Casper Mattress Review – is it worth to buy? Find out in our Review

Casper mattress review

A home can't be complete without a bed. Similarly, a bed is nothing without a high-quality, long-lasting and comfortable mattress. Today, we focus on analyzing one of the highly rated and approved mattresses on the market - Casper mattress.

We seek to answer a vast range of questions raised by most people as they seek to trace their way to the best mattresses that provide optimum value for the money.

What does the Casper mattress have to offer? Is it worth buying? Stay tuned! We are about to tell you in our Casper mattress review.

Casper mattress Review. A sneak preview of the Casper brand

Casper is a company that traces its foundation back in 2013. Over the years, it has grown to become one of the biggest and trusted mattress brands worldwide. They offer their mattresses online. However, in the recent days, Casper has begun to partner with other retail stores, in an attempt to reach as many people across the globe as possible.  Beyond the flagship Casper mattress, which we have reviewed on this post, the Company also offers the Casper Essential and the Casper Wave mattresses.  The two other mattress options come at different prices, with varying features and construction designs. Also, apart from mattresses, Casper also offers a variety of sleep equipment, including bed frames, pillows, and sheets.

Even with new companies joining the sleep products production sector while we write this post, Casper remains on the throne of the online mattress arena.

 The flagship Casper mattress, to be a little specific, though not the best choice for everyone, is worth consideration by anyone looking for a new mattress.

Construction of Casper Mattress

The Casper mattress is developed exclusively. Its superior building is one of the factors that allow it to thrive competitively on the market. Its foam nature consists of four layers as follows, whose breadth adds up to form its 10-inch height:

Casper mattress review

Comfort layer

The comfort layer makes up 1.5 inches of the top response foam in this mattress. The foam on this segment is relatively soft and cool. It's the comfort layer that will provide you with optimum comfort while you rest on the Casper mattress. This layer feels like the latex foam. Therefore, you can be sure of the mattress' pressure relief and bouncing capability. An extremely hot bed is not always comfortable. The comfort layer, just like latex creates a cooling effect on the mattress to regulate the temperatures on the bed.

Memory foam layer

Just after the comfort layer is the Memory foam, a 1.5" layer that features a 4 lb density. This segment is there to provide pressure relief for those whose weight exerts pressure that goes beyond the comfort layer. Apart from the pressure relief provided by the memory foam, this layer is also praised for regulating the sleeping temperatures by absorbing some of the heat from your body.

Transition layer

Apart from being comfortable, the mattress ought to be firm and rigid. With this in mind, the Casper manufacturer included the transition layer in this mattress. It’s the layer that comes after the memory foam, measuring 1.5 inches and a 2.5-lb density. Its firm nature allows it create a firm support for the soft and comfortable layers above. Also, the foam used in the development of the transition layer provides prompt response to pressure, thereby improving the bouncy nature of the Casper mattress.

Base of Casper Mattress Review

The Casper Company has taken sufficient time in the construction of this mattress. As a result, this unit provides not only excellent pressure relief but also the relaxing benefits of latex-like foam mattresses. Even more, the base provides the mattress with optimum rigidity and also maintains its shape.

The cover

On its cover, the manufacturer utilizes 100% polyester, a material that allows it to feel soft and cool. Also, the cover is reasonably thick to provide you with a relaxing and cozy feeling while you sleep. What's interesting, the cover is breathable, assuring you of excellent airflow to and from the mattress. Therefore, your mattress will remain cool and free from awful scents. Especially relevant, the cover attaches and tucks into the mattress appropriately. Thus, it will rarely bunch up even when you play or make turns on the mattress while you sleep.

Casper mattress review

Casper Mattress Review of basic features

Rigidity and strength

A high-quality mattress ought to bear a reasonable degree of rigidity. This is one of the factors that the Casper manufacturing has put into consideration when developing the Casper mattress. With the first attempt to sit on this mattress, one can quickly tell that it's quite firm. The Memory foam layer provides excellent pressure relief, ensuring that any force applied on the mattress is neutralized effortlessly.  Also, the firm nature of the Casper allows it to regain its original shape in seconds once the pressure is retracted. Therefore, you will hardly sink or stick in in the mattress while you sit or sleep. 

 No latex mattress can beat the Casper on matters resilience. Even more, the mattress is still slightly bouncy than average.  You can be confident that the Casper mattress will serve you for years without losing its firmness, thanks to its superior construction

Edge support

Edge support, though not a critical factor to consider when buying a high-quality mattress, is worth analyzing. The Casper mattress, just as other foam mattresses, does not provide excellent edge support.  Fortunately, its broad surface area ensures that you won't need to sleep around the edge often.  It's important to note that we don't mean that you would fall off the bed while relaxing on the side. It's just that the edge support in the Casper mattress is not as great as that in the innerspring mattresses.  You will still be secure even while you sleep with your partner and you non-voluntarily roll to the edge.

Casper Mattress Review of Specifications

Casper mattress review

Any standard bed/ mattress foundation will integrate with the Casper mattress appropriately to form a fantastic resting place. However, to be safe, it's wise to purchase an adjustable base for use with the Casper mattress. Also, we recommend placing as much base support under the mattress for the best experience. As per the manufacturer's warranty terms and conditions, failing to support the mattress adequately will automatically void the warranty. Therefore, if you are operating on a strict budget, (that which can't facilitate the purchase of a quality bed foundation), it could be prudent to use the Casper mattress on the floor.

The Casper Company highly recommends the use of the Casper with the Casper metal bed frame and foundation. Integrating the two products from the same manufacturer will enable you to reap optimum benefits. Also, a platform or wooden slatted bed will still provide great support. However, if you decide to use the slatted bed, then it will be critical to ensure the slats are tightly fitted.

Applying a Bunkie board on a foundation or box spring bed will compensate the space between the box spring and the mattress for the best and long-term experience.

Finally, as most mattress experts recommend, keep your mattress flat, firm and un-wavy.

Weight and weight limit

The Casper mattress comes to you in various sizes. Therefore, the weight varies from one size to the other. The table below indicates the different sizes on offer and their respective weight measures, in and out of the box.


Weight(out of the box)

Cal King

104 lbs


103 lbs


83 lbs


72 lbs

Twin long

57 lbs


55 lbs

The weight of the Casper mattress is one of the factors that make it superior to other foam mattress brands.  Despite featuring top-notch construction, high-degree of firmness and strength, Casper manages to be relatively lightweight. You won’t break a bone while transporting your mattress from room to room.

On weight limit, the Casper Company states that this mattress comes with no weight limit. It can support any weight without depreciating.  However, in our view, people with over 350 lbs weight should consider purchasing mattresses designed for people with high weight

Suitability - Who is this mattress designed for?

Casper mattress review

On suitability, the Casper mattress is ideal for a vast range of people worldwide including:

Stomach/back sleepers

With its high degree of firmness and bounce, experts recommend the Casper for stomach/back sleepers. We realized that it conforms to the body's natural architecture for comfortable and health sleeping. You won't experience discomfort and back pain while you rest on this mattress.

Side sleepers (average weight)

If you have an average body weight (neither too light nor too heavy), then the Casper mattress is for you. You are bound to find its pressure relief ability interesting. Also, your resting time will always be worthwhile thanks to the bouncy nature of this unit.

Money-saving and value seekers

It's only wise to go for a product that's not only effective but also efficient regarding cost. Going for the Casper mattress will save you some bucks (as compared to other foam mattresses) in addition to providing you with great value. It's a budget foam mattress that lives up to its promises.

Resilience and bounce seekers

The slow-moving and ultra-rigid nature of most foam mattresses doesn't provide the best rest feeling, isn't that right? Fortunately, the Casper mattress features an enormous difference. First, its resilience will allow you to make random moves around the bed while switching your sleeping position. Secondly, this mattress is bouncy to spice up your rest significantly. You can even choose to play around with your partner while you sit on this unit, thanks to its bouncy nature.

Casper mattress review of other important aspects

Casper mattress review

Is there a chemical smell in the Casper Mattress?


Just like any other product or foam mattress that comes to you in a box packaging, the Casper mattress produces a slight chemical odor immediately after unboxing. It's important to note that the smell is entirely normal and not harmful. What you will need is to allow the mattress to air out. The smell will disappear within the first 48 hours after unboxing. After that, you will manage to rest on your mattress with no any form of discomfort.

Does the Casper mattress sleep hot?

Not quit. In our view and experience, the Casper mattress doesn’t sleep hot. This is attributed to the fact that the memory foam layer comes after the comfort layer. With the Casper mattress, you should expect no issues with sleeping hot. The temperatures will be conducive for excellent rest.

Warranty information

The warranty offer for the Casper mattress is quite impressive. It comes with a 10-year limited warranty. However, it's important to note that the warranty is not transferable. It's only valid to the original buyer. Therefore, it's only wise to keep the original receipt for future reference.

The warranty covers all defects in artistry or materials. However, you must use the mattress its intended purpose and place it on a recommended or appropriate base.

If you purchase the Casper mattress, it will be crucial to read through the entire fine warranty print out. The covered defects include sagging by more than one-inch, cracking/splitting, as well as broken zippers.

Ensure that you are comfortable with the firmness of the Casper mattress before purchase as such issues are not covered by the warranty.

Also, it’s critical to note that, any physical damage or abuse of the mattress will void the warranty.

Satisfaction guarantee and return policy

Casper mattress review

Unlike other competitive foam mattress manufacturers, the Casper Company is confident with the quality of their products. This is precisely evident by the 100-night trial offered for the Casper mattress. Upon receiving your piece, the trial period begins to count.

The trial period is part of the return policy. Once you have tested the mattress and feel unsatisfied, you can always return it within the 100-day period. All you will need is to contact the manufacturer directly. The Casper Company will make arrangements for picking the mattress and refunding your money.

It’s important to mention that Casper doesn’t resell the returned mattresses. Instead, they offer them for recycling or donation to charity. That’s how dedicated the Company is to quality.

When returning the mattress, avoid forcing it into its original packaging. All you will need is to remove your beddings and leave the rest to the couriers who will retrieve it quickly and safely from your home.

Apart from returning the mattress, an exchange is also an option. You can contact the manufacturer for exchange by sending an email.

Customer service (Shipping/delivery overview)

First, let's start by mentioning that shipping and returns are catered by the Manufacturer; exciting, right? The Casper Company ships their products to the US, Canada, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, and the UK.

All Casper mattresses come packed in a 19”*19”*42” box. The weight of the entire package ranges from 44-110 pounds depending on the size of your mattress.

For those residing in the US, UPS delivers the mattress from a recognized warehouse partner.

What's interesting for those living in New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Chicago, is that the Casper's White Glove Service will help in unboxing and setting up of your mattress upon delivery.  The White Glove courier delivers, unboxes and sets up the mattress in the most appropriate way. They may also offer their services to dispose off your old mattress.

 The mattress inflates within 24 hours after unboxing.

Where is the Casper mattress available?

The Casper mattress is available online through the Company’s website or Amazon.  We highly recommend buying the Casper mattress from Amazon. The purchase process on the Amazon E-commerce site is straightforward. Again, Amazon boasts a great customer service reputation as it continues to act as stable bridge between manufacturers and the consumers.

Caring for the Casper mattress

Purchasing a high-quality mattress is only the first step to enjoying the best rest. However, it’s durability majorly depends on your ability to care for it. What are the practices that you should maintain to ensure your mattress goes undamaged throughout its lifetime?

Casper professionals recommend taking preventative measures to avoid depreciating your mattress.  By preventing spills, stains, among other potential damages to your Casper mattress, you are bound to have the best experience.

Below are some of the tips that could help you provide optimum care to your mattress:

  • Cover your mattress with a waterproof protector; it will help you avoid spills, stains, as well as other accidents.
  • In the case of an accident spot on your mattress, always clean the cover or the affected spot immediately using an enzyme-based detergent. If the stains are too deep, it will be wise to use a laundry brush with the detergent.
  • Rotating your mattress; it should be turned through 180 degrees every six months.
  • Professional cleaning; it's essential to take your mattress for professional cleaning occasionally or when necessary.
  • Airing your mattress; keep your windows open during the day and ditch your sheets often. Whenever the mattress gets smelly, sprinkling baking powder on the cover and vacuuming it off will help eliminate the menace.
Especially relevant, it’s important to note that the Casper mattress should not be turned upside down. Also, it shouldn’t be flipped at any instance.

Casper Mattress Review: Overview and Conclusion

Throughout this review, we have focused majorly on analyzing the value offered by the Casper mattress, the materials, and the sleeping experience. The Casper mattress stands out in many aspects. It's an option not to ignore in your search for the top choice latex-like foam mattress.

The Casper Company's reputation is an added advantage to anyone using their products. You can be sure to have a fantastic experience with their services and products. We highly recommend the Casper mattress to all shoppers across the globe. It's worth way more beyond its reasonable price tag.