support so even if your kid loves to sleep or stand at the edges of the mattress then it won’t be getting deformed. Also, the mattress is carefully designed to offer the best comfort for your infant or toddler. One way to know that that the mattress is not comfortable for the baby is if you take them to bed when they are already sleeping and after just a few minutes they are up and crying, but they will go back to sleep in another bed or coach.

  • Very affordable
  • Waterproof
  • Hypoallergenic
  • No dangerous chemicals
  • Lightweight
  • CONS
  • Could be too firm for some people liking
  • Milliard Hypoallergenic Memory Foam Crib Mattress makes the closest alternative to organic crib mattresses. It offers just as much in terms of comfort, support and durability plus it is way affordable compared to organic crib mattresses.

    Hypoallergenic crib mattress

    First, you want your baby, whether infant or toddler, to sleep on a safe mattress and this one here makes a great choice because it is hypoallergenic. It is also CertiPUR-US certified, so it meets all the standards of a safe crib mattress. It features no harsh chemicals, but it is always advisable to let the mattress air for some time before letting your baby sleep on it. It features anti-allergen and antimicrobial materials thus ideal for any infants or toddlers suffering from allergies or asthma.

    Pleasantly firm

    The recommendation is that infants should sleep on a firm mattress as this aids in proper spine alignment and development. The mattress is firm enough for an infant yet also soft enough for toddlers. It is well balanced to ensure that you won’t be purchasing another mattress when your baby hits the toddler stage. And, the mattress takes its form easily once out of the package, and it does this evenly. Also, it fits well in the crib without leaving gaps.

    Waterproof cover and Memory Foam interior

    This hypoallergenic mattress by Milliard features a waterproof cover thus ideal for newborns and toddlers because with them accidents happen anytime. And, this waterproof cover is also removable, so if you need to clean it, not wipe with a washcloth, you can do it easily. Also, you can buy several of these waterproof covers and interchange them when need be.

    Its interior is made of memory foam that offers optimum comfort as it contours to the baby’s body curves as they sleep. The only problem with it containing foam is that it will need some days to air due to off-gassing and also might sleep hot so you might want to invest in some breathable sheets to keep the bed cool. But, most importantly, the foam material with keep the mattress firm but comfortable, and this is why both infants and toddlers find the mattress ideal.

    However, even without breathable sheets, this mattress can still be okay for your baby because its encasement is made of breathable material.


    This mattress is very comfortable because it features memory foam material. Also, the firmness level is great, and it also offers great support for the babies for a comfortable sleep. One thing with foam material is that it promotes even weight distribution for a restful sleep.

  • Very affordable crib mattress
  • Features an attractive pattern
  • It has a removable waterproof cover
  • It features standard dimensions
  • Very comfortable
  • It features hypoallergenic properties
  • CONS
  • Has a strong smell when first unpacked and might take some days for it to fade.
  • It also has rounded corners thus might not perfectly fit rectangular cribs
  • Conclusion of best crib mattress review

    Crib mattresses are great investments for people with infants and toddlers. They come in all prices and qualities so you have a wide range to choose. However, you have to do some research to ensure that you are getting the best for your baby. This article has covered the different types of crib mattresses, the factors to consider when buying a crib mattress and also reviews of the best crib mattresses on the market.

    You want to make sure that the crib mattress is safe for your baby so it should not have toxic chemicals, and it should have the best firmness level. Again, keeping it clean should be easy because you will encounter a lot of baby drools and diaper leaks so the size should be perfect to allow easy changing of sheets.