Best Mattress for Side Sleepers Reviews 2018 (our Top Picks)

There’s great danger for side sleepers who don’t have the right mattress for the position. You could risk developing hip or shoulder pain over time because side sleep position requires a great support to relieve any pressure points. If the mattress conforms to your body, then your spine will be properly aligned thus relaxing your muscles.

One thing with searching for the right mattress no matter your sleeping position is that it’s not easy to tell which one is the best because they all feel comfortable at first. What helps is if you know what factors make a mattress best for you based on your sleeping position. A five minutes test in a mattress store won’t help you in choosing the right mattress. In fact, instead of all the hustle, you can do online research and order your mattress online. You should, however, ensure that the company offers a long trial period and money back guarantee before ordering.

In a nutshell, what should the best mattress for side sleepers do?

  • Offer great support to prevent pelvic rotation
  • Contour to the sleeper’s body
  • Sleep cool
  • Have a soft-medium firm level
  • Note about pelvic rotation

    Pelvic rotation is a common problem with side sleepers especially when your mattress is not offering the right support to relieve pressure points. The main results of a pelvic rotation is a misalignment of the sleepers’ lumbar spine and back muscles. Here, the sleeper tends to sleep in two sleeping positions at the same time where the upper body, for example, could be in a stomach sleeping position while the rest of the body remains in a side sleeping position.

    To avoid this, ensure that your spine is properly aligned every time you sleep, it might not be easy, but you can train yourself. You can also sleep with a pillow between your legs and also invest in a good mattress with proper support as most people sleep positions that lead to the pelvic rotation when their mattresses are not doing a good job in relieving the pressure points.

    Best mattress for side sleepers comparison table




    Firmness level

    Our Rating

    Soft-medium firmness, sleeps cool, resistant to dust mites, has no smells

    Memory Foam

    Medium firm

    Double sided, copper infused memory foam, ThermoGel cover, sleeps cool

    Copper infused Memory Foam, TheremoGel infused cover

    Dual firmness- medium soft and firm

    Improved edge support, stretchy cover, great support, 11” thick

    Cooling Gel Memory Foam


    Hybrid mattress, Very durable, better than latex foam, doesn’t sleep hot, thick cover

    Cooling Avena & Contouring Memory Foam

    Medium Firm

    Minimal motion transfer, great edge support, sleeps cool, very comfortable

    Gel Memory Foam

    Medium firm

    Best mattress for side sleepers

    Why this mat is the best mattress for side sleepers?

    Soft-medium firmness

    As we mentioned before, side sleepers need a soft-medium firmness for a comfortable sleep, and this is what this mattress offers you. It also contours to your body shapes to provide a great support and ensure perfect body alignment thus preventing pressure points. Thus, if you have been searching for the best mattress for side sleepers to no avail or if you are tired of adding toppers to get the perfect firmness for your sleeping position, you can give this mattress. The warranty is also friendly so you can always ask for a replacement if need be.

    Best mattress for side sleepers
    No heat retention

    Most people shy away from memory foam mattresses because they are known to sleep hot especially during the warm seasons. However, the Shiloh mattress by Sleep Innovations sleeps cool no matter the weather changes and most people who have used it in both cooler and warmer seasons have attested to this. However, there is always the option to add an egg crate if you notice any changes to keep your body separated from the mattress.

    • Naturally antimicrobial and resistant to dust mites

    Dust mites could be anywhere, and the worst place they could be is in your mattress especially if you are allergic to them. Luckily, this mattress is resistant to dust mites, and it is also naturally antimicrobial thus making a great choice for people suffering from allergies. As such, you can confidently share your bed with your little one without having to invest in special sheets to keep them protected.

    Features a removable cover

    There is never a guarantee that accidents won’t happen during the years that you will be using your mattress. Worse still, multiple accidents could happen and this could leave your mattress with bad stains. Luckily, this mattress features a removable and washable cover to help you keep your mattress clean at all times. This is important as you won’t have to use detergents and other stain removing products directly on your mattress as some of them might not be good for the mattress’ content.

    Best mattress for side sleepers


    It is heavy


  • Made in the USA
  • Provides head-to-toe comfort
  • Washable, removable cover
  • Comes folded for easy handling
  • It has no smells
  • No heat retention
  • CONS

  • The mattress is heavy
  • best mattress for side sleepers

    Why we consider this mat as one of the best mattress for side sleepers?

    Softer side and firmer side

    This mattress is unique in its own ways. It is designed to have a softer and a firmer side making it easier for sleepers to switch to either if need be. But, even the softer side is much better than what you get from other mattresses. It is only soft enough to hug your body slightly though enough for a comfortable sleep without sinking or “getting stuck” in it. The firmer side is also moderately firm, and this is why the mattress is great for side sleepers. It is also easy to flip thus switching from softer to the firmer side is simple. The manufacturers believe that when it comes to mattresses, one size doesn’t fit all hence the two-sided mattress.

    No heat radiation-copper infused memory foam

    Most people don’t like sleeping hot. Now, to ensure that the buyers of Layla Sleep Memory Foam mattress have a cooler sleep no matter the temperatures, the manufacturers of the mattress used copper infused memory foam plus a ThermoGel cover thus ensuring that you always have a cooler night’s sleep. This is one of a kind mattress with high-quality memory foam. If you have used other memory foam mattresses, you will automatically notice the difference with this one.

    Minimal motion transfer

    Sometimes you will share your bed with someone who turns and tosses throughout the night. The only way to ensure that they do not disturb your sleep is by having a mattress that contours to your body to minimize motion transfer. The mattress should also be stable on top of offering great support. The Layla copper infused memory foam mattress performs great in minimizing motion transfer, and it also offers the ideal support for side sleepers.


    A little chemical smell


  • Copper-infused memory foam
  • ThermoGel cover
  • Has one side softer and the other side firmer
  • Sleeps cooler
  • Minimal motion transfer
  • Great support
  • Made in the USA
  • Lifetime warranty
  • CONS

  • You might detect some smell of off-gassing, but it fades quickly.
  • Best mattress for side sleepers

    Why we consider this mat as one of the best mattress for side sleepers?

    Layered foams

    Unlike most foam mattresses, the GhostBed features three layers to offer a perfect support to the sleepers.

    A) Top layer - for comfort and cooling

    The GhostBed features an aerated latex foam, 1.5 inches, to offer comfort and cooling. This makes the mattress sleep cooler as well as have an added bounce and feel. The layer also relieves pressure points to prevent back, neck or hip pains and it also creates an instantaneous responsiveness.

    B) Middle layer - for support

    This is a 2-inch layer of gel memory foam, and as such, it offers the right level of support for side sleepers. It is not as responsive as the top layer, and it offers deep compression support as well as pressure relief. Its less responsiveness is the reason it is placed at the core layer, and because it features gel infusion, it also helps in preventing heat retention.

    Bottom Layer - support foam

    This layer features 7.5 inches high-density support foam, and it acts as the mattress’ foundation. The arrangement of the layers is perfectly made to maximize on support, comfort, and aeration.

    best mattress for side sleepers
    Thin, stretchy cover for a snug fit around the mattress

    A tight mattress cover can change how you feel about your mattress’ firmness in addition to giving you a hard time trying to fit it on. Luckily, the GhostBed mattress cover is not only 100% polyester, but it is also stretchy thus fitting snugly hence not affecting your mattress’ firmness or contouring effect. The cover is also soft and thin, and thus it helps in air flow for a cooler night’s sleep.

    Firmness and support

    This is a medium-firm mattress and thus can be used by many sleepers. It might feel firmer at first, but it softens after several times of sleeping on it. And, because the memory foam and latex are well balanced, this mattress offers great comfort and support, especially for side sleepers. It is also very responsive thus retains no heat and doesn’t create “stuck” in the mattress feel. It contours well to your body shape and also minimizes motion transfer thus serving couples better.

    Improved edge support

    Most people complain about other mattresses having poor edge support which even gets worse once you sit on the edges because they cannot hold the weight. However, the GhostBed is firmer and thicker at the edges thus allowing you sit comfortably on it. It is also available in all the standard sizes, each with a different price tag, but generally affordable.


    • Misleading warranty policy

    The advertisement says 20-year warranty, but the actual warranty indicates that you have to pay 55% of the total cost for replacement after the 11th year and the amount increases by 5% each year up to the 20th year.


  • Built from memory foam and latex
  • Well balanced mattress for great comfort
  • Stretchy and plush top cover
  • 11” thick mattress
  • Features a three-layer construction for better support
  • Doesn’t retain heat
  • 20-year warranty and 101 nights trial period
  • CONS

    • Misleading warranty policy
    Best mattress for side sleepers

    Why we consider this mat as one of the best mattress for side sleepers?

    Layered Foams

    You are most likely to like the Leesa mattress as it features three layers of foam where the top layer has 2-inch Avena foam for comfort and cooling. One thing about Avena foam is that it acts just like latex foam in terms of cooling, comfort, and bounce plus it is more durable so if you have used a latex foam mattress before you will know what to expect. The top layer here is primarily designed to offer great comfort and help you sleep cool.


    The second layer is designed to offer support, and it is made of 2-inch memory foam. Now, thanks to the top layer, the second layer does not retain heat, even though it is made of memory foam. And, due to the great support, the layer also helps in relieving pressure relief while also providing a deep compression support. It actually promotes instant responsiveness.

    Breathable foundational layer

    The last layer is foundational, and it is made of 6-inch high-density foam. For any mattress, the bottom layer plays a great role in its durability and support throughout, and Leesa has it all. The layer is also very breathable and thus does not retain heat hence contributing to a cooler night’s sleep.

    Hybrid mattress

    Leesa mattress lets you enjoy the benefits of two worlds, memory foam, and Avena foam. The advantage of using a hybrid mattress is that you get more of the benefits of each material and minimize on the negatives of each. For example, with Avena foam in the equation, this mattress becomes cooler, more comfortable and more durable. This counters the negative attribute of memory foam, which is heat retention, and adds on support because memory foam is more supportive.


    Leesa mattress is neither soft nor firm. Its firmness level feels fairly neutral, and this makes it ideal for side sleepers because it offers a great balance of soft-firm feel for a comfortable sleep. It also has a moderate sinkage and great edge support, so if you sleep or sit near the edge, it will hold you well without losing its structural integrity.


    • May be a bit firm during first weeks


  • Hybrid mattress
  • Provides great support and comfort
  • Doesn’t sleep hot
  • Very durable, better than latex foam
  • Well-made construction
  • Awesome, thick cover
  • You get 100-day in-home trial period
  • 10-year full replacement limited warranty
  • CONS

  • Might feel firm at first but once broken into you will love sleeping on it.
  • Best mattress for side sleepers

    Why we consider this mat as one of the best mattress for side sleepers?

    Three separate foam layers

    If your mattress sleeps hot even when the temperatures are not too high it’s time you replaced it. Again, if it doesn’t feel comfortable it might be dangerous for your body parts so you should look for a better one. Lull prioritizes cooling, comfort, and support and side sleepers love the mattress.

    Best mattress for side sleepers
    • Cooling and comfort

    The top layer features 1.5 inches of gel infused memory foam to provide comfort as it relieves pressure points and cooling on the mattress’ surface. The mattress’ cover is also highly breathable, and it helps a great deal in keeping the bed cool. It is also very soft as it is made from 10% rayon and 90% polyester. The cover is also elastic, and it is removable and washable hence helping you maintain a clean mattress.


    The second layer is made of 1.5 inches of conventional foam for support. The layer supports the sleeper to maintain even weight distribution and a proper spinal alignment. Thus, this mattress serves various sleepers with different body weight perfectly, and side sleepers find it comfortable to lay on.

    The mattress is very responsive and does not create pressure points, and this is important for any sleeper because you don’t want to wake up with back or hip pains. The firmness level is also perfect for side sleepers as it is not too soft, rather slightly firm to offer the best support.

    The last layer is made of a 7-inch dense support foam that acts as the mattress’ foundational base to provide a strong and stable dense foundation for proper support.

    Minimal motion transfer

    With the first two layers, Lull mattress is able to minimize motion transfer so if you will be sharing the bed you can rest assured that your partner’s tossing and turning won’t wake you. However, Lull mattress lacks an instantaneous response, but this does not mean an extremely slow response, and the most expected result is the “stuck” in the mattress feeling, but this does not happen with this mattress thanks to its slightly firm feel. This is because the mattress’ firmness prevents a dramatic hug which also means you are less likely to feel enveloped in it due to slower response.

    Great edge support

    If you lie or sit on your mattress’ edges, Lull’s edges will support you well thanks to the three layers of foam. Also, the mattress creates a good amount of bounce thus performs well even for any other bedroom activities though it might not be as bouncy as a coil mattress but it’s certainly better than traditional memory foam.


    • Lacks instantaneous response


  • Great edge support
  • Great comfort and support
  • Perfect firmness level for side sleepers
  • Doesn’t sleep hot
  • Doesn’t make you feel “enveloped” in the mattress
  • Made in the USA
  • 10-year warranty and 100 nights trial period
  • CONS

  • Lacks instantaneous response
  • Best Mattress for Side Sleepers Buyer’s Guide. Which factors to consider?


    Side sleepers need a mattress with a firmness level that helps relieve pressure from their back and neck. As such, going for a very firm mattress will be suicidal. Instead, go for a soft-medium firmness mattress as it allows your body to sink a bit more into the mattress thus let it contour to your body curves. So, for side sleepers, the most important thing to check in a mattress is how well it contours to your body and this is only possible with a not so firm mattress.


    The first thing to note is that when we talk about mattress support we are referring to an entirely different thing from mattress firmness and thus a hard mattress does not equate better support. This is important to know beforehand because side sleepers should sleep on a soft-medium mattress but it should have a great support to help them maintain a proper neck, spine and back alignment.

    • Pillow

    When buying the best mattress for side sleepers, also ensure that you have the right pillows to go with it. Remember, side sleepers have more support needs, and thus, a pillow with the right support is just as important. The most recommended pillows for side sleepers are those made shredded foam, latex, and memory foam as they offer a stable and consistent support because they respond to your neck and head pressures.

    Best mattress for side sleepers
    Your budget

    There are various mattresses for side sleepers, and they are all available in various price ranges. If you have a specific amount that you want to spend on a mattress, the market has too much to offer. Just ensure that it meets all the requirements for side sleepers and that it’s durable.

    • Durability

    The average durability for mattresses is 8-10 years. The only way to tell if it will serve you for the expected period is through the materials used. They should be of high quality and ensure that it has the best support to avoid sinking.

    Warranty and trial period

    If you are buying a mattress that you have not slept on before, it’s good to see the number of free trial nights given and also the return requirements to ensure that you will not incur unnecessary charges in case it doesn’t work for you. Most companies give up to a hundred days of free trial which is enough time to tell if the mattress is the best for you. Also, check what the warranty covers and the number of years just in case.


    Just as any other sleepers, side sleepers have their specific needs when it comes to mattresses and the most important is the mattress’ firmness level and support. However, even among side sleepers, there are people who have their specific needs, and this is why deciding on a mattress can be quite a task. Luckily, most mattresses have a trial period as this helps you know if you made the right choice or you should request for a replacement if need be.

    The above list of mattresses was carefully selected, and it represents the best mattress for side sleepers. We hope it helps make your choice easily.