Murphy Beds Review – what is the best Murphy Bed

One of the challenges of living in a small home is finding extra space. 

A Murphy bed could be the ideal solution for such tight quarters as it has a small footprint yet very functional when hosting guests. 

We are used to the traditional wall beds that only served one purpose. But today, we have contemporary designs that provide more of that organizational essence we all need in small space living.   

Stay on as we take you through the most sought Murphy bed brands on the market. 

Murphy Beds. Comparison table


Mattress Size

Bed Weight

Lift Mechanism

Base System


Queen size, 6 inches thick

205 pounds

Spring levers

Night and Day Drawers

Queen and Twin sizes, 6-inch thick mattress

370 pounds

Fold mechanism

Nantucket drawers

Queen mattress up to 10 inches thick

358 pounds

Dual Piston mechanism

Euro Slat Platform

Queen and Full mattress up to 12 inches thick

507 pounds

Dual Piston mechanism

Euro Slat Platform

Full and Queen up to 12 inches thick

99 pounds

Heavy-duty European lift mechanism

Euro Slat Foundation

Twin and Queen Sizes, Gel-infused memory foam mattress

196 pounds

Fold system

Madison drawers

Standard Queen Mattress up to 12 inches thick

768 pounds

Spring System

Dual-piston mechanism

Full size up to 10 inches

314 pounds

Euro Slat Support Base

Dual Piston System

murphy beds

If you live in a small condo or your studio apartment does not have enough space to live and sleep, a Murphy bed offers the flexibility and versatility in space-saving design.

The Clover Cabinet bed from Night and Day Furniture features solid wood construction, meaning its one of the highest-quality designs. It’s not every other day that you find a Murphy bed with genuine wood construction.

So, why is it a top pick?

Tri-Fold Premium gel Memory Foam Mattress

Although cabinet beds come in limited sizes, the Night and Day Furniture Clover is in a Queen size. You have a gel memory foam mattress that is both comfy and supportive. It is a tri-fold design which folds in two locations.  This makes it easy to fold up the mattress instead of detaching it each time.

The gel mattress is a remedy for hot sleeping since it absorbs energy and drives away heat from your body. This leaves you comfortable as the bed’s climate is not altered. You have a 6-inch mattress that sits high up from the ground. It makes it easy when getting in and out of bed or just sitting to wear your shoes in the morning.

Fast and Easy to Deploy 

This bed does not need any tools to lower when you need to use. Pulling on the drawers allows the bed to take shape in seconds. It is a free-standing cabinet so it will not need to attach to the wall. What’s more, it just needs 10sqft of floor space. You won't need a permanent location for the bed. It is the space-saving solution you may need for a small condo.

High-Quality Construction

This bed benefits from renewable hardwood construction. These are eco-friendly materials from the Para rubber tree. It is made genuinely from quality wood that easily takes a nice finish. You will have three finish choices from Dark Chocolate, Rich Cherry, and Bright White Paint. This should go well with the décor you desire to blend with the Clover bed.

murphy beds

Ample Storage Space 

The Clover Murphy bed has a wide storage drawer at the foot of the bed. You’ll be able to put away beddings and pillow after you fold the bed. It comes with two sets of drawer knobs’; wood and metal so that you can assemble according to your preference.

Built-in USB Charger 

The headboard on the Clover Murphy bed has an inbuilt USB charger. Now you can keep your phone and other gadgets at the bedside and charge them whenever you need to.


  • The bed has a 10-year warranty
  • Hardwood construction improves longevity
  • Gel memory foam bed is well-ventilated for cool sleeping
  • Has an inbuilt USB charger
  • It is free-standing; it does not need to attach to a wall
  • It is a Queen size with ample room for two
  • It has a rolling storage drawer
  • Available in three finishes; dark chocolate, rich cherry, and bright white paint
  • Drawer knobs come in two sets
  • CONS

  • The mattress has a 3-year warranty
  • It is very heavy; weighing 200 pounds
  • muprhy bed

    Do you want a space saving bed that tucks away in an elegant design? Well, you may want to consider the Atlantic Furniture Nantucket furniture bed. It is a luxurious chest bed that provides guests with a comfortable place to sleep without sacrificing comfort. This way, guests do not have to sleep on the couch. At least they can have the feeling of their home away from home with the Nantucket design.

    Available in two sizes 

    You can opt for either the Queen or Twin bed with Nantucket.

    The queen mattress is 6 inches thick and made of two layers. 5 inches consist of high resilient foam, and 1 inch is CoolSoft Gel-Infused foam. Memory foam eases into your body’s curves thus providing pressure relief. If you have guests who have traveled from far, they will rest and wake up without fatigue instead of sleeping on a couch that is pretty uncomfortable.

    This mattress also comes with pull handles to facilitate opening and closing. It also uses a tri-fold mechanism

    muprhy bed

    Extra Large Storage Space

    With Nantucket, you have one large drawer that can comfortably fit pillows, bed sheets, and any other bedding you need to stow away in the morning. It is easy to pull in two places such that you won’t be haggling with it when opening and closing it.

    The headboard offers a permanent place where you can place a TV or Computer to entertain guests. You don’t need to remove any items you put on it when you turn in. You’ll even like that it has ample headroom so two people can sleep like they would on a regular bed.

    Unique Bed Construction 

    The Nantucket Murphy bed boasts a construction from rubberwood. Its performance is incredible seeing that it is a hard material that is also comfortable. This bed comes in three finishes. You have Espresso, Atlantic Grey, and white colors. 

    Two Inbuilt USB Chargers 

    The headboard includes two charging ports. Two people can easily charge their phones and keep them at the bedside. You don’t need to keep waking up whenever you want to use the phone.

    murphy bed

    Quick to Assemble 

    Nantucket comes with a fully assembled base. All it needs is the input of drawers, and you are set to use the bed. It comes in three cartons alongside the assembly tools. You don’t have to be savvy in Murphy beds installation to assemble this bed, but it may need two people since it weighs around 370 pounds.


  • Tri-fold memory foam mattress
  • Simple space saving chest bed
  • Fold mechanism makes it easy to deploy
  • Available in three colors
  • Comes from a reputable brand in the industry
  • Two charging ports included in the headboard
  • Extra large storage drawer
  • CONS

  • Can be difficult to move since it weighs 370 pounds
  • Rubberwood needs extra care as it is more susceptible to humidity
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    If you have enough room for expensive furniture which works as a beautiful bed, you will love the Bestar Boutique Murphy Wall Bed. It will sit elegantly in your living room as it is molded to resemble luxurious furniture that will complement any décor. It even has modern silver pulls and trims on the white bed. They give a contemporary look and add a modern feel to any living space.

    State of the Art Piston System 

    A hydraulic lift system is a convenient way to answer any space-saving questions you may have. This bed has a hydraulic system on each side of the bed. It supports the bed and keeps it in the upright position. When you want to lower the bed, this system kicks in to ensure the bed will not come tumbling down. It makes the lifting effortless as you only need to reach under the mattress, hold the pull handle and lift the mattress. The piston system will take over immediately and raise the bed until the Pistons close.

    Euro Slat foundation 

    You have a Euro Slat platform support with the Bestar Boutique Bed. It gives you a tailored fit for your ideal sleeping position. This way you can achieve optimal comfort and sleep better than if you were using a temporary bed solution like an air bed. This wall bed allows you to take advantage of a small space so that you won’t have to move into a big apartment if you don’t have to. Good sleep can still be achieved with a bed that is not sophisticated. The Euro slat system works with a wide range of mattresses, so it’s easy to find the one that pleases you.

    murphy beds

    Available in Different Sizes and Colors 

    You may not have enough room for the queen size, but you can still bring home a full-size bed. Both bed sizes are offered in many colors from white/off-white, grey, white, and chocolate. You can choose the model that suits your preference and the room you intend it to occupy. Some users have this bed in their loft studios, others have it in their guest rooms, and others in their home office. It is a versatile piece of furniture whose flexibility you will love.


  • It has a luxurious look for modern homes
  • Silver pulls and trims
  • Dual piston system for lifting and lowering the bed
  • Multifunctional style; it can occupy many different rooms
  • Comes in many colors
  • It offers a Euro Slate Support mechanism
  • Can accommodate standard mattresses up to 10 inches thick
  • CONS

  • It does not have drawers for storage
  • It does not come with the mattress despite the high price tag
  • murphy beds

    When looking for a wall bed, storage can be one factor that pulls you to or away from a particular model. The Bestar 90 inch Murphy bed includes a 25-inch storage unit. It offers extra space where you can place a few household items that will take a permanent position when using the bed. It makes it look like a full wall unit where all your valuables are hidden away.

    Safe Dual Piston System 

    This mattress follows in the design of the Bestar beds. It has a dual piston lift mechanism that is super easy and safe to use. Lowering the bed comes easy by using the silver handles to detach it from the wall. After which, the piston system brings it down in a clean fashion. You will also use the convenient handles under the mattress when lifting it. This is a simple process that will ease the mattress into the wall in a matter of seconds.

    Simple Assembly Required

    The front panel is one of the last to get installed on this Murphy bed. It makes the process much easier as the mounting studs can go smoothly into the wall. Remember you are dealing with a bed that is over 500 pounds for the queen size so you may need more than just a little help to install the bed. But with the step-by-step instructions, we believe it will not be that hard to put it together.

    Robust Construction

    This wall bed enjoys a construction from a laminated board. It is decorative, durable, and hardwearing. It won’t scratch as easily as wood, and it is resistant to humidity, boiling water, dry heat, staining, and impact. Laminate wood is also very cost-effective no wonder the bed is tailored at such an affordable price.

    murphy beds

    Versatile Euro Slat Support System 

    This model of the Bestar Boutique can take a standard mattress up to 12 inches thick and up to 70 pounds heavy. This should maintain its sturdy structure for years to come. You can use your favorite mattress on the Euro Slat system from memory foam to polyfoam and many others. This gives you customized support especially if you will be using this bed on a regular basis.


  • High-quality dual piston system for easy lifting and lowering of the bed
  • It does not require a box spring
  • Can take standard mattresses up to 12 inches thick
  • Extra storage space on a 25-inch storage unit
  • Available in full and queen sizes in colors brown, grey, and white
  • Easy assembly; front panel is the last to install in the assembly process
  • Sits high making it easy to get in and out of the bed
  • CONS

  • It weighs over 500 pounds; it is challenging to move the bed
  • It has to be installed on the wall
  • murphy beds

    If you want a space-saving solution in a minimalistic but modern design, the Cyme Tec Inc. is a good pick. It is an appealing wall bed that will give your guests a comfy sleeping place whenever you have people sleeping over. It comes in numerous colors from charcoal-grey, black, white, espresso and cinnamon. It is a full size such that two people can share the bed and have enough room to turn and still be comfortable.

    Sturdy Construction 

    The Cyme Tec Inc. Wall Bed has a laminate construction. It is both robust and durable since it is wood that is resistant to wear, warping, and even deformation over time. You can count on this bed to last in good condition for a decent time. The laminate design has a flexible style that takes away some of the weight while still being strong and durable. It is unlikely to crack or split; thus it will be a great addition to your living room.

    European Style Lift Mechanism

    This bed comes equipped with a superior lift mechanism. It flips the bed open and closed so that you won’t use any energy to lower and lift it. This bed includes a stainless steel handle to help in raising and lowering the bed. It is a safety mechanism which eases the lifting action. The counterbalance springs ensure the underside of the bed is always supported such that it will never come apart when the bed is in use.

    Comfortable Slat Foundation 

    You will not need to use a box spring with this mattress. The support system is already installed, and it only requires using your favorite type of mattress for perfect alignment. The Cyme Tec Inc. model can take a mattress that is up to 12 inches thick. It is the ideal replacement for sofa beds that can be uncomfortable at times. 

    Simple Installation 

    This bed can easily be secured to the wall for safe usage. It easily mounts using the available hardware. You will have easy-to-follow instructions which make the process much more straightforward.

    Ample Storage Space 

    This model includes six shelves and six drawers. If you opt to install it in the living room, you can store lots of display items as well as some gadgets that you would love to stow away when they are not in use. The drawers have a sliding design that does not create wear and tear. They prove they will never be a real problem when you use the drawers on a regular basis.


  • It has a high-quality construction of laminate wood
  • It does not need a box spring
  • Available in many colors and two sizes; Queen and Full size
  • Simple European lift mechanism
  • Slat foundation can accommodate different mattresses
  • Comes with the required hardware to assemble and install the bed on the wall   
  • It has large storage shelves and drawers
  • CONS

  • It does not include a mattress
  • The mattress and base are separate which makes storage a bit hectic
  • murphy bed

    It’s amazing how a small living room can change with the addition of a hide-away bed. The Atlantic Furniture Madison Bed comes in satin furnished hardware. You can choose from a twin or queen size regarding the available space and purpose of the bed. The Madison model is the lightest in the Atlantic Furniture line.

    Cool Soft Mattress 

    This model comes with a 6-inch mattress. It is a tri-fold design that combines the mattress with the base so that it fits perfectly in the chest. The mattress is made of gel-infused memory foam. It provides cool sleep by pulling hot air away from the bed. This mattress also saves you from achy muscles since it cradles the curves of your body. Your guests will sleep better, more so if you want to save them from an uncomfortable couch.

    Effortless to Assemble

    The Madison Bed arrives in three boxes. The base is fully assembled so it will only be a matter of installing the cabinet. The bed opens and closes by just pulling on the drawers making the process quite simple. It includes the assembly accessories, so you don’t need to go looking in the furniture store for tools. There are instructions included in the package. You won’t require any prior knowledge to assemble the bed.

    Two USB Charging Ports 

    With this model, you will have two built-in 2.1 Amp 5V USB Charging Ports. It is the ideal addition to your bedroom since you can charge two devices and keep them next to you. Guests can have the convenience of using their devices whenever they want to. You will also have a 9 ft cord that is grounded, and UL listed. You can have that extra reach when powering other electric accessories even when the bed is not being used.

    murphy bed

    Large Storage Drawer 

    With the help of the storage drawer, you will have enough room to keep bedding and pillows when you are not using the bed. It also comes in handy to store other items like clothing that don’t need to be hung.  This gives you a more organized space that keeps your bedroom clean.

    The Madison bed is a truly versatile design.


  • Suitable for persons who need a contemporary bed
  • Comes with a gel-infused mattress for cool sleep
  • Mattress folds in a tri-fold design
  • It has two USB charging ports
  • Weighs only 196 pounds
  • The mattress includes pull handles for easy lifting
  • It fits perfectly into a chest; thus saving you space
  • CONS

  • Wood will need more care to prevent warping
  • You don’t have mattress choices to create a custom fit
  • murphy beds

    Are you looking to own a Murphy bed on a budget? The Bowery Hill is a great pick as it is not only affordable, but it is a modern chic design. Whether you have friends over or you just want an extra entertaining space, Bowery Hill is an excellent choice. We love that this bed is ready to assemble thanks to the delicate making that indicates it will not be hard to put together.

    Convenient Space for Two 

    Compared to a sofa bed, the Bowery Hill is much more comfortable. It can accommodate a queen mattress that is up to 12 inches thick. Your guests will have more than enough room to share and sleep well throughout the night. It gives you more leg room for persons of all sizes. It is longer and wider, and we can see this in its massive weight.

    Sufficient storage

    Living in a small condo does not mean you have to choose a few items for your living space. This bed has 25-inch storage cabinets on each side of the bed. Each of them has 3-drawer sets where two of them are fixed, and four of them are adjustable. The drawers are installed on the mounted ball bearings which make them fast to slide when opening and closing.

    murphy beds

    High-Grade Materials 

    All surfaces on the Bowery Hill bed feature a stain, scratch, and burn resistant melamine finish. It boasts a wooden construction which speaks of sheer robustness in a natural appearance. It is made of sustainable timber that will not get damaged over time. It is pretty easy to clean as it only needs wiping with a damp cloth. It offers great value in a bed that will serve you for the longest time possible.

    Simplified Assembly 

    This wall bed can be designed to resemble a cabinetry unit. It follows an improved mechanism which makes it super easy to install the bed on a wall. The front panel goes last in the assembly process. It makes it quick to input the wall studs. The bed will need a minimum of 91 inches to be able to lift and lower the bed. You will also need an extra 2 inches when installing the unique crown molding.


  • It has an attractive crown molding for the finish
  • Includes wire grommet at the back panel to pass a wire
  • It has a straightforward installation process using a new mechanism
  • It features a scratch and burn resistant melamine finish
  • Storage unit provides a nice organization space
  • CONS

  • It is a massive bed weighing around 768 pounds
  • It needs a high ceiling to get the clearance it needs
  • murphy bed

    Think about increasing the sleeping space in your apartment and think the Bestar Nebula bed. It comes in a white color providing you with a high level of customization. It will look great whether it is closed or open. It is a functional piece of furniture yet very minimal in design. Your home office or basement can easily turn into a multi-purpose guest room in minutes.

    Euro Slat Base 

    With a Euro Slat foundation, you get the best of a wooden plank base and a wooden slat base. It is not only comfortable but also adjustable to accommodate your specific sleeping needs. You’ll have the ultimate support when using it with a mattress that you love. It is a nicely ventilated bed which will also contribute to cool sleep. If you live in a warm environment, this base makes an excellent choice.

    Dual Piston System

    With this bed, you only need to use the handle and pull the bed towards you. This activates the piston system which lowers the bed with minimal effort. By flipping the leg down, the bed will settle down cleanly. Lifting this bed also comes easy through the piston system. It will need a clearance 87.3 inches from the wall extending to the room. It also needs 9.6 inches clearance under the bed when the bed is laid out.

    Quick Assembly 

    Like many other Murphy beds, the installation process is a straightforward method where all the panels go into the wall cleanly. From fixing the brackets to the bearings, your bed will be ready in no time. It does not include a mattress, but you’ll be able to use the bed with a standard full mattress that is up to 10 inches thick. It will not require a box spring thanks to the already-assembled Euro slat foundation.


  • Dual piston lift and lowering system is safe and easy to use
  • It uses a flexible Euro Slat system
  • User-friendly assembly process
  • It is a minimal design that only requires a 10-inch mattress
  • It has a finish that can blend with any décor
  • You can get in three colors
  • The full-size bed has enough room for one guest
  • CONS

  • It needs mounting to the wall for safety reasons
  • Conclusion 

    We have many reasons as to why we opt for a Murphy bed other than the traditional bed. From being a small space solution to being customizable to meet your décor needs, you can’t go wrong with a Murphy bed. The brands on this list are highly recommended because of the way they transform any room to a place where guests can turn in and feel comfortable.

    Go on and get your ideal Murphy bed today