Best futon mattress reviews – ultimate buyer’s guide

Some of us cringe at the sound of a futon mattress. It may remind you of that nasty experience you had while sleeping away from home. But futon mattresses have come a long way from the traditional Japanese style. These beds were only three inches thick and featured a cotton filling. This made them super firm and uncomfortable mostly for side sleepers.

But with the use of different fillings, futon beds can have different rigidities to suit all sleepers. Futons are also very versatile pieces of furniture since they can serve as a couch or a spare guest bed. They are great choices when you are short on space.

As the market fills with futon beds, it can be a heart-wrenching experience when trying to find the best futon mattress. But we are here to lead you through that process.

Today, all our focus is on futon mattresses. Stay with us as we find the best futon mattress available on the market today.

Best Futon mattress. Comparison table





Available Sizes


Polyester, foam, and 15-gauge independently encased coils

Tufted, microfiber cover


Full: 6-inch and 8-inch

Cotton-poly blend, convoluted memory foam, fiber, and pocketed coils

Cotton cover


Full and Queen: 8 inches


Bonnel innerspring coils, and tufted nylon tufts

Cotton, microfiber cover


Full and Queen- 8 inches

Gel memory foam and cotton-wrapped foam

Tufted poly-cotton, microfiber cover


Full - 8 inches only

Contouring foam and wrapped coils

Microfiber, polyester cover


Full - 8 inches only

best futon mattress

Why is it the best futon mattress in our chart?

If you are planning to start using a futon mattress, the DHP sounds like a good choice. This mattress is built to provide luxurious comfort and support. It uses premium materials that make it much more relaxing than a regular futon bed.


Unlike the modern futon mattress that’s only 6 inches thick, the DHP features an 8-inch thickness. It combines superior fillings with an independently encased system to balance the firmness with the upper top. It is designed to fit any full futon frame so you can go all out when choosing the foundation to go with your futon frame.

It expresses a high level of flexibility seeing that you can assemble and disassemble it with ease. This is just by folding it into a sofa or laying it flat when you want to use it for sleeping.

This bed is made of polyester and high-quality foam between the layers. The foam is CertiPUR certified as it is made without flame retardants, ozone depleters, lead, mercury, and other heavy metals. It is also low on VOC emissions to improve indoor air quality so that you’ll never suffer from allergies caused by sleeping on a low-quality bed. It also meets federal flammability tests.

The base of this mattress is by 15-gauge independently encased coils. The encasing of the springs reduces friction between them which contains motion. It also has a high coil count at 522 which makes it firm but not too firm for comfort. The base springs provide this bed with the solid feel and bulky appearance. It shows a high level of durability to last through the years in excellent condition.

The DHP model features a thin, tufted, microfiber cover. It is soft and offers a plush sleeping surface. This cover is resistant to germs and dust which means your bed will always remain fresh. Now you don’t have to worry about the bed your guests will be sleeping on since the DHP is clean throughout its life.

best futon mattress


The use of the foam and polyester provides equal weight distribution on the surface if this bed. It rates at a medium firmness feel since most sleepers will be comfortable on this mattress. Side sleepers will like the compression provided by the soft fillings. Back and stomach sleepers will also love that it does not sink to unwarranted levels. It is very supportive as it is capable of withstanding lots of pressure.

Does the DHP Futon Mattress need Flipping?

This mattress uses foam layers on top and independently encased coils at the bottom. This means the upper is softer than the base. It is, therefore, not possible to flip this mattress. But you can rotate it every few times in a month.


  • It does not have any irritants since the material is hypoallergenic
  • It sleeps comfortably for all types of sleepers
  • It is available in charcoal, tan, black, and brown colors
  • It takes little effort to transform from a bed to a couch
  • It does not form any lumps with regular use
  • CONS

  • Complaints about the middle area splitting after a few years of use
  • It has an initial odor since it comes folded in a box
  • best futon mattress

    Do you want something with contouring support? Well, you have it with the Royal Sleep Products model. It is built for convenience both in space and versatility. It offers you the chance to splurge in front of the TV or simply use it for indoor entertainment. It can fold and unfold smoothly, and it’s available in either a full or queen size.


    This bed comes layered just like any traditional mattress. It brings in the comforting elements of memory foam and the cooling of foam pocket coils. You’ll just be getting the mattress, but you have many color choices available. You’ll be able to match it up with any décor you want.

    The cover of this mattress is a durable cotton cover. It is plush and tufted to complement any style. Cotton is quite breathable so you won’t suffer from heat accumulation. It comes in a bi-fold design which starts us off with the cotton and poly blend and two clever layers of 1 ½ inches convoluted memory foam. 

    Memory foam is known to conform to the curves of the body. Thus, this futon provides all-around comfort by adapting to your sleeping style. You don’t have to go looking for a mattress that sleeps for your style. With the Replacement futon, everyone can enjoy their sleep the way they like it.

    Two layers of fiber come after the convoluted memory foam. They offer the extra support needed to brace the upper layers. It creates the transition you will need when sleeping directly on the foam pocketed coils. These coils further provide a solid foundation and a good firmness level. This way, you will not feel the deep compression caused by sleeping on the soft foam layers.


    After seeing how the layers come together, we believe this mattress attains a medium feel. It can support different types of sleepers by conforming to your body’s shape. It cradles the midsection for stomach sleepers while providing proper spine alignment. When used as a sofa, the bed offers a rigid bottom which prevents too much sinkage. The good thing is that it snaps back into position while giving a nice level of bounce.

    Does this mattress sleep hot?

    When a bed uses memory foam, many people associate it with heat retention. But combining pocketed coils makes all the difference. This is because the springs allow air to flow within them thus cooling the mattress. You’ll be able to use this bed when the temperatures are high with no heat accumulation.


  • It offers springy comfort with contouring support
  • It is thicker than the average futon
  • It can be used as a sofa or a full-size floor bed
  • It uses high-quality fillings for long-term use
  • CONS

  • Many customers have made complaints about the quality of the cover
  • The bulky profile makes it a little large for using as a sofa
  • best futon mattress

    Whether you want to use it as couch or bed, the Serta Cypress offers the correct firmness, support, and comfort. It is an innerspring futon mattress with a plush feel to it. This futon mattress comes with an entry level price making it one of the most affordable and flexible pieces.


    Like many innerspring mattresses, the Serta Cypress has a 3-layer design. It features 1-inch of CertiPUR certified foam. This is the top layer which provides high responsiveness to the body’s weight and shape. It comes in handy to help alleviate tired muscles since it cradles you and relaxes the stiff areas of the body.

    Wolf’s cottonique complements the foam. It features cotton blended with fine polyester to create a unique, durable fabric. The cottonique provides extra comfort by offering the support needed on the foam layers. The mattress top is built with 18 polyester nylon tufts. They offer additional stability for the sleeper. They also make a good sitting area so you won’t be feeling any pushback from the coils.

    255 Bonnel innerspring coils form the core of this mattress. They make the support system of this bed by reducing compression. They also offer high breathability since they are not pocketed. What’s more, these coils provide a high level of bounce. This is a good thing for those who like the traditional bouncy feel of innerspring. But you may deal with uncontained motion transfer that may wake a sleeping partner.


    This mattress falls on the medium-firm side. The core is not as soft as many would like and the foams are even softer. This is a mattress that best suits people with small frames since the foam is not resilient to pressure. It sleeps well for small side sleepers, and you may want to rotate it severally. The rotating ensures the bed wears evenly so you won’t be dealing with lumps after only a short time of use.

    Motion Transfer and Sinkage 

    This futon mattress uses Bonnel innerspring coils. They are not wrapped; hence friction spreads to other sections of the bed. You may not want to share this mattress if you spend your nights tossing and turning. This is because your partner will feel and even wake up with every disturbance you create.

    The sinkage is average on the Serta Cypress. Seeing that it has the springs at the core, you will feel some level of pushback from these springs. If you don’t desire to sink deep, then you’ll like the bounce created by the coils. They offer compression support to prevent being trapped in the foam and cotton layers.

    Is the Serta Cypress Durable?

    Serta is known to offer only the best quality in their mattresses. Looking closely at this bed, we think it’s great for occasional use and not regular use. Cotton fillings are not always the best because of bunching up. But this mattress combines polyester and foam for improved longevity. It has a microfiber outer cover that makes it easy to clean. With proper care and maintenance, the Serta Cypress should serve you in its best condition for a decent time.


  • It has a plush feel owing to the 8-inch thickness
  • The price is affordable
  • Coil construction offers additional support
  • Microfiber cover is easy to clean
  • The cotton and polyester blend makes it comfortable
  • CONS

  • Customer complaints about the overall quality
  • It’s not ideal for heavy sleepers
  • best futon mattress

    For those who prefer the hugging comfort of traditional memory foam, the Mozaic model may be just right. Only you’ll not be sleeping hot since it uses gel memory foam. The category of this model makes it great for everyday sitting since it does not leave body imprints.


    This mattress contains two, 1-inch layers of gel memory foam. The gel beads are responsible for wicking away heat that gets trapped in the mattress layers. This makes it a good pick for warm environments. It ensures your guests will not be waking up hot and sweaty. With memory foam, you have a soft bed that contours to the body. It is responsive to everyone’s sleeping style while helping to alleviate pain from pressure points.

    Another layer of cotton-wrapped foam makes this bed stronger. The foam brings in the balance you need so that you will not be sinking too deep. It works to fight entrapment by offering bounce. This should help you switch positions without haggling with the mattress.

    The cotton and memory foam layers allow this bed to be reversible. This means you can flip it regularly so that it will wear evenly. This design also makes it easy to bend when dealing with a frame that opens and closes.


    This futon mattress applies a tufted, microfiber cover. It gives this bed a stylish look, especially when used as a couch. The microfiber on the Mozaic is of the finest quality such that it brings out its color and brilliance. It has a modern trend to it as it is soft and lightweight. What’s more, the microfiber makes it easy to clean and maintain because it does not leave dust or hair. It is an excellent pick for anyone who suffers any allergic reactions.

    best futon mattress


    To get a feel of this mattress, we wanted to see how this bed slept with different sleepers. Back and stomach sleepers report that it needs some time to break in. This is because it uses high-density memory foam and cotton-wrapped foam. These two materials do not have extra reinforcement, but it is firm all the same. Also, it cradles the back and other sensitive areas that are important for side sleepers.

    You’ll love it as a sofa because it tugs firmly on the frame. It maintains the feel of sitting on a regular chair. It keeps its shape for everyday use.

    Motion Transfer, Edge Support, and Sinkage 

    Memory foam excels in motion isolation, and the Mozaic futon is no exception. The Memory foam layers dampen movement. As such, whether you are sitting or using it together with a partner, they’ll never get disturbed by your movements.

    Sinkage is an area we feel this bed would do better. The soft layers can compress deeply especially when used by heavy sleepers. For edge support, this mattress shows a great deal of reliability. It secures you while sleeping on the sides especially when used it on a solid frame.


  • It has a soft feel for cradling support
  • It uses a stylish poly-cotton microfiber cover
  • It can be flipped meaning it has a longer lifespan
  • It’s great for everyday couch usage
  • CONS

  • It has a faint smell, but it goes away after a few weeks
  • It needs time to get used to the firm feeling
  • best futon mattress

    Classic Brands is popular in all mattress categories. Their Classic Futon combines contouring foam with innerspring to bring the feel of a modern mattress. This mattress is a practical choice for any home where you may need an extra guest bed with limited space. It has a foldable design such that it can store compactly when not in use.


    The Classic mattress is in two layers. The upper is conforming foam which provides a plush sleeping area. It secures your body and gives you pressure relief. If you tend to end up in back pain after spending the whole day seated, maybe a few hours resting on this mattress will relax those stiff muscles.

    The foam makes it a perfect choice for every day lounging. You will feel the comfort of foam, but it does not leave you sinking into the coil layers. The foam also insulates against the springs to prevent poking into your back.

    The base is 6 inches of individually encased coils. They contour precisely to your body offering additional back support. This prevents any spinal misalignment after your body conforms to the foam. The wrapped coils improve the durability of this bed since they maintain their shape when used for sitting. You’ll love that it does not form any imprints, and it bounces back to its original size after unfolding.


    The Classic Brands Classic Futon utilizes a plush quilted cover. It is made of microfiber polyester. This material is highly breathable, and it helps to regulate your body’s temperature. It ensures you will sleep cool when it’s hot and at the right temperature when the weather is frigid. The microfiber is easy to maintain since you only need a damp cloth to wipe off stains. Thus this bed remains in a clean state.

    best futon mattress


    This mattress uses high-density layers of foam. They offer a soft landing on the upper area of the futon. The foundation secures the foam and gives it the ideal firmness. In the Classic futon, we find a bed that can sleep well with almost all sleeping styles. The contouring aspect of this foam means that it is adaptive to the sleeping position you prefer.

    Motion Transfer and Edge Support 

    This mattress excels both in edge support and motion transfer. The springs prevent compression when you sit aggressively on it. They are thick and steel-tempered to withstand stress. It can, therefore, retain its structure even without any extra reinforcement.

    Since the springs are wrapped, motion from one side of the bed is contained to enhance peaceful sleep. The coils move independently giving the required bounce. This is a good thing for intimacy.


  • It has an advanced level of comfort
  • It does require flipping or patting
  • It is highly durable owing to the wrapped innerspring base
  • It does not attract any dust or allergens
  • It uses 540 coils
  • CONS

  • It’s only available in two colors
  • The firm feel is not great for all side sleepers
  • So... What is the best futon mattress?

    Choosing the ideal futon mattress can be a tough decision. Especially if you don’t know what to look for, you could end up with a piece that disappoints you. Fortunately, we have covered only the futon mattresses that are inexpensive and of high-quality. These are top-rated versatile pieces which you’ll get to use as a seat or a bed.

    Winner of the chart is DHP 8-Inch Futon Mattress.