Purple Mattress Review – Awesome design, but what is inside of Purple Mattress?

Today, we focus on analyzing one of the most popular mattresses around - Purple. Briefly, it is awesome. Why? You will find out in our Purple Mattress Review.  It's a mattress whose demand on the market has built a constant urge in us to know what, exactly, it has to offer.  You must be curious and eager to understand how the Purple Bed Mattress performs and feels, right? Well, it's only right that you stick with us to the last line. After that, you will manage to make an informed decision on whether to purchase this sleep equipment. Let's get the ball rolling folks!

Purple mattress Review

Purple Mattress Review. A sneak preview of the Purple Company

The two engineering brothers Terry and Tony are the brains behind the ever-growing Purple Company. It all started when they developed comfort materials in the 1990’s. Their first product was Floam, a material that was utilized in cushioning for medical equipment such as wheelchairs.  Crawling from there, the brothers founded Purple by using a new hyper-elastic polymer to develop high-grade mattresses. From then, Purple has grown to become one of the rapidly growing Companies in the sleep equipment industry.  They continue to employ genius marketing strategies such as Goldilocks which performs an egg test on the mattress to show how good their mattresses are at pressure relief. 

We are hopeful that the Purple Company will remain strong and continue producing high-grade mattresses for their enthusiasts across the globe.

Purple Bed Mattress In-depth Review 


Purple mattress Review

The Purple Bed Mattress features a simple and straightforward packaging. It comes to you in a plastic bag.  No external suitcase is utilized in the packaging. All you need is to unzip the easy-slide zip to access the mattress. However, you might need to seek additional support to unwrap the mattress as it is tightly fitted and its 140lbs weight is a factor you can't handle alone. The packaging bag comes with sturdy handles that facilitate easy transportation of the mattress. 

We were impressed by the fact that the Purple Company provides a cutter, instructions manual and 2 mini samples of the Purple mattress' top layer, to help you familiarize with their product easily and quickly.  Ideally, the Purple Bed Mattress creates a fantastic first impression. The embossed Purple Company Logo on the sides of this mattress is sure to catch your attention upon unwrapping. We love the entire boxing of the Purple Bed Mattress.


Purple mattress Review

The use of the hyper-elastic polymer in their mattresses has allowed the Purple Company to stand out and rank highly in the mattress industry.  The Purple mattress is no difference. Its exclusive comfort layer is made of the hyper-elastic polymer and assumes a grid structure. Its unique architecture and high-grade material improve its feel and performance significantly.  Let's get to discuss these in detail.

The Cover

The Purple mattress Cover is a blend of Lycra, Viscose, and Polyester. It's an ultra-soft and breathable and thin material that allows sufficient airflow into the mattress. It guarantees that no awful odor builds up in the mattress while still ensuring that the internal components remain protected from unnecessary depreciation and damage.  What's more, the Lycra material, just like in athletic clothing, is known to bear temperature regulation traits.

Comfort layer

The comfort layer is the segment that allows the Purple Mattress to stand out effortlessly. As stated earlier a hyper-elastic polymer is used in the construction of this layer. It makes up 2-inches of the mattress’ height. The Comfort layer in this mattress responds quickly to even the slightest pressure, giving the entire mattress a bouncy feel. Therefore, whenever, you rest on the Purple mattress, you will always manage to switch positions with ease and no interference.

The grid structure of the comfort layer provides for undisputable pressure relief and weight distribution. Within the grid structure are polymer columns that support the exerted weight to an absolute pressure threshold. Upon reaching the threshold the columns collapse and the pressure-filled area sink in to provide pressure relief. The weight is then distributed evenly across the entire grid thereby preventing the formation of irregular pressure points on the mattress. Overheating of the mattress while you sleep is countered by the featured air pockets in the comfort layer.

Transition layer

The middle segment of the Purple mattress makes up 3.25 inches of the mattress' height. It features a 1.8 lb density and provides sufficient compression backup for the entire mattress.  The transition layer facilitates pressure relief further thanks to its construction from superior grade polyurethane foam. Again, it gives support to the soft and delicate grid structure of the comfort layer.


The base of the Purple mattress measures 4 inches in height and has a 2 lb density. It’s made of denser polyurethane foam as compared to the transition layer.  It forms the foundational support of the mattress. Again, it’s the base that maintains the shape of the mattress.

Purple mattress Review

Purple Mattress Review of Firmness

On the rigidity score, the Purple mattress scores 7/10Let not its stretchy, grid structured comfort layer lead you into doubting its firmness. Again, we appreciate the fact that despite its high-degree of rigidity, the Purple mattress still supports one’s back appropriately and distributes the weight evenly without developing pressure points.  For partners, this is your best match mattress as with its medium rigidity and optimum pressure relief, you won’t sink in or toss and turn often while you sleep.  Therefore, you will rarely disturb each other’s deep sleep.

Again, the hyper-elastic polymer used in the construction of this mattress allows it to feel bouncy with the first touch.  With the exertion of more pressure on the mattress, the transition layer can now be felt beneath the smart grid. However, it takes much weight to feel the transition layer as the smart grid does a fantastic job of weight distribution.

Sinkage and motion transfer

We can't proceed minus appreciating the excellent motion absorption ability of the Purple mattress.  It absorbs even the slightest motion of the weight on it easily. Therefore, we highly recommend the Purple mattress for couples, as your movements while you rest on the bed will never result in any disruption to your partner's sleep.

What’s more, the Purple mattress features a light powder coating of proprietary powder. The coating is there to absorb and minimize any noise that the utilized polymer in the construction may generate.

On Sinkage, the Purple mattress dips in with a mere 1.5 inch while one lies on the side or back. However, when you sit on the edge, the mattress will sink with 2.5 to 4 inches.
It’s important to note that the above sinkage data is collected from tests with people of average weight. Therefore, the sinking degree will naturally vary with the change of the exerted weight/pressure.

 You are bound to love the bouncy nature of the Purple mattress despite its construction from a polymer. In fact, its bounce beats that of the prolific latex mattresses.

Edge support

Purple mattress review

Edge support is a factor not to be ignored especially if you have a gigantic physique or intend to share your mattress with your partner.  For those in the dark regarding edge support, this is a mattress' ability to support and distribute weight evenly along its vertical ends. It's edge support that prevents you from falling off the bed while you sleep along its endpoints.  And the Purple doesn't disappoint on supporting the weight exerted along its edges.  In fact, you will hardly realize that you have moved to the edge while you turn and toss on your bed regardless of your sleeping position; side or back.

Purple Mattress Review of Bed Specifications

It's important to mention that the Purple Company only offers the top mattress in their package. Therefore, you will need to purchase the bed base or box springs or platform for supporting the mattress. Purple doesn't recommend box springs as the mattress is quite heavy. Thus, it's wise to integrate it with a sturdy mattress base. In fact, the use of box springs is one of the top factors that could void the mattress' warranty. You may choose to purchase the Purple's power mattress base for use with your Purple mattress.  The Purple bed prices are as below



Twin XL Dimensions: 37.5" * 79.5" * 9.5"


Queen Dimensions: 59.5" x 79.5" x 9.5"


King Dimensions: 75.5" x 79.5" x 9.5"


California King Dimensions: 71.5" x 83.5" x 9.5"


Who is the Purple mattress made for?

The Purple mattress is designed and developed to suit but not limited to people who:

• Need pressure relief with sufficient resting support

The high-grade polymer and the grid structure in the Purple mattress' comfort layer performs exceedingly well in distributing evenly any exerted pressure, while still offering excellent body support to maintain your delicate back in a healthy position.

• Side sleepers

Though the Purple mattress relieves pressure appropriately while one sleeps in different positions, the relief on the side sleeping position is notably exceptional and a little more advanced. Therefore, side sleepers should consider trying the Purple mattress.

• Need a bouncy mattress

With the top hyper-elastic polymer’s ability to respond instantly and appropriately to pressure, you can be sure to make turns and tosses on the Purple mattress without causing any interference.

• Are tired of sleeping too hot

With the air pockets in the Purple mattress' grid structure, you can be sure to rest cooler. Again, the air pockets integrate with the thin, stretchy and breathable cover to offer a temperature-neutral feel, for the best resting conditions.

Purple Mattress. Review of other important aspects

Does the Purple Mattress sleep hot?

Beyond bringing you other notable benefits like pressure relief and undisturbed sleeping, the cooling ability of the Purple mattress is worth appreciation.  The air pockets on the comfort layer, created from the exclusive polymer smart grid help in maintaining the sleeping area cool and ventilated.  Therefore, it goes without question that Purple ranks among the most cooling mattresses across the globe.

Purple mattress review

Does the Purple mattress have a chemical smell?

It's quite impressive that the Purple mattress comes off the box with an extremely faint smell. Again, the soft smell fades away within the first few days. The scent is non-toxic and will result in no off-gassing effect.

Through our research, it was evident that less than 10% of the Purple mattress consumers tabled complains about the mere smell.

Worth mentioning is that Purple is CertiPUR-US certified. Therefore, you should utilize any of their products with no worry.

Size, Price, and shipping

The Purple mattress is available in various sizes including Twin XL, King, Queen, and California King Sizes.  It’s easy to lift and transport thanks to its reasonable weight that ranges from 70 to 140 pounds, depending on the size.

The mattress is delivered right to your doorstep at zero cost. The convenient handles on its packaging will help you carry it to your room with ease.

Setting up the Purple mattress is remarkably easy, and you will get to experience its fantastic feel in no time.

Just like weight, the price of the mattress will depend on your preferred size and online commerce platform. Usually, the price ranges from $699 to $1299. You can choose to purchase the mattress with the Purple platform base which will increase the cost further.

You will glad to realize that the Purple mattress is doing better than other foam mattresses regarding price and value provision.

Warranty, Return policy and satisfaction guarantee

Purple mattress review

The Purple Company offers a 100-night trial for all their mattresses and a 10-year full replacement warranty. The extended trial period and replacement warranty have allowed many people to purchase the Purple mattress with no worries.

It’s wise to test the Purple mattress for 2-3 weeks before deciding whether it’s for you.  If you don’t like even a slight detail about it, you can return it for a full refund within the first 100 days after purchase.  The satisfaction guarantee offered on the Purple mattress is rare to find in other foam mattresses available on the market today.

What’s more, the Purple Company picks the mattress right at your doorstep before refunding you or for replacement.  Therefore, you don’t have to worry about repackaging it or shipping it back to their store.

The 10-year warranty covers any indentations that are more than 1-inch deep. Again, it’s a full replacement warranty with no loopholes. It’s critical that you read and understand the warranty print out to avoid voiding the warranty.

Is the Purple mattress recyclable?

When we toured the Purple factory, we were impressed by their professional way of going about business. First, there was a machine that rolled out the mattress into the carrying bag, exciting right? Additionally, the recycling aspect of manufacturing was astonishing.  Did you know that each section of the Purple mattress is recyclable? Well, I thought you should know. They just tear the mattress down into segments, melt them and use them again to come up with new mattresses. The purple pellets melt easily without producing any harmful and awful smells, unlike plastics. That's amazing!

Where can you find the Purple mattress?

The Purple mattress is available on a vast range of online stores including Amazon in all sizes. Also, the Mattress is available on the Purple’s Website. Even more, if you dwell close to the Purple headquarters in Alpine, Utah, you can get the mattress from the factory store. Purple focuses on maintaining their sales on the e-commerce platforms to keep the prices as low as possible.  We recommend buying the Purple mattress on Amazon, as it's a reliable platform that has earned respect from consumers owing to their excellent customer services

Durability and Caring for the Purple mattress

Purple is based in the USA. According to the data collected throughout our research on the Purple mattress, it was clear that the Purple mattress’ lifespan is better than that of other prolific foam mattresses.

Also, the exclusive integration of hyper-elastic polymer and foam allows this unit to be remarkably long lasting.

Also, the high-quality control standards enforced throughout the manufacturing of the Purple mattress allows it to rank among the high-quality mattresses across the globe.

Our research findings indicate an average of 85% customer satisfaction with the Purple mattress.

Caring for the Purple is pretty easy but not sufficiently specific as Purple has no official policy.

Rotating the mattress regularly is not necessary. However, rotating it twice per year is recommended.

 Avoid flipping the mattress as the comfort layer must always be at the top.

Conclusion on Purple Mattress Review

Overall, the Purple mattress scores 4.5 on a scale of 1-5. Developed with its exclusive material and design, Purple is a vivid, step forward and innovative mattress that will provide you with exclusive rest services throughout its lifetime. We highly recommend this mattress to anyone out there. It will be especially relevant to people who experience regular back pain. Again, if you sleep with a partner or friend who tosses and turns around often while sleeping thereby disturbing your sleep, then, the Purple mattress is the absolute solution to this menace.

Right from its look one can tell that the Purple Company has done their best to offer a high-grade, Porsche product at a pocket-friendly cost. It's a mattress that's soft where desired and firm at points where it's necessary.

Get it today and begin to enjoy deep, undisturbed sleep throughout the night.