Best mattress for back pain 2019

Back pain is an all too common problem. While you may want to seek medical attention for chronic pain, it shouldn’t keep you from enjoying the perks of life. A mattress designed to help alleviate back pain can be part of the solution for a fully energized morning.

Most people that report constant back pain also sleep on an old mattress. After years of sleeping on your bed, it starts sagging and losing the support you need for your back.

As the mattress industry evolves, manufacturers have identified designs that can go a long way in the relieving of pain and pressure points. Luckily, these beds are easily accessible and don’t have to cost a fortune. With many manufacturers opting to sell exclusively in online stores, you’ll end up with a high-quality mattress for half the price tag on a showroom mattress.

In this article, we shift our focus on those mattresses that get the job done in terms of back support. This is a chart of best mattress for back pain that is highly regarded by different types of sleepers. If you want the best mattress for back pain that cradles the hips and hugs the back, you’ll find it here.

Don’t just take a peek, go on and explore to the very end.

Best mattress for back pain. Comparison table

Model Firmness Construction Materials Cooling Technology Price
Tuft & Needle Adaptive Foam Mattress (9.5/10 – EDITOR’S CHOICE) 7/10 Medium-Firm 3 inches of T&N adaptive

7 inches polyfoam

Graphite and gel beads Check price on Amazon
BEAR Mattress (9.0/10) 7/10 Medium-Firm

1.5 inches gel-infused memory foam2.5 inches response foam6.5 inches polyfoam

Graphite and gel-infused memory foam Check price on Amazon
Purple Mattress (8.8/10) 6.5/10 Medium-Firm

2 inch Hyper-elastic Polymer 3.5 inches of low density polyurethane foam, 4 inch of HD polyfoam

Air Channels Check price on Amazon
Leesa Memory Foam Mattress (8.5/10) 7/10 Medium-Firm 2 inches Avena foam, 2 inches of memory foam, and 6 inches of polyfoam Open cell design on the Avena foam Check price on Amazon
Amerisleep AS3 Memory Foam Mattress (7.9/10) 7/10 Medium-Firm 12 inch. contain bio-core memory foam Open cell structure memory foam Check price on Amazon

Tuft and Needle mattress (EDITOR’S CHOICE – 9.5/10)

Best mattress for back painCheck price on Amazon

Why we think it is the best mattress for back pain?

We have come to love the manufacturers of the Tuft & Needle mattress. For years, this company has sought opinions from thousands of sleepers to help come up with a mattress that adapts to many sleeping styles. This particular bed is their latest design offering a medium-firmness with a score of 7/10.


Following a two-layer design, this is not a mattress to mince quality. It has a structure of high and medium density foam that is both supportive and comforting. You will also sleep cool on the Tuft and Needle Bed.

Top Layer 

The comfort layer of this mattress is 3 inches of T&N adaptive foam. This foam is made exclusively by Tuft and Needle to offer the attributes found in latex as well as on memory foam. It molds into your curves, and it keeps you relatively floating thanks to the latex feel. This layer is highly responsive to pressure allowing it to ease into your body offering pain relief. This mattress lets your body relax as it traps heat on all the hot spots of achy muscles giving you pain relief come morning.

The T&N adaptive foam is also lined with graphite and gel beads. They are synonymous with cool sleep as they help dissipate heat to the outside of the mattress.

Foundation Support Layer 

This mattress is paired with 7 inches of high-density poly foam. The base is supportive of the upper layer while giving the desired pushback. It prevents feeling trapped so you can sleep in multiple positions. You also get durable support as the base maintains the overall structure of the mattress.


The Tuft & Needle mattress uses a nylon and polyester blend cover. It is thin and breathable allowing the bed to stay clean and fresh. Polyester offers temperature control as it has the same properties as those you’d find on polyester. This cover is also lined with a fire sock that is not chemically produced. It encloses the cover and protects the foam in the case of fire.

best mattress for back pain


For your back to receive the pain relief you need, you’ll want to know how firm the Tuft and Needle is. This bed scores high on the firmness level scale at 7/10. Although the first layer is relatively gentle and soft, you get some excellent pushback which maintains the body of the top foam layers. It is highly responsive to pressure giving you relief and relaxation throughout the night.

Motion Transfer, Edge Support, Sinkage 

For those who are going to share the Tuft and Needle bed with a partner, motion transfer is a feature you’ll want to look at. This bed expresses great motion isolation thanks to the memory foam properties. You can sleep through the disturbances of a tossing partner as it will never transfer that motion to your side of the bed.

When looking at the sinkage, this mattress has the advantage of latex properties that maintain an excellent deal of bounce. It gives you the floating sensation which prevents too much dipping. When we simulated some of the activities that produce sinkage in a mattress; that is tying your shoes or jumping on the bed, the mattress sees a sinkage of 6 inches.

Edge support is also incredibly good for the Tuft and Needle model. You’ll be able to utilize the edges while feeling secure to switch positions. It uses firm fibers along the edges to ensure you don’t have compression that could lead to rolling out of bed without notice.


  • It has contouring properties for back support
  • It uses high-density poly foam for long-term use
  • It sleeps cool thanks to the graphite and gel beads infusion
  • It has little motion transfer that promotes undisturbed sleep
  • CONS

  • A bit heavy when moving it
  • It favors back sleepers who prefer a firm mattress
  • Check price on Amazon

    BEAR Mattress (9.0/10)

    best mattress for back painCheck price on Amazon

    If you tend to have pain radiating from your lower back after intense exercising, the Bear mattress is a great consideration. It is built with athletes and people who lead an active lifestyle in mind. As it’s said, sleep is excellent in healing. What better way to recover than on a mattress built for recovery?


    The Bear mattress is a four-layered bed. Its advanced cover design and high-density layers all work together to bring you memorable sleep.

    Graphite Gel-Infused Memory Foam 

    This layer is a perfect blend of contouring pressure relief, cooling comfort, and core support. It is 1 inch of 4 lbs memory foam. The graphite and gel infusion come in handy in cooling of the bed and offering ample breathability. It offers the support you need for the back as well as conforming to the curves of your body. The high-density foam ensures you will not be trapped and can make swift changes in your sleeping position.

    Responsive foam Layers 

    This surface offers the correct spinal alignment that you need for instant pain relief. By cradling the back muscles, it helps to relax any stiffness that comes as a result of tough workouts. The 3 lbs density of the foam layers gives the bed a bit of bounce that also eases with position changing.

    Firm Base Support 

    The foundation of the Bear mattress is 1.8 lbs of 6.5 inches medium-density polyfoam. You’ll have long-lasting support as this layer is resilient to regular use. It allows the mattress to snap back into its initial shape.


    Perhaps the most intriguing aspect of the Bear mattress is the cover. It utilizes Celliant technology which is arguably a fiber with pain relief properties. Celliant fibers have a blend of thermo-reactive minerals. These minerals react with the body’s heat converting it to infrared energy that is transferred back into the body.

    In this process, oxygenation increases in the body’s system. More oxygen supply means more nutrients reach to torn muscles which initiate the healing process. The Bear mattress uses a Celliant cover to simulate the healing effects of thermo-reactive minerals in the fibers.

    best mattress for back pain

    Firmness and Motion Transfer 

    Bear mattress scores a rating of 7/10 on the firmness scale. It has both some soft properties as well as firm attributes that balance the overall feel of the bed. The elastic memory foam layer offers contouring support but you will not sink as the responsive foam gives the bounce. With the responsive foam, you can move around the mattress with ease.

    Looking at the intensity of motion transfer, we are impressed by the Bear Mattress. Even as it uses memory foam, the high densities ensure every movement is contained within the place you’ll be sleeping.


  • The Celliant cover is chemically proven to expedite recovery time
  • It has open cell response foam and graphite gel infused memory foam for cooling
  • It uses eco-friendly, and CertiPUR-US certified foam
  • It offers universal comfort that adapts to the body’s pressure points
  • CONS

  • It has an initial new mattress smell
  • The cover on the Bear mattress is not removable
  • Check price on Amazon

    Purple Mattress (8.8/10)

    best mattress for back painCheck price on Amazon

    Why we placed it as one of the best mattress for back pain?

    The Purple bed is one of the models with the highest customers’ satisfaction. It is unique in so many ways from the value for money, to an open grid system for the comfort layer. It performs well in minimizing pressure which is a great attribute when looking to ease discomfort in the lower back.


    Top layer

    The top layer is a unique grid design from the hyper-elastic polymer. Many people report that this structure has come a long way in relieving pain from their lower back. So, how does it work? Well, the grid is highly responsive and 2 inches tall. It helps to distribute the weight and ease the pressure points. This gives your body the opportunity to relax and correct the spinal alignment.

    The Purple grid also comes with air channels integrated into the system. It has ample ventilation which neutralizes temperatures. This means it won’t trap heat like memory foam. It also maintains some bounce that keeps your body perfectly comfortable on the top layer.

    The Middle Layer 

    Underneath the Purple grid, you have the transition layer which is 3.25 inches of 1.8 lbs polyfoam. This is high-density foam but is much softer than the base to offer compression and increased back support.

    Base Support 

    On the foundation, Purple applies 4 inches of high-density poly foam. With a 2 lb density, it goes without saying that it is firm and supportive of the upper layers. You can count on this foundation for durability of the bed.

    best mattress for back pain


    This mattress is also in the medium-firm range with a score of 6.5/10. You first feel the responsive support of the hyper-elastic polymer grid, followed by the pushback of the middle and base layers. It takes the weight off your back and also eases into the shoulders and hips. Side and back sleepers will find it incredibly comfortable.

    This mattress performs well on the pressure map. It indicates low-pressure formation across the body in all sleeping positions. It keeps the hips and back aligned such you won’t sink into the wrong parts of the body.

    Motion Transfer, Edge Support, and Sinkage 

    The last thing you want waking up from the slightest disturbance caused by a partner sleeping next to you. Motion transfer is especially imperative for anyone experiencing back pain. The Purple bed showcases very little disturbance from one side of the bed to the other. The only motion you’ll get to experience is when someone jumps up and down the bed. Otherwise, you’ll be in a deep sleep when your partner gets in and out of bed.

    Since the Purple mattress does not use any memory foam, you’ll not be sinking into the layers. It keeps you afloat the bed thanks to the springy effect of the grid. Better still, the high-density polyfoam accounts for excellent edge support which helps to prevent unwanted compression on the sides.


  • It minimizes pressures and conforms to the body’s curves
  • It has low resistance to body movement
  • It is temperature neutral
  • It performs exceedingly well in relieving back pain
  • CONS

  • It has a low profile which means you need to have a high frame when using it
  • Persons with a height higher than 6’3” may find it an inch shorter than standard mattresses
  • Check price on Amazon

    Leesa Memory Foam Mattress (8.5/10)

    best mattress for back painCheck price on Amazon

    The Leesa Company is one of the most profound brands in the bed-in-box category. They have a vast following mostly by customers who experience lower back pain. The Leesa memory foam mattress is built to bring restorative sleep to their customers. It uses premium materials to offer a unique combination of pressure relief, support, and cool, restful sleep. This mattress boasts the ability to conform to most sleeping styles so your nights can be memorable.


    First layer

    As we said, this mattress uses premium materials. It is an all-foam bed with three layers. On the first layer, the Leesa mattress has 2 inches of Avena foam. It has latex properties with increased durability meaning you get the bounce and contouring comfort that comes with sleeping on latex.

    Avena foam has open cells to improve airflow between the layers. It allows sleeping cool so you won’t wake up soaked in sweat. The foam has hypoallergenic properties. It is resistant to dust mites, mildew, and mold. It is also quick to dry and naturally fire retardant.

    Memory Foam Layer 

    When you push into the Avena foam, you’ll get into the second layer that is memory foam. This layer has pressure relief properties since it contours to the body. You can sleep in multiple positions since the Avena foam prevents being trapped.

    Base Support Layer 

    On the foundation, we have 6 inches of poly foam. This is high-density foam that prevents sagging of the mattress. It is firm enough to provide durability of the mattress.

    best mattress for back pain


    Leesa has a polyester blend cover. It is lined with the iconic four-stripe design which features a fire retardant fabric. No chemicals are added to the polyester, so you get to sleep on a clean surface. You’ll love that the cover is soft and breathable. It has temperature control that allows you to sleep better on hot nights as well as warm on cold nights.


    Like many mattresses built to support the back, the Leesa bed scores a high rating on the firmness scale. It scores a 7/10 which goes to say it is a medium-firm bed. The mattress gives you quick response on the Avena foam followed by conforming support of the memory foam. It is resistant to body movements such that you’ll never feel trapped in the memory foam.

    Motion Transfer, Edge Support, and Sinkage 

    The best thing about combining Avena foam and memory foam is that it has undetectable movement transfer. Motion from one side of the bed never gets to the other. For you, it is an advantage since you’ll never get displaced and your back receives continuous support.

    Thinking of sharing the bed with someone? You may need to utilize the edges of the Leesa mattress. That’s why edge support is of utmost importance. The foam on this mattress shows some resilience to pressure. It is built to withstand compression such that it distributes your weight evenly to prevent the feeling of rolling out of bed.


  • It comes at an outstanding value for money
  • It is built to provide a luxurious feel to comfort the back
  • It has 100 nights free trial period
  • It’s made from CertiPUR-US certified materials
  • CONS

  • It has a pronounced initial off-gassing odor
  • It may need a break in period of up to one week
  • Check price on Amazon

    Amerisleep AS3 Memory Foam Mattress (7.9/10)

    best mattress for back painCheck price on Amazon

    Why it is one of the best mattress for back pain?

    The Amerisleep is a brand that offers some of the highest quality memory foam mattresses. The AS3 model in particular favors back and side sleepers as it is made to have a little firmness along with the soft feeling of contouring memory foam. It curves into the back meaning you’ll have a relaxed and rejuvenated night. This mattress is at the peak of bed engineering. So, what makes it stand out from the rest?


    The first impressions on the Amerisleep AS3 are quite amazing. This mattress stands at 12 inches high with three different layers.

    Open-Cell Memory Foam Layer 

    The first sleeping layer on the AS3 is 3 inches of 4lbs memory foam density. This is high-density Bio-Pur memory foam which is not as responsive as ordinary memory foam. It allows you to sink in nice and slow ensuring you won’t get stuck in it. The Bio-pur foam is breathable, it has quick recovery time, and is tested for VOCs and toxic properties.

    Middle Layer 

    This is the transition layer which is 2 inches of 1.65 lbs density polyfoam. It helps in improving the bounce of the bed and also providing constant compression against the firm base. The polyfoam explores a convoluted design which creates airspaces between the layers. This works to prevent heat retention from the memory foam layer. It provides comfortable sleep without the extra warmth of memory foam.

    Base Layer 

    This layer is 7 inches of high-density poly foam. Its main function is to offer durability and extra support to the memory foam and transition layers. It maintains the quality of the foam such that the mattress will stay in good condition for a reasonable amount of time.


    The Amerisleep AS3 comes with a cover that is a blend of Celliant, Polyester, and Spandex. It is stretchy to help it snap back and prevent bunching when you toss or change positions. With the Celliant, you have fibers that have construction of thermo-reactive minerals. They work similarly like in the case of the Bear mattress where it increases oxygenation in your body.

    Firmness, Edge Support, and Motion Transfer 

    The AS3 is a good pick for back and side sleepers. It scores 7/10 as a result of the responsiveness and pushback of the poly foam.  The Bio-Pur memory foam is soft such that it lets you sink to just about the right height. You will feel comfortable even if you change positions multiple times.

    With small movements like when someone is making minor adjustments on the bed, this bed has little to no disturbance. It also shows minimal motion transfer during aggressive moves like jumping on the bed. This mattress performs averagely on edge support, but you’ll still feel secure when sleeping on the edges.


  • The memory foam does not sleep hot or retain body impressions for a long time
  • It has Celliant in its cover to speed up recovering in painful muscles
  • It is a good fit for side and back sleepers with the medium firmness
  • It has great motion isolation
  • CONS

  • It has less bounce than other memory foam beds
  • It still has the smell of a new mattress
  • Check price on Amazon

    So, what is the best mattress for back pain?

    Many mattresses claim to be a great choice for back pain. But telling which one actually works is not an easy task. We’ve prepared this list to help you out in identifying the mattress with the best attributes for relieving back pain. We hope it helps you make the right decision as you choose the next mattress to ease your back pain.

    Our winners are Tuft and Needle and Bear mattresses.