L Shaped Bunk Beds which are Perfect for Kids

Now a days the tiny home is a new trend, and when it comes to room decoration and if your space is small, and you want to make most of that little space then L shaped bunk beds are your best possible choice to save space. No space goes to waste in having a l shaped bunk bed. Bunk beds not only make bedtime more fun, but they also let you save a lot of space. With bunk beds, you can style your room in an up-to-date way while reclaiming much-needed space in small homes for a long time.

Today’s modern bunk beds are simple, stylish, and most significantly, space-savers. These bunk beds not only inspire kids but also adults can use them.

L Shaped Bunk Beds for Your Kids

L shaped beds consume less space in a small room or tiny home, and they can help you in many purposes, which make them ideal for adults as well. Today’s modern bunk beds are simple, stylish, and space-savers. Bunk beds are very good and useful piece of furniture. Adult bunk beds are made larger than a child’s bunk beds as per their size and weight.

The perpendicular configuration of the l shape beds helps you in getting the perfect utilization of your space, giving a place for every other furniture. The extra bed can be a perfect place for sleepovers for your child’s friends. So, if you do feel like getting an L shaped bunk bed for kids or yourself to maximum space saving, you have come to the right place.

We are discussing and reviewing some L shaped bunk beds here to get you an idea of these beds that will help you when you are making your purchase, and with the right information, you will be able to select a good one through all of those options. You will surely find just the right choice as per your needs.


L Shaped Bunk Beds | Best L Shaped Beds


The information in this review provides you with the knowledge of the different types of L bunk beds available and helps you understanding all the designs so that you can deal with all the choices and make a good decision that will last you a long time and save you money as well.

Camaflexi  – L Shaped Twin Over Twin Bunk Bed


l shaped bunk bedsThis L-shaped bunk bed comes from the collection of the innovative Camaflexi beddings. This solid wood Bunk bed is exclusively designed to adjust and change to the needs of your family. The bed can be easily changed into a bunk bed for ultimate flexibility. It has a beautiful and unique color. The size of each L bunk beds is standard. It is entirely built from prime grade wood, which is totally non-toxic and garnered from verifiably sustainable sources. The L bunk bed has a solid wood construction that makes it very durable and robust. This bunk bed is constructed of 100 percent natural and solid wood, and it had been polished, smoothed, sealed resulting in a smooth finish without splinters.

Some assembly for the bed is required. Its classic Panel style balances the variety of your décor. The bed has been thoroughly tested, and it meets all the requirement of the consumer. So safety is no issue.

Camaflexi Bed frames offer slat roll foundation and also the extra sturdy dual center rail support system for the bottom L shaped twin bed. It has side angled ladder with and extra-wide, deeply lined steps for additional safety. The ladder steps are a bit flat to ensure comfort and safety when reaching the top bed. These types of L shaped twin beds takes standard Twin size mattresses.

This bunk bed measures 80-1/2 inches wide 83 inches deep and 72-1/2 inches tall. And this bunk bed has an under-bed clearance of 11-1/2 inches from the bottom of the bed rail. Space between the floor and bottom bed is 56 inches. It meets all the safety standards for bunk beds and has a child-safe protective finish. It comes with a 1-year limited manufacturer’s warranty. It offers total weight capacity of 650 pounds. The item weighs about 223 pounds.


The reviews for the l shaped twin bunk beds have been positive. The customers found the bed to be well constructed, easy to climb and above all easy to assemble. Most of the reviewers said it to be the most inexpensive beds. The bed’s look has also generated positive feedback.

This bed is a classic yet modern design. The style of the bed is enduring, and the bed is made to provide ease and safety. The two beds can be separated in an hour of need. The Bunk Bed comes mattress ready with slat roll foundations. Some assembly for the beds is required, but the assembling is very simple and easy.

As far as the feedback for the product is concerned, the bed has overall generated very positive reviews by users. Customers have also found the durability of the bed and finish of the wood quite impressive.


Chelsea 3662001-S – Bunk Bed with Under Bed Storage


l shaped bunk bedsThis L-shaped bunk bed is an excellent addition by Chelsea Home Furniture. It comes in a beautiful and unique honey color and is constructed from Solid pinewood. The bed has a solid wood construction, which makes it sturdy and durable. It had been polished and smoothed thus resulting in a smooth finish without shards or splinters.

Some assembly for the bed

is required.The bed has been rigorously tested, and it meets all the requirement of the consumer. So safety is no issue. The item weighs about 375 pounds, and its dimensions are 121 x 80 x 68 inches. The top of the bunk bed has a maximum weight limit of 250 pounds, which is pretty impressive.

Its look is modern, and the frame is sturdy and solid. It has Twin size upper bed with 3-step ladder for extra safety. The size of each bunk bed is standard.it will definitely look great in your room. With this L-Shaped bunk bed, you can have different ways to arrange a room as compared to a traditional one. The extra space provides you more room for every other stuff from additional seating to a hobby corner

The rails will connect to the end of the bed by a three and a half inches lag bolt for strength. This L-shaped bunk bed has two standard twin size mattresses on the top bunks and a full-size futon on the bottom bunk that is going to make a cozy sofa for you. It comes with a 1-year limited manufacturer’s warranty.


The reviews for this L shaped bunk bed frame have been positive. The customers found the bed to be well-made, easy to climb on top of and easy to assemble. Most of the reviewers said that with the quality this might be one of the most inexpensive beds. The style of the bed is enduring, and the bed is constructed to provide ease and safety. The bed’s appearance also generated positive feedback.


Willoughby – Loft Bed by ACME Furniture 


 l shaped bunk bedsAn amazingly designed L shaped loft bed comes from ACME Furniture that significantly uses the bedroom space to its fullest. It includes a small desk, shelf, and drawers along with a large amount of customizable space under the bed.

ACME’s Loft Bed is not only functional but also looks great in any room. The unique design of this bed features a top bunk that sits above a customizable space. The space underneath works great. It offers an elegant white finish that matches easily with most furniture

Its look is modern, and the frame is sturdy and solid. Its L shaped loft bed and built-in desk with shelves provide the perfect sleep and work combination and there is still plenty room under the loft bed. Combining a built-in desk and shelves and bed, it will give you a functional as well as a stylish addition to your room

It comes in elegant White Finish. It includes eight drawers and one desk. Over all its 66 inches high, 79 inches Wide and x 42 deep and it weighs almost 273 pounds.

The ACME Furniture Willoughby is perfect for anyone looking for a sturdy finish in a classy design. The bed comes with an attractive finish which provides that nice quality feel. Its drawers can be used in whatever way you like.

The bunk bed has a solid wood construction, which ensures the strength and durability of the bed; it is made out of thick, heavy furniture grade pinewood.


This L-shaped bunk bed has generated positive feedback. It got 100% five-star reviews. The users have loved the durability and strength of the bed along with its beautiful and modern look and design. The bed does not take long assembled, and instructions are very easy. Overall users have been satisfied with the bed and have found it well worth its price.


Discovery World – L Shaped Twin over Twin Loft Bed in Chocolate

l shaped bunk bedsThis L Shaped bunk beds for kids is the perfect solution for improving space in small sized bedrooms. It is intended to be practical and safe at the same time, with loads of storage underneath. It comprises of bunk bed storage, a top bunk bed, a bottom bunk bed, a ladder and a bunk bed desk. It also has a shelf that can be adjusted just above the drawers. The storage compartments are open and are easily accessible. There are four shelves that are fixed and can be accessed from either side. It has a hole through which to pass wires for better wire management.

This L Shaped Loft Bed is manufactured from recycled material that is CARB compliant

with laminated panels, it has a Chocolate finish and is twin sized. Its contemporary style shows its very individuality. It is ASTM certified and requires to be assembled. It is made of Environmentally Preferred Product certified panels. Its packaging has been certified from ISTA 3A which ensures the integrity of the bunk bed. It has a five-year warranty and is originally manufactured in Canada.

It is a Twin size upper bed with 5-step ladder. It is polished and has rounded corners for extra safety. It offers a Full back panel, and no box spring is required Its Bottom Bed is also Twin size which Includes eight casters with brakes.

This bunk bed measures 61.75 inches high, 78.25 inches wide and 76.5 inches deep, and it almost weighs 214 pounds. Its Top Bed Weight Capacity is almost 200 pounds and the bottom Bed Weight capacity is almost 250 pounds.


This L-shaped bunk bed has overall got very positive feedback from users. Users have rated it as that they find it easy to assemble and they love the flexibility of the product. Customers have also found the sturdiness of the l shape bunk beds and finish of the wood is quite impressive.

l shaped bunk beds


L shaped bunk beds are certainly an excellent choice if you are looking for something that takes up a small space and provides more space to accommodate your other furniture further. L Bunk beds still pretty much as appealing today as they were decades prior and thanks to the creative and inventive designs, they are still one of the most ideal ways that provide more space and an enjoyable sleep experience.

These were some examples off L-shaped bunk beds. A word of advice that you should measure your room carefully before making a purchase. Figure out and calculate what size would be perfect for your space. Go to local shops for real life references and to get a general feel of what the bed will end up looking like. This type of bed is certainly perfect for kids and teens alike.

With all of the choices available, you can find a design that every child, regardless of age, will love. Here we’ve talked about four different bunk beds that are all fantastic choices. These models do not have any major cons, and they all have their own really great features.

We have talked about four distinct L shaped bunk beds and generally speaking they all look incredible and work even better. Hopefully, these reviews were helpful.