Best L Shaped Bunk Beds Review

Your kids enjoy having their personal space. That’s why bunk beds are popular in kids’ bedrooms. The classic bunk bed used to have two beds parallel to each other. But with the desire to utilize under-the-bed space, there came the L-shaped bunk beds. These beds showcase better room usage as they fit naturally in small rooms.

We have an overview of 5 best L-shaped bunk beds. Walk with us as we show you why they are unique models worth investing.

But first, who will benefit from L-shaped bunk beds?

If you want to increase kids play area

When you have a few kids, you’ll want for them to play in a vast space without knocking on bedsides. With two beds side by side, the play area reduces to just a few feet apart. But an L-shaped bed saves up much of that space. You can have some toys to keep them busy when it’s too cold to play outside.

Utilize the Floor Space

When you want to create a desk area or a dresser for kids, the space under the top bed becomes a great place for some additional furniture.

When you want to lower bed purchase costs

With an L-shaped bunk bed, you get to skip the extra expenses that could otherwise be spent on box springs, headboards, and foundations. This is because these beds use their stacks as the foundation, and they do not require luxurious headboards. They are also in one area so you won’t need two rooms to store the beds.

As you set out to find the best L-shaped bunk beds, here are a few tips to remember.  

Know the Room’s Size

You’ll want to know both the floor space and the ceiling height of the room you wish the beds to occupy. The mattress should be at least 3 ft from the roof. Kids may get injuries when they get up if the bed sits too close to the ceiling.

Choose the Build Material

You’ll encounter either wooden or metallic L-shaped bunk beds. Metallic models are cheaper than wooden ones since the materials are easy to find. But the ladders carry a risk of causing injuries if your kid was to slip on it. Wooden bunk beds are more expensive as they must be from solid wood like that from oak, cedar, etc. They are easy to repair and maintain.

Look at the Safety Features

These include; guard rails and ladders. When looking at how safe the L-shaped bed is, you must consider the age of your child and how the rails and steps feel. Look for ladders whose steps are not far apart to stop spillage when going up or down. For the guard rails, they are important for every kid; mostly for those who turn and toss a lot in their sleep.

Extra Features

If you want an L-shaped bed because of sleepovers, you may want to look at beds that offer pull out options so you can utilize the space under the bed on school nights. It could also have play areas like slides and may other add-ons.

Here are the best L Shaped Bunk Beds Reviews

Best L-Shaped Cabinet Beds Comparison Table




Storage Area



Pine wood


Five wide drawers

121x80x68 Inches

Solid Wood

Twin over Full

Four shelves and six drawers

81x81x64 Inches

Non-toxic laminated particle panels


Six shelves and two drawers

78.2x76.5x61.8 Inches

Solid pine wood


One shelf and seven drawers

80x80x66 inches

Poplar wood, engineered wood, and veneers

Twin over Full

One open shelf and four drawers

82.5x92x70 inches

Why we consider this as one of the best l shaped bunk beds?

• Versatile Functionality

This twin over twin L-shaped bed is the ultimate solution to small bedroom challenges. It is a compact design with three twin beds to provide little ones a safe sleeping space. You don’t need worrying about sleepovers when you have such a big loft design. You get to use the same floor space thrice as there’s more than enough space on the space below the second upper twin bed.


The bed can hold up a total weight of 400 lbs since it is of pine wood. Timber from pine is always bug-free such that it retains its original structure for a decent period. You can move it from time to time, and it resists warping until your kids are grown up and ready to move to individual bedrooms.

Easy to Assemble

With an extra pair of hands, this bed sets up fast and easy. You’d think that three beds are hard to bring together, but we find the instructions on this model super easy to follow. Only that, you’ll have to bring assembly tools to the party.

All Safety is Inclusive

The sides of the bed make the perfect climbing area. The wood is not only wide, but it also provides a comfortable holding position. There are secure guard rails to keep children from falling when they turn close to the edge. We like that it does not require high clearance to the ceiling so that you can place a mattress that is thick and still give enough room for waking up.

Hitches but not Real Drawbacks 

It does not have Open Shelves

This bed favors drawers over shelves. It does not have an open shelf to store books or place a TV in the room.


  • Built from durable pine wood
  • Assemble in easy-to-follow steps
  • Drawers are roomy and spacious
  • Supports weight up to 400 lbs
  • Cons

  • It does not come with open shelves
  • Why we consider this as one of the best l shaped bunk beds?

    Sturdy Construction

    Looking at the sturdy solid wood that makes it, you can tell it enjoys a robust design. It is an excellent option for older kids since it is a full size to provide ample sleeping area. The wood has a cute Merlot Finish to accentuate the colors o any bedroom.

    Large Storage Shelves

    You don’t need to invest in wall cabinets to store your kid’s valuables. It has four bookshelves of which two are adjustable. They provide a personal space for arranging books and keeping the room organized. Not to mention, it also includes European roller glide drawers. They encourage your child to put their things in an orderly fashion. Plus they are easy to use so no pinched fingers.

    Stable Ladder

    We love a ladder that provides secure foot landing. The Discovery World Model is one such design with wide stepping rails. It assures your child safe climbing area such that they won’t need your help when using the ladder.


    If your kids would love separate beds in the near future, you can disassemble this bed to a twin bed and a full-size bed. The save you extra costs when moving older kids to separate rooms. Better still, the instructions to assemble this L-shaped bunk bed are clear to follow. As such, it should not take you forever to have it ready for use.

    Drawbacks but not Real Hitches

    Two Finish Options

    For those who thrive on a splash of color, you’ll be disappointed by the Discovery World L-shaped bunk bed. It has two finish options which take earth tones.

    It does not come with the Mattress

    You will have to source the right mattress since it does not come with one. As such, you should measure the mattress size to see if they go hand-in-hand with regard to the ceiling height.


  • Has a full-size and twin bed in one
  • It has ample storage area
  • The lower bed is movable on wheels
  • Sturdy wood construction
  • Cons

  • There are only two color options
  • Why we consider this as one of the best l shaped bunk beds?

    Adds Functionality to Kids’ Bedrooms

    Your little ones must enjoy the comfort of a contemporary L-shaped bunk bed. This model has every desirable feature from the exterior aesthetics to the many storage spaces; it’s an all around bunk bed. First, it comes in chocolate, white, or sunny pine finish. You are open to a variety of choices to suit your children’s style.

    Thoughtful Construction

    Playful kids tend to knock their feet on bed corners. South Shore makes the edges rounded thus safe to accommodate active children. The materials that make it are all ASTM certified seeing that the furniture components are CARB compliant. You can be sure your baby is sleeping in a clean and toxic-free bed.

    More than enough Storage Area

    You can’t get enough of the storage space this bed provides. It includes six shelves and two large drawers. It is the ideal choice if you want organizational skill to kids as they grow up. There’s a desk which matches the bed, and it also comes with an integrated lighting to use while reading.

    Large Weight Capacity

    Many bunk beds cannot withstand high pressure as they may give if they are not strong enough. The South Shore model has a 250 lb weight capacity for the bottom bed and 200 lb for the upper bed. Kids can jump and play on it with no worries at all.

    Drawbacks but not Real Hitches 

    It does not come with the Assembly Tools

    You’ll want to bring the ideal assembly tools and know what works with what if you wish to get this bed ready in a short time.


  • It embraces a safe construction design
  • It has plenty of storage area
  • The colors merge with any décor
  • It is clean and toxic-free
  • Cons

  • Short 5-year warranty period
  • Why we consider this as one of the best l shaped bunk beds?

    Excellent Space Saving Solution

    Get to use your floor space twice with this set by Coaster Home Furnishings. The twin beds are great if you have children who need personal sleeping areas. They give a sense of privacy and responsibility since you’ll always know who did not make their bed.

    Made of Solid Pine

    If you are keen on furniture, you’ll know that pine achieves a thick structure. It gives any room natural aesthetics bringing it to life in an instant. You don’t have to worry about warping problems if the bed is used for extended periods like over ten years.

    Safe Traditional Ladder

    As you can see from the making, we have a bed that uses an extremely safe ladder. It has extensive treads which secure your child’s footing every time. The ladder is slightly slanted to allow natural posture during use. It is an incredible design not seen on many L-shaped bunk beds.

    Great to store all Kids’ Arsenal

    With seven drawers, you have an excellent organizing place for kids. It beats the idea of having things lying around since they are all pull-outs. When children keep their stuff in drawers, they are less likely to disorient the whole setup when looking for something.

    Hitches but not Real Drawbacks 

    It’s only available in Amber finish

    If you are not a fan of vibrant colors, this bed does little to give a selection in the finishes.


  • Includes a desk and chair
  • It has a construction from solid pine wood
  • Ladder is safe and slanted
  • Comes with seven drawers and a shelf
  • Cons

  • Fits the traditional home more than a contemporary one
  • Why we consider this as one of the best l shaped bunk beds?

    Heavy-Duty Construction

    The combination of poplar wood, engineered wood and veneers showcases a bed that is intended to last the next many years in perfect combination. It benefits from robust metal bolts which connect the beds through the side rails. It should not take you more than three hours with help from a friend to get this bed together.

    No need for a Boxspring

    The bed comes with a plywood slat roll for the foundation. It does not need additional foundation just put the mattress, and it’s good for a restful night’s sleep. It provides sufficient support as the plywood is sturdy to provide great pushback.

    Sufficient Storage Space

    The area next to the top bed is available to place a desk and chair so your child can read silently in their personal space. That area can also accommodate an office desk such that if you have to work from home, you’ll not be dealing with noisy TV sets in the living room. Not to mention, it has dresser drawers to arrange clothes and personal items.

    Customized Finish

    We like when a manufacturer includes some personal aesthetics to their design. The NE Kids Lake House comes in a polished wood veneer. It not only adds to the beauty of the bed, but it also preserves its structure to prevent warping or structural deformations during movements.

    Hitches but not Real Drawbacks

    The open shelf is a bit flimsy

    Although you have an open surface to hold some items, we find it cannot withstand bulky stuff.


  • Robust construction from a variety of materials
  • Beautiful and durable veneer wood finish
  • Does not need a box spring
  • Safe, slanted ladder
  • Cons

  • There’s only one color option
  • Conclusion about best l shaped bunk beds reviews

    Treat your cute little ones with the luxuries of an L-shaped bunk bed. If you are caught in a fix when finding the right bed, we have made this summary especially for you.

    The South Shore Twin Logik Collection makes to the top as the editor’s choice. It sums up pretty much everything you’d want to see in the best L-shaped bunk beds for twins. It is modern, beautiful, safe, and spacious.

    On our closing remark: If you are looking for a functional L-shaped bunk bed to fit small bedrooms, provide lots of play and storage room; you are looking at the models showcased on our list.