Best Mattress for Heavy People – Buyer’s Guide

Mattress shopping for heavier people isn’t always a walk in the park. You have to make a few more considerations than lighter persons. This is regarding mattress density, size, and durability. In many occasions, the attributes you want to see in a good mattress for heavy people are the same as those lighter people look for.

But who are we talking about when talking about heavier persons? If you weigh more than 200 pounds and are planning to share the bed with a partner your both weights combined can be more than 400 pounds.

We acknowledge that not everyone who weighs more than 200 pounds is overweight. On that note, we believe that all bodies are beautiful.

In this article, our focus is on those mattresses that can hold a considerable weight without giving in to pressure. These beds have a thickness of 10-inches or more with great comfort layers to help counter their small profiles. They provide exceptional support for the hot spots and are great in many bed frames.

Let’s have a look at the details from our best mattress for heavy people guide that make each mattress unique to the needs of a heavy person.

Best Mattress for Heavy People. Comparison table




Cooling technology

Weight capacity


2 inches Avena Foam, 2 inches memory foam, and 6 inches high-density polyfoam

7/10 Medium-Firm

Open Cell Avena foam

300 lbs (per person)

2 inches hyper elastic polymer grid, 3.25 inches polyfoam, and 4 inches poly foam

6.5/10 Medium-Firm

Air channels on the hyper-elastic polymer

300 lbs (per person)

2 inches pillow top, 2.5 inches encased coils, 1-inch back support pad, 7.5 inches individually pocketed coils, and 2 inches support foam

6.5/10 Medium Firm

Gel memory foa

300 lbs (per person)

1 inch graphite infused memory foam, 2.5 inches Bear’s responsive foam, and 6.5 inches polyfoam

7/10 Medium Firm

Graphite gel-infused memory foam

300 lbs (per person)

3 inches T&N adaptive foam plus 7 inches high-density polyfoam

7/10 Medium Firm

Cooling gel and graphite

300 lbs (per person)

best mattress for heavy people

Why we consider this as the best mattress for heavy people?

Leesa is a company with a large online presence in the mattress industry. But is it a good match for heavy people? We’ll look at the foam construction and the design as we demystify the benefits of sleeping on the Leesa mattress over other beds if you are overweight or obese.


This mattress is 10 inches thick with a weight capacity of 300lbs. It is best suited for individuals in this weight range where being highly supported is a high priority for you. This mattress is designed to give a good feel in support, comfort, and pressure relief. It follows a three-layer design with each layer providing significant benefits.

Avena Foam Comfort Layer 

This is the uppermost layer which is 2 inches of Avena foam. This foam is the defining quality in all Leesa mattresses, and it’s what makes this bed different. It boasts more support than standard memory foam. Avena foam has the same attributes as those of latex. As such, you should expect the feel and bounce of latex while sleeping on Avena foam.

This layer has an open cell structure that allows constant airflow and cooling of the mattress. No wonder it’s placed above the memory foam to prevent heat retention that is common in memory foam. The making of Avena foam follows stringent standardization that make it clean and hypoallergenic. If you happen to get allergic reactions after breathing into a foam mattress, Avena foam can help alleviate such problems.

With Avena foam on the top, you have a bed that is resilient in that it springs back much faster than memory foam. What’s more, it prevents getting stuck in the mattress.

Memory Foam Layer 

In the middle layer, we have 2 inches of contouring memory foam. It molds to the body and helps to alleviate pressure points. It is quite responsive to the body’s heat such that you will sink and feel the mattress hug into you only that you won’t be trapped or sleep hot as you are not in direct contact with the memory foam.

Base Support 

On the foundation, Leesa provides 6 inches, high-density poly foam. It has the overall support of the layers above by maintaining their structure. It prevents sagging and offers durability to this mattress.

best mattress for heavy people


This mattress uses Avena foam to even out the soft memory foam. It has a bit of bounce with a balanced support thanks to the base foam. These aspects give the Leesa a medium-firm feel. Most heavy sleepers will find it highly supportive when sleeping in multiple positions. If you are a back sleeper, the bed works to align the spine hereby avoiding a sore back come morning. It also hugs the shoulders and hips to favor side sleepers as well as contour into the midsection for stomach sleepers.

Sinkage, Edge Support, and Motion Transfer

You probably want to know how far it will sink especially if you are obese. Since it is a bit on the higher side on the firmness scale, the Leesa mattress shows excellent pressure resistance. When tested with our heaviest sleeper, at more than 200 pounds, this bed sinks to only 6.5 inches. Thanks to the pushback from the base, you can expect this mattress to hold up when subjected to more weight.

Looking at edge support, you’ll want to feel secure especially if you need the whole surface area of the bed. The Leesa mattress is unlike many memory foam beds. It shows exceptional edge support owing to the solid side panels. You can change positions even if you are right on the edges of this bed.

The Leesa mattress also has excellent ability to isolate motion. If you tend to wake up with the movements from a partner, this bed sees to it that disturbance is minimized.


  • It uses highly durable materials for long-term use
  • It has good pressure relief at firmness level of 7/10
  • You can change positions quickly owing to the Avena foam
  • Avena foam also makes it sleep cool
  • CONS

  • Avena foam takes time before responding to the body’s curves
  • It cannot be flipped
  • Best mattress for heavy people

    Weighing in at 149 pounds, The Purple Bed is quite hefty to support heavy sleepers. The Purple Company is popular in the bed-in-box category as it offers you a convenient way of bringing your mattress home. This saves you money in terms of transport fees, and since it sold in online stores, you don’t have to pay for middlemen.

    Does this mattress live up to the hype?


    The Purple bed is unique in so many ways. First, it explores 2 inches comfort layer with construction from a hyper-elastic polymer. It is designed to make a grid that is supportive offering pressure relief. This layer has a reasonable level of bounce as the grid structure helps with weight distribution. This grid provides a unique sleeping experience as it conforms to the slightest feel of pressure without giving in. It keeps you afloat the mattress helping you switch positions effortlessly.

    What’s more, this grid has air pockets that ease heat retention. If you are a warm sleeper and looking to acquire a mattress that does not have the risk of sleeping hot, consider the Purple bed. You have a bed that does not trap heat keeping you fresh and comfortable in summer.

    Poly Foam Layer 

    This layer gives you the ultimate sleeping experience. It offers proper spinal alignment by curving into your body’s shape. It helps in the recovery process of tired muscles after a long day. The middle layer has 3.5 inches of poly foam. It is 1.8 lbs in density to offer the right compression. It also acts as the transitional layer to the hard base that we’ll discuss next.

    Foundation Layer 

    Much denser poly foam makes the base of the Purple mattress. It is 4 inches of 2 lbs poly foam. It gives the mattress a robust structure hence preventing sagging over time. Remember that the poly foam used in this bed is CertiPUR certified so no worries about toxic materials.


    Contrary to what you may think, the purple cover is not actually purple. The Purple bed boasts a knit all-white cover. It is elegant and works great with stretchy sheets. You’ll love how soft it feels against your skin since it is very breathable. This cover is not machine-washable, but you can spot clean it with a mild detergent.

    best mattress for heavy people


    The top comfort layer offers bounce and immediate pressure relief. It achieves a medium-firm feel at 6.5/10 score. It cradles your hips and shoulders and provides back support like on a firm mattress. If you are looking to relieve lower back pain, this bed can be part of the solution. The polymer is build to hold substantial weight as it resists collapse even after years of use. This is because it springs back to life as soon as the pressure is off the grid.

    Edge Support, Motion Transfer, Sinkage 

    If you are going to be sharing the Purple bed with a partner who likes tossing too much, the Purple bed might interest you. This bed localizes movement to offer you undisturbed sleep. Some people have reported that the bounce transfers movement especially when getting in and out of bed. We see this disturbance as average when compared to other polyfoam mattresses.

    This bed can support weight evenly over the surface all the way to the edges. The grid does a good job of holding you up such that you will feel secure. You may feel compression if you apply too much pressure but this bed will never eject you.

    Concerning sinkage, the Purple bed keeps you floating with the deepest sinkage at 5.5 inches. This is a gentle bed, but it does not lead you sinking into the layers. You will love sleeping on the Purple bed.

    best mattress for heavy people


  • It sleeps cool thanks to the air channels on the comfort layer
  • The grid is responsive to pressure for every heavy sleeper-it has no weight limit
  • It helps alleviate chronic pain in the back, neck, and shoulders
  • The medium firmness on gives balanced support
  • All its foams are CertiPUR-US certified
  • CONS

  • It is a hefty mattress weighing over 100 pounds
  • Some users don’t like the bounce it offers as it affects motion transfer
  • best mattress for heavy people

    Why is it among our best mattress for heavy people?

    The WinkBeds Company is best known for their hybrid mattresses that come to suit different sleeping needs. This hybrid mattress comes in three firmness levels and is also tailored specially for heavier persons. This bed sells exclusively online slicing off distribution costs. That’s why it’s tailored at an affordable rate.


    This mattress is handcrafted per the order regarding the firmness level. You get a hybrid mattress that combines foam, air springs, and gel in its design.

    Eurotop Foam Layer 

    The comfort layer is a soft pillow top which features 2 inches of gel memory foam and hypersoft foam. It provides a luxurious feeling since it is soft and supple. It is breathable allowing ample ventilation and cooling of the bed. It helps create a conducive climate where you can sleep soundly in hot environments.

    Encased Pocketed Coils 

    After the pillow top is a layer of 2.5 inches, foam pocketed coils. They come in handy to offer support to the upper foam layer. They give the mattress pushback preventing your body from getting trapped in the foam. The coils also improve airflow in the bed keeping it cool.

    High Profile Coils 

    This bed adopts a coil on coil system seeing that after the pocketed coils, we have high profile coils adorning the third layer. These are 7.5 inches of individual coils that help to support heavy weight while remaining stable.


    The foundation of this bed is 2 inches of high-density foam. It provides extra support to the above layers as well as to give the mattress its shape and durability.

    best mattress for heavy people


    This WinkBed has a medium firmness rating with a score of 6-7 among many heavy testers. It offers excellent support thanks to the 1-inch pad that provides spinal alignment and great lumbar support. The pillow top lets your body relax and relieve the pressure points. It can hug the shoulders and hips while accommodating the back and midsection. It is a mattress that supports multiple sleeping styles.

    Motion Transfer, Edge Support, and Sinkage 

    How would it feel sharing this WinkBed with a partner? Well, the foam layers work to dampen the movements to give you undisturbed sleep. The coils have a little bounce, but the base layer comes in to diminish movement.

    The high-density poly foam encases the sides of this bed so that you can sleep on the sides without rolling out. It prevents compression and instead secures your body while lying too close to the edges.

    Even with the advanced spring system, this bed resists too much dipping. When tested by our heaviest sleeper, this bed can only sink to 5.5 inches. We believe it is going to be a good fit for most heavy sleepers.


  • The mattress can be manufactured with a customized firmness.
  • It contours to your body to offer pressure relief
  • It offers advanced airflow through the coil system
  • The base layer dampens noise and isolates movement
  • The coil on coil system enhances edge support
  • CONS

  • Many side sleepers will find the firmness uncomfortable
  • It has a slight new mattress smell that should go away in a few weeks
  • best mattress for heavy people

    As we said, not every heavy sleeper is overweight. In fact, most bodybuilders and gym rats can weigh more than 200 pounds thanks to the countless hours of weightlifting. The Bear Mattress is designed for such heavy sleepers where muscle aches and rejuvenation is needed for energized days. This mattress also sells directly to their customers to counter extra costs on mortar stores and middlemen. No wonder this bed is very affordable.


    The Bear Mattress enjoys a construction of high-density memory foam. It is a four layer design with a good balance of graphite gel-infused memory foam, polyfoam, and Bear’s responsive foam known to provide therapeutic effects.

    High-Density Memory Foam Layer 

    At the top layer, Bear uses 1 inch of 4 lbs graphite gel-infused memory foam. It acts as the pressure relieving and comforting layer. It relaxes tired muscles helping you heal faster and recover from intense exercise. You will love how cool it sleeps as the gel and graphite prevent the bed from overheating.

    Responsive Layers

    In the middle, the Bear mattress applies 2.5 inches of 3 lbs Bears proprietary foam. These are two layers that work hand in hand to offer transitional support and pushback. No heavy sleeper likes haggling with a mattress when switching positions. The response layers are there to prevent the feeling of being trapped in memory foam.

    Base Support Layer 

    This layer sees 6.5 inches of high-density poly foam. It remains breathable and supportive. This foundation offers incredible durability as it keeps the mattress from sagging or retaining body impressions on the memory foam.

    best mattress for heavy people


    This mattress falls on the higher medium firmness range with a score of 7/10. When you first lie on top, the memory foam is quick to respond to pressure. You could expect it to give in to the weight and sink too deep, but the highly responsive layers come in to offer some level of bounce. The firm base of this mattress can be felt if you apply too much weight, but it is robust enough to snap back into shape.

    Edge Support, Sinkage, and Motion Transfer 

    When looking at motion transfer, you’ll want a mattress where you’ll not detect much of a partner’s movements. This bed has memory foam which is known to minimize movement to very minute levels.

    Many heavy sleepers don’t prefer the hugging comfort of classic memory foam. That’s why the Bear mattress is firm enough to resist sinkage beyond 4 inches for our heaviest sleepers.

    This mattress is built to accommodate athletes. As such, it has to offer incredible edge support if you are going to feel comfortable throughout the night. Looking at this mattress, you can tell you’ll be well-supported owing to the firm edges.


  • It adapts to the body weight and shape
  • It has an advanced cover with Celliant to improve blood flow
  • Quick response foam offers great spinal alignment
  • The cells and fibers are highly durable
  • CONS

  • Can be too firm for side sleepers
  • It is heavy at around 100 pounds
  • best mattress for heavy people

    The Tuft and Needle Company has gone through numerous alteration of their memory foam mattress to accommodate all sleepers. Through development research and seeking to help everyone wake up happy, the Tuft and Needle bed was created using their exclusive non-toxic memory foam. By investing in this mattress, you get great customer service and honest pricing.


    This mattress comes in only two layers, but it offers some great features for heavy sleepers. The first is 3 inches of 2.9 lbs Tuft and Needle adaptive foam. It has the best qualities of memory foam and latex. It is responsive to pressure and molds to the curves of your body. You’ll get pressure relief and relaxation effects just by sleeping on the top layer of the Tuft and Needle Mattress.


    Next, you have 7 inches of 1.8 lbs medium-density poly foam. This layer showcases great support of the adaptive foam layers. It helps to improve the durability of this mattress so that you’ll have it for a long time.

    best mattress for heavy people


    The upper layer of adaptive foam is quite soft. It is responsive such that it cradles the heavy parts. You would be led to think you will get stuck but the foundation is there to push back into the mattress. It scores 7/10 on the firmness scale. This favors back and stomach sleepers as opposed to side sleepers.

    Edge Support, Sinkage, and Motion Transfer

    Again, memory foam is an excellent addition to any mattress that seeks to minimize motion transfer. This bed is a good consideration when sharing it with a partner as you may never feel when they are getting in and out of bed.

    About sinkage, you’ll not feel trapped on the Tuft & Needle with a sinkage of 6 inches. It is firm enhancing a floating sensation. This gives you an advantage when changing positions.

    For heavier persons, memory foam beds can compress deep on the edges. Tuft & Needle seeks to secure you by utilizing robust sides. This way, it won’t eject you if you have to use the edges of this bed.


  • It offers great spinal alignment and back support
  • It is packed conveniently in a box
  • It can support double its indicated weight capacity
  • It has little to no motion transfer
  • CONS

  • It has a small profile that may beat its durability in the long run
  • It feels firm to many side sleepers
  • So... What is the best mattress for heavy people?

    We have covered the best mattresses for heavy sleepers. These beds use high-quality materials. They are supportive, comfortable, with minimized motion transfer and can accommodate substantial weights. What’s more, these mattresses are resistant to sagging, the collapse of cell-structure, and formation of permanent body impressions. Grab one of these and never have to hassle searching for a mattress for your specific needs. 

    Winner of our chart of best mattress for heavy people is Leesa mattress.