Best Hybrid mattress reviews – buyer’s guide

The mattress industry has evolved so much that it’s now possible to combine materials and make a hybrid bed. For those who can’t give up the bounce of innerspring bed but still crave the contouring comfort of memory foam or latex, the hybrid mattress will give you that sweet spot.

Hybrid mattresses are in plenty we must say. And it’s not that easy to just compare mattresses and pick one by looking at it. Some manufacturers use some branding tricks that it becomes impossible to compare the features.

With the high abundance of hybrid mattresses, we decided to do an online mattress hunting of the best hybrid mattress. We present this guide with the hope you’ll be able to find the model that satisfies your needs. As you read through, we also hope that we’ll address some of those questions you may have when searching for the best hybrid mattress.

Best Hybrid mattress. Comparison table




Cooling technology


1-inch gel memory foam 0.25-inch comfort foam

0.75-inch comfort foam

1-inch gel memory foam

2 inches comfort foam

0.75-inch comfort foam

8 inches individually encased coils

6.0/10 (Medium-plush)

Gel memory foam, and ventilated Euro top cover

1-inch ventilated gel memory foam

2 inches poly-foam

6 inches individually wrapped coils, and

1.5 inches base support foam

6.5/10 (Medium-Firm)

Ventilated gel memory foam

1.25 inches high density memory foam

3 inches comfort foam

0.5-inch high-density foam

7.5 inches iCoil pocketed springs

0.5 inches high-density foam

7.0/10 (Firm)

Cooling Euro Top Cover

1.5 inches memory foam

1-inch high-density foam

1-inch memory foam

7.5 inches heat treated coils

6.5/10 (Medium-Firm)

Cooling poly jacquard cover

1-inch natural Talalay latex

 7 inches pocketed coils

6.0/10 (Medium

Open-cell latex

1.6 inches pillow top

3-zone foam

10 inches coil system

6.5/10 (Medium-Firm)

Well-ventilated cover

Memory foam top

1.5 inches comfort foam

6.5 inches innerspring

6.5/10 (Medium-Firm)

Airy coil system

best hybrid mattress

Why do we consider this as the best hybrid mattress on the market?

Many people try to look for a cool mattress when sleeping on memory foam. We see the Classic Brand Gramercy trying to address this problem in the materials it chooses in its design. This mattress promises ultimate comfort in a bed that is both glamorous and supportive.


The main advantage of a hybrid bed is the solid foundation. With this bed, you are guaranteed a firm base that keeps you afloat the mattress. This bed uses seven layers in its design to bring out the balance of comfort and support.

Six layers of this mattress are dedicated to memory foam and comfort foam. The first slab is 1-inch of gel memory foam. It contributes to comfortable sleep by providing heat dissipation from your body. This memory foam is high-density to cradle tired muscles and get you rested and sleeping deeply throughout the night.

The second and third slabs are 0.75 inches of comfort foam. It is soft and supple to offer lots of cushioning to the sleeper. It is also springy to prevent trapping after you sink on the memory foam layer.

The fourth slab is another 1-inch of gel memory foam. It takes away heat that may build up in the comfort foam layers. You can take a rest from hot sweaty nights especially if you live in a warm environment. This mattress follows this layer with 2.75 inches of comfort foam. It provides the transitioning support that prevents the sleepers from feeling the firm base layer.

8 inches of individually pocketed springs make the foundation of this bed. It is just incredible that Gramercy uses 13 gauge tempered steel coils that are thick and strong. The spring layer offers the much-needed durability to keep this bed in its best condition for a really long time. 


An interesting aspect of the Gramercy is the Euro top cover. It is a soft, plush cover that gives the sleeper a comfy sleeping surface. If you like spending time relaxing on top of your bed, you’ll notice the elasticity provided by the Euro top cover. It resists forming bumps whenever you turn such that the mattress remains neat.


Some people like a soft bed, while others love being on a firm mattress. The Classic Brands Gramercy seeks to capture all users by providing a medium-plush bed. It is gentle on the top, but the base support gives it some pushback. This way, side sleepers can sink into the memory foam layers while stomach and back sleepers can float on the same foam layers.

Motion Transfer, Edge Support, and Sinkage 

For a bed that uses multiple layers of foam, we are pleased by the balance this bed brings. It ensures any disturbance made from one side of the bed remains on that side. Encased springs also enhance the edge support by being resilient towards excess pressure. Many heavy sleepers have loved the security it offers when lying on the edges of this mattress.

If you have hassled with a bed that traps you in memory foam, you’ll appreciate the bounce provided by the Gramercy. It will never engulf you as it uses high-density foam with a contained level of bounce.


  • It uses certified gel memory foam
  • It provides a medium-firm feel with excellent cooling effects
  • The materials can last for the 10-year limited warranty
  • It can support heavy sleepers beyond 210 pounds
  • The contouring aspect of memory foam alleviates pressure points
  • CONS

  • It is heavy to move to different rooms
  • It needs airing after unpacking from the shipping box
  • best hybrid mattress

    Combining the traditional feel of innerspring and pressure relieving comfort of memory foam is what you get in the Classic Brands Engage mattress. The manufacturer wants to optimize your sleeping experience by giving compression support without having to feel every movement of a sleeping partner.


    To achieve maximum breathability, this mattress has 1 inch of ventilated gel memory foam on the top layer. It is responsible for reducing heat accumulation as hot air is driven to the outside as soon as it leaves your body. This means you’ll have no chance of waking up on a hot night.

    For comfort and support, the next layer uses 2 inches of plush poly foam. It also runs cool because of the open-cell structure. It offers non-localized support to help in pressure relief over the entire body. With the help of the gel memory foam, you will relax just like lounging in your favorite chair.

    The individually wrapped coils make 6 inches of this bed. They guarantee you proper support and a responsive feel. This way, your pressure points receive relief from aches and soreness. Many people have come to count on this bed for managing their back pain. As such, we expect it will perform great for you too.

    To sum it all, you have base foam support which comes in handy to preserve the shape of this bed. It offers durability and stability for the coils so that they can live up to the longevity of around ten years. The foam is also important in enhancing the responsiveness of the coil system.


    This bed comes with a beautifully knit cover. It is a quilted pillow top with corded edges. It brings out the modern feel that fills any room with life. It displays some flex properties meaning it should never bunch up in your sleep.


    When it comes to the general feel of the Engage model, it showcases both soft and firm aspects. The top layers give it the lush feeling and compression which hugs the sleeper’s curves. But the foundation is very supportive. This makes it easy for anyone to find that comfy spot no matter their preferred sleeping style.

    Motion Transfer 

    The individual coils on this mattress are wrapped in fabric. The fabric minimizes friction between the coils and also distributes support evenly across the bed. This makes it less susceptible to motion transfer as the coils move independently of each other. The motion isolation is enhanced by the gel memory foam which also dampens movement.


  • It retains both properties of memory foam and innerspring
  • It comes compressed in a box
  • Gel memory foam provides compression to reduce pressure points
  • It sleeps cooling owing to the gel beads and unique layering system
  • It is naturally resistant to allergens, dust mites, and mold
  • CONS

  • Some users have complaints about the changing quality of the same mattress
  • Some dimensions on the mattress may not indicate the actual size of the bed
  • best hybrid mattress

    Why do we consider this as one of the best hybrid mattresses on the market?

    The Zinus Ultima Comfort features some luxurious aspects in a hybrid bed. The iCoil system is unique for motion transfer, and it is layered together with foam layers and a Euro top cover. It gets better because you will still feel the bounce of springs but get the hug of pressure-relieving foam.


    The Zinus Ultima Comfort boasts a 13-inch profile. It is larger than many beds, so it is a good fit for heavy sleepers. The first layer features 1.25 inches high-density memory foam. It is less responsive to stress to prevent pressure points. After this layer, we have 3 inches of comfort foam. It offers the extra support to the upper layer.

    It creates that soft impression where your body will be lying. A small slab of high-density foam comes just above the iCoil spring system. It establishes a compression surface which provides excellent cushioning. This should prevent the feeling of being poked that comes from the springs at the base.

    The unique area of this bed is the iCoil layer. It involves individual coils each pocketed to offer a reduced motion. These coils are highly responsive to pressure meaning you’ll be getting the cradling effects of springs without lots of bounce.

    This layer is followed by a thin segment of high-density support foam. The foam supports the iCoils and helps them to mold on to your body with ease.

    best hybrid mattress


    This mattress features a cooling Euro top Cover. It is quilted in a design that provides ample ventilation. It allows the much-required airflow which keeps this bed cool and ready for a warm night. Since the cooling on this bed is only by the Euro Top, you may feel some heat accumulation if you live in a hot environment.


    Like many hybrid innerspring mattresses, the Ultima Comfort claims that it has a medium feel to it. But many users indicate that it is more on the firm side. This makes it more favorable to back sleepers. The typical side sleeper may feel the discomfort of formation of pressure points since the bed uses high-density foam. Also, only the stomach sleeper who prefers a firm mattress will like the feel of the Ultima Comfort.

    Sinkage, Motion Transfer, and Edge Support 

    Since this mattress is on the firmer side, it does not give in to pressure. It makes a great bed for heavy sleepers since you won’t be sinking into the inner layers. What’s more, the use of high-density foam gives it overall edge support since the base is firm and will not give in to deep compression.

    This bed remains relatively resilient to disturbances. The iCoil foundation gives the bed the desired motion isolation so you can sleep through the tossing of a sleeping partner. The little bounce showcased on this mattress only prevents too much dipping so you can switch positions with ease.

    Does the Ultima Comfort Sleep Hot?

    For hot sleepers, you will find this bed to be too warm for your comfort. But for cool sleepers, it strives to dissipate heat through the cooling Euro Top cover. Not to mention, the pocketed coils allow a reasonable level of ventilation which draws hot air from the mattress. But if you want a really cool mattress, you may want to invest in the Classic Brands Gramercy bed.


  • It has a heat resistant cooling Euro Top
  • A 10-year warranty covers it with free 100 nights trial period
  • The foam is made without harmful chemicals and materials as it meets stringent quality standards
  • The iCoils prevent motion transfer
  • It does not have any off-gassing odor
  • CONS

  • Some users have reported sinking more profoundly than they’d like over a few years of use
  • It needs 48 hours to take its plush shape
  • best hybrid mattress

    The Olee Sleep Euro Box Mattress seeks to bring a better sleeping sensation. It uses exceptional technology exhibited in the coils and memory foam. It capitalizes on the advantages that the materials provide. You will get great sleep each night that you sleep on the Olee Sleep bed.


    This bed is characterized by the use of heat treated coils. They preserve the support of the bed and also block out heat. They can remain cool even in the hottest July month. The five layers on this bed start with 2 inches poly jacquard cover. It exhibits high ventilation and breathability. The cover is great for moisture absorption as well as odor control. It uses hollow conjugated fiber which is best known for its thickness and high resilience.

    The three layers that lie under the cover are comfort foam and memory foam. It has a 1.5-inch memory foam layer which provides conforming support. It helps in cradling the back muscles and preventing painful pressure points. You’ll be sinking in this bed, but the comfort foam comes through to prevent entrapment. More conforming support comes from the underlying memory foam which reacts to the weight you apply to it. This layer matches your sleeping style to help in achieving proper spinal alignment.

    The heat treated coils maintain the firmness of this bed. They are less responsive to pressure. You have a stable sleeping surface which helps in alleviating sore points. The springs provide longevity for this mattress. It should be in good condition without formation of permanent imprints with years of use.


    The independently-encased coils are all of tempered steel. They are thick and firm to give this bed a medium-firm feel. Users are happy with the versatility it offers in the various sleeping positions you can have on the Olee Sleep. The memory foam top provides pressure absorption since it is soft, but the high-density comfort foam prevents misalignment of the body. It is, therefore, suitable for all sleeping styles.

    Motion Transfer and Edge Support 

    If your partner tosses a lot in their sleep, you will want to know how the Olee Sleep mattress will feel. Thanks to the encased coils, you will not wake up or feel every movement your partner makes. It excels in reduced friction since foam layers surround the coils.

    This bed has incredible edge support. The tempered steel coils prevent deep compression to the base layer. This way, you can use this mattress comfortably for aggressive activities like getting in bed. The bounce on this bed is good for fast switching of positions and amorous activities.


  • The soft memory foam surrounds and supports the body
  • It remains relatively fresh owing to the jacquard cover
  • It has a universal firmness level that supports many sleepers
  • It offers high value at a reasonable price
  • CONS

  • Isolated complaints about the bed being very firm
  • Some mattresses do not come with the correct dimensions
  • best hybrid mattress

    In the Sunrising Bedding Hybrid Mattress, you get a bed that uses mostly natural materials. It combines Talalay latex and a rigid coil system at the base. With this mattress, you’ll get value for money, health, and a good night’s sleep.


    This bed applies only two layers. It has a low profile meaning kids and persons of a small build can occupy this bed. On the first layer, you have 1 inch of natural Talalay latex. This is natural latex material that is extracted from Thailand’s rubber tree.

    This layer offers orthopedic support. It conforms to the body as it is highly elastic and responsive to the body’s movements. This makes it easy for the latex to adapt to your specific sleeping position. Better still, it has an open-cell structure to offer high breathability. You’ll like that it does not accumulate an odor from the packing. Your bed will always remain fresh all the years you’ll have it in your bedroom.

    Natural Talalay latex prevents sagging of the mattress. It is high-density with a lovely level of bounce. As it eliminates pressure points, it also prevents body imprints from forming on the body.

    The base of this bed is 7 inches of 2mm wrapped coils. They are heat treated to provide durability, elasticity, and responsiveness to the body. They follow into the shape of the sleeping position to offer orthopedic effects. This results in better sleep in the long run.

    best hybrid mattress


    The Sunrising Bedding falls on the firm side of the firmness scale. This is because it uses high-density latex and a large layer of thick coils. It does not give in to too much pressure such that even with the small profile, you can sleep comfortably on it. The bed comes recommended for back and stomach sleepers.

    Motion Transfer and Edge Support 

    This bed does not transmit movement. It absorbs the energy produced by your body through the latex and individually encased coils. This way, you won’t disturb or wake a sleeping partner. The non-flexing nature of the springs ensures little to no motion spreads through them.

    The support system on the Sunrising Bedding is highly resilient. This means it remains very comfortable when sleeping near the edges. The structure of this bed is reinforced throughout the bed so that you won’t feel like you are about to roll out of bed. Now you can get the most out of your sleep.


  • It caters to back and stomach sleepers
  • It has orthopedic support for aching body muscles
  • It uses natural latex that is elastic and highly resilient
  • It is odor, allergens, and toxic free
  • CONS

  • It may require time to expand to its full dimensions
  • It has a slight latex smell when you unbox it
  • best hybrid mattress

    Signature Sleep is a brand that continues to tick because of their high-quality mattresses. This particular model uses a plush pillow top alongside independently encased coils. It is equipped with pressure relieving materials and conforming support that takes care of complications like back pain.


    The Signature Sleep Signature is in three layers. But it starts us off with a bamboo rayon cover. This cover helps to regulate the body temperature as well as rid off allergens, dust mites, and bacteria. It keeps the mattress clean so that it can be of use by all members of the family.

    On the top layer is a pillow top which entails memory foam and soft materials. It is highly responsive to the body’s heat enabling it to take to the body’s shape. It is here that you get to experience full relaxation as the bed hugs tired muscles and relieves the excess pressure.

    The second layer encompasses 3-zone foam. These are layers of comfort foam that offer a little pushback and cushioning to the sleeper. Seeing that memory foam cannot be fully supportive on its own, the foam on this slab keeps you afloat instead of sinking into the coils.

    The base of this bed boasts low gauge springs occupying 10 inches of the mattress. They have a responsive feel to allow the springs to adapt fully to your body. They also offer durability properties seeing that they are thick and can retain their shape in the long run.

    best hybrid mattress


    This mattress showcases high adaptability to one’s sleeping position. It has a medium-firm feel which is more favorable to stomach sleepers. The soft upper along with the comfort foam contribute to the suppleness of this mattress. Back and side sleepers who prefer a bed that’s not too firm will enjoy this bed.

    Sinkage, Motion Transfer, and Edge Support

    The soft upper layer is replete with some hugging properties. But it does not indicate any signs of trapping. This means you will get a springy feel that helps in the swift switching of positions. The individually encased coils contain the bounce on this mattress. It resists motion transfer to help couples sleep peacefully beside a restless partner.

    We like that the robust coils offer a firm base. They come in handy to eliminate any deep compression. It is a major place since you can apply as much weight as possible on the sides, and it still secures you.


  • It has a great bounce with little to no motion transfer
  • It supports all sleeping positions
  • The bed remains fresh and odor free from using a bamboo rayon cover
  • It has excellent compression support from the comfort foam and base layers
  • CONS

  • It needs up to 72 hours for the initial off-gassing odor to dissipate
  • It is quite heavy
  • best hybrid mattress

    Perhaps the most inexpensive hybrid bed you’ll ever find on the market is this LinenSpa 8-Inch Hybrid Mattress. It displays lots of comfort from the memory foam upper and support from the innerspring base. It is a bed you may choose if you want to have a temporary sleeping option when looking to own a hybrid mattress.


    A memory foam quilted top makes the top layer of this bed. It helps to distribute your weight evenly on the bed’s surface. This eliminates complications from spending a long day at work where you may be experiencing constant back pain. This layer responds to the energy you produce in that it can adapt to your sleeping position.

    A foam comfort layer comes immediately after the memory foam layer. It adds to the conforming support, but it adds a springy feel. This keeps the sleeper on top of the bed instead of being sucked into the bottom layers.

    A felt pad makes the third layer which is essential in preventing the coils from poking into your back. It assists to insulate the springs so that you will not sleep too cool.

    The base support comes from 6 inches of tempered steel coils. They are not pocketed such that bounce and energy can spread from one side of the bed to the other. They provide a firm feel for additional back support.

    best hybrid mattress


    The LinenSpa mattress also strikes the middle of the firmness scale. It is flexible and responsive in the upper layers while receiving ample support from the base.  This bed makes a good choice for all sleeping positions especially for kids and small-sized people. It will sleep comfortably, and it is even lightweight so you will be unpacking this bed with ease.

    Motion Transfer and Edge Support 

    What we see is a mattress that has uncontained bounce. It is best for one person using the bed or partners that sleep peacefully. But if you don’t want to wake a partner, it’s best if you considered a mattress that uses pocketed springs. But kids love the bounce. So don’t skip it if you have playful babies.

    Edge support is also enough when little pressure is applied to it. You may feel the deep compression created by excessive stress on this bed. As such, it cannot sleep well for heavy sleepers.


  • It has pressure relieving memory foam
  • It offers dependable support that prevents trapping
  • It sleeps cool owing to the continuous spring system
  • It is affordably priced
  • CONS

  • Not ideal for heavy sleepers
  • It has a considerable level of motion transfer
  • So... What is the best hybrid mattress due to our review?

    It’s not easy to settle for just one mattress. But we hope we have elaborated on the specs that make the best hybrid mattresses. The brands on this list take comfort to a whole new level. They are top picks for their high-quality and balancing properties for cushioning and support. Don’t worry if you can’t pick one type of mattress because you can have a hybrid that means the world to you.

    Winner of our chart is Classic Brands Gel Memory Foam and Innerspring Hybrid mattress