Best Latex Mattress 2018 – Buyer’s Guide and Reviews

Latex mattresses are among the top rated beds because of their high customer satisfaction. Latex is known to naturally contour to one’s curves while being supportive and comfortable at the same time. If you find yourself dissatisfied with the feel of memory foam and innerspring beds, you’ll want to try a latex mattress.

But latex beds are not created equal. We have mattresses that are of natural, organic latex; others have a construction of synthetic latex while others are a hybrid of memory foam and latex.

In the world of latex mattresses, the cost of production determines the value of the bed. This is because organic beds consume more energy, time, and money, as opposed to synthetically manufactured latex mattresses.

On our list of best latex mattresses today, we are going to give a detailed overview of each bed, while deciphering the components to identify whether it’s of natural latex, synthetic, or hybrid.

All in all, expect to have all the benefits of a latex mattress which include; dust, mold, and mildew resistance, breathability, edge support, great spine support, minimum motion transfer, etc.

Best Latex Mattress of 2018. Comparison table


Latex type




Talalay Latex

1.5-inch Eurotop cover

3-inches Talalay Latex

8-inches high-density foam


100% Natural Talalay latex and APRICO Premium Organic Latex

1-inch cotton and wool layer

3-inches Natural Talalay Latex

6-Inches APRICO premium organic latex

Available in Medium and Medium-Firm

Talalay latex

2-inches Talalay latex

2-inches ventilated foam

6-inches high-density foam


Talalay Latex and Dunlop Latex

1-inch Wool layer

3-inches Natural Talalay latex

6-inches Dunlop core


Natural Latex Foam

1.5-inch Latex Foam

2-Inches Gel Memory Foam

7.5-inches High-density Polyfoam


Synthetic latex foam

1-inch Bamboo layer

3-inches memory foam

2-inches latex foam

10-inches supportive base foam


Dunlop Latex

1-inch Organic cotton cover

6-inches Dunlop Latex

Extra Firm

Dunlop Latex

1-inch quilted wool

2-inches Soft Dunlop Latex

6-inches Firm Dunlop Latex


Best latex mattress reviews

Why we consider this as the best latex mattress?

Do you feel like you need to sleep soundly and wake up rejuvenated but haven’t found the right latex mattress? Well, the Ultimate Dreams Eurotop is a significant consideration to make. This bed comes with all the right properties to make your nights more fulfilling. But what makes it unique?


This is a 12-inch bed in three layers. 

Top layer

The top layer is 3-inches Talalay latex which is latex foam created to have an open cell structure. It is yours for the having if you dread waking up all hot and sweaty. The Talalay latex allows for constant airflow between the layers which means the bed will not retain any heat. It keeps your bed fresh so you can sleep on the uppermost floors during summer.

This latex foam is also hypoallergenic which is a great relief for everyone who tends to have a morning sneeze from breathing into the mattress. It is a remedy for improving your indoor air quality as it is also dust, and mold resistant.

Base layer

The base foam is incredibly supportive thanks to the 8-inches of high-density foam. It exhibits high resilience which indicates you are going to outlive the warranty on this bed. Not to mention, the foundation allows for pushback into the upper layer by ensuring you do not sink deep into the deeper layers.

The foundation layer is also breathable, contributing to more refreshing sleep. It provides orthopedic comfort by relieving pressure points on the most vulnerable positions.

Quilted Bamboo Eurotop Cover 

We love the cover on the Ultimate Dreams bed. It is not only antimicrobial, but it is also very soft and plush. You get to sleep on a luxurious surface which stretches and snaps back into its initial position. You may not get to machine wash this cover because it may lose the structure, but spot cleaning it should get you a clean and desirable cover.

Best latex mattress reviews

How Firm is it? 

The Ultimate Dreams Latex mattress uses organically derived latex. This gives you customizable comfort as the bed naturally takes to your curves. You will choose the firmness level of your choice after placing an order. It’s probably the best consideration since if you are a back, stomach, or side sleeper, the mattress is tailored to your specific sleeping needs.

What about Motion Transfer?

Another important aspect which mostly applies to couples is the motion transfer. Ultimate Dreams brings a mattress that can be shared and you’ll not feel the disturbance of your partner. The bed enjoys little motion transfer from one side of the bed to the other. This means you’ll never feel your partner getting in bed or out of bed.

Edge Support

Another incredible feature on this bed is the solid side construction. Whenever you sit on the edges, or you need to utilize the whole bed, some beds give, and they can eject you when switching positions. But this is not the case with the Ultimate Dreams Latex mattress. It has firm sides which rarely sink beyond six inches even when you sit aggressively.


  • Talalay latex provides cooling support and comforting bounce
  • Aerated foundation allows constant airflow
  • It offers orthopedic support and pressure relief
  • Quilted bamboo cover is hypoallergenic, dust, and mite resistant
  • Firmness is customizable upon placing an order
  • It resists indentation and compression
  • CONS

  • It has a slight chemical smell upon opening the box
  • It has only 90 days free trial period as opposed to others which have up to 100 days
  • best latex mattress

    Among the most sought latex mattresses, we have PlushBeds which is a company dedicated to providing all natural and organic beds. Everything about this bed ticks. From the cover to the latex layers, you can expect nothing but absolute comfort in whichever sleeping position you choose.


    Non-Woven Cotton and Wool Cover 

    The PlushBeds Company uses GOTS certified organic cotton for the cover. This cover is nonwoven meaning it is softer, more breathable, with excellent moisture control than on woven covers. It remains environment-friendly so that everyone in your household can use this mattress including young babies and the seniors.

    Apart from the cotton, this cover is also a blend of New Zealand wool. It is non-allergenic for persons with allergies, and it regulates temperature naturally. This is a cover that helps you sleep cool when it’s hot and sleeps warm when it is cold. Not to mention, it is naturally fire retardant which indicates that the bed does not use harmful materials to pass the fire resistance test.

    Natural Talalay Comfort Layer

    Beneath the cover, you have the comfort layer, which is 100% natural. It provides the bounce, support, and comfort to get you sleeping all night soundly. It is infused with air to create an open cell structure that adds to its overall breathability. This mattress is sure to give a clean sleeping surface owing to the mold and mildew resistance it showcases.

    APRICO Organic Core 

    To add to the support, we have a bed that uses APRICO organic latex for the foundation. It is more compact than the Talalay latex to offer backup support. It gives this mattress its shape which prevents it from sagging over the years. It works great even for heavier sleepers by providing the compression and pushback you may need to feel supported.

    Best latex mattress

    Firmness of the Botanical Bliss

    This bed comes in four firmness levels. For our mattress on this list, it is a medium firm bed that is preferred by most sleepers. This is because, if you are a back sleeper, it spreads your weight on the top without hugging your body with discomfort. For side sleepers, the mattress hugs the curves and relieves pressure from the usual hot spots that are your shoulders, back, and hips. You should feel orthopedic comfort and pain relief after sleeping on this mattress.

    A unique aspect about the firmness of this mattress is that the layers can be interchanged to customize the feel. No layer is glued to the other. As such, you can rearrange them by removing the cover, and you get the firmness of your liking. You get to perform this trick without the fear of bunching, sliding, or shifting of the layers. Isn’t that incredible?

    Sinkage and Motion Transfer 

    This is an all-latex mattress. As such, you can expect high motion transfer resistance as it localizes movement to only the place you’ll be sleeping. It is an excellent feature since you no longer have to worry about your partner’s tossing and turning in their sleep.

    When it comes to sinkage, we needed to know if you will get stuck on the mattress. It’s impressive that this bed allows you to switch positions without haggling with the mattress.

    What is the Trial Period and Return Policy?

    As you will notice, PlushBeds come at a higher price than other latex mattresses. This is due to the natural construction and careful selection of materials. But you don’t have to get stuck with a bed that does not meet your sleeping needs at such a high price. PlushBeds offers 100-nights trial period, but you have to sleep on the mattress for the first 30 nights.

    If you are not satisfied with your purchase, PlushBeds will arrange a free pickup of the bed from your home and follow up with a full refund. This is how much PlushBeds believes in the quality of their beds.


  • Uses a non-woven pressure relief cotton cover
  • The New Zealand Wool regulates body temperature, and it is naturally fire retardant
  • It has 100% Natural Talalay Latex gives buoyant sensation for deep sleep
  • The base layer is 6-inches APRICO Latex which is resistant to body impressions and sagging
  • It is dust, mildew, mold resistant along
  • It passes many environment certifications making it the cleanest mattress
  • CONS

  • You have to be extra careful with the zipper when closing it to avoid injuring the mattress
  • The foundation of this bed like a box spring has to be purchased separately
  • Best latex mattress

    Brentwood Home has been in the mattress industry for around 30 years. This company invests lots of their time in knowing the sleeper that’s why this mattress catches the eye. From the exterior aesthetics to the outside layers, you can tell that this is not just another latex mattress. It uses CertiPUR-US certified materials steering it away from any harmful chemicals like heavy metals and phthalates.

    What’s in the Layers?

    The Brentwood Home Solano mattress is a three-layer mattress. It is handcrafted to meet most sleepers’ standards.


    On top of this mattress is a soft, breathable, Belgian 4-way stretch knit cover. It helps you sleep cool by preventing heat retention. It is also the layer in which you breathe into that’s why Brentwood ensures it is clean and hypoallergenic.

    This cover also snaps back into its initial shape thanks to the 4-way stretch capability. It resists bunching up when you move a lot such that the bed does not have uneven sleeping surfaces. Beneath the stretch-knit cover, you have a wool layer that offers breathable comfort and temperature regulation. It also wicks away sweat leaving you dry and comfortable throughout the night.

    Top layer

    Looking at the latex layers, you have 2-inches of natural latex that is resilient to wear and also bounce. It is a great choice for intimacy especially if you love an extra bounce. This layer is the cooling surface. It has an open-cell structure for optimum ventilation. Hot air can move from the upper layers to the bottom keeping you from sleeping hot.

    Medium layer

    Another cooling layer is the 2-inch ventilated airflow foam layer. This mattress indicates it is a hybrid by combining foam on the surfaces. It contributes to cool sleep as well as acting as the transitional layer. It is not as hard as the firm base, therefore, providing excellent compression and feedback.

    Foundation layer

    The foundation of this bed is a 6-inches high-density foam. It gives the mattress a snug look by bringing the layers together in a neat form. You can expect this bed to have solid support even for heavy sleepers. It absorbs motions and dampens movement for little disturbance. It also spreads your weight and prevents sinking as the latex contours to your body.

    best latex mattress

    Firmness and Pressure Relief

    The Solano mattress comes recommended for back and stomach sleepers. It has a firm feel that may cause the formation of pressure points for side sleepers. It has the uplifting kind of support that has pain relief comfort for the back. It cinches into your curves and comforts those aching muscles. For those with active lifestyles, this is a mattress to consider greatly.

    It uses Healthy Materials  

    This mattress is manufactured in California. Like you would expect with products from California, it has to undergo stringent standardization tests. We are pleased that Solano exceeds these standards by using organic, non-toxic materials without phthalates and heavy metals.

    It has an amazing 25-year warranty which goes to say it is a bed that minds the pockets of its sleepers.


  • The Belgian knit cover retains its structure after stretching
  • It is resilient and lasts over 25 years
  • The pricing is reasonable owing to being sold exclusively in online stores
  • It has pressure relief and supportive comfort for heavy sleepers
  • It has a New Zealand wool layer to wick away moisture and keep the bed fresh
  • It is available in many sizes
  • CONS

  • It’s pretty heavy to move after unwrapping it
  • It has some off-gassing the first few hours after unpacking it from its plastic
  • best latex mattress

    Why do we consider this as one of the best latex mattresses around?

    Ultimate Dreams continues to impress with their revolutionary latex mattresses. This particular model is a 10-inch all latex bed that exhibits great dependability regarding comfort, support, cooling, and antimicrobial properties. If you are looking to go green in the type of mattress you choose, the Ultimate Dream is an excellent choice.



    This mattress uses a quilted bamboo cover. It is one of those beds where you get to appreciate the feel of natural fibers. Knowing that bamboo grows without the help of pesticides is a great addition to a clean mattress. Bamboo is also softer than cotton meaning you will have a plush sleeping surface. You will like it better for your loved ones and the seniors since it is clean and free from dust, and mildew.

    The cover is a combination of a wool layer. It comes in handy to keep you fresh when the weather becomes too hot or warm when in cold environments. You will love that it is quick to dry such that it wicks away moisture from your body to the outside.

    Latex Layers 

    This mattress explores 36 ILD Talalay latex foam in the uppermost layer after the cover. It is the responsive surface which molds to your body as soon as you hit the blankets. You will experience immediate pain relief and comfort to achy muscles. Your body will have a restful night readying you for a long day. Not to mention, it is also breathable to prevent heat retention in the process. 

    The core of this bed is 32 ILD natural Latex Dunlop. This layer is thick and provides the base support. You can customize the level of firmness just like in the 12-inch Ultimate Dream mattress. Serving as the foundation, the bottom layer offers long-lasting resilience to regular use. You can expect this bed to last up to 30 years with proper use.

    Best latex mattress

    Pressure Relief 

    In our pressure relief mapping tests, we have a bed that gives greater pressure relief up to 33% more than with memory foam mattresses. This is because this mattress does not sink further than you would like for your comfort. You’ll find that since you can get customized firmness, it spreads your weight for back and stomach sleepers while hugging the back and easing the pressure points for side sleepers.

    High-pressure relief is the most notable feature on this mattress and probably the reason why many people prefer Ultimate Dreams. It is synonymous with improved sleep quality especially for anyone who leads a very active lifestyle.

    Which Foundation works Best with the Ultimate Dreams Bed?

    Natural latex is very flexible and durable. You can use just about any foundation with this mattress as long as it is stable and firm. Most people are using adjustable frames as it can withstand compression that comes with constant adjusting. At only 10-inches you are not dealing with a huge mattress as it does not contribute that much weight to the kind of foundation you choose.

    Motion Transfer, Sinkage, and Edge Support 

    If you are buying this mattress to use with a partner, you will love how quickly it dampens movement. It excels in this area by using thick Dunlop latex for the base. It also scores high on the edge support area. Latex is resilient to sagging. The fibers are solid preventing deep sinkage when using the edge of the bed. For overall sinkage, latex does not leave you stuck in the foam, and you will experience the right sinkage on the Ultimate Dreams bed.


  • It is built to be durable with its longevity expected to be up to 30 years
  • It offers pressure relief and hugging comfort
  • It is highly flexible to work with many different foundations
  • You can choose the firmness level according to your sleeping style
  • It has enhanced breathability for sleeping cool
  • CONS

  • It can be heavy to move since it cannot fit back into the box it comes in
  • It is a bit pricey for a mattress that sells in online stores
  • best latex mattress

    Many people have come to associate comfort with memory foam. But when many memory foam beds sink deep, you may find yourself trapped in the layers unable to switch positions as fast as you’d like. Ghostbed identifies this struggle and brings in latex in the mix. Latex brings in the bounce that keeps you afloat on the mattress. After 15 years of research, GhostBed introduces the most luxurious hybrid bed at a low-cost price.

    Construction of GhostBed


    This bed explores a thin polyester and viscose cover. It allows air to flow freely hence preventing heat retention. You’ll like how stretchy it is by keeping it from bunching up. You can change positions, and it snaps back with every movement. Polyester is much like wool. It keeps the bed fresh since it is quick to dry. It also beats odors so you’ll not be experiencing foul bed anytime soon.

    This cover is CertiPUR certified. You have the assurance of sleeping on a bed free from harmful chemicals and toxins.

    Latex Foam Layer 

    Next, we have 1.5 inches of continuously aerated latex foam. It serves by being the responsive layer that gives you pressure relief. It has a high level of bounce which works to prevent you from being stuck in the memory foam layers beneath it. This layer is strategically above the memory foam layer to help in heat dissipation. It applies an open cell structure to give it ample breathability.

    Gel Memory foam for Contouring Comfort 

    If you want hugging comfort, the memory foam layers on this bed are going to give precisely that feeling. This mattress has 2-inches of Gel Memory Foam. GhostBed uses a proprietary formula that has large cells and more responsive to the body’s heat. You are getting cooler nights with this mattress so you can sleep through hot summer nights.

    High-Density Base 

    With 7.5 inches of high-density foam, the bed has increased support and overall longevity. It has better stability by maintaining firm sides and a slip-resistant bottom. The polyfoam base contributes to the shape of this bed as it has good edge support.

    GhostBed offers this mattress with a 20-year warranty. The Company is devoted to the best that’s why they guarantee your bed can last that long. This warranty is also backed by their leading online stores like Amazon. So you have nothing to worry about by choosing the GhostBed Latex Memory Foam Mattress.

    Firmness and Pressure Relief 

    The GhostBed Latex Memory Foam Mattress scores an easy 6.5/10 firmness level. This is a medium firm feel for most sleepers. It balances support and comfort for all sleeping positions. For side sleepers, you can expect it to ease on the pressure points by helping your hips and shoulders curve into the memory foam layer.

    It pushes into the back and fills the space on the back hence supporting your back. For stomach sleepers, this mattress works to hug the midsection. It is all-rounded in pressure relief.

    Warranty and Trial Period

    GhostBed uses advanced technology in the manufacturing of this bed. The team wants you to end up with the best mattress that’s why you have 101 nights trial period. Your body should adjust to the premium latex comfort, Gel Memory Foam, and Supportive base within the 101 nights.

    You’ll get free returns if you feel this mattress does not meet your desired results.


  • It uses ultra premium latex and foam materials
  • It has a plush and super durable polyester and viscose cover
  • It has a long 20-year warranty period
  • It uses aerated latex and gel memory foam for cooling
  • It has an extra high-density polyfoam base for improved durability
  • CONS

  • The cover is not machine-washable
  • The mattress is quite heavy even in its compressed form
  • best latex mattress

    Among the largest online mattress companies, we have LUCID on the top list. The team wants you to have the best sleep in a comfortable mattress. For our 16-inch thick mattress, it showcases a luxurious bed made from premium materials. It combines latex and memory form providing a balanced feeling of support, bounce, and comfort.



    This bed has a Tencel blend cover. It is thin providing a breathable and deluxe sleeping area. Next, we have 1-inch of a hypoallergenic, bamboo charcoal layer. It is quilted to provide pressure relief hence alleviating pain from the neck, shoulders, and back. This cover is more absorbent than cotton. You will sleep cool as sweat and moisture evaporate fast to the outer layers.

    This layer mitigates bacteria as it has natural antibacterial properties. You will have a bed with reduced odor so you can sleep fresh every night. You will love that it also has hypoallergenic properties. It is non-irritant to the skin thus preventing any itching when you sleep directly on it. This cover provides comfort for extra-sensitive skin.

    The TENCEL cover incorporates polyester. You can expect to sleep cool during hot nights and warm on cold nights. It’s just perfect for areas where the weather can be quite unpredictable.

    Memory foam and Latex Layers 

    You have 3-inches of contouring memory foam. It is CertiPUR certified meaning children and the elderly can sleep on it. The pressure relief is on this layer as it saves you from a sore back by conforming to the curves of your body.

    The supportive layer is 2-inches of springy latex. It is also very responsive and gives the body-hugging comfort. A significant advantage of this layer is the pushback and bounce it has. You don’t want to feel trapped in the memory foam. That’s why it works to spread your weight thus preventing further sinking into the deep layers.

    The base of this bed comes with 10-inches of supportive base foam. It helps to align your spine against the soft upper layers. It is designed for heavy sleepers as well as back and side sleepers.

    best latex mattress

    Firmness and Motion Transfer

    Side sleepers prefer this mattress. It is a bed that achieves a medium firm feel by contouring to your body. This helps you to sleep with minimized tossing and turning. It is thick to benefit heavy sleepers by distributing your weight accordingly. This bed experiences very little sinkage. In the most aggressive sleeping or sitting position, it dips to only 6 inches and 6.5 inches for heavy sleepers.

    This is a comfortable mattress no doubt about that. If you want the hug and feel of memory foam without feeling stuck, try the LUCID hybrid mattress.


  • It’s a plush mattress with cooling layers, spine alignment, and a pronounced hug
  • It is affordably priced considering it uses premium materials
  • It has a small level of sinkage and minimum motion transfer
  • It has a thick profile to support heavy sleepers.
  • CONS

  • It may sleep hot due to the top memory foam layer
  • It does not include the box spring in the pricing
  • best latex mattress

    Handcrafted in Illinois, the Green Mattress is one of the cleanest mattresses on our list. This is in terms of the materials that make it. You have a bed that uses organic materials including having no foam. It is a bed that most people with allergies and breathing problems choose since it does not have any additional chemicals.



    My Green Mattress uses quilted organic cotton with Eco wool cover. Wool is a natural fire barrier that passes the US flame test. It is safe to sleep on and breathe into without the fear of accelerated respiratory problems. You’ll have fewer chemicals in your home as the cover will never produce dangerous fumes as you sleep as seen with other cotton covers.

    Latex Layer 

    This bed utilizes 6-inches on extra firm organic Dunlop latex. It offers support for back sleepers mostly because it does not give in to compression. You can sleep on it if you are a heavy sleeper since it evens out the weight bringing you pressure relief and alleviating muscle aches.

    The Dunlop is Oeko-Tex Certified. It goes without saying that My Green Mattress has gone to great extents to give assurance on their mattress.

    Bottom Layer 

    This is a non-slip cotton and polyester layer. You can sleep on the floor using this mattress, and it will never shift from its position. It is however designed to rest on flat platforms or slated beds. This way your bed remains durable to live up to its 10-year warranty.

    Motion Transfer and Sinkage 

    The Simple Sleep bed is a super firm bed with a rating as high as 9. This means side sleepers will find it uncomfortable. But for back sleepers and stomach sleepers who prefer a firm mattress, you will find it comfortable. It does not transmit any movement from one side of the bed to the other. It is an excellent choice for playful kids and a partner who tosses a lot in their sleep.

     Overall, the Simple Sleep bed is a mattress that satisfies our qualities. This is in terms of using 100% organic latex, organic cotton cover, and Eco Wool. If you are highly sensitive to chemicals in mattresses and love a firm bed, choose this bed, and you’ll never look back.


  • It uses Eco Wool as a natural fire retardant
  • It does not have an off-gassing smell
  • Passes many standardization tests including Oeko, CertiPUR-US, and GreenGuard Gold
  • Quilted top cover provides a soft sleeping surface
  • It delivers support for back sleepers and heavy sleepers
  • CONS

  • It is not comfortable for side sleepers
  • The bottom cover is not 100% organic

  • latex mattress reviews

    If you are looking for a budget-friendly latex bed, you are lucky that we have the Sleep on Latex Pure Green Mattress. It is a bed you’ll grow fond of after coughing very little dime to acquire it.

    What's inside of this mat?


    With a 100% organic cotton cover quilted with New Zealand wool, what more could you want in a cover? It is plush, comfy, and above all breathable. It gives you a cool sleeping surface as the wool works to prevent heat from outside to access the mattress. It is also fire retardant without necessarily using harmful chemicals.

    Comfort Layers 

    The 1-inch of quilted wool joins 2-inches of Dunlop latex. It is a soft and comfortable layer that is highly responsive. It provides pressure relief with a springy bounce to keep you afloat and always comfortable. It is also the transitional layer which gives the compression against the firm bottom layer. You’ll find it great for bedroom intimacy as it produces no noise at all.

    Sleep on Latex uses 6-inches of Dunlop Latex as the foundation. It gives this mattress its shape as well as preventing any sagging. You will have this mattress for a decent period as it retains its structure with no trouble at all. You’ll feel how supportive it is by aligning the spine. This is important for all sleeping positions if you are to wake up without numb areas.

    Firmness, Motion Transfer, and Sinkage 

    This is another firm mattress. It scores 8 on a scale of 1-10. It supports back and stomach sleepers by hugging the back and the midsection. It exhibits very little motion transfer as it dampens any movements and sound. The Dunlop structure is closely compacted making it easy for any movement to be localized.

    Our sinkage test is usually on persons of average weight. With this mattress, it resists sinkage beyond 5-inches. You can expect more sinkage for heavier sleepers, but it’s not about to roll out of the bed when you utilize the sides.

    This bed is also available in a medium firmness rating which favors all sleeping styles and more side sleepers. But you can also pick a softer mattress in the same design.

     If you want the feel of a natural latex mattress, this is the bed that captures that very aspect. It is hypoallergenic, clean, breathable, and supportive.


  • It is available in many sizes and firmness levels
  • It uses all natural latex plus organic latex and clean New Zealand wool
  • It comes as a bed-in-box making it easy to move to the room of your choice
  • It is GreenGuard Gold Certified
  • CONS

  • The cover can only be spot cleaned
  • You may need sometime getting used to the feel of the natural latex as it may feel too firm at first.
  • So... What is the best latex mattress on the market? 

     When looking to buy a latex mattress, you are looking at durability, support, health, and comfort. As we compiled our list, we reviewed the mattresses that stack up to our qualities. These brands come highly recommended for being green, natural, long-lasting, and that they are mattresses the young and the old can enjoy with equal comfort. Grab one and start enjoying some perks of latex mattresses you’ve been missing on.

    Winner of our chart is Ultimate Dreams Eurotop Latex Mattress.