Learn to Wake Up Early in 8 Easy Steps

Perhaps, each of us asked ourselves this question at least once: what should I do to wake up early and do not feel like I am being tortured? For the majority of people, waking up early in the morning is associated with something very difficult and sometimes even unbearable, so they usually do not even consider trying it. However, in reality it is not as difficult as it may seem from the first sight, while the benefits of being a morning person are colossal.

For instance, there is an article on Forbes based on a bunch of scientific researches, which describes many advantages of waking up earlier. Long story short, morning people tend to earn better grades at school, are more optimistic, and generally appear to be more productive and successful than those who consider themselves the “night owls”. Who would not like to have such characteristics? Our guide will help you to become more active and successful, while turning early wake-ups into a daily routine. All you have to do is remember and follow these simple steps.

  1. Remember that waking up early is possible for everyone.

You probably thought that you are a genetic “night owl”, and it is impossible for you to start waking up early ever. Some people believe in this idea so hard that they cannot even assume for a moment that their life could have been different. However, in reality, sleeping patterns of people are the results of the habit they have had for a certain time. By overcoming the idea that waking up early is only for the chosen ones, you can become one of the many “early birds” there are out there. In order to be able to wake up early and not feel like it is a torture, the first thing that you have to do is believe that you can do it and it is possible.

  1. Stick to your habit.

If you truly decide to become a morning person, you should wake up early every day. It will be difficult at first, for sure, but it is a necessary component of creating a habit. Scientists say that it takes a minimum of three weeks to create a habit (although it may take a while longer depending on your personal qualities). It means that if you truly want to start waking up early, you should do it every day without breaks at least for three weeks.

There may be times when you fail to do it, but you would have to force yourself to continue because these first three weeks is the hardest part, and if you can survive it, you are halfway through to your success.

  1. Start slowly.

how to wake up early

It may also be a good idea to implement these changes to your life gradually, without the huge leaps. For example, if you decided that you want to wake up at 5 AM, but your current waking up time is 8 AM, it may not be of any good to set your alarm to 5 AM one morning and think that it will do the trick. It actually rarely works this way, so you would have to be persistent and patient. Let’s take the previous example and say that you want to wake up three hours earlier than you do now.

The best way to do so is to reach your goal slowly and step by step. It does not seem so difficult to wake up tomorrow 10 minutes earlier than usual, and it probably won’t hurt to set your alarm even 20 minutes earlier than your usual wake up time the day after tomorrow. So if your current wake up time is 8 AM, but you want to make it 5 AM, start by setting your alarm at 7:50 AM one day, 7:40 AM the next one, and so on, and you won’t even notice how significantly your wake up time has changed.

You can adjust the time gaps to your own needs, and you can also change the pattern of the days, creating bigger pauses between your time leaps. The only important thing here is to learn to wake up a little bit earlier within a certain period of time.

  1. Count your sleeping hours.

It is often difficult to wake up in the morning because of staying up late the previous night, and thus not getting enough sleep. People usually tend to think that it won’t hurt if they stay up until 1 AM if they have to wake up at 7 AM, but guess what? It does hurt. A short video and a more detailed article explain the dangers of sleep deprivation in detail.

According to the studies, adults should sleep 7-8 hours each night, so it is important to maintain this schedule carefully. The trick here is easy: if you get enough time of quality night sleep, it would be easier for you to wake up next morning, no matter how early it is.

  1. Change your perception.

  • Get motivated. It is hard to wake up early if you don’t know why you want to do it, so setting real and achievable goals would be really helpful in this case. For instance, some people get up early in order to have time to exercise, which also has a great impact on helping you sleep better, which we have already discussed here.

However, not only that doing sports is good for your body, it also is a great way to get energetic and fully wake up. It actually does not matter what you will do, as it can be jogging, yoga, swimming and so on, the important idea here is that you have to know why you wake up. Even though sports is a great way to wake up your body, you can create your own motivational goals, which can be reading, drawing, cleaning the house – basically, everything that would get you out of your bed and start being active.

  • Learn to love mornings. You probably often feel like mornings are evil because they make you to leave your cozy world of soft pillows and warm blankets and go to work or do other unpleasant things. Such attitude will certainly not make your early wake ups a pleasant thing. Try considering mornings not like something bad, but like the new starts and new opportunities for you.
  • Leave the “have to” attitude behind. In order to wake up early you should truly want to do it instead of forcing yourself out of bed. Understanding the reasons for your new lifestyle and getting fully motivated an ready to change will work much better than forcing yourself.

how to wake up early

  1. Forget about “only 5 minutes more”.

It is a common mistake when people think than an extra 5 minutes in bed won’t do any harm because these 5 minutes usually turn into half an hour or even more, which drives you apart from your actual goal of waking up early. When you turn off your alarm, start to get up as quickly as possible. It may actually help to set two alarms, one as a reminder that you would have to get up soon, and the other one as the actual sign for getting up.

  1. Get rid of the devices in your bed.

Such gadgets as cellphones, laptops, or TVs can bring a lot of damage to your sleep, while in order to wake up early you need to make sure you had a good and quality time sleeping. It means that you should get rid of all of the devices, which have a potential to distract you during the night in order to have a peaceful and beautiful early morning.

  1. Create a distance between you and your alarm.

Some people say that sometimes they turn off their alarm and accidently go back to sleep no matter how hard they want to stay awake. One possible solution for that is to put your alarm on the other side of the room, so you would definitely have to get up in order to turn it off. Such morning exercise would definitely get you out of your bed and remind you why you even wanted to set your alarm to such a crazy hour.

Overall, sticking to these tricks would help you to start waking up early without feeling like you were tortured. Remember that waking up early is possible for you if you truly want it. Here is a little video bonus for you to stay motivated.


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