LUCID 4 Inch Memory Foam Mattress Topper Review

Another great product from LUCID, this is a 4 inch thick memory foam mattress topper which is ventilated. LUCID is one of the leading mattress topper manufacturers in USA and proves again their expertise with memory foam through this mattress topper. This premium product offers excellent support to the body. The open cell technology with which this product is manufactured prevents lasting body impressions and ensures the foam has good ‘memory’. This product is made of 100% memory foam and comes as a single block. The product is packed carefully and shipped fast (shipping full filled by Amazon).

LUCID 4 inch memory foam mattress topper


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LUCID 4 inch memory foam mattress topper has till date received a rating of 4.2 out of 5 stars. This is from a total of 254 customer reviews. Out of the reviews 68% of the customers awarded this product 5 stars and 12% of them rated 4 stars. That means 80% of the buyers really love this product and that is enough confidence for prospects.

What is the density of the memory foam used for this product?

This product has an approximate density of 4.5 pounds. This is a high density mattress topper, but please do not confuse density with firmness. Density mostly accounts for the support a mattress topper provides and it has less to do with firmness. High density memory foam ensures that the mattress topper regains its shape quickly and avoids any lasting body impressions.

How do you rate the body support offered by this product?

As mentioned above this 4 inch memory foam mattress topper by LUCID has a density of 4.5lbs. It will provide excellent support to your body, I give 5 star rating for its body support.

What are the dimensions of this memory foam mattress topper?

This is a Queen size mattress topper with dimensions 78x58x4 inches. The sides are made 1 inches short so a mattress cover will fit neatly.

Does this product come with a cover?

No. But it is always recommended you buy one. This is a too good product to get stained. A recommended mattress cover for this item is Mattress Pad Cover – Fitted – Quilted – Queen (60×80″)

What are the sizes in which this product is available for purchase?

This product is available in most standard bed dimensions including Twin, Twin XL, Full, Full XL, Queen, King and California King. Please select the appropriate dimension for purchase.

How do you rate the softness/firmness of this memory foam mattress topper?

This product has an excellent balance between firm and soft qualities. It provides good support to the body and keeps your spinal cord in proper alignment. It avoids the build up of pressure points and ensure a pain free, good night’s sleep. The ‘open cell technology’ used allows the topper to recover its shape fast and avoids any permanent impressions.

Is this product ventilated?

Yes, this is a 4 inch ventilated memory foam mattress topper. A ventilated mattress topper means the product has even spaced vertical holes drilled across it. This increases the air flow through the topper and allows fast dissipation of body heat. These ventilations help to keep the memory foam at normal temperature.

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How long is the warranty for this product?

LUCID 4 inch memory foam mattress topper comes with a warranty of 3 years. It is also resistant to allergens and dust mites.

Does this product carry any certifications?

Yes, this product carries a Certi-PUR certifications which clears it from the use of all kinds of harmful or chemical materials.

How durable is this product?

This product is manufactured with 4.5lb dense memory foam which comes as a single block. It is resilient and great for normal daily use. It will give you a life span of 4-6 years with normal usage.

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What does customers say about this product?

80% of the customers give this product 4+ star rating. One notable complaint about this product is that the shipped item has not the same color as advertised. It is more yellowish as shown below. Other than this most customers agree that this is a great product.

Foam odour

No complaints about the odour of the foam are reported. It has a normal odour like all memory foam but will dissipate completely within 2 days.

Heat retention

This product doesn’t retain heat. This is a ventilated mattress topper which allows more circulation of air and hence no heat is retained.

Overall Summary:

This product is guaranteed to give you a good night’s sleep without shifting and tossing. Satisfied by over 200 customers LUCID 4 inch memory foam mattress topper won’t disappoint you.

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