Best Mattress for the Money – Under 500$

Sleep matters so much that people are willing to part with thousands of dollars to own a comfortable bed. But did you know you can still get fully rested sleep on an affordable mattress? Well, it’s not a surprise to find inexpensive options thanks to the advancements in the mattress industry. This is not to say these beds are from just any brands. In fact, some of the mattresses under $500 are manufactured by trusted companies.

The mattresses we have picked for our list today are in the $500 price range. They exhibit high-quality constructions as well the right balance of comfort and support. You can expect to sleep even better since their designs match that of mattresses on the upscale end.

But why is that?

By reorganizing supply chains, manufacturers have managed to reduce markup prices brought about by middlemen. These mattresses will ship directly to you from the manufacturer’s warehouse. That’s why you get to pay much less to acquire a good bed. 

Best mattress for the money. Comparison table


Construction Layers


Cooling technology


2.5 inches- memory foam top

3 inches- super soft foam

 6.5 inches-high-density PU foam

5.5/10 - Medium Firm

Ventilated cover and charcoal-infused memory foam

3-inches of memory foam

2 inches of comfort foam

3.5 inches high-density airflow foam, and 3.5 inches high-density airflow base support foam

6/10 - Medium Firm

Breathable cover, and airflow foam layers

3 inches gel memory foam,

4 inches airflow foam, and

 5 inches high-density foam

6.5/10 - Medium Firm

Gel memory foam and airflow foam

2.5 inches SureTemp Memory Foam and

9.5 inches high-density support foam

6.5/10 - Medium Firm

Air channels in the memory foam

2.5 inches airflow infused Visco elastic memory foam, and 7.5 inches of high-density support foam

5.5-6.5/10 -Medium Firm

Airflow infused memory foam

2 inches of gel-infused memory foam

2 inches memory foam

2 inches comfort memory foam

8 inches poly base foam

6.5/10 - Medium Firm

Gel-infused memory foam

1.6 inches pillow top

1.4 inches 3-zone foam

10 inches individually encased coils

5.5/10 Medium

Breathable cover and uniquely layered foam

best mattress for the money

Why is it the best mattress for the money?

Who says you can’t sleep comfortably on a small budget? With the Best Price Mattress, you can have it all. This mattress combines advanced technology and high-quality materials to bring a bed that equals amazing sleep. It utilizes CertiPUR-US Certified foam to engineer a mattress that meets stringent quality tests. You can expect nothing but improved sleep on the Best Price Mattress.


This bed has a 3-layer design. We believe that the manufacturer has done a fine job in bringing these layers together.

best mattress for the money

To start us off is the poly jacquard cover. It is soft, plush, and breathable. You’ll find it extremely comfortable. Not to say you won’t be throwing in some bed sheets, but you can still have that comfy feeling on the jacquard fabric. What’s more, it zips off quickly so that you can wash or replace it with no fuss.

Comfort Layer 

The top surface is perhaps the most crucial aspect of this bed. It relieves pressure points and leaves you feeling rejuvenated. This layer has a construction from memory foam. It is 2.5 inches thick meaning as the memory foam conforms to your body, you’ll not feel stuck.

We like that the memory foam is charcoal infused. It brings in the freshness aspect that you want in your bed. The active charcoal has moisture wicking properties that control odors over the life of this mattress.

Transition Layer 

In the middle slab, the Best Price Mattress explores 3 inches of super soft foam. It acts as the transition layer by creating support for the body. It prevents deep compression that could get you sinking into the firm base layer. As it connects to the foundation, it also works to relieve pressure points by using the integrated pressure relief system.

Base Layer 

The final layer of this bed is from high-density polyurethane foam which is 6.5 inches thick. It anchors the bed and gives it a proper shape. That’s why you’ll never see this mattress sagging even after using it for several years.


This mattress starts with a soft top that slowly brings us into the contouring memory foam. It then transitions into the softer middle, but it quickly takes us to the firm base. People of different weight and size will feel the firmness differently. But after taking the firmness test, we found it to strike the middle at 5.5/10. This means it will satisfy almost all sleeping positions as it slightly on the firmer side.

Motion Transfer

If you will be sharing the Best Price Mattress with a partner, it’s important that you know how much disturbance you may get from this bed. As memory foam is known to reduce bounce, it means that every movement is dampened. This is the same for this bed as you are about to have fully rested sleep even with a partner who likes turning and tossing.


  • It has a unique pressure relief system
  • The cover is extremely durable
  • It has thick layers to help in maintaining the shape of the bed
  • It is charcoal-infused to fight odors and moisture
  • All the types of foam are CertiPUR-US certified
  • CONS

  • It has little cooling mechanisms – hot sleepers may find it uncomfortable
  • It has an off-gassing smell, but it should go away after a few hours
  • best mattress for the money

    Are you looking for premium components in an affordable bed? Then take a look at this Zinus 12-Inch Green Tea Memory Foam Mattress. It is built to meet the needs of the restless sleeper at a fraction of the cost. It has that modern feel with lots of contour in a medium firmness bed.

    Why choose the Zinus Green Tea Memory Foam Mattress?


    One of the desirable properties in this Zinus model is the use of green tea extract. It is a major attraction since the bed stays fresh and bacteria free. Its design is also unique since it uses three types of foam in four layers to produce a more balanced feel.

    best mattress for the money

    The cover is knitted jacquard fabric. This cover combines green tea extract and castor oil which make it naturally resistant to odors and bacteria. It assures you of sleeping in a clean bed, so you will never have to contend with a stuffy bed.

    However, you may find the cover a bit too stretchy since it does not snap back to its original shape when you shift positions. This may result in bunching up of the cover. Nevertheless, the cover helps to maintain the form of this bed as it prevents unduly sagging.

    Top Layer 

    This is the initial soft layer which provides contouring support. It is 3 inches of memory foam infused with green tea extract and castor oil. On this segment, you will feel pressure relief as the bed distributes your weight evenly on the mattress.

    Comfort Foam Layer 

    Right under the top layer, you have 2 inches of comfort foam. It also supports the body and helps to relieve pain and soreness from tired muscles. Since it comes beneath the top memory foam, it can retain some heat. This may be a good thing during the cold months, but you may have a problem in hot summer months. That’s why Zinus integrates some cooling technology in the third and fourth layers.

    Transition Layer 

    The third slab of this mattress is 3.5 inches high-density airflow foam. It benefits from an open cell structure to keep the bed ventilated. It pulls away heat from the upper layers which result into cooler sleeper. This layer is not as hard as the base, but it prevents your body from feeling the compression of the base support.

    Foundation Layer 

    It is marked by another 3.5 inches of high-density foam. It braces the upper layer and maintains the shape of this bed. The base also takes an airflow design to improve heat dissipation all around the mattress.


    Zinus engineered this mattress using memory foam on the top. It provides that clouding comfort as it envelops the body’s curves. This is a good thing for light sleepers but not so much for heavy sleepers. However, it brings in the firmer transition and base layers that provide pushback without any bounce.

    It is a great pick for all sleeping positions, so you are in for a sound sleep.

    Motion Transfer and Edge Support 

    The Zinus bed produces very little bounce if any. This is to say it does not transmit any disturbance from one side of the bed to the other. Couples will love how peaceful their sleep is if they share this bed with a partner who switches positions a lot in their sleep.

    The edge support is another great aspect of this Zinus bed. It has thick outer panels that keep you in bed even if you are using the edges of this mattress. This way, you can sit up on the edges and feel the reinforcements made to the sides. For a memory foam bed, Zinus is built to give excellent service.


  • It has the ideal firmness for most sleepers
  • It rarely retains body odors
  • Airflow layers prevent heat retention
  • It molds to the body without trapping you in the layers
  • You get 100 nights trial period
  • CONS

  • Some stomach sleepers may find it too soft
  • The off-gassing odor may persist for weeks after unwrapping the mattress
  • best mattress for the money

    As crucial as sleep is; many of can’t afford the luxury of a high-end mattress. But you don’t have to sulk every morning from the pains of an old mattress. DynastyMatress seeks to bring an affordable bed that qualifies for comfortable sleep all night long. You have 120 days to try out this mattress and a whopping 30 years limited warranty. It is definitely built to last.


    This mattress follows a four-layer design. It is perhaps the best cool memory foam mattress as it applies many cooling technologies over every dimension of this bed. For hot sleepers, you may want to consider the Dynasty mattress.


    The Dynasty mattress boasts a beautiful white cover with brown side panels. It steers away from the traditional all-white color of memory foam mattress. A soft feel on a memory foam mattress is always a relief as is the case with this cover. And it comes with a zipper to ease removability and replacements.

    Top layer

    The first layer is 3 inches of high-density gel memory foam. It utilizes state-of-the-art gel beds that are cool to the touch. You will find it extremely comfortable on hot nights. The memory foam responds to heat by molding to your body and the gel beads drive away excess heat so that you can sleep cool. Its high density allows your body to stay afloat.

    When it comes to the pressure points, this bed thrives on hugging the lumbar area. It eliminates pressure on the joints, back, and shoulders. Now you have a reason to smile as you wake up fully rejuvenated to face a tough day.

    Middle layers

    The next two layers are each 2 inches of airflow foam. As you can see, Dynasty is not taking any chances in providing cool sleep. The segments offer ample airflow contributing to a nice sleeping climate over many temperature changes.

    Bottom layer

    The base support layer is 5 inches of high-density foam. It is the foundation of the bed as it brings the layers together in a clean fashion. You don’t have to worry about long-term imprints since this layer improves the durability of this mattress.


    This mattress provides excellent spinal alignment. This is because it has a medium firm feel. You might not like the first few nights of sleeping on this bed since your body needs to adapt to the solid feeling. However, after some time, you’ll start to enjoy relaxing on the Dynasty mattress. This bed comes recommended for back and stomach sleepers. It does not have the traditional feel of memory foam such that side sleepers will feel some pressure buildup.

    Motion Transfer, Sinkage, and Edge Support

    By using high-density memory foam, this mattress can localize motion. It has minimal disturbances making it a good pick for couples. The base and top layers all have thick side panels. They are less tractable to pressure. You can use every inch of this bed as the sides will never give in when you apply too much stress.

    Sinkage is another area we like about the DynastyMattress. It expresses a sinkage of around 5 inches with the most aggressive use.


  • It eliminates pressure from the limbs and lumbar
  • It comes rolled in a box
  • It employs advanced cooling techniques
  • It has solid edges for all-around ergonomic support
  • It remains consistent in its comfort over many years
  • CONS

  • It needs a break-in period
  • The medium firmness level is not a good fit for side sleepers
  • Why is it one of the best mattress for the money?

    The Sleep Innovations Shiloh Memory Foam mattress is a popular model. This is mostly because the company delivers on exactly what it promises. They believe that one mattress does not fit all. That’s why this bed brings the aspect of listening to what customers have to say. In this model, you’ll find a bed built from an environment-friendly point. It is resistant to dust mites, and the memory foam is naturally anti-microbial. If you have any allergic reactions to dust, you’ll be glad to have chosen from the Sleep Innovations brand.


    This mattress is built with two different layers. The first slab is 2.5 inches of SureTemp memory foam. It offers you better sleep owing to the cushioning it brings. It protects and comforts the sensitive areas around the back and shoulders. You will be sinking into deep sleep as soon as you lay on the mattress as it is highly responsive to pressure.

    This bed allows your spine to take a neutral position. This relates to your lower back as it spreads your weight evenly across the bed’s surface. This means that you will be adequately supported all night long.

    The foundation layer is constructed from 9.5 inches high-density support foam. It is the layer that provides long-term longevity of the mattress.


    You get a poly-cotton cover with the Sleep Innovations Shiloh mattress. This is a blend of polyester and cotton which brings the advantages of both fabrics. First, the cover is quite breathable. It is a great advantage for sleeping in hot conditions. It is also tear-resistant and will last in good condition.

    best mattress for the money


    This mattress can support all sleeping styles. If you are a back or stomach sleeper, the hugging comfort of the Shiloh mattress will support your back and midsection entirely. For side sleepers, you’ll love the medium firmness since it fills in the space between your hips and shoulders hence eliminating any painful spots.

    Motion Transfer, Sinkage, and Edge Support 

    This mattress uses highly compacted cells on the base. This eliminates all movement as it reduces bounce. For you that toss too much, your partner will get peaceful sleep. You may also never get to feel the movement of someone getting in and out of bed. This way, you won’t be waking up every time your partner wakes up before you.

    The Shiloh bed is highly resilient to pressure. It resists too much dipping as occasioned by heavy sleepers. When you apply pressure as much as that produced by playing kids, the mattress does not sink deeper beyond the 2.5 inches of memory foam.


  • The memory foam has air channels to drive out hot air
  • It uses high-quality memory foam that can last longer than regular memory foam
  • The bed remains dry and cool thanks to the poly-cotton cover
  • It is designed for all sleeping positions
  • The memory foam is resistant to dust mites
  • CONS

  • Although it comes in a box, users report it is pretty heavy
  • It may need a small break in period especially for side sleepers
  • best mattress for the money

    Live and Sleep seeks to provide a mid-price mattress that does not involve risk of sleeping on a poorly-constructed bed. As you can see from the “cool” description, this mattress excels in sleeping cool in hot conditions. It is a perfect choice if you tend to wake up all achy and tired from tossing all night. The good thing with the Resort Sleep Classic is that it uses all-natural, and high-quality materials.


    The Resort Sleep Classic boasts a hotel sensation owing to the 2-layer design. First, the top layer is 2.5 inches airflow infused Visco elastic memory foam. It is soft and highly adaptive. It is breathable to enhance comfort during the hot summer months. It cradles your body such that you can find the right sleeping position. With this bed, you’ll be saying goodbye to restless nights.

    It features a solid base with construction from high-density support foam. It provides this bed with a rigid foundation that resists pressure and permanent body imprints. You can count on this bed to last to last beyond ten years or even close to the 20-year warranty. For the price, this mattress is a sure steal.

    best mattress for the money


    If you have haggled with a bumpy cover, you know how annoying it can get. But the Resort Sleep Classic rids of this problem with a soft flex cover. It snaps back immediately after pulling on it. This means it won’t lose its shape with regular use of the bed. Note that this mattress is a no-flip design so you can depend on the longevity of this cover.


    We love a mattress that finds the ideal firmness level. The Resort Sleep Classic is a little on the firmer side. It manages to score between 5.5-6.5/10 among our testers. It claims to be a medium plush where you will get the hugging comfort of memory foam, but you’ll never hassle when changing positions.

    It alleviates pressure from the lower back and shoulders for side sleepers. It also fills in the space that forms on the back and cradles the mid-rift for stomach sleepers. You can expect to wake up fully rested even if you choose multiple sleeping styles.

    Edge Support, Sinkage, and Motion Transfer 

    This bed can isolate motion well-enough. If you toss and turn a lot, the disturbance you create does not transfer to the other side of the bed. This leaves your partner sleeping quietly. The only motion you may get to experience is when someone tries to jump aggressively on this bed.

    But how far will this bed sink? 

    At the medium firmness level the Resort Sleep Classic showcases very little sinkage. You should only experience up to 4 inches dipping for the heaviest sleepers. As such, it also excels in edge support by having minimal compression. You can use the entire surface of this bed with no worries at all.


  • It achieves cool sleep by using breathable memory foam
  • The exclusive memory foam is highly resistant to bacteria and dust mites
  • It rids of pressure points for all sleeping styles
  • It comes with a bonus pillow to match the comfort you receive from the mattress
  • CONS

  • It needs two people to unpack
  • It has an initial smell which goes after a little while of leaving the mattress in a well-ventilated room
  • best mattress for the money

    Why is it one of the best mattress for the money?

    The high ratings on the Classic Brands Ultimate Cool mattress are all because of the design. It is appealing when you first lay eyes on it. It then wins you over from the comfort, support, breathability, and affordability. You won't need to dip your pockets for a cool bed when you can get one with the same properties for much less.


    Top layer

    This mattress provides cooling comfort and support. The first layer features 2 inches of ventilated gel-infused memory foam. It keeps you cool, and also conforms to the body’s curves. As a result, you’ll have improved pressure relief and ergonomic support for the sensitive parts.

    Middle layer

    Next, the mattress applies another 2 inches of memory foam. But this slab has closely compacted cells. It is deemed to be denser to offer support to the top layer. This way, you do not sink further than you’d like. It follows with 2 inches of comfort foam. It is super soft to act as the transitional layer.

    Bottom layer

    The base layer is resilient high-density foam. As it supports the upper layers, it prevents sagging of the mattress. It also keeps you stabilized to avoid constant tossing and turning.


    The Classic Brands mattress boasts a beautiful, stretch knit fabric cover. It helps air to pass through to allow your body to breathe throughout the night. You will never have to dread breaking a sweat when it gets too warm. It also carries a modern design showcased in the waterfall edges. It has that pleasing aura that can light up any bedroom with beauty.

    best mattress for the money


    This mattress strives to create a luxurious feeling for all its sleepers. The top layers are soft, but it slowly transitions to the denser foam on the foundation layer. This way is not too firm or too soft. It has the versatility that provides all sleepers with a comfortable sleeping position.

    Motion Transfer, Edge Support, and Sinkage 

    As is the case of memory foam beds, the Classic Brands Ultimate mattress will not transmit any motion. This is a great relief for everyone who will be sharing their bed with a partner. It also resists sinking to annoying levels because of the pushback it receives from the base support. For heavy sleepers, this may make the mattress feel firmer than it would feel for light sleepers.

    Edge support can be a bit of a problem for all-foam mattresses. Although this mattress compresses when you apply too much pressure, you’ll never feel like it’s going to eject you out of the bed’s surface.


  • It automatically adapts to the shape of the body
  • Gel memory foam creates a plush yet cool sleeping surface
  • It can sleep well on all types of platforms including adjustable foundations
  • The mattress comes rolled in a box
  • CONS

  • There are few complaints of users receiving mattresses with different firmness levels
  • Once you unpack the mattress, it will never resume its compressed dimensions
  • best mattress for the money

    There are very few affordable encased coil mattresses. But Signature Sleep gives us a reason to smile. The Signature Sleep Signature mattress is a 13-inch hybrid bed. It comes with a plush pillow top and individually wrapped coils. It is the epitome of support and contouring comfort.


    Top layer

    With this mattress, you have three layers of unique materials that together offer memorable sleep. The pillow top explores lavish memory foam for responsive support. This makes it easy for you to relax as it hugs the curves on your body. It offers superior comfort for both the upper and lower because of the superior weight distribution.

    Middle layer

    Below the pillow top is 3-zone foam. These are layers of comfort foam to offer more support to the pillow top layer. It enhances pressure relief as well as alleviation of pain from achy muscles and joints. If you spend your days laboring all day, you will want to spend some time relaxing on the Signature Sleep Signature bed.

    Bottom layer

    The unique element of this bed is the 10-inch base. It consists of 5-gauge independently encased coils. They conform to your body while dampening motion. You’ll like the durability it exhibits since the coils are encased, and they lie between several layers of foam.


    You will like sleeping on a hypoallergenic cover. Signature Sleep applies bamboo rayon that is naturally resistant to bacteria. It makes for a popular bed among people who experience allergies by breathing into foam. This cover is not only dust proofed, but it also feels soft and plush to the touch. You will be able to attain uninterrupted sleep as it is highly absorbent to moisture.

    best mattress for the money


    The Signature Sleep Signature has a medium-firmness level. On a scale of 1-10, our testers placed this mattress at a score of 5.5/10. If you do not prefer a specific firmness level, this bed will prove to be very comfy. Side sleepers love the way it cradles the pressure points while stomach and back sleepers like that it won't enwrap them into the layers.

    Edge Support, Sinkage, and Motion Transfer

    If you are a weighty sleeper or have to share the entire surface of this bed, you’ll want to know how well the mattress will hold up. Fortunately, the encased coils prevent deep compression on the sides of this mattress. This way, you’ll never worry about the bed ejecting you when you switch positions. It resists sinkage to a great extent which prevents the permanent formation of imprints.

    You’ll find that because of the coils, this mattress has some bounce, but it is localized to where you sleep. It is a bed you’ll come to love for the balance between bounce and motion transfer more so when it comes to intimate moments. 


  • It has excellent full-body support
  • It resists wear and sagging for increased durability
  • It uses CertiPUR Certified foam
  • It has above average motion isolation
  • It can support heavy sleepers for the long-term
  • CONS

  • It is large and difficult to move once you remove it from the package
  • It may need airing during the first weeks of use
  • So... What is the best mattress for the money?

    You can still find a decent mattress on a budget. Even as mattress experts warn against buying a cheap mattress, some manufacturers have managed to meet the needs of consumers at impressive costs. The brands on our list provide a wide range of options on a small budget. They are not permanent choices, but they offer great sleep before you are out to purchase an upscale bed. We hope that with this guide you will take home a mattress that is worth every dollar. 

    Winner of our chart is Best Price Memory Foam Mattress!