Best Mattress for Stomach Sleepers Reviews 2018

Despite several studies showing the possible dangers from sleeping on your stomach, most people still swear that this is the most comfortable sleeping position and can’t change it. However, with the right mattress, you can go on sleeping on your stomach without causing any damages to your body organs. Some of the likely dangers include: accelerating back pain, and may also cause neck pains because of the extreme turning of the neck for a long time. It also leads to a quick formation of wrinkles because your skin crunches up against your pillow but you can avoid this by using a silk pillowcase, and it is also detrimental to people with sleep apnea.

But, just as there are health disadvantages associated with stomach sleeping position, there are some benefits that come with stomach sleeping. For example, studies have shown that stomach sleeping reduces snoring and those with sleeping apnea have also reported sleeping better on their stomachs.

In this article, we are going to focus on stomach sleeping position and the best mattresses for stomach sleepers. We are also going to look at the important factors that one should consider before purchasing a mattress for stomach sleepers.

Factors To Consider When Looking for The Best Mattress For Stomach Sleepers

  • Flat profile - to minimize gap between mattress and body. 
  • Harmful chemicals - look for CertiPUR certificate
  • Firmness level to avoid lower back pain - medium-firm to firm level is preferred
  • Good support level
  • Motion transfer - it needs to be minimized especially if you sleep with a partner
  • Warranty and money back guarantee - at least 10 years and 100 nights trial
  • Price - just like with any other product you should look for the best price-value ratio.

 More detailed review of those aspects you will find in the end of the article.

Best Mattress for Stomach Sleepers: Comparison Table




Firmness level

Our rating

Multilayered memory foam, medium-firm, stain resistant coating, affordable

Top Quilted Memory Foam mattress

Medium-firm to firm

True hybrid, Tencel fiber cover, sleeps cooler, Natural fire barrier

Foam mattress + Gel Hybrid + AirSpring

Medium/Firm mattress

T&N adaptive foam, sleeps cooler, contours better, No harmful chemicals

T&N Adaptive Foam

Fairly firm

Versatile, removable liner, great support, very stable

Gel memory foam, Cypress mattress

Medium firm

Extra thick profile, HD support, removable cover, available in all sizes

Gel memory foam

Medium firm

best mattress for stomach sleepers

Why we consider this mat as the best mattress for stomach sleepers?

Multi-layered memory foam mattress

When it comes to comfort, you cannot go wrong with this mattress. It features three layers where the top layer is made of a 1-inch memory foam thus offering extra comfort. It also has a second layer of 3” memory foam that’s firm enough to offer the needed support for a stomach sleeper and a 6” foam base offering great stability and support. The three layers make the mattress ideal for stomach sleepers as they come together to offer great support and stability.

Initially, the mattress is firm but softens with time

Stomach sleepers prefer firm mattresses because they offer the best support to their body as all the body weight is transferred to the front once they lie down. This Rio Home Fashions Memory foam mattress makes a great choice because it offers the right firmness level to support your body weight perfectly when sleeping on your stomach. At first, most people find the mattress to be too firm, but after several times of lying on it, the mattress softens a bit for a comfortable sleep.

Stain resistant coating

Accidents happen all the time in our beds, and this could easily stain the mattress or damage the mattress as some of the products used to remove stains from mattresses are harmful to its content. However, with this mattress, you don’t need to worry about stains as it features an effective stain resistant coating that keeps your mattress protected thus you cannot interfere with its durability.

Sleeps warm

Now, memory foam mattresses are known to sleep warm not unless the mattress features a different memory foam quality. For this one, it makes a perfect choice for people who prefer a warmer bed, mostly people who get cold easily or living in colder environments. However, this is not to say that it cannot be used by any stomach sleeper. If you don’t like sleeping warmer, you can get a breathable mattress cover to aid in keeping your bed cooler.

Great price

If you are on a tight budget and need a quality mattress for side sleepers, this is definitely the mattress to go for. It costs less than half the price of most other mattresses but still feels just as comfortable and serves you for a long time while still in good condition. The stitching is done right, and the materials are high-quality.


Chemical smell like with any other memory foam mattress


  • Offers great support and stability
  • Very affordable
  • Has a stain resistant coating
  • Firm enough for stomach sleepers
  • Available in various sizes
  • CONS

  • Has chemical smell, as expected from foam mattresses, but it goes away with time.
  • Best mattress for stomach sleepers

    Why we consider this mat as one of the best mattress for stomach sleepers?

    One problem with stomach sleeping is that you are more likely to experience a hammock effect thus straining the lower back. Now, to prevent this, you need to be sleeping on a firm enough mattress, and Winkbeds makes a great choice as it is a high medium firm mattress (luxury firm variant). Thus, this mattress is firm enough for comfortable stomach sleeping yet soft enough not to feel like you are lying on plywood.

    best mattress for stomach sleepers
    Very durable & a true hybrid

    Being a spring mattress, you can only expect best of durability from this WinkBed mattress. It is also affordable, so you get to enjoy a comfortable mattress for the longest time at a great price. The mattress also features a multilayer construction style thus enabling you to enjoy different worlds of mattress materials in one. It features three types of foams and two systems of innerspring coils. Thus, you get to sleep on a comfortable mattress that contours to your curves thus minimizing movement and disturbing your sleeping partner every time you turn. It also offers great pushback support, and it’s very breathable, so you sleep cool.

    Tencel fiber cover

    The Winkbed mattress features a Tencel fiber cover thus it is more breathable than both linen and cotton, and you can thus sleep cool even in warmer weather, and it also dries faster. And, this material, Tencel, makes it more environmentally friendly as it is renewable and it can also be used by children and babies as it is OEKO-TEX Standard100, Class1 certified.

    Natural fire barrier

    It is recommended that all mattresses have fire barriers but some companies use chemical and sometimes toxic fire barriers. However, Winkbeds manufacturers set themselves apart by using natural fire barriers on their mattresses made from cotton and rayon that’s derived from wood-pulp. The barrier contains no additives or chemicals thus you get to sleep on a healthier mattress.

    U.S CertiPure-certified 2” thickness Contour Box Top

    As noted above, this is a multi-layer mattress, and one of these layers is the contour box top that’s two inches thick and contains a blend of gel foam and HyperSoft foam. This is why the mattress is referred to as a true hybrid, and because of this, you get a more buoyant mattress that contours better to your body while minimizing motion transfer. With the gel foam, you get cooler sleep temperature, and the foam remains evenly distributed in your sleep surface as the secure stitching creates a box of padding as opposed to a pillow top that most times create loose edges.


    Heavy because it is a spring mattress


  • High-medium firm mattress
  • Excellent stitching and workmanship
  • Feels cool to sleep on
  • CertiPur Certification
  • Gives 101 days for trial with 100% money back guarantee
  • Very affordable and excellent customer service
  • CONS

  • Quite heavy because it is a spring mattress
  • best mattress for stomach sleepers

    Why we consider this mat as one of the best mattress for stomach sleepers?

    Sleeps cooler

    A great percent of people using this mattress are satisfied with it, and one of the reasons for this is because it sleeps cooler. Most people who have used foam mattresses before will tell you that they sleep hot, and this might get worse in warmer environments, but this mattress is different. Reason being, the kind of foam used here is different and high-grade, T&N adaptive foam thus offers more breathability for a cooler night’s sleep.

    Also, the cooling effect is also as a result of the Tencel fabric cover used on this mattress. Thus when you combine the proprietary gel and graphite that’s found in the T&N adaptive foam, you get a cooler night’s sleep as well as the ideal support for your abdominal area for a comfortable sleep. And, the mattress is also ideal for other sleeping positions as well so if you tend to change positions you won’t have any discomforts.

    Offers more support compared to memory foam mattresses

    Mattresses are all about a great support. If you are not getting this from your mattress, no matter what your sleeping position is, you need to replace it. Thanks to the T&N high-grade adaptive foam in this mattress, you will get great support for a great night’s sleep. It also offers a “localized bounce” thus ensuring that there is no motion transfer when you move meaning you won’t disturb your sleeping partner.

    Best mattress for stomach sleepers
    Features T&N adoptive foam for more bouncy and better supportive feel

    With this mattress, any stomach sleepers will love it as the adaptive foam is of high quality compared to memory foam and latex. It helps you sleep comfortably without sinking or feeling like you are stuck in it. This is important for stomach sleepers as any sinking could result to lower back pains. It gives a great balance of softness and firmness perfect for stomach sleepers.

    No harmful chemicals

    The greatest worry for anyone buying a mattress, especially online, is if it contains harmful chemicals. Luckily for you, this Tuft & Needle mattress is not only ideal for stomach sleeping position but also safe to sleep on as it is harmful chemical free certified thus contains no carcinogens, heavy metals, PBDEs, formaldehyde, and phthalates. It is actually safe for use by babies as well.


    The mattress might be too firm for some stomach sleepers
    Might not be the best for people with serious allergies


  • Features two high-density layers of polyurethane foam
  • Features tactile fabric as the cover for breathability
  • It is made in the USA
  • Contains no harmful chemicals
  • CONS

  • The mattress might be too firm for some stomach sleepers
  • Might not be the best for people with serious allergies
  • best mattress for stomach sleepers

    Why we consider this mat as one of the best mattress for stomach sleepers?

    Very Versatile

    If you are searching for a versatile mattress, then Brentwood Home Cypress mattress could make a great choice. First, you can get it in any standard size, California King and extra-large twin included and it’s also available in various thickness ranging from 9-13 inches. This means that you are most likely to finally get your dream mattress or get one that’s within your budget.

    Best in conforming to your body curves

    The Brentwood Home Cypress Mattress is the best when it comes to conforming to your body as it features a 3.5” memory foam gel. This is good news to stomach sleepers as all a stomach sleeper needs a mattress that will perfectly contour to their unique body shapes. With this, even if you are sharing the bed, you won’t worry about motion transfer especially if you change your sleeping position and because the mattress comes in various sizes, you can have a big enough size for two sleepers. Also, the base foam is 7.5 inches thus offers great weight distribution which means great stability.

    • Very stable thus not overly soft

    Most memory foam mattresses feel soft and might not be the best for stomach sleepers. However, this mattress is unique as it has a great stability and it allows the sleepers to find what they feel is a comfortable position, and it is also great for other sleeping positions. Again, if you are a restless sleeper, this mattress ensures that you don’t bother your partner as this memory foam keeps the mattress still thus no motion transfer.

    Best mattress for stomach sleepers
    Removable Liner

    If you worry about your mattress’ hygiene, this mattress here makes it easy for you to maintain top-notch hygiene and get rid of any odors for a comfortable sleep. It features a removable, moisture wicking and zippered liner. It is also washable plus it makes it easy to sleep on a cooler mattress thanks to its breathability.


    The mattress features a wool lining which could provoke an allergic reaction


  • It is made in the USA
  • You get a 25-year warranty
  • Sleeps cooler
  • Very stable
  • It’s a versatile mattress
  • Features no harmful flame retardants
  • CONS

  • The mattress features a wool lining which could provoke an allergic reaction
  • best mattress for stomach sleepers
    Extra-thick profile and high-density support base

    This mattress is so luxurious. It is designed to make you enjoy sleeping on it, even better than you do in luxurious hotel beds. It features an extra-thick profile giving it that luxury hotel touch and you will love sleeping on it.

    Also, it features 8.5-inch high-support base making it perfect for stomach sleepers. One thing that stomach sleepers cannot compromise is the mattress’ support base because it determines how comfortable the mattress feels when sleeping on it.

    Great contour

    Again, how good a mattress contours to your body curves determines how good it is for a stomach sleeper. A mattress that contours perfectly to your body prevents that sinking feeling or feeling like you are stuck in your mattress as you sleep. It also minimizes motion transfer thus making it ideal for people who share the bed. This mattress’ HD foam relieves pressure points while minimizing turning and tossing. If you have sore shoulders, experience feet, back or hips pain, this mattress offers great relief.

    best mattress for stomach sleepers
    Removable plush stretch knit cover

    The mattress is encased in a soft stretch cover that’s removable and washable for maintaining a clean mattress. The cover is also breathable, so it plays a great role in giving a cooler night’s sleep. Again, because it is stretchy, the cover fits any bedroom frame, futon and box spring. The mattress features all high-quality materials thus offering optimal comfort and features no latex or coils.

    Available in all sizes

    It’s obvious that different people have different sleeping needs and hence need different mattress sizes. The Live and Sleep Resort Gel Memory Foam Mattress comes in various sizes so you can order one in a size you like


    Some stomach sleepers might find it too firm


  • Very breathable
  • Certipur-US-Certified
  • Comes with a queen-size pillow
  • Made in the USA
  • Best for relieving back, hip, feet and shoulder pains
  • CONS

  • Some stomach sleepers might find it too firm
  • Factors To Consider When Buying The Best Mattress For Stomach Sleepers

    Flat profile

    If you are a stomach sleeper, you need a flat profile to minimize gaps between the mattress and your body. This ensures that there is no any foam of straining on your back thus avoiding back pains. Sometimes when the profile is not flat, you feel the urge to sleep with your legs at an awkward position to counter the discomfort which in turn leads to spine misalignment.   

    Harmful chemicals

    Harmful chemicals in mattresses should be avoided at all costs despite your sleeping position. You don’t want to risk your health no matter how comfortable the mattress feels. Look for chemical-free certifications to know how safe the mattress is especially if you are allergic or you are buying for your babies.

    Firmness level to avoid lower back pain

    To maintain the proper body posture and spinal alignment as you sleep, ensure that the mattress is firm enough such that you are not sinking as this could lead to back pains. Softer mattresses are not good for stomach sleepers as they make one sink thus misaligning their spine resulting in lower back pain.

     Some people recommend a medium-firm firmness level, but of сourse, each person has their preferred firmness so be keen to see what you consider comfortable. Too firm or too soft mattress could cause back pains so do some tests before purchasing one.

    Because sleeping on your stomach means that all your body weight is transferred to the stomach, you need to ensure that the mattress offers the right support for a comfortable sleep.

    Motion transfer

    A mattress that contours to your body curves minimizes motion transfer and also feels more comfortable to sleep on. It also becomes better when sharing a bed with a partner that turns and tosses a lot as they sleep because they cannot disturb you.

    Warranty and money back guarantee

    The reviews might be great and everyone might seem satisfied with a particular mattress but you might be unlucky, or the mattress might not be the best for you if you have special sleeping needs. Thus, to be on the safer side, see what the warranty covers and for how long and also see if they offer money back guarantee.


    Most people focus only on the best mattress for stomach sleepers forgetting that the choice of pillow plays just as much role for a good night’s sleep. For stomach sleeper, you will want a flatter pillow to keep your body aligned. A flatter pillow helps keep your body flat thus getting better support from your mattress.

    best mattress for stomach sleepers

    Note 1: The best mattress for stomach sleeper should be firmer to keep the sleeper’s body afloat. The dangers of sleeping on a softer mattress include a lower back pain that is as a result of sinking resulting to a spine misalignment.

    Note 2: foam mattresses offer a consistent support and contours to your body curves well. However, some spring and hybrid mattresses could also make a good choice for stomach sleepers as long as their support level is perfect as well as conformity and firmness level.

    • Price

    As you go through various mattresses, you will notice that the price ranges from very low to very high. Now, most of these mattresses perform almost the same, so depending on your budget you can find one that will serve you as you wish. Sometimes, and especially with mattresses, prices do not determine how the mattress will perform. The most important thing is to get a mattress with the right firmness level, support, and stability.

    Conclusion about the best mattress for stomach sleepers

    Stomach sleeping position might not be the best position to sleep on but if it’s what you prefer you can always make it work by getting the right mattress, not forgetting the pillow. If you sleep on your stomach and suffer from back pains, most probably your mattress is the cause. If it is making you sink or it’s not as flat, then you need to replace it. The article focuses on some of the best mattresses for stomach sleepers as well as factors to consider when purchasing one so we hope you will have an easy time making your choice.