Leesa Mattress Review – In-depth and unbiased review of Leesa

Leesa mattress Review

With the release of the Leesa mattress, the Leesa Company has remained on the top trending edge in the mattress industry for quite some time now. It’s the newest spice that every sleep enthusiast is yearning to try. What does it have to offer? What makes it exclusive? In a word-plenty. Through this review, we seek to bring you everything you need to know about the prolific Leesa mattress.  Read through the following comprehensive Leesa mattress review. You will be better placed to make an informed judgment on its quality and performance before settling on making a purchase. Let’s get to business!

Leesa Mattress Review - A sneak preview of the Leesa Company

Leesa proudly ranks among the online mattress industry pioneers. They have been shipping their mattresses directly to their esteemed customers since early 2014. Apart from mattresses, the Company has grown to offer a vast range of sleep products including blankets, foundations, and pillows.  What's interesting about the Leesa Company is that beyond being an online retailer, they recently started offering their products at retail stores in locations such as West Elm. They also have their Leesa Dream Galleries in Virginia Beach and New York.

Leesa Mattress In-depth Review


The exclusive development of the Leesa mattress is one of the factors that set it apart from its competitors. Its build comprises of two primary components: The cover and the layered foams. 

Leesa mattress Review

The cover

The Leesa mattress comes with a specially cut fabric cover. It's important to mention that the cover is made of a high-grade poly-lycra, a material that’s used in the development of sport wears due to its stretch, breathable and durable nature. With the cover wrapping the mattress tightly but leaving sufficient breathing space, the mattress is bound to last long without depreciating.

Though the cover’s function is somewhat overrun by the mattress sheets, its quality speaks volumes about the Leesa Company’s dedication to quality provision and customer satisfaction.  You are bound to love the 4-bar design on the Leesa Cover.  Even more, the cover is quite thick and professionally woven for durability. The cover is a clear sign that the mattress is of superior standards and quality.

The layered foams

The Leesa Company includes 3 layers of high-grade foam in this mattress.

Cooling/comfort layer

The comfort layer makes up 5 centimeters of the entire Avena foam in the Leesa mattress.  Though featuring similar traits with the latex foam, Avena is known to be more long-lasting. Again, it provides excellent bounce, comfort, and cooling.

Support layer

Right after the top layer comes the middle, support layer that measures 5 centimeters in height. It's this layer that provides great pressure relief, weight support, and deep compression support.

Foundation layer

The bottom layer makes up 12 cm of the Leesa mattress’ height. It’s made of a high-density support foam. The foundation layer forms the foundation base for the mattress. What’s more, it’s ultra-breathable. Therefore, it allows the mattress to sleep cool without absorbing excess heat.

Leesa ranks among the rare-t-find hybrid mattresses. Hybrid mattress features a unique blend of memory and Avena foams.  The Avena foam composition brings you such benefits as excellent airflow, comfort, and great cooling, while the memory foam is superiorly supportive. Again, the combination of the two foams eliminates the drawbacks you would get from a single memory foam mattress including sleeping hot.  What you get is unquestionable support, great comfort, and a cool top segment. 

 We were impressed by the construction of the Leesa mattress. It has all it takes to satisfy all sleeping position and facilitate deep sleep to its user throughout its lifetime.
Leesa mattress Review

Leesa mattress review. Rigidity and feel

On matters rigidity, the Leesa mattress also doesn't disappoint.  On our scale of 1 to 10, it scored 6.5. It's a mattress whose firmness degree guarantees its ability to satisfy the desires of most deep and comfortable sleep seekers. Again, on support and comfort, we could hardly find any other competitive brand that could beat Leesa. We just love how this mattress feels thanks to its consistent foam thickness. The mattress consists of 5cm Avena on its top layer, 5cm memory foam at its middle segment and 15cm foundation foam on its base.

You are bound to love the fabulous feel of the Leesa mattress' top layer. It surrounds your body with a subtle feeling whenever you sleep or rest on it. Even for those who loathe sleeping on their backs, this mattress will allow you to enjoy deep sleep on your back. 

 The amount of bounce on this mattress is also impressive.  The Avena foam layer responds quickly to pressure while its medium firmness ensures that you don't sink into the mattress while resting. It will let you switch positions without any form of interference with your sleep or that of your partner. Even more, pushing through the memory foam will allow you experience the great pressure relief of the Leesa mattress.
Leesa mattress review

Sinkage and Motion transfer

Taking up the traits of other memory foam mattresses in an exclusive way, the Leesa mattress absorbs motion quickly and effortlessly not disrupt your sleeping partner while you toss and turn on your bed in the quest for comfort.  Its movement isolation potential is on point.  Though it indicates some level of sinkage on various sleeping positions, it doesn’t collapse or lose its structural conformity. Therefore, it’s suitable for couples. However, the Leesa mattress is not recommended for people with weight exceeding 230 lbs.

On sinkage the mattress performs well in comparison to other competitive memory foam mattresses. However, the mattress is quite firm for people weighing below 110 pounds as they are unable to exert sufficient pressure on the mattress for light sinkage. Overall, on a scale of 1 to 10 regarding sinkage, the Leesa mattress scores 6.5.

Edge support

Another critical factor that we considered when analyzing and making our Leesa mattress review is edge support. This is a must-check factor especially if you intend to share your mattress with a partner and there’s need to use the whole surface of the mattress.  We sacrificed our time to see how the Leesa mattress faired on edge support. And it didn’t disappoint.

 When lying on your back on the Leesa mattress, you will always feel well-supported and secure. Although some compression is evident while one hangs off the edge, you can be sure that you will never roll out of bed. Therefore, you will always be free to toss and turn on your Leesa mattress.


Leesa mattress review
Comfort is your top priority

You might argue that comfort is a general measure for any mattress. However, we found the Leesa mattress ultra-comfortable in relation to other foam mattresses we have come across so far.

You wish to make a statement through your bed

Leesa features an exclusive and eye-catching design. Its cover is enough proof as it’s trademarked, made from a high-end fabric and feels ultra-soft.

You are accustomed to sleeping in a vast range of positions

The consistency, firmness, pressure relief and motion transfer capabilities of the Leesa mattress allow it to facilitate sleeping in various positions. So, even if you are a stomach or back sleeper, this unit suits you appropriately.

You loathe sleeping hot

The breathable nature of this mattress makes it ideal for people who hate sleeping hot. Again, the Avena foam used in the construction of the comfort layer ensures no absorption of extra heat from the surroundings for cool sleeping.

You are seeking optimum value for the money

No middlemen business is incorporated in the sales process as the Leesa Company manages all their customer services and delivers the mattress to your doorstep. Therefore, you can be sure to receive an original mattress at a reasonable price. Eventually, what you get is the optimum value for your money.

On the other hand, you might not like the Leesa mattress if

You are overweight

As stated earlier, the Leesa mattress is not recommended for people with weight exceeding 230 pounds. Again, only one mattress model is available currently. Therefore, it's evident that if you are very overweight, this unit might not provide sufficient support and comfort as you may wish.

You are eyeing a spring mattress

Although Leesa is a strongly founded mattress Company, they are yet to start offering spring mattresses.  Therefore, if you are out for an innerspring mattress, then Leesa isn’t your match.

You are seeking a plush feel

If you boast sufficient experience with sleep equipment, then you can easily distinguish plush and comfort. Plush builds as a result of a soft pillow or the comfort layer of a mattress. On the other hand, comfort is a measure of the general feel of a bed. The Leesa mattress is comfortable but not quite plush.

Leesa Mattress Review of other important aspects

Does the Leesa mattress sleep hot?

Basing on our research’s data, Leesa sleeps relatively less hot as, compared to other competitive memory foam mattresses.  You will hardly experience sleeplessness or discomfort due to extreme temperatures while you relax on the Leesa mattress.  However, other mattresses sleep relatively more chill than the Leesa mattress.  What’s important is that this unit won’t disappoint your sleep any time through extreme temperatures.

Does it have any chemical smell?

Like most of the other mattress brands out there, Leesa comes off the box with a mild chemical smell as well as some slight off-gas. Fortunately, the smell disappears within a short while. Worth mentioning is that Leesa is Certi-PUR certified and eco-friendly. Therefore, the mild “new mattress” should not lead you into doubting your safety while using this mattress.

Foundation specification

Lees mattress review

It's more than apparent that the Leesa mattress is built to offer absolute value by facilitating extreme relaxation and deep sleep. While this is true, the Leesa mattress requires a sturdy and rigid base. The base serves as a support for the mattress as well as the people sleeping on it. 

Professionals recommend the integration of the Leesa mattress with a custom-made metal foundation and frame, a variable base or a platform bed. 

Alternatively, the Leesa mattress can be utilized on a clean floor free from moisture and liquids. This option is ideal if you are operating on a strict budget or you just want to make it simple.

Box springs which are known to deteriorate, splinter or crack with time are not the best for use with the Leesa mattress. However, if you insist on using a box spring foundation, then it’s critical that you ensure it’s of the best quality and build. Ensure that it won’t affect the comfort offered by your Leesa.

Satisfaction guarantee and trial period

The Leesa Company offers an indeed proved 100-day, in-home trial period for their mattress. Their trial period is the best so far, though most of the prolific mattress Companies are also providing a similar offer. 

The Company is always ready and willing to refund your money entirely or replace the mattress if you are unsatisfied with the mattress during the 10-day trial period. Therefore, your satisfaction is guaranteed. All you need is to call or email their customer support desk. They will send their representative to pick the mattress right from your doorstep. The returned mattress is either offered to donation firms at zero cost or recycled.

 What's more, a 10-year full replacement limited warranty accompanies your Lessa mattress. Thus, you should use it with no worries. However, it's essential that you read the entire warranty script to ensure that you don't do anything that may void the warranty. Nevertheless, the warranty and 100-day trial period are real indications that Leesa is confident with the quality and performance of their mattress.
Leesa mattress Review

Size, Pricing, and Shipping

The Leesa Company avails their mattress in 6 standard sizes including Twin, Twin XL, King, Queen, full and California King. Its weight ranges from 45-92 pounds depending on the size. What's interesting, the Leesa mattress is 20% lighter than most of the standard memory foam mattresses on the market today.

However, the package comes to you with no handles and is somewhat floppy. Therefore, the Leesa can be quite challenging to maneuver and move from place to place. You might need additional help from a friend to maneuver and unbox and assemble your Leesa on your bed foundation.

Shipping is entirely free through UPS. You should receive the mattress packed in a compressed box at your doorstep in 3-5 days. The manufacturer provides a tracking number once the mattress leaves their store to ensure you receive an original product and on time.

 The price of the Leesa mattress varies with size.  The price ranges from $525 to $990. You will be happy upon realizing that the Leesa mattress rates considerable well as compared to other competitive memory foam mattresses.

Where is the Leesa mattress available?

Whenever you decide to purchase the Leesa mattress, you can always find one on various E-commerce sites or the manufacturer’s website. We recommend buying the Leesa on Amazon, as it's a reliable platform that has earned respect from consumers owing to their excellent customer services.

 Brand Giving Back Initiative worth mentioning

When a Company begins to dedicate a part of their revenue to helping needy communities, then you can tell that making money is not their top priority. Making the world a better place is Leesa's core target.

Leesa donates 1 mattress to the homeless people for every 10 mattresses they sell despite being a start-up Company. 

 Beyond making exclusive and valuable mattresses, Leesa is leading the way and guiding other stable Companies and individuals to dedicate their potential to improve the lives of the less fortunate in the society.

Leesa Mattress Review: Overview and conclusion

As the Leesa Company suggests, Leesa is a mattress that’s bound to create a universal adaptive feel in your bedroom. It adapts effortlessly to all body shapes and sizes, sleeping positions and styles. It’s a product that will redesign and redefine your sleep experience in an exclusive way.

In addition to providing optimum value, the Leesa mattress is suited for the average-income consumer. Consumers on various E-commerce sites continue to provide positive feedback after utilizing the Leesa mattress which confirms the feel and performance of this exclusive memory foam mattress.

 Leesa is a package with no loopholes. Right from the customer service, shipping, trial period, warranty to refunds, you can tell that this is a product designed with your satisfaction as the top goal.  We highly recommend this mattress to anyone out there.