Best Firm mattress – buyer’s guide and rating

Everyone recognizes the importance of a comfortable mattress. That's why you may want to go all out when shopping for a new bed. For people who prefer a specific sleeping position, the pressure is even higher.

A firm mattress is ideal for people who sleep on their stomach, heavy sleepers, and anyone who experiences back pain.

Today, we shift our focus to this type of mattress in our best firm mattress chart. As you’ll notice, these beds keep you in a stable position such that you won’t sink deep into the mattress. They provide excellent core support as well as proper spine alignment. These beds will have ample airflow, edge support, minimal motion transfer, and they will last for a decent time.

If you are looking to have that extra support; you’ll want to take a look at these best firm mattresses.

Best firm mattress. Comparison table




Cooling technology


1.2 inches Tempur Memory Foam

2.8 Inches High-Density Tempur Material

7 inches regular foam

8/10 - Extra Firm

SmartClimate system

1.5 inches top comfort memory foam

2.5 inches high-density memory foam

7.5 inches individually pocketed coil springs

7.5/10 - Very firm

Thin Celliant cover, and airflow iCoil system

1-inch airflow memory foam

2.5 inches gel infused memory foam

8.5 inches high-density foam

6.5/10 - Medium firm

Airflow, and gel-infused memory foam

5 inches dual memory foam

9 inches base support foam

6.0/10 - Plush

Airy Tencel cover, and gel-infused memory foam

2.5 inches Visco elastic memory foam

7.5 inches high-density foam

7.5/10 - very firm

Open cell memory foam

best firm mattress

Why we consider Tempur-pedic as the best firm mattress?

With so many people depending on the traditional innerspring mattresses, one company thought it time for a change to a healthier and more comfortable sleeping option. In 1992, the Tempur Pedic Company patented Tempur memory foam which is the signature material in all their mattresses. The Contour Supreme is no exception as it draws from this technology.


This bed is built in an exclusive layered process to help give you the best sleeping experience. It is a five-layered mattress where each layer helps to bring together that denser feel. With a height of 11.5 inches, it stands well up above the ground so that you can sit comfortably like when you need to tie your shoes in the morning.

best firm mattress


This mattress boasts the EasyRefresh top cover. It is a thin layer that provides ample airflow. It comes with a zipper for easy removal, washing, and replacing. You’ll love the soft plush feeling it has so you can lie comfortably on the top layers. This cover is quite durable as it will snap back to its original shape. You will not be contending with bunching up of the cover whenever you switch positions.

SmartClimate System Layer 

This is the layer beneath the cover. It’s quite an innovative two-layer design that draws moisture from the top. It is the surface that keeps your body comfortable at whichever temperatures since it has the SmartClimate Treatment. It is made to be cool to the touch for all night cooling comfort.

Comfort and Support Layers 

The comfort layer is 1.2 inches of TEMPUR material. It has the adaptive and contouring support that you need for your specific sleeping position.  The support layer is 2.4 inches of high-density Tempur Material. It helps to distribute your weight evenly to provide pressure relief on the usual hot spots. The TEMPUR material gives this bed the high firmness level but with an adaptive feel for ultimate comfort.

Base Layer 

At the foundation of the Contour Supreme is the base support from high-density polyfoam. It gives this mattress its shape by preventing sagging after some years of use. You’ll love the support it gives to the top layers by offering some pushback to distribute the firmness of the Tempur material.


On the firmness scale, we usually rate a mattress from 1-10. 1 is the softest while 10 is the firmest. When it comes to the Tempur Pedic Contour Supreme, it is the firmest bed in their series. It rates at around 8/10 on the firmness scale. This makes it extra firm. This is a good thing for you that sleeps on your stomach. It allows a natural spine curvature, drawing pressure away from the hips and shoulders. The Tempur material is mostly non-enveloping memory foam which prevents heat accumulation since you’ll be sleeping on the surface of this bed.

Warranty and Customer Support 

Every Tempur Pedic Contour Supreme comes with a limited 10-year warranty. This warranty covers any fault on the mattress due to the manufacturer’s workmanship. To make sure you do not void your warranty, it’s crucial that you use the mattress on a solid surface. This goes for non-spring and adjustable beds too.


  • It offers all-around ergonomic support
  • It’s great for heavy sleepers and stomach sleepers
  • Minimal motion transfer
  • It has contouring ability for even weight distribution
  • It does well with edge support
  • CONS

  • It is pricey, but for the value it brings, you’ll find it is worth every dime
  • It is not a good pick for side sleepers
  • Best firm mattress

    Zinus is one of those companies that believe in perfection. They also want you to pay a reasonable price for a bed that offers excellent support. The Zinus Performance Plus comes with all the qualities you’d like to have on a firm mattress. It is diversified in that it brings in foam together with extra iCoil springs. This makes it a hybrid bed that deserves some consideration.


    This mattress combines the best quality of foam along with an iCoil spring system. It is a three-layered design for customized sleep.

    best firm mattress


    Zinus dedicates 0.5 inches to this microfiber quilted fabric cover with Celliant fabric. It is a plush material which comes in handy for a comfortable sleeping surface. You have a well-insulated cover that brings in some warmth during the cold months as well as dissipate heat during hot nights. It loses moisture as soon as it leaves your body thus preventing accumulation of odors. Now you can look forward to a fresh bed each night.

    Top Comfort Layer 

    This is 1.5 inches of comfort memory foam. It takes away pressure from the back thereby aligning your spine. It is another excellent option for back and stomach sleepers. The high-density on the memory foam is synonymous with preventing sinking deep into the middle layers. You’ll be sleeping on memory foam that does not leave you stuck.

    Contouring Memory Foam Layer 

    In this layer, you have 2.5 inches of adaptive foam. It follows your body’s curves and distributes your weight in the process. For heavy sleepers, you’ll find comfort in this layer as it helps to alleviate pressure buildup. The memory foam is CertiPur Certified as it meets stringent emission and durability standards. You don’t have to go looking for a clean mattress when you have the Zinus Performance Plus.

    Base Layer 

    The firmness of the Zinus Performance Plus is achieved on the base layer. It is 7.5 inches of individually wrapped iCoils. The pocketed springs provide structure to this bed. It prevents spinal misalignment as well as localizing motion to your side of the bed. If you sleep with a partner, the zero motion transfer will ensure you will never disturb them if you tend to switch positions a lot.


    Unlike the Tempur Pedic mattress, the Zinus brand scores a little lower on the firmness scale. It goes one point at 7.5/10. This does not mean it is any less supportive. In fact, the iCoil system brings in all the difference. This bed has a large following by people who suffer back pain. This is because it cradles the body and breaks any motion that will cause further pain to the back muscles.

    Sinkage and Edge Support

    Do you want to feel the hugging of classic memory foam? If yes, you’ll want to look elsewhere because you’ll not be getting it in the Zinus Performance Plus. This bed allows you to sleep on the plush comfort layer and you’ll get only to the contouring memory foam surface. The iCoil system steps in to support your body after it adapts to the memory foam.

    We are impressed with the edge support of this mattress but mainly because of the pocketed springs. They are firm, and you can utilize the edges without the fear of rolling out of bed. It gets better since you will never slide when getting in and out of bed.

    best firm mattress

    Does this mattress have an Off-Gassing smell?

    As with any mattress that comes as bed-in-box, you would expect a slight chemical odor. The compression is known to collect smell in the package such that you’ll need to wait a few days before sleeping on the mattress. This is the case on almost all memory foam beds and the Zinus Performance Plus falls right into this category.

    Can you flip the Zinus Performance Plus?

    With a mattress that is layered, you cannot flip it. Instead, you rotate it from top to bottom to promote wear from all dimensions. This should keep it from sagging and losing its structure within the next few years.


  • Excellent edge support
  • It comes rolled in a box
  • It has an affordable price
  • It uses a heat-resistant cooling fabric on the cover
  • It is firm but flexible offering full-body support
  • CONS

  • It needs up to 48 hours to inflate fully
  • You have to pay return shipping costs
  • best firm mattress

    Why do we consider this mattress as one of the best firm mattress on the market?

    Live and Sleep is not the first company that comes to mind when shopping for a firm mattress. But this startup company is gaining high popularity for its quality. Not only do they sell their mattresses online but they also deliver them rolled in a box. This keeps the shipping costs down, so you don’t have to pay any extra charges.

    The Resort Ultra model comes in a gentle firm feel. It is a bed built to perfection for most sleepers’ needs. In fact, side sleepers can also find themselves enjoying the Live and Sleep Resort Ultra Bed.


    With 12 inches to the height of this mattress, you have a thick bed and premium construction.


    You have a stretch knit linen cover for luxurious comfort. It is soft and breathable such that you can sleep directly on it. It’s one of those covers that move with you, and it will never form clusters which can be very uncomfortable. This cover is flexible and removable too. You can also wash and replace this cover to maintain the aesthetics of this beautiful bed.

    Comfort Layer 

    Right after the cover, you have the responsive layer of 2.5 inches premium Airflow memory foam. It has that relaxing hug that gives sound sleep all night long. This surface adapts to your body, and although it is firm, you’ll not have any pressure building up in the knees, back, or shoulders.

    Cooling Layer

    If you are afraid of sleeping hot on memory foam, then you’ll be lucky to try out the Resort Ultra. The second layer is 1-inch of gel infused memory foam. The gel beads are cool to the touch such that they help to dissipate heat from the upper layers. This aspect keeps the bed comfortable and heat resistant. Now you don’t have to dread sleeping in the upper bedroom in the heat of summer.

    Base Support Layer 

    The core support of the Resort Ultra is 8.5 inches high-density foam. It supports the body and keeps you afloat on the top layers. This also prevents lasting body impressions and indentations that could diminish the firmness of the mattress over time.

    Best firm mattress


    You will be sleeping on memory foam which has contouring comfort. But since it prevents too much dipping, you get a medium firm feel. This bed scores a 6.5 rating firmness level with most testers. The hug is sufficient for pressure relief while receiving pushback from the base. It is incredible for side sleepers as it is for back and stomach sleepers who prefer a medium firm feel.

    Motion Transfer, Edge Support, and Sinkage 

    The good thing with memory foam is that it contains movement. You should be able to sleep soundly through your partner’s tossing on this bed. The memory foam also dampens sound but retains a reasonable level of bounce thanks to the thick foundation.

    If you have to use the edges, Live and Sleep have ensured that you remain supported even on the sides. It does not have a great deal of compression for light sleepers. But for heavy sleepers, you’ll want to stick to the middle of this bed. This is because this mattress can sink deep with significant pressure.


  • It does not have an off-gassing odor
  • It sleeps cool
  • It is built of eco-friendly materials
  • It combines plush memory foam with high-density core support base
  • CONS

  • It can be cumbersome to lift and move when unpacking
  • Heavy sleepers do not get proper edge support
  • best firm mattress

    Among the top-rated firm mattress on the market, we have the LUCID brand contending for a position. This company is best known for putting health and quality, over quantity. But for this particular mattress, you get the three aspects including quantity. It is 14 inches thick with support and comfort on every layer.


    This is another three-layered design. It uses high-quality foam with a plush top to create that luxurious feel every sleeper wants.

    best firm mattress


    The cover on the LUCID is a TENCEL blend. It is soft and airy to offer maximum breathability. It helps to wick away heat as well as moisture. This layer enhances your sleeping climate by keeping it at comfortable temperatures.

    Dual Memory Foam Layers 

    You can say goodbye to sleepless nights from constant tossing. With the double memory foam layers, the LUCID bed dampens movements as it contours to your body. The two layers together make 5 inches of this mattress. That is 2 inches of bamboo charcoal memory foam, and 3 inches of gel infused memory foam. With a density of 5.3 pounds per cubic foot, it is high-density memory foam that prevents being stuck in the mattress.

    The gel memory foam gives you refreshing sleep, while the bamboo charcoal provides hypoallergenic properties. Since you will be breathing into this bed, LUCID ensures you won’t wake up with an allergy. The bamboo charcoal prevents dust mite collection as well bacteria. The bamboo charcoal is blended into the cover to help in regulating humidity temperature.

    Supportive Base Foam 

    To receive the ideal level of firmness, this mattress utilizes 9 inches of high-density foam into the base. It is designed for persons with small and petite frames who prefer a plush feel with a little push back.

    Best firm mattress


    This mattress strikes the middle of the firmness scale at 6.0/10. It is not too soft or too hard. Most side sleepers love this bed. It contours to the body and also offers great spinal alignment. Back sleepers have also reported an amazing sleeping experience thanks to the superior thickness of the layers.

    Motion Transfer

    This mattress is synonymous with absorbing pressure. It, therefore, localizes motion such that it is contained on your side of the bed. You may never hear your partner getting in and out of bed. Not unless the disturbance from playing kids.


  • It has an impressive price tag
  • The spinal alignment can help with a bad back
  • It has anti-allergen properties
  • The airy Tencel blend cover and gel-infused memory foam ensures it stays cool
  • Absorbs pressure and prevents motion transfer
  • CONS

  • Stomach sleepers will find it soft
  • It has a slight off-gassing odor
  • best firm mattress

    Are you looking for that restful sleep in a medium firm bed? Well, you can have it with the Resort Classic mattress. This mattress is engineered with your best interest in mind. It is a bed built of conforming memory foam and a high-density core to support you from head to toe. Its foam is CertiPUR US certified, while the materials meet OEKO-TEX standards for toxic substances.


    With only 10 inches thickness we don’t expect many layers. But it is quite impressive owing to the density of the memory foam.


    Live and Sleep thrive in luxury. That goes for their knitted poly-cotton blend cover. It is breathable and airy allowing ample airflow between the layers. It reduces heat retention thereby preserving a comfortable sleeping climate. This cover also helps to prevent sagging as it brings the layers together. It is stretchy such that it snaps back into its original shape. This is important to help the mattress stay in great condition.

    Top Comfort Layer 

    The two layers of the Resort Classic include this comfort sleeping layer of 2.5 inches Visco elastic memory foam. It is air-infused to keep the mattress fresh and breathable. You will appreciate the individualized support you get from the conforming memory foam. It helps to restore energy in tired muscles as it relaxes the body on the plush memory foam.

    Supportive Foundation Layer 

    On the base, you have 7.5 inches, high-density core support foam. It helps to support the sleeper by maintaining spinal alignment. This way, your back can rest and wake up free of pain. The base prevents compression from the upper layers so that it will not lose its support and firmness after a while.


    This mattress offers a firm feeling. It is very firm at a rating of 7.5. It makes a great option for back and stomach sleepers. The upper layer provides adaptive support, but the base gives the bounce that keeps you afloat. You don’t want to struggle with the mattress when switching positions.
    best firm mattress


  • It has minimal heat retention
  • Stretch knit cover is soft and breathable
  • Comfort layer is premium, open-cell memory foam
  • Core base support provides excellent edge support
  • CONS

  • It’s not the best choice for stomach sleepers
  • The reduced bounce makes it less attractive for intimacy
  • So... What is the best firm mattress on the market?

    As you will see, firm mattresses offer great support over time. This is because they resist the formation of permanent body imprints. The mattresses on our list are the top picks on the market. They come highly recommended for their durability, comfort, support, and breathability. Don’t just sit there; grab one of these firm mattresses. It will be worth it.

    Winner of the chart is Tempur-Pedic Firm mattress.