Brentwood Home Mattress Review

Your daily energy is affected by how much sleep you get. That’s why you need a good mattress. Today, we want to check out the Brentwood Home Mattress Review. It has so many positive claims, which we are not just taking a sneak peek, but we are delving into everything this mattress has to offer.

brentwood home mattress review

You are probably asking yourself, what type of mattress is it? Does it sleep hot? What is the firmness and motion isolation level? All these questions will be answered. Just be sure to stay on this page. Before that here is what you should know about the brand

What about the Brentwood Home Company?

For over 30 years, the Brentwood Home Company has taken pride in producing home essentials using ethically sourced materials. It is perhaps the only company where non-toxic elements make up every inch of their mattresses. Based in South L.A California, Brentwood Home is a team of artisans and fabricators inspired by their love for nature. With the belief that the home is at the center of our well-being, they embarked on creating healthy products through research and ensuring that each component meets the Golden State Standards for environmental responsibility.

But for years Brentwood Home products used to sell at very high markup prices because of the middlemen. This was until the digital age which allowed the company to start selling their products directly to customers through their online platform. This saw the prices come down to reasonable and honest levels making their beds affordable.

Today, when you receive a Brentwood Home mattress, you can be sure about the quality, and value you get is 100% satisfactory.

Brentwood Home Mattress Review in a nutshell


Rating on a Scale of 1-10







Edge Support




Pressure Point Relief




Side Sleeping


Back Sleeping


Stomach Sleeping


Warranty and Support


Value for Money



The Brentwood Home Mattress comes in a sophisticated yet straightforward box. Yes, it’s a bed-in-box as it arrives compressed and ready to roll. It’s not one of those beds where you have to make repeated schedules about when the delivery truck comes. The compacted box is easy to move up the stairs and setting it up is also easy.

After you remove the plastic wrapping from the rolled mattress, ensure it is on the platform, you’ll be using. This is because it gets much harder to move the decompressed mattress. Otherwise, you are good to lay it out on the bed and watch it take shape. Depending on the size, you may need an extra hand when removing it out of the box.

Another thing to note during the removal of the plastic wrapping is to watch not to puncture the mattress using a sharp cutting object.


Brentwood Home aims at producing user-friendly beds that are clean and safe for everyone in the home. This is including the young and seniors. This particular bed is a 13-inch gel memory foam bed with bamboo rayon cover. It is made in the USA where Brentwood carefully selects non-toxic materials and handcrafts the cover to bring you a high-quality bed essential.


The Cypress bed features a removable, zippered cover built from polyester and bamboo rayon. As you know bamboo is naturally non-toxic, hence it preserves the air quality of the bed and also in your home. It is lined with New Zealand wool which is another incredible material. It helps to regulate the temperature of the sleeping surface as well as to wick away sweat and keep out odors.

You’ll also love that the New Zealand Wool acts as a natural fire barrier meaning no more chemicals have been added to serve as fire retardants. It has passed the fire resistance tests just because of using wool.

What strikes you is the bright white top that has horizontal stripping on every dimension. It looks the part of a high-quality bed and touching satisfies a luxurious feeling. You’ll notice how thick it feels to bring out a plush surface that is soft and the most comfortable for a bed 13 inches in size.

Foam Layers

This mattress enjoys three foam layers that amount to 13 inches. It diversifies the densities of each layer to help improve its longevity.

Brentwood home mattress review
Top Layer

The top layer consists of 3.5 inches gel memory foam. It is the primary comfort layer that is highly responsive to the body’s heat. As soon as your body lies on the surface, the heat helps the mattress to conform to the curves of your body. This helps to alleviate any pressure points, especially for heavy sleepers. The thickness prevents the bed from sinking too deep since you don’t want to feel trapped.

Alongside the memory foam are the gel beads which provide the cooling effect. Since memory foam is known to hold on to heat, the gel kicks in to dissipate that heat to the outside of the bed. Now you can feel comfortable as there will be no more sweaty nights.

You’ll also notice that on this layer, it’s where you receive all the support and compression. It distributes the weight evenly along the mattress, thus preventing the formation of painful pressure points especially for side sleepers.

It’s good to note that Brentwood Home Cypress uses only Certi-PUR Certified foam for everyone’s peace of mind.
Middle Layer

Another cooling layer is the middle surface which consists of 2 inches ventilated memory foam. It offers continuous airflow to help support the gel beads in giving you relaxed, comfortable sleep all night. Not only that, this surface is the transitional layer between the soft upper and the firm base. You will not feel as if the mattress bottoms out the longer you sleep on it.

Foundation/Bottom Layer

The base features 7.5 inches of high-density foam. It gives the mattress the firm structure as well as the stability. This is also the supportive layer that offers you therapeutic effects as it provides the pushback to help even out your weight. You’ll notice that it keeps the mattress from sagging so you will have it in decent condition for a really long time.

Bear mattress review of basic features

Firmness Level

Brentwood home mattress review

This mattress is designed to take to the shape of the body. As such, you could expect it to be a bit soft to many people’s liking. But that’s not the case with the Brentwood Cypress bed. It scores a rating of 5-6 on a scale of 1-10. This means it is not too soft or too firm.

It is appealing to most people since any sleeping position can benefit from a mattress that has a medium-firm feeling. But since it is crafted to accommodate your curves, you may notice that it feels great when sleeping on the side and back, but not so awesome for stomach sleepers.

Nevertheless, if you enjoy a mattress that compresses to your shape, and sleeps in multiple positions, this might be the mattress for you.

Motion Transfer

Memory foam is one material that has little motion transfer, and the Brentwood Cypress bed also benefits from this aspect. When tested with persons of the average weight this beds seems to have no problem with movement. You can sleep soundly as your partner’s tossing and turning will not get to you.

What’s more, the solid base dampens movements and prevents noise. It is therefore highly recommended for couples.

Edge Support

This bed exhibits the classic memory foam hug and sinkage. When sitting on the edge, the mattress showcases little support so you will not be sleeping too close to the side. It also means that you need to be more careful when getting out and into bed. However, because of the thick layers, no one has complained of sliding off, only that it dips to a great extent. But this is to be expected with a memory foam mattress.

Brentwood home mattress review


Brentwood Cypress Bed is synonymous with other classic memory foam beds in terms of sinkage. As usual, we collect data from people of average weight when performing the sinkage test. When lying on the back, this mattress dips to only 1.5 inches. This is because your weight distributes evenly hence no cause for sinking too deep.

When you sit on this bed with your feet off the floor, it dips to 3.5 inches, but when you sit more aggressively with your feet touching the floor, it sinks to around 4.5 inches.

For those that love sleeping on their side, you are in luck because this mattress dips only 2 inches. This eliminates any possibility of feeling trapped or hassling with the bed when you want to change positions.

 But what if you like to bounce a little by jumping on the bed? Well, you’ll also love it because applying maximum pressure only dips it to 6 inches.

Brentwood Home Mattress Review of Bed Specifications

The Brentwood Bed comes as a compressed mattress without any additional accessories like the platform, box spring r base. It offers a wide variety of bed sizes for the 13 inch height mattress. This is not a very heavy mattress so you can use it with the platform of your choosing.

 The prices, weight, and size specifications are as below




Twin 39”x75”x13”

36 lbs

Twin XL 39”x80”x13”

37 lbs

Full 54”x80”x13”

43 lbs

Queen 60”x80”x13

53 lbs

King 76”x80”x13”

68 lbs

California King 72”x84”x13”

68 lbs

Suitability: Who will benefit the most from the Brentwood Gel Memory Foam Cypress Bed?

brentwood home mattress review

Back and Side Sleepers

The medium-firm feeling on this mattress falls on the soft side. This is mostly preferred by side sleepers because it takes care of the pressure points. Back sleepers will also find it great as it helps to distribute the weight and curve into the contours of your body.

If you want body shaping convenience of classic memory foam

This mattress tends to dip and hug the body. It is not instantly responsive, but it kicks in slowly but surely.

You like to sleep cool

This bed has integrated lots of cooling features to prevent it from heat retention. If you feel good sleeping in a cool bed, the wool cover alongside the gel beads and the ventilated foam layer will offer you that kind of sleep.

You like the combination of support and Comfort

Thick top layers on this bed are incredibly comfortable, and you may think you are going to sink. But the bottom layer is there to provide the support and stability it needs.

You want a great value mattress

If you don’t want to spend thousands of dollars on a premium memory foam bed, Brentwood Home is a great choice. It sells only on online stores thus there won’t be a markup price stipulated by most salesmen.

Is the Brentwood Home Cypress Bed Toxic Free?

It’s incredible to find that the Cypress Bed uses only natural materials to construct their mattress. It steers away from chemicals like fire retardants. It is free of formaldehyde, heavy metals, and phthalates. The bamboo cover provides a hypoallergenic barrier. It is safe to use this mattress with the seniors as well as with babies

Does the Brentwood Bed have a Chemical Smell?

You will notice a very faint smell upon opening the bed from the plastic wrapper. This is impressive because you’ll not be dealing with any toxic smell. The new mattress smell dissipates within the first day. If you feel you can’t stand it, opening the windows will help it to disappear much faster.

Will you sleep hot on the Brentwood Home Cypress Mattress?

Many people who keep off memory foam beds will appreciate the cooling effect on this mattress. Although the contouring effects seem to cause heat retention, the cold air kicks in through the well-ventilated foam layers and brings down your temperature immediately.

The gels beads may not act in real time because memory foam fights to retain your imprint by following the heat you produce, but it does not mean you’ll sleep hot. The New Zealand wool works to regulate the temperature so that every layer is in sync with what your body needs.

Durability and Caring of the Brentwood Home Cypress Mattress

The Brentwood Home Cypress Mattress ranks high among other units in its class. It is handcrafted in the USA meeting every stringent standard. The bamboo rayon, New Zealand wool, and gel memory foam are all materials that lead us to believe it enjoys a long lifespan.

Flipping the mattress is not an option, but you can rotate it from head to toe once in every three months to improve its durability.

A huge percentage of buyers on Amazon are happy with their buy more so because it exhibits long-lasting support.

When caring for the mattress in terms of cleaning, you can remove the cover as it comes with a zipper but only for spot cleaning. If the stain does not come off, you can buy a replacement cover of the same model from Brentwood Home.

On that note, the cover is not washable in the washer or dryer because of the New Zealand wool lining.  It can shrink and bunch up, something you won’t like when using it the next time.

Warranty, Trial Period and Return Policy

brentwood home mattress review

The Brentwood Home company offers 120 nights free trial period. They feel you need more than 30 nights to feel if the bed will accustom to your body. You’ll want to adapt to the contouring support provided by the memory foam.

If you are not yet feeling the mattress working for you; contact Brentwood Home before the 120 days are over. They will arrange for a free pick up and the means to donate it to a charity.

Other than the 120-days trial period, this mattress has a guarantee of 25 years. This works if you notice a defect on the bed after the trial period is over. The mattress will be replaced for free after you fill the warranty claim form. If it is discovered that the mattress has a manufacturer’s defect, it is picked and you are sent a new one.

As with any warranty, it’s important to steer clear of any practices that may void your warranty.

The return policy covers only the mattresses bought directly from the Brentwood Home website. Seeing that someone will be there to pick up your bed, you don’t have to deal with returning the mattress in its shipping box.

Please note that the free return applies to only two items per household. After that, you’ll have to pay for standard shipping costs.

So... Is it worth to buy according to our Bear Mattress Review?

The Brentwood Home Cypress Mattress is a top-quality, non-toxic bed. Developed to improve indoor air quality, this is a mattress that steps in the right direction. It stems from honesty and affordability thanks to the online exclusiveness.  It favors everyone who likes contouring support as well as the pushback provided by a firm foundation. It scores high in terms of giving therapeutic effects, and it feels great with babies and the elderly.

From the bamboo cover to the gel memory foam, ventilated foam, and high-density base support, this mattress exhibits reliability, durability, comfort, and deep, all-night sleep.

The sooner you get it, the better it will be for every curve on your body.