Englander Mattress: Reviews of 5 Best Englander Mattresses

Most people avoid getting a mattress from the big companies because most of the time it feels like you are paying for the brand and not the quality of the mattress. Most of the “small” companies have great mattresses to offer that matches the big companies’ quality but at a lower price. And, when it comes to a mattress, never fall for the idea that the price tag determines the quality of the mattress and how you’re going to enjoy sleeping on it.

In this article, we are focusing on Englander mattress reviews, a not so known mattress brand even though it has been on the market for quite some time, but has great mattresses to offer. The mattresses we are looking at are of high-quality and very affordable thus if you value quality over a well-known brand then you might just get the best mattress for you in a moment.

This brand offers various levels of firmness to meet a large number of sleepers searching for a durable and comfortable bed. The mattresses also come in a wide range of prices to fit various budgets. Englander has a mattress for every sleeper. You only need to know how you like your mattresses because they have it all.

What’s the best mattress for you? Factors to consider

Before jumping over to what Englander has in store for you, first know what the ideal mattress for you should feature in terms of your body weight, sleeping position, preferred firmness, and support.

• Body weight-support

Your body weight greatly determines the type of mattress you buy in terms of support. The mattress should offer great support to ensure that you are not sinking as this could lead to discomfort and back, neck or hip pains. Thus, when going through the various mattresses by Englander, keep your body weight in mind and see if the offered support is enough for you.

Sleeping position and firmness level

This is another factor that greatly determines your mattress choice. Each sleeping position has its unique requirement from a mattress for a comfortable sleep. For example, a side sleeper can only sleep comfortably on a soft to medium-firm mattress to cushion their hips and shoulders while a stomach sleeper needs a firm mattress to prevent lower back pain. On the other hand, a back sleeper should sleep on a medium firm mattress. And, apart from a firm mattress, back sleepers can add a pillow under each arm and under the knees to promote spinal alignment. However, this might not be a good hack for people who already suffer from lower back pain.

• Hypoallergenic mattresses

If you suffer from allergies, the last thing you want is to sleep on a mattress that awakens the irritation due to the materials used. To prevent this, go for a hypo-allergenic mattress and enjoy a comfortable night’s sleep for a long time. Englander has an affordable hypo-allergenic mattress so check it out.

Temperature controls and conformity

People who hate sleeping hot have several mattresses to choose from Englander. Also, if you live in warmer areas, a mattress with a better temperature control will serve you right. Again, if you’ll be sharing the bed, ensure that it prevents motion transfer because tossing and turning could disturb the other person’s sleep.

Englander Mattress Reviews: Comparison Table of Top 5


Firmness Level





10” Innerspring

Twin XL, Full, Queen


7” Quilted Innerspring

Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen


Memory foam and gel visco

Twin, Queen, Full, California King


Visco-elastic memory foam

Available in multiple sizes


Visco memory foam

Available in multiple sizes

Englander Mattress Review

If you love sleeping on a mattress with a medium feel surface, then you’ll love the Englander Finale 10” innerspring mattress. Again, if you are searching for a comfortable but inexpensive mattress, this cuts the deal as it is very affordable. It is an innerspring mattress meaning that it’s strong and durable so even with the cheap price tag you get a great value.

Why do we consider this as the best Englander Mattress?

Soft, comfy sleeping surface

When searching for the right mattress for your kids or yourself, comfort should be the priority, and this mattress offers just this. The top surface is soft to the touch, and it feels so comfortable to lie on. Also, if you need a trundle mattress, this will make a great option. And, this is not to say that adults cannot use it. Depending on your weight, you can comfortably sleep on it and still have a relaxing night’s sleep.

Innovative 3 zone support system

The advantage of getting a mattress that offers a great support is that you’ll never have to worry about pressure points. It features an innovative 3 zone support system that prevents pressure points while also minimizing motion transfer. As such, the mattress produces no noises even when you sit on it or toss/turn as you sleep.

Strong and durable

Being an innerspring mattress guarantees durability. Even when used daily, this mattress still serves you for a long time without sagging or the need to add mattress toppers. And, it is made in the USA thus no compromise on the quality, and you also get a 1-year warranty.

Again, if you always struggle with setting up mattresses in the room because of how the package is shipped, you will have a different experience with the Englander Finale innerspring mattress. It comes rolled and compressed which makes it easy for you to handle it. And, once set, you can start using it the same day though it might require two more days to inflate fully.
CertiPUR-US certified

Most people’s greatest worry when buying a mattress is if it contains toxic chemicals. For this mattress, it is CertiPUR-US certified thus no toxic chemicals in the form of fire retardants. It also doesn’t have irritating smells when unpacked, and it’s also good for people with sensitive skins.

Englander Mattress Review
Medium-firmness mattress

If you are a side sleeper, then this mattress will be perfect for you as it has the right firmness level for side sleepers. However, stomach and back sleepers find it comfortable as well, but it might not do so well with people who have back problems due to its firmness level. People with back problems need a FIRM mattress, so medium-firmness might not be the best.


It’s not the best choice for people with back problems
Warranty is only for 1 year


  • Offers soft and comfy sleeping surface
  • Best for guest and kids’ beds
  • Made in the USA
  • Very affordable
  • Plush quilted cover
  • Innovative 3 zone support system thus no pressure points nor motion transfer
  • Innerspring mattress thus Strong and durable
  • CertiPUR-US certified foam thus no toxic chemical fire retardants
  • Comes rolled and compressed for easy handling and setting up
  • CONS

    Warranty is only for 1 year

    It’s not the best choice for people with back problems

    Englander Mattress Review

    If you are searching for a real “economy” innerspring mattress then here you have one by Englander, and it is nice and firm. It is the real deal when you don’t want to break a bank but still need a comfortable mattress to sleep on, and it is also good for people with sensitive skins because testimonals show no issues.

    Why do we consider this as one of the best Englander Mattresses?


    The Englander Intrigue 7-Inch Quilted Innerspring Mattress does well in offering support to the sleepers as it features high-quality 13.5 gauge tempered spring coils made of steel. This comes in handy in preventing sagging while also enabling you to have a comfortable sleep by aligning your body perfectly. The mattress itself is 7-inch thick. Thus you should consider your body weight before purchasing it to ensure that it doesn’t feel uncomfortable.

    Firmness level

    This mattress falls on the firmer side but not too firm to feel like you are floating. However, it only takes a few times of sleeping on it to soften it a bit. The mattress thus feels comfortable for many sleepers despite their sleeping positions. Many people have also bought it to be used by their kids, and they love it. It is made in the USA, and this tells you that the quality will be good.

    Plush comfort

    One way to quickly tell if the mattress will feel comfortable, apart from the support it offers is by checking how the sleeping surface is made. For this mattress, the top surface features layers of padded upholstery which offers plush comfort to the sleepers. It is so relaxing to lie on.

    Englander Mattress Review
    Ideal for taller people

    You know how hard it gets when searching for the best mattress taller people because some mattresses are advertised as having a certain length only for you to get it and notice that it is some inches shorter than advertised. With this mattress, various taller people will find it comfortable to sleep on as it is exactly 75 inches long. And, the springs do not make any noise when you lie on your bed or when waking up which is a plus because most spring mattresses make some annoying noises all the time.

    One-sided mattress

    This mattress cannot be flipped. Reason being, it is one-sided. This means that it’s only one side of the mattress that’s fit to lie on, but this should not worry you because the top surface is well made and maintains its shape so no need of flipping it.

    Minimal motion transfer

    If you will be sharing the bed with a person, who like to turn and toss in their sleep you definitely need a mattress that minimizes motion transfer to ensure uninterrupted sleep. With this mattress, the motion transfer is there but barely noticeable especially when one is already sleeping. If it bothers you so much, you can add a memory foam topper for added contour to eliminate motion transfer.


  • Offers a long-lasting support thanks to the high-quality steel spring coils
  • Plush comfort form the layers of padded upholstery
  • The mattress comes rolled up and compressed for ease of transportation
  • Perfectly firm without a need to add extra pillow top
  • The springs do not make noise
  • It’s a 75” mattress thus ideal for taller people
  • CONS

  • Cannot be flipped as only the top side of the mattress has cushion material while the other side has the backing material.

  • Englander Mattress Review

    If you love sleeping cool, then Englander Bodi-form coil-less memory foam mattress will suit you. It features a layer of Gel Visco that plays the role of controlling the bed’s temperature such that even if it’s summer, the bed is still bearable. Again, the mattress offers great moisture management thanks to the Gel Visco, and this means that you won’t be waking up in a pool of sweat.

    Why do we consider this as one of the best Englander Mattresses?

    Great support

    With a high-density foam base, this mattress offers great support which translates to better night’s sleep. The most important aspect of any mattress is its support, and the manufacturers of this mattress hit this spot on. Because of this support, the mattress is also durable, and you will thus enjoy a great, relaxing night’s sleep for a long time.

    Great pressure relief

    This is a memory foam mattress meaning it accurately conforms to your body thus reducing pressure points. If you have been experiencing back, neck or hip pains in the morning it’s probably because your mattress is not good at preventing pressure points. Whether you sleep on your stomach, back or side, this mattress helps you wake up feeling refreshed in the morning.

    Firmness level

    Every person has what they feel is the perfect firmness level for a mattress. For this mattress, it has a great balance of firmness and softness such that it is not too firm and not too soft. This way, it makes a great choice for a wide range of sleepers as most people prefer not so soft and not a too firm mattress. It is also very durable, and the full wrap design adds to its durability.


  • Smooth quilt
  • Very supportive- features a high-density foam base
  • A layer of Gel Visco
  • Best for pressure relief
  • Great moisture management
  • Temperature control
  • CONS

  • The mattress produces some smells when new, but they fade after some days
  • Englander Mattress Review

    Why do we consider this as one of the best Englander Mattresses?

    Outstanding comfort

    The Englander Synergy 9221 Memory foam mattress offers an outstanding comfort. It is made of a layer of pure latex plus advanced Visco Memory foam thus feels so good to lie on. Thus, when searching for a mattress that can offer comfortable sleep at a reasonable price, this a great option to go by.


    Your mattress support gets better here because this Englander mattress is designed to have a 7-inch high-density base foam meaning you will enjoy the best mattress support for the longest time. They call it the Synergy experience. And, just as you might have heard already, there is no point in buying a mattress with a poor support despite the price because you won’t enjoy sleeping on it.

    Luxurious conforming qualities

    Because the mattress features 100% pure, natural latex, it conforms to your body shape to reduce pressure points while also minimizing motion transfer. Generally, the mattress has all the features of a luxurious mattress, only that it comes at a lower price.

    Great temperature control

    The last thing you want on a summer night is a mattress that sleeps hot. Luckily, the Synergy mattress features a pressure and heat sensitive visco-elastic memory foam that not only helps in controlling bed temperatures but also in managing the moisture. The mattress thus offers a restful night no matter the season.


    It’s a memory foam mattress thus has some noticeable smells when new.
    Quite pricey comparing to others Englander mattresses


  • Provides great edge-to-edge sleeping comfort
  • Conforms better to your body curves
  • Features a layer of pure latex plus advanced Visco Memory foam
  • Has a 7-inch high-density base foam
  • Sleeps cooler
  • Offers great support
  • No motion transfer

  • CONS

  • It’s a memory foam mattress thus has some noticeable smells when new.
  • Quite pricey
  • Englander Mattress Review

    The Englander Viscopedic 5121 memory foam mattress is the most luxurious and relaxing mattress for the price. It responds to your body temperature and weight to deliver a pressure-free night’s sleep. It is a great mattress for people with different body weights and who sleep in different positions thanks to its high-quality construction.

    Why do we consider this as one of the best Englander Mattresses?

    Patented variable pressure foaming technology

    Compared to other memory foam mattresses, this mattress features what its manufacturers refer to as patented variable pressure foaming technology to deliver the best durability, resilience, consistency, and conformity for many years of a comfortable sleep.

    Visco-elasticness benefits

    The mattress features 2-inch visco-elastic memory foam that does a great job in preventing pressure points as well as controlling the bed’s temperature. One benefit of visco-elasticness is that it allows you to sleep in just any position without causing discomfort. This is because it conforms to any body weight and shapes thanks to its visco-elastic nature.


    The most important part of this mattress is its hypo-allergenic nature that makes it ideal for people who suffer from allergies. The mattress also conforms to your body to prevent motion transfer, and this makes it a good choice for people who share the bed especially with a partner who turns and tosses in their sleep.


  • Smooth quilt
  • PBDE free
  • 2-inch Visco memory foam
  • Great base support from 6” foam
  • Delivers a pressure-free sleep
  • Hypo-allergenic
  • No motion transfer

  • CONS

    • Has a slight smell when new but it airs out after a few days

    Conclusion on Englander Mattress Reviews

    Englander mattresses are designed to meet your sleeping needs for only a small fee. They feature all high-quality materials and great construction yet very affordable. They are available in various levels of firmness to be usable by a wide range of sleepers and also provide a wide range of support. We have looked at the best Englander mattresses hoping to make your search for one easier.