GhostBed Mattress Review – read before you buy

In this article, all eyes are on the Ghostbed mattress. It took 15 years to craft this bed. So it raises many questions. How different is it? Will it suit your sleeping style?

Don’t worry; we are as curious as you are and we are here to demystify everything there is to know about the Ghostbed mattress. At the end of it all, you’ll discover its support system, motion isolation, temperature regulation, warranty, and many others in our GhostBed mattress review.

A quick look at GhostBed Company

ghostbed mattress review

Nature’s Sleep is the company behind the Ghostbed mattress. They have been in business for 15 years and seeing that many people pay a high markup price for their beds, they embarked on removing these middlemen. You can expect to pay a very affordable price for this mattress as it comes directly from their factory.

Ghostbed is 100% made in the USA with natural, high-quality materials. It is no wonder the industry-leading mattress with the highest number of owners on online websites.

GhostBed mattress review in a nutshell


Rating on a Scale of 1-10







Edge Support


Pressure Points Relief


Back Sleeping


Stomach Sleeping


Side Sleeping




Value for Money


Warranty and Support


So, let’s not keep you waiting


ghostbed mattress review

The Ghostbed is a bed in box mattress. It is compressed in the factory to a subtle size such that it fits in a subtle box. The box is vacuum pressed to ensure it retains its hygienic status throughout its shipping journey. When it arrives in your home, you’ll be surprised to find it’s a box that you can quickly doubt if it holds an 11-inch mattress. All you need is bring the box to the room you want the mattress to occupy, open the box, lay down the bed and watch it expand to its full size.

However, you may want to give it a few hours up to a day to acclimate to the temperature of your room. This is because memory foam is highly reactive to heat, so you’ll want it to take to the room’s temperature first before it conforms to yours.


The Ghostbed is a hybrid mattress that has both latex and memory foam layers. The cooling gel memory foam layer regulates its temperature. By combining latex and memory foam, this bed aims at providing a premium, high-quality bed.

Memory foam conforms to the body and tends to sleep hot. Latex, on the other hand, is a bit firm and has open cell structure to allow airflow. Thus, it sleeps cooler than a memory foam bed. Ghostbed strives to strike a balance between a comfortable bed that conforms to the body and a mattress that sleeps cool.


ghostbed mattress review

The Ghostbed enjoys a plush cover that is a blend of viscose and polyester. It stretches with your movements, but you don’t need to worry about lumping since it goes back to its original shape after stretching. What you’ll notice is that it is super thin, but this is mainly to allow proper airflow from the rest of the layers. It wicks away moisture thus preventing you from waking up sweaty and hot. We love that is has a zipper meaning it is removable for washing. Now you can maintain this bed in the best condition.

Comfort Layer

After the cover, you have 1.5 inches of 3.5 pounds latex foam. It is continually aerated which contributes highly to cool sleeping by allowing airflow between the layers. This is the surface your body touches so it very responsive by following the curves of your body as soon as you lay on it. It resists any heat retention thus preventing any hot air from lingering on the top layer.

Memory Foam Layer

This is the middle layer that is 2 inches of gel memory foam. It uses Certi-PUR Certified memory foam along with pressure relieving material embedded in the gel beads. It is built to offer a cooling surface by absorbing any excess heat. If you happen to live in hot areas, the gel beads will work to restore the right temperature for sleeping. This restores your sleep so you can sleep soundly throughout the night.

Base Layer

The bottom layer is 7½ inches of 2 pounds high-density polyfoam. It is the foundation of the bed, and it provides the support, pushback, and durability it needs. It resists wear and tear from regular use. Therefore, you can expect it to last a decent period.

ghostbed mattress review

GhostBed Mattress Review of the basic features


By combining different densities of the layers starting from the cover, latex, foam, gel memory foam, and polyfoam, this bed achieves a firmness rating of 6.5/10. This is on a scale of 1-10 where 1 is the softest and 10 is the firmest. At 6.5, we appreciate that this mattress is neither too firm nor too soft. Many side sleepers will love the feel as it is not too rigid.

For the back and stomach sleepers, this bed prevents sinking too deep and feeling stuck in the process. It offers a balance of support and pressure relief. The latex foam prevents long-lasting imprints which may cause ridges on the bed and cause discomfort while sleeping.

However, it’s important to note that since memory foam is highly responsive to temperature, the bed may feel too soft when the ambient temperature is very high, and it may also feel too firm when the room temperature drops too low levels.

Pressure Relief

When we talk of pressure relief, you want to feel the support of the bed without it pressing to the parts of the body where the pressure is usually perceived. This is regarding the shoulders, back, and hips. For those who sleep on their back or their stomach, many have noticed that your weight is well-distributed such that you can switch from the back position to the side without struggling with the mattress.

Although side sleepers tend to sink deep into the mattress, Ghostbed ensures that the constant pushback and contouring latex foam on the upper alleviates the pressure points that form as a result of uneven weight distribution.

Another concern with pressure relief is the alleviation of back pain. For many people who experience lower back pain, the Ghostbed offers pressure relief that helps you sleep better if you have tense muscles.

Temperature Regulation

The cooling system on the Ghostbed starts with the thin cover. It uses a moisture wicking, micron, breathable fabric that helps the body regulate its temperature. Nature’s Bed utilizes their exclusive cool burst technology on the open structure latex foam. It allows continuous airflow which prevents trapping of heat.

It also helps to cool the bed at the same time that your body is giving off heat. It works by allowing cool air to get into the mattress layers while hot air leaves in real time. Not to mention, the sensory cool gel beads on the memory foam that work to dissipate excess heat.
ghostbed mattress review

Motion Isolation

If you are looking for a bed that you hope to share with a partner, it’s imperative that you know how it feels when your partner tosses at night. Better still, will they disturb your sleep when getting in and out of bed?

Ghostbed has very little motion transfer to the other side of the bed. May owners have attested that they sleep better on this mattress even if someone else tends to turn a lot in their sleep.

Edge Support

If you need to use the whole bed, this means you’ll need to utilize even the edges. For this bed, it compresses because of the memory foam, but you will not slide off because it receives pushback from the polyfoam. Edge support also comes in handy when getting in and out of bed. With the Ghostbed, you can count on it not to give when you apply too much pressure when climbing into bed.

How far will it Sink?

On sinkage, many people want to know how it feels when sleeping on the bed. Will you feel like you are just lying on the top surface, will you sink to the middle layer, and will you get stuck in the middle? When tested using persons of average weight, this mattress dips only 1.5 inches. For heavier people, this bed may sink to 4 inches and 6.5 inches if you sit on the edge.

GhostBed Mattress Review of Bed specifications

The GhostBed removes the hassle of shipping and delivery. This bed comes right at your doorstep which is convenient because you’ll not be scheduling delivery dates and then wait for the truck to offload the bed.

Nature’s sleep sells this mattress exclusively on online stores. This has brought down the prices significantly. The Ghostbed is available in many sizes on the Ghostbed website as well as on Amazon.

Do you need a foundation with the Ghostbed Mattress?

Ideally, this mattress comes without the foundation. It can go with just about any base from a box spring to a box platform, and even adjustable slates. When placed on a stable platform, this bed can support up to 750 lbs. Ghostbed advocates to pick the King size bed if you weigh more than 300 lbs to get optimum support.

Does the Ghostbed need flipping?

The construction of this bed with the top latex, middle memory foam and base polyfoam means that you cannot flip it. You can increase its longevity by rotating it over 180-degrees during the first few months and once every two months after that.

Who is best suited for the Ghostbed Mattress?

ghostbed mattress review
If you like sleeping cool

This mattress has extensively invested in making sure that it sleeps cool. It uses open-cell latex foam on the top and gel-infused memory foam. It favors anyone who steers away from memory foam beds with the fear it will get hot.

If you need to feel some bounce

The latex foam is not only soft, but it is responsive to give this bed a springy feeling. It is a hybrid bed that satisfies the need for pressure relief by contouring to the body’s curves but also preventing you from sticking.

If you sleep in multiple positions

The Ghostbed firmness is medium-firm. It garners lots of appeal to anyone who can sleep on their stomach as well as on their back and side.

If you want a high-value bed at an affordable price

Perhaps the highest attraction about this mattress is that it does not compromise on quality even though the price is not steep.

Questions about GhostBed mattress you may ask

Does the GhostBed have a chemical smell?

With a bed that comes compressed in a box, you can expect a new mattress smell which should go away in a few hours. The mattress uses natural latex and Certi-PUR Certified memory foam. It does not over process the mattress using chemicals thus the new bed smell does not persist past the first day of use.

Warranty and Return Policy

The Ghostbed is designed to give you optimum comfort and a plush sleeping experience. This bed offers you 101 nights free trial period. This is the time you get to try it out to know if it suits all your needs. Ghostbed advocates that you should give the mattress time to get used to. And after if you don’t feel like the mattress works great for you, just go to the return request page on and they will arrange for a free return of the mattress.

This mattress has a 20-year warranty. This is probably the longest you’ll ever see on a hybrid bed. The warranty covers repairs and replacement caused by any defects in the cause of the workmanship. This includes any lasting body impression on the top layer that is more than 1-inch and any physical flaw in the memory foam or latex-like cracks.

However, any free replacements and repairs only happen during the first ten years. After that, Ghostbed will at their option repair the bed, and you’ll be paying for the handling costs including its transport.

It’s also good to remember that the warranty only covers the original buyer.

What are Customers Saying?

As we are just one opinion in reviewing the Ghostbed mattress, it is imperative to look at what others have to say on the web. We noticed that a high percentage of the customers are satisfied with their buy. The only concern is with the time it takes to get used to the mattress. Some say their backs were sore the first few days, but after their bodies adapted to the new mattress, their backs have never been the same after receiving comforting pain relief.

GhostBed Mattress against its Competitive Brands

GhostBed vs. Purple Mattress 

ghostbed mattress review

Even as a hybrid bed, this mattress has a high competition from other beds.

The Purple Mattress is the most competitive bed against the GhostBed mattress. It is a three-layer mattress consisting of a hyper-elastic polymer, polyfoam, and high-density poly foam base. The three layers are quite different in each bed as one uses polymer while the other uses latex. This brings in the difference in the durability since the Purple Mattress has a warranty of 10 years while the GhostBed enjoys a 20-year warranty.

Overview and Conclusion

GhostBed mattress is developed by one of the best mattress manufacturer’s; Nature’s Sleep. It is a bed that seeks to adapt to the current changing needs of the modern sleeper. It is a hybrid mattress that balances bouncy comfort with body contouring needs. This mattress comes highly recommended for anyone who loves a medium-firm bed for sleeping in multiple positions. It favors partners as it has minimal motion transfer.

It is a highly valuable mattress seeing that it uses natural latex foam and Certi-PUR Certified Memory foam. It has durable layers, a cool structure, and comfortable, supportive core.

It is clear that Nature’s Sleep has gone out of their way to bring this all-around mattress to satisfy your every sleeping need.

Own this mattress to get that extra bounce and comfort that will give you sound sleep each night.