Summer Is Here: How to Sleep Well If You Don’t Have an AC

Obviously, AC is the best option to keep you cool during a hot night and make sure you have a great night’s sleep. However, what if your AC got broken or what if you even don’t have one? Moreover, ACs are extremely bad for the environment, and with the current state of the climate, it may be a good idea to stop sacrificing the future of the planet for our personal comfort. Whatever the case is, there is a chance that today you are prepared to struggle from the heat inside your room once again. Well, guess what? Not anymore! In this article, we combined the most useful methods to have a great night’s sleep even if the summer is extremely hot.

  1. Stay hydrated.

This phrase should become your mantra if you want to truly take care of your body, especially in case of sleeping well. However, in the context of sleeping in a hot room, the idea to stay hydrated actually makes special sense. The thing is, the natural cooling mechanism of the body is sweating, so the more water you drink the more humid you can sweat out and the cooler you get during the night.

  1. Try to eat less heavy food.

Heavy and fat food like meat slows your metabolism down, and this is definitely not what you would want in order to get a cool and great night’s rest. Slow metabolism does not let your body to sweat well, and thus, does not let it get cooler. Moreover, that steak you may eat an hour before your bedtime, will interfere with the quality of your sleep, so it will be even more difficult to fall asleep. Add it to the heat in your room, and you will get the hell of a night (not in a positive meaning).

  1. Keep the curtains down during the daytime.

The daylight from the sun can heat up the room to a condition that it will be impossible to simply stay there, not to mention trying to fall asleep. That’s why it would be a good idea to prevent the hot sunlight from entering the room through the windows by pulling the curtains down during the day. Such measures will lower the chances that your room will heat up and thus get you one little step closer to having a great sleep at night.

  1. Open the windows during the night.

Usually, the temperature outside is lower than inside during the night, so it is a good idea to let some of the fresh and cool air in an hour or so before the bedtime. That is even better to open the windows on the opposite sides of the room or the house, so the air could circulate through the building and cool the overall temperature down. Creating a cool environment beforehand is the first thing you need to think of when struggling with the issue of falling asleep on a hot night.

  1. Take a hot shower before bed.

You may think that taking a cold shower would seem more logical, but, surprisingly, it’s not. Cold shower would lower your body temperature for a while, but would also increase the contrast between your temperature and the degree of your environment. In other words, it would make you feel even hotter than before, and that is not what you want. The greatest choice in this case would be taking a warm shower. It will make you feel like the environment got cooler, and thus will make it easier to fall asleep

  1. Turn the pillow over.

Found yourself awake during the night because of the heat? Turn your pillow over to the other side. It will most certainly be cooler, so it will be easier for you to fall asleep again. If this does not help, you may consider buying a special chillow that is designed to keep your head cool during the night.

  1. Use the ice packs.

Have you ever used the bottles with hot water to make yourself warm on the winter nights? Similar hack works for the summer as well, but instead of hot water, you would have to use the ice packs.

Also, memory foam is known to have cooling features. Check our rating of the best mattresses and best memory foam mattress toppers reviews.

  1. Know your cooling spots.

There are super easy tricks to hack your body and make it do what you want. For instance, to make it fall asleep faster by pressing some special spots, as we mentioned here. Well, congratulations. There is a similar hack to quickly cool your body down, at least for a short amount of time. In order to do so, to simply have to put your wrists under the cold running water and hold them there for a few seconds. The skin on the wrists is really thin, so the cold water will cool down your blood and make it easier for you to fall asleep.

  1. Sleep downstairs.

School rules of physics taught us that the hot air always goes up, so it is a great idea to consider sleeping downstairs during the hottest summer nights. You may even think about sleeping on the floor if it is comfortable for you.

  1. Build an old-fashioned AC.

There definitely were times before the invention of the ACs, and people were suffering from the cold nights back then, too. Our grandparents created a great tool to fill the room with the cool air with using only the fan and ice. The trick is to put the bowl of ice cubes in front of the fan and turn the fan on. The ice will melt, cooling the air around it, while the fan will help this air to spread all over the room, making it easier for you to get a good night’s rest.

  1. Choose the right bed sheets and pajamas.

Say no to synthetic bed sheets during the summer nights and choose linen or cotton ones instead. They are more natural and thus will provide a better airflow during your sleep. In addition, try to sleep wearing not too much clothes because it will also increase the air circulation for your body.

Final words

We hope that following our advices will help you have a great night’s rest even on the hottest night.