Cloud9 Gel Queen 3 Inch 100% Gel Infused Visco Elastic Memory Foam Mattress Topper Review

“Cloud9 Gel Queen 3 Inch 100% Gel Infused Visco Elastic Memory Foam Mattress Topper” is another popular product from the Cloud9 family, and is my personal favorite. This is a gel infused mattress topper, meaning gel beads are infused into the foam during the manufacturing process.

Cloud9 gel mattress topperAs I have mentioned countless times in other reviews, gel infusion is done to increase the heat transfer ability of the foam. Regular memory foam absorbs body heat but has limited ways to transfer that heat to the atmosphere. But when gel beads are infused they help in transferring heat from one layer to another of the foam. The result is a cool surface to sleep on. Some people claim that the presence of gel makes the foam cooler. This is not entirely true. Gel does offer a cooling feel at first but when you rest on it the thermodynamic laws doesn’t permit it to stay anywhere below room temperature. The presence of gel molecules also strengthen the foam and helps it last longer.

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Cloud9 mattress toppers are well known for their softness, they make you feel “like sleeping on a cloud”.  No doubt this is a very soft topper, so those who want to sleep on firmer surfaces stay away. One common notion about soft toppers is that they lack body support, which is entirely untrue. The softness and body support offered by a topper is no way related. If you think that this topper will let you sink into the foam and touch the bottom, now worries, that won’t happen.

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Weight Class:

Is this mattress topper good for you? Depends on how much you weigh. This is apt for anyone weighing between 200-250 pounds. If you weigh less opt for a 2 inch thick topper and if you weigh more choose a 4 inch topper. Keep in mind that this is just a general guideline, I know people who prefer 3 inches memory foam mattress toppers to 2 and 4.


Cloud9 offers a limited warranty for 20 year! That’s way more than any of their competitors offer. This assures me the quality and reliability of the brand ‘Cloud9’.


The foam does have an odor but nothing strong. If you have a very sensitive nose like I do just air it for sometime.

How long does it take the foam to take full shape?

Less than 24 hours is all it needs according to the manufacturer, but 4-10 hours in practice.

Available sizes – Twin, Twin XL, California king, King, Queen, Full

What are included in the shipping:

The topper, warranty card and an information slip. No accessories like sheets or covers are included.

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One note for buyers – Be gentle with this topper and careful when you unwrap it first time. This is a great product but careless handling may sometimes tear the foam.