Best Folding Mattress Reviews 2017 (Our top picks)

Unlike the traditional bed, a folding mattress does just that. It folds into a compact size such that it can be stored compactly or transported easily. These are versatile beds that are important if you cannot manage to save a guest bedroom all year round. Your kids can take them over for sleepovers, or you can take one for camping.

Benefits of a Folding Mattress

A folding mattress is designed using three panels which fold in two places. The folding property wins the day because of many cute reasons.

  • Great for Guests

Crashing on a couch isn’t such a great idea for guests. You are better off on a mattress on the floor than have a hard surface nudging back at you. Folding beds can be stored away in the closet and only take out when you need them. As such they are the best option for guests.

  • Versatile

The uses of a folding mattress are endless. It can work as an ottoman; kids play area, a footrest, a resting place for movie watching in the lounge and much more. Some are firm enough to be useful as a chair.

  • Portable

Perhaps the most essential aspect of folding mattresses is the portability. You can take it absolutely everywhere since they’ll take little space at the back of your car. They are your best friend on road trips, camping, and vacations in the wilderness. You’ll find convenient carry handles to ease the hassle of transporting these folding mattresses.

  • Affordable

Another advantage of these beds is their price. Since they don’t come in big sizes, you’ll find that even the most expensive can go for only $200.

  • Comfortable

The materials that make these beds do not differ from what we see in conventional designs. This means you don’t get to compromise on the quality of sleep even if it’s in your camper or a camp tent floor.

  • Ideal for Kids

If you worry about jumpy kids hitting the floor hard; use a folding mattress in their playroom. This will alleviate any incidences of hard falls which can injure them. Fold up beds can also use waterproof covers that are quick to clean and maintain.

Overall, a folding mattress is your go to if you have small guest space or need a portable bed for travel. They are easy to store, transport, and come in shapes and sizes fit for both adults and kids. You want to own a folding mattress? Walk with us to know more about the TOP PICKS.

But First, Features to Look for Before Purchasing the best Folding Mattress

  • Type of Foam

The design of the bed determines its comfort and quality. You’ll encounter memory foam folding mattresses or polyurethane and latex foam folding beds. Memory foam conforms to the body’s curves and therefore more comfortable. This makes them expensive as they are durable.

Polyurethane foam and latex foam are on the budget-friendly end. They are not meant to serve you for a long time but still provide a comfortable sleeping surface. The support is also great since foam is firm. Most back sleepers will prefer a latex foam folding mattress.

  • The Cover 

The top surface is the area that is in contact with your skin. Some covers are from wool while others are made from cotton. Polyester is more breathable and wicks away sweat, but most of the time it is not machine–washable.

Cotton covers are removable so that you can spot clean it or machine-wash it. If you are buying the best folding mattress for use by kids, a removable cover will work great.

Don’t forget to look for other types of covers with a construction from sturdy, waterproof materials.

  • Size 

Folding mattresses come in three sizes: twin, full, and queen. They offer a choice according to the needs and your budget. As you know a large size means paying more money. It’s always important to double check the measurements since sometimes you may get a mattress that claims to be a particular size only to find the dimensions are way off from the foundation it will be using.

  • Support 

Look at how thick the mattress is. For most beds, the thicker it is, the comfier it feels. When using a fold-up mattress without a box foundation, you’ll need it to be packed and firm so that you’ll not sink and feel the ground against your body. Look for beds that offer a firm base measuring from 3 inches to 9 inches.

  • Portability 

If your primary reason for purchasing a fold-up mattress is for taking it to the outdoors, it should fold quickly into a subtle size. You don’t want to wrestle down a mattress every time you leave camp. Looking at its portability, you should also consider a lightweight bed.

Best Folding Mattresses Comparison Table


Construction Materials





Memory Foam and foam base

Removable-machine washable

16 pounds

4 inches

Memory Foam and polyurethane foam base

Jacquard bamboo cover- machine washable

27.5 pounds

6 inches

Memory Foam and foam base

Microfiber Jacquard-machine-washable

15.7 pounds

4 inches

Polyurethane foam.

Polyester- not machine washable

9 pounds

3 inches

Polyurethane foam

Polyester- not machine washable

11 pounds

4 inches

High-density foam

Removable and machine-washable

19.3 pounds

4 inches

High-density foam


10 pounds

3 inches

Why do we consider this as the best folding mattress?

  • Innovative Design  

The LUCID model comes in a unique style. It can be disguised as a living room sofa and used as a guest bed when it’s time to turn in. The panels are robust and steady such that they can stay firm on the floor without extra support. The folding parts are divided into four such that the first two can make for excellent back support when used as a couch.

You can choose from seven sizes meaning that everyone in the family can have the size that suits their requirements. Couples will find the queen size efficient for comfortable, satisfying sleep. The foam enjoys zero motion transfer by localizing your movements to only where you sleep.

  • Offers Superb Portability

This bed achieves a low profile during transport. It is only 12 inches high when collapsed to the folded dimensions. It comes with two carrying handles on the sides. You don’t need to invest in a carry bag. It is ready for transport as it is. The weight is quite manageable at 17 pounds. Although kids will need some help adults will not hassle bringing it to different rooms.

  • Deluxe Foam

This bed enjoys responsive memory foam on the top. It ensures your sleep is deep by eliminating pressure from your hips and shoulders. It relieves pain from the back by thoroughly relaxing your muscles. If you are a camping fan, this bed will take you places. It ensures your body rests sufficiently so that you can undertake expeditions full of energy.

Looking at the supportive base, it’s pleasing to find that 3.5 inches are dedicated to providing underlying pushback. Your body does not sink to the bottom when you apply your weight to it. The foam offers maximum support by aligning your body evenly. It also prevents sagging and wearing unevenly.

  • Meets High Safety

The foam is CertPUR-US certified. The performance is exceptional as it has passed the quality standardization checks. You should expect an odor-free mattress that remains clean all-through the time you’ll be using it. Don’t fret about sleeping on a bed derived from chemicals. Babies and seniors have a pass to sleep on it without any present or future health complications.

  • Removable Cover 

The cover exhibits a luxuriously soft feeling. It provides a comfy surface since it does not cause any skin irritations. Seeing that it protects the mattress from dirt, dust, and sweat, it will catch on with stains and debris. But don’t you worry; it is removable and machine-washable. LUCID recommends using warm water and a mild detergent to preserve its shape and soft properties.

Snags but Not Real Drawbacks 

  • Does not fit back into initial shipping package

When the mattress has expanded entirely, it is impossible to compress it into a duffel bag or the shipping bag. The folded dimensions are as small as it gets.

  • A bit Soft for Back Sleepers 

For heavy back sleepers, the memory foam top layer gives in to too much pressure. Side sleepers will love the feeling it gives them.


  • Infused with responsive memory foam
  • No chemical odors upon opening the package
  • Supportive foam base
  • CertPUR-US certified for performance, quality, and environment safety
  • Comes with carrying handles
  • CONS

  • Feels soft for heavy back sleepers
  • Doesn’t compress further than the folded dimensions
  • Why do we consider this as one of the best folding mattress?

    • Shows Great Convenience

    Milliard always tops the list when it comes to providing dependable folding mattresses. This bed, in particular, unfolds in simple steps. You can lay it absolutely everywhere from the bedroom floor to the lounge, or mobile home. You’ll find it useful for camping tents as it will save you from a hard floor. Not to mention, it gives superior comfort thanks to the 6 inches thickness.

    It folds neatly when storing so that it takes little room in the closet. With the small folded size, it can stay in an upright or ottoman position with regard to the space you’ve saved for storage.

    • Jacquard Bamboo Cover

    The plush properties of this mattress are exhibited in the bamboo cover. Bamboo is well-known for its antimicrobial and anti-fungal properties. It is the perfect sleeping surface and the healthiest option in folding beds. You can stay free from breathing into harmful chemicals. If you want an odorless mattress from the time you take it off the package, you’ll give the Milliard model serious consideration.

    You’ll also like that it removable and washable.  Your bed stays clean and fresh as it resists odors, dust, and odor accumulations. It boasts an anti-slip bottom which adds stability to the robust base.

    • Luxurious Memory Foam Design

    You have a bed that uses 3 lbs plush memory foam on the 1.5 inch top layer. It is synonymous with even sleep all throughout the night. Your muscles can relax and rest easy as it conforms to the contours of your body. You’ll like how well it evens out the pressure of your weight even for heavy persons.

    The base layer has a construction from supportive polyurethane foam. With 4.5 inches of foam, you’ll not sink to the ground. It improves your sleeping experience since it does not sag or lose its shape over time. The foam is CertPUR-US certified meaning it is safe to breathe into. It helps you steer clear of any allergic effects of chemicals.

    The mattress also stays clear of the use of any heavy metals like mercury and lead. Better still, it does not contain ozone depleters and fire retardants. It has been tested for low VOC (Volatile Chemical Compounds) emissions, formaldehyde, and prohibited phthalates.

    • Ample Ventilation

    No one likes sleeping hot. Milliard ensures you have quality sleep by making air inlets between the two layers. It helps to dispel excess heat to the outside. Even if you are sleeping in a poorly ventilated tent in the desert’s sun, your mattress works to fulfill conducive sleeping.

    Snags but Not Real Drawbacks 

    • It’s heavy

    With 6 inches of dense memory foam and polyurethane foam, this bed weighs 27.5 pounds. It limits carriage by kids and persons who have weight lifting limitations. For the comfortable sleep it offers, you’ll have to contend with the additional weight.

    • It does not wear evenly

    This mattress contours to the body. After some time you’ll want to rotate it to allow for even wear. The memory foam does bounce back to its original shape, but after some time it may lose the elasticity where you’ll notice some consistent sinking in the middle.


  • Merges memory foam and polyurethane foam
  • Free from chemical odors
  • 6 inches thick
  • Folds and unfolds quickly
  • Functional for many needs
  • Bamboo cover
  • CONS

    • Cumbersome for persons who can’t lift over 25 pounds
    • Needs occasional rotating

    Why do we consider this as one of the best folding mattress?

    • Individualized Pressure Relief

    When looking for a folding bed, comfort may be compromised for the sake of the folding design. But the Zinus Sleep Master is more than just a fold-up. You have all-around pressure relief which contributes to a good night’s sleep. With 1 inch of high-density memory foam on top, it is sure to contour to your body and provide even support.

     The second layer is 2 inches of responsive viscolatex foam. It is responsible for localizing movement such that you can sleep with a partner and not disturb their sleep. It’s just pleasing that it has minimum motion transfer. The 1 inch base support brings everything to a whole new standpoint. You’ll receive great pushback which prevents sagging and sinking deep on the bed.
    • CertiPUR-US Certified

    Zinus excels in using only top-grade foam for construction of their mattresses. This bed is no exception as it passes the standards for quality and durability assurance. We can firmly recommend an accolade for being a chemical-free bed. It provides you a hypoallergenic sleeping surface. You can say goodbye to allergic reactions caused by breathing in chemicals. With Zinus, you’ll have improved indoor air such that even children can sleep on it.

    The Biofoam is infused with powerful but natural ingredients that keep it fresh. It helps in moisture absorption as well as eliminating odors. It remains highly breathable, and as such it helps diffuse off excess heat. Your mattress is always fresh for every night and day use.

    • Perfect Cover 

    The Sleep Master boasts a microfiber jacquard cover. It benefits from a sophisticated, woven design which maintains its quality in the long run. It provides ample protection for the mattress from external elements like spills. The bottom of the cover is a non-slip surface. It allows for sleeping on wooden, tiled, and soft surfaces that could cause shifting of the mattress if you toss too much while sleeping.

     You can quickly remove the cover for machine washing. It does not shrink or crumble after cleaning. Instead, it maintains the shape and touch from the time it’s new. What more could you ask for in a cover?
    • Great Usability 

    This bed functions in many forms for all your household needs. It is in only the twin size, fit for small living rooms. It’s the ideal addition if you wish to have a guest sleeping over. The size is also great for kids since it can accommodate two or three children. When folded it can work like a lounging chair or a footstool.

    • Easy Carriage

    The Sleep Master weighs 15.7 pounds. Many people will find it quick to pack and carry as it does not take a toll on your muscles. The dense foam does not inhibit the carriage since it can collapse into a subtle carriage bag. It stores compactly in spaces as small as the closet or under the regular bed.

    Snags but Not Real Drawbacks 

    • Needs time to take its full shape 

    Due to the compressed packaging, this bed requires waiting up to 48 hours for it to acquire its full plush size. You should, therefore, order it a few days before the time you actually need to use it to accommodate this expansion.

    • Available in a single size 

    You’ll have to make do with the twin size bed. It does not open up options for couples who love their space even on a folding mattress.


  • It has a construction from memory foam
  • 3 inches of comfort foam and 1 inch sturdy base
  • Collapses to a small carriage size
  • Non-slip bottom surface
  • Removable and washable microfiber jacquard cover
  • CONS

  • Heavy people will find it too soft
  • Only one year warranty
  • Needs time to take its full shape
  • Available in a single size
  • Why do we consider this as one of the best folding mattress?

    • Highly Economical 

    D&D Futon Furniture brings us an affordable and top-quality tri-fold bed. It is reasonably priced for the many purposes it fulfills in your home. It comes perfect for people who have small and narrow spaces. One, it can be of use as an extra bed, a comfortable chair, and even a portable travel mattress. Most people love it as an ottoman since it achieves a high height which is perfect for placing your feet when reading a book. This bed can be of use over and over again for many years thanks to this thoughtful design.

    • Resilient Foam Construction 

    The features on a fold up mattress are not always premium. But to our surprise, the D&D brand is keen to issue a satisfactory bed. The foam is dense and supportive such that you’ll be free from aches and excess pressure. It bounces back to its original dimensions as the foam is firm. You can sleep on it every night and not feel like you are going to hit the floor in the middle of the night.

    • High-Grade Cover 

    In terms of appearance, we love that it is black and not grey. It stands out in the company of other folding beds, but it blends in with any décor if you are keen on detail. What we like most is the polyester make. It is super-convenient for keeping out dust mites and bacteria. It assures you of fresh and clean sleep as it is resistant to dirt and accumulation of odors.

    Every cushion has a zipper such that you can remove it for washing. You’ll always have a clean bed waiting for you to turn in. The polyester does not shrink or lose its agility after washing.

    • Dependable Thickness 

    Although it is only 3 inches thick, this bed seems to hold up quite well. It resists sagging and losing its shape after some time. You don’t need to sleep on the upper surface only since you can flip it on any side so that it will wear evenly. It stays put in that it does not sink to the point of reaching the floor. In fact, many people notice that it maintains only the pressure you apply on it. However, some would love it a bit thicker. It all depends on personal preference here.

    • Exceptional Portability 

    This bed folds into an ottoman of the size 9”H x25”Lx27”W. It achieves a small portable size for easy transport. You’ll love how fast it is easy to fold. This is thanks to the already designed panels. What’s more, it weighs only 9 pounds. It’s perhaps the lightest since even kids can carry it.

    Snags but not Real Drawbacks 

    • It’s a little Firm

    For side sleepers who prefer a bed that sinks, you’ll find it a bit hard. It favors stomach and back sleepers who don’t mind the constant pushback. Nevertheless, you can place it on a box spring foundation to even out the pressure so that it feels soft.

    • Only 3 inches Thick

    This bed is slimmer than most fold-up designs. It does provide comfort, but if you are using it directly on the floor, you may feel like it’s too low when you apply too much pressure. As such, persons with a large weight may not find it too relaxing.


  • Uses 100% polyester cover
  • Removable and washable cover
  • Can sleep on both sides
  • Folds compactly to an ottoman size
  • Weighs little (9 pounds)
  • CONS

    • Not ideal for side sleepers
    • Available in only one color

    Why do we consider this as one of the best folding mattress?

    • Perfect Flexibility

    If you own a mobile home, you know that space is always limited. So when there’s no room for an extra couch, the Magfashion Tri-fold bed will come in handy. It can transform in many ways to provide comfortable utility. Whether you need a soft chair to lounge in or a makeshift recliner for the patio, it’s yours for the asking. 

    It is your friend when you want to snuggle with pets while watching TV and even create a fun playing area for kids. It saves them from falling hard on the floor. Not to mention, it provides a comfortable bed for guests to turn in instead of lying on hard futons.

    • Soft and Comfy

    With a construction from high-density (1.2 lbs) white polyurethane foam, this bed enjoys high comfort levels. Every inch of the 4 inches counts since it provides excellent comfort by alleviating pressure points. You don’t need to take an air bed for camping when you can have a folding foam bed with you. It offers complete relaxation since the base gives the pushback which prevents it from sinking all the way to the floor.

    • Polyester Top

    When it comes to breathability and wicking sweat, you can’t beat polyester. It opens up the possibilities of taking this mattress to hot environments. It saves you from waking up all sweaty as it has improved airflow. It allows moisture to seep through the layers leaving you cool and dry. This way, your sleep won’t be cut short by a gush of hot air settling on the bed.

    This cover is removable, but it is not machine washable. You’ll have to spot clean.  It is an inconvenience for those who plan on buying the mattress for children play areas. Nevertheless, the bed is in a wide variety of colors so you can pick a desirable color that won’t show visible dirt when it’s stepped on by playful kids.

    • Thoughtful Sizes

    Apart from the regular twin, full, and king sizes, this bed is also available in a smaller size than the standard twin. The single size is perfect for children. It opens opportunities for them to take it when visiting friends. Since it bears a weight less than 11 pounds, we feel it is manageable for most teens.

    • Outstanding Portability

    Using the three panels, this bed can fold to less than half its size. You’ll like that it can fit into a travel bag which makes it convenient for transport. Now you don’t have an excuse for skipping long hiking and camping trips. You’ll only have to invest in a bag that has carry handles so that it will be much easier to lift from the car.

    Hitches but Not Real Drawbacks 

    • Uses short-life polyurethane foam

    Although this bed gives consistent comfort, you may not get to enjoy this feeling in the long term. This is because it uses polyurethane foam which is not as long-lasting as memory foam. The price is a no brainer since it is reasonable to reflect on the easy-to-source raw materials.

    • Cover is not Machine-Washable

    For a bed that rarely sits on a foundation when it’s in use, it is bound to get dirty within a short time. Spot cleaning will not always cut it when it comes to removing tough stains.


  • 4 inches thick
  • Flexible for many uses
  • Comes in many sizes
  • Lightweight and travels compactly
  • Has a wide variety of colors
  • CONS

  • Polyurethane foam is not the best when it comes to durability
  • Cover has to be spot cleaned
  • Why do we consider this as one of the best folding mattress?

    • CertiPUR-US Certified

    With institutions advocating for improved indoor air quality, doctors note that mattresses contribute to low air quality in the home. That’s why every foam mattress has to pass rigorous tests for chemicals with harmful side effects.

    This Best Choice Products mattress meets the standards of a chemical-free mattress. Everyone in the household can sleep on it including kids and the seniors. You’ll love how fresh and clean it smells. No more airing a new bed for days even if it comes in a folded size. You have the assurance of durability and comfort in this brand.

    • Excellent Portability

    As they say, a small package brings all the convenience of travel. This bed goes to approximately 1/3 of its size to fit in a small carry bag. You’ll not have troubles bringing it to campsites and RVs.  The weight is a little bit more than the Cozzzi brand, but we are sure you can keep up instead of lying on hard ground each night.

    This bed comes with two carry handles that make it super easy to lift and take it with you. It gives you a smooth time to transport and bring it to long journeys and vacations.

    • Fits well with lots of needs

    A perfect mattress can be of use for a variety of needs other than sleeping. Best Products designs a bed that can work as a comfortable floor sofa as much as it can be a guest bed and a camping couch. Seeing that it is available in all the three sizes, you can acquire a mattress that suits your specific requirements.

    • Reliable Support

    With 4 inches of high-density foam, you have a bed that gives only to the extent of pressure you apply to it. The mattress molds to your body and provides overall body support. It allows you to rest the pressure points on the shoulders and hips so that you can have a deep and peaceful sleep. It is best for those outdoor escapades where you have to fully relax tired muscles if you wish to undertake more extended adventures.

    • Removable Washable Cover

    You can do with a non-removable cover on a regular bed, but with a mattress that is regularly used on floors, it needs a removable cover. With a soft sleeping surface, you’ll also have it clean wherever you are. It provides you with a fresh bed as it keeps out microbes and debris that could infiltrate the inner layers of the mattress. This means your bed retains its new good condition for a really long time.

    The polyurethane cover is machine-friendly since it can be washed and dried at a moment’s notice. You’ll always have it clean each time guests are around or for kids’ playrooms.

    Hitches but not Drawbacks

    • It takes time to expand fully

    After removing your mattress from the package, it takes up to 72 hours for it to expand to its full size. As such, you’ll not get it to use it the first few days after bringing it home. For those looking to sleep on it immediately it arrives, you’ll have to exercise a little patience.

    • Heavier than Regular folding Mattresses

    Weighing 19.3 pounds, most adults will not find it too heavy, but kids will hassle with this bed when setting it up. However, for the size, it comes with more comfort and thickness which is exhibited by the extra weight.


  • CertiPUR-US certified
  • Made with high-density foam
  • Machine-washable polyurethane cover
  • 4 inches thick for maximum support
  • Tri-fold easy transport mechanism
  • CONS

  • Weighs more than regular folding beds
  • You have to wait for 72 hours for it to expand fully
  • Why do we consider this as one of the best folding mattress?

    • Great Convenience 

    The Cozzzi model comes at a time when we need to take a comfortable bed with us. It doesn’t matter how far the safari takes you, Cozzi offers a tri-fold bed that is easy to transport. You have a wide variety of places to bring it. From camping adventures to long road trips across the states; you’ll have a comfy bed that ensures you are fully rested to take your expeditions even further.

    • Portability

    This bed exhibits uniqueness in its lightweight nature. Weighing only 10 pounds, it will not feel like a drag when taking it out of the car to the house or camper. It folds compactly giving you an advantage in storage as it in transport. You’ll find it useful for the kids during sleepovers as it will not give them a hard time setting up.

    • High Comfort Levels

    As we said, no one likes to compromise their sleep by using a half-baked mattress. That’s why Cozzzi invests some time to create a product that you’ll appreciate lying on all night long. It uses high-density foam on every dimension giving you all-around support. This kind of mattress is known to have therapeutic effects so you can use it if you are experiencing any muscle aches. After a long hiking trip, you’d better be on a foam bed than an airbed or sleeping bag.

    • Easy to Care and Maintain

    This mattress comes with a removable cover. It protects the foam from spills and dust while giving you a soft sleeping surface. It preserves your bed in good condition so that you’ll have it for a decent period without asking for a replacement. The cover comes off quickly using the zipper, and it is machine washable. You don’t need to fret if kids love playing on it since you can have it clean and ready for guests by the time evening comes.

     The non-slip bottom ensures it stays stable even when you lie on a smooth surface. You’ll not wake up on one corner of the tent if the base is slippery.
    • Versatile

    If you are into camping, most of the time you have to sit on rocks around a fire. But with the versatility that Cozzzi brings along, you get to fold it into a chair or create a make-shift sofa or couch for a comfortable sitting place.

    • Fast to Set Up

    Don’t worry about wrestling with a new package when setting this bed. It comes in the folded dimensions so it will be quick to unfold and use.

    Some Snags but not real Drawbacks 

    • It has limited sizes

    This bed is only available in the 75x25 inches or the 75x32 inches. Quite limiting we must say if you want something bigger. We do not also like that it is just 3 inches high. It may need a foundation if you’ll be sleeping on a hard surface.

    • It has a dull cover

    When cleaning a bed cover, we prefer it be bright or white so that you have an option of bleaching it. But the Cozzzi cover is a shade of dark grey which means if you have severe stains to remove it will be a hassle. Just ensure to bring along the right stain removal products.


  • Comfy high-density foam
  • Lightweight for portability
  • Wide variety of useful functions
  • Removable cover
  • CONS

  • A bit thin (3 inches high)
  • Cover cannot be bleached
  • It has limited sizes

  • So... What is the best folding mattress on the market?

    We wrap up the best folding mattresses by giving credit to the most exceptional model. We find LUCID has done a great job in designing an exceptionally great product. The folding chair style is unlike what we have seen on other brands. It is sturdy, comfy, and most of all durable. For the price, this mattress is a sure winner.

    If you are not a LUCID fan, you can still find other outstanding folding mattresses to meet your needs on our list. Don’t miss out on the advantages of a fold-up bed. Get yours as soon as possible.