Tuft and Needle Mattress Review – best?

Are you currently disturbed by the dilemma of whether to purchase a Tuft and Needle mattress? Then, you have arrived at the right site.  You must have realized that the Tuft and Needle mattress has undergone a series of transformations in design and structure over the past few years, right? Well, today, we focus on analyzing the current Tuft and Needle iteration.  What does it have to offer? What makes it worth buying? Is it right for you? You are about to find out in our Tuft and Needle Mattress Review. Read on!

Tuft and needle mattress Review

Tuft and Needle Mattress Review. A sneak preview of the manufacturer

Founded in 2012, the Tuft and Needle Company has been thriving favorably in the online mattress craze. They aim to avail their high-grade mattresses to anyone easily and at reduced costs.  As mentioned earlier in this post, the Tuft and Needle Company ships their mattresses directly from the factory as they seek to keep the cost as low as possible.

Apart from online, the company has continually partnered with Amazon to avail their mattresses locally by opening up retail mattress shops. The shops deliver the mattress at your doorstep upon purchase through Amazon Prime.

Tuft and Needle is a company that lives up to its aims and promises. Their customer support is great and unquestionable while their mattresses’ quality surpasses that of the high-end foam mattresses to a significant extent.

Our scores







Edge support


Pressure point relief


Back sleeping


Side sleeping


Stomach sleeping




Off gassing proof


Warranty and support


Value for money


Tuft and Needle Mattress Review of Construction

It’s worth mentioning that the Tuft and Needle mattress ranks among the superior grade mattresses with simple and straightforward designs.  It’s a dual foam layer unit whose professional and creative construction allows it to suit a vast range of sleeping preferences. In a line, it’s the comfort layer in the Tuft and Needle mattress that heavily influences its unquestionable performance. Let’s get to discuss its constituents in detail.

The cover

The Tuft and Needle mattress comes with a high-grade cover specially cut from a stretchy Tactel/polyester blend.  We love its thin design as it allows sufficient airflow throughout the mattress, thereby facilitating temperature regulation. Tactel is a high-quality clothing material that has been used in the place of cotton on the cover. When compared, Tactel does way better than cotton regarding drying when wet and temperature regulation.

Tuft and needle mattress review

Comfort layer

It’s the comfort layer in the Tuft and Needle layer that’s responsible for your sleeping comfort and pressure relief. The comfort layer is made of Tuft and Needle’s proprietary foam. The graphite infused foam measures 2.9 lb density.  It makes up to 3 inches of the mattress’ height. Like the memory foam, Tuft and Needle’s proprietary foam comes with the ability to prevent neck and back pains and support the spinal cord’s natural position in the best way. However, the poly foam beats the memory foam in aspects such as air-flow and heat elimination.  Also, it provides great pressure relief to hold your weight appropriately while you sleep. When compared to latex foam, the Tuft and Needle proprietary poly foam does better on aspects like breathability and cost.

The comfort layer provides the comfortable and soft feel when one is lying on the tuft and needle mattress. You are bound to love the great bounce offered by this mattress as a result of the comfort layers' quick response to pressure.


 Right after the comfort layer, comes the bottom of the Tuft and Needle mattress.  The base is made of high-grade poly foam of 1.8 lb density. It makes up to 7 inches of the entire mattress' height.

The Tuft and Needle mattress, as mentioned earlier features a simple design, a factor that allows it to come to you at an affordable price. We were also impressed by the quality of its construction. The graphite infused poly foam used in the creation of this mattress compares better to memory and the latex foams. Therefore, you can quickly tell that this is a quality mattress through its construction material.

Every construction step is carried out professionally and neatly, to end up with the superior quality Tuft and Needle mattress.
Tuft and needle mattress review

Firmness of T&N

The Tuft and Needle mattress feels ultra-soft and indicates excellent pressure relief.  It brings you medium-rigidity universal comfort. Therefore, it's apparent that you will manage to sleep comfortably while you toss and turn as you may wish. Again, we love its bouncy nature that enhances its comfort further.  We were impressed by the manufacturer's ability to bring about comfort and firmness balance in the Tuft and Needle mattress.

While one presses through the comfort layer, the high-density base support can be felt when the pressure level reaches a certain point.  The support layer is there to hold the mattress adequately while improving its firmness.

Consumers of the Tuft and Needle mattress have indicated different views on its rigidity. Some claim that all they had to do was to add a mattress pad on their Tuft and Needle mattress in the quest to improve its comfort for all sleeping position. They add that the pad made the mattress indistinguishable from even the high-end ($2500+) mattresses. Others say it’s suitability for all sleeping positions but quite firm for slide sleepers.

Overall, on our scale of 1 to 10 regarding rigidity and strength, the Tuft and Needle mattress scored 6.5. It’s neither too firm nor too soft. And balance is what we all seek in a great mattress.

Sinkage and motion transfer

On sinkage, the Tuft and Needle mattress doesn’t disappoint. In fact, it beats most memory and latex foam mattresses on the ability to hold weight while minimizing sinkage. While sleeping on different positions, we noticed a slight sinkage, but the mattress neither collapses nor loses its structural conformity.  It's evident that the sinkage level is dependent on the weight exerted by the people sleeping on the mattress.  When we placed a load of 100lb on the Tuft and Needle mattress, a 6-inch sinkage was detected.  Therefore, you can tell that you won’t sink too deep into the mattress or remain suspended due to extreme firmness.

The mattress also does reasonably well on motion isolation, though it's not as satisfying as the high-end memory or latex foam mattresses. Therefore, we highly recommend the Tuft and Needle mattress for couples. You will never disturb your partners sleep whenever you get off the bed or turn and toss throughout the night in your deep sleep.  On our sinkage scale of 1 to 10, we rated the Tuft and Needle mattress 7. It’s ideal for both singles and couples.
Tuft and needle mattress review

Edge support 

Edge support is a factor not to ignore especially if you will be sharing your mattress with your partner.  Again, if you feature a gigantic body physique and you might need to use your mattress’ entire surface, it’s critical to consider your choice’s edge support.

The Tuft and Needle mattress doesn’t disappoint on Edge support. Whether you on the sitting or sleeping position, we could easily tell that the edge of this mattress is sufficiently supportive.  Our test representative felt secure and comfortable on the Tuft and Needle mattress’ edge as despite its bouncy nature.

While on the sitting position, some significant compression was evident on the mattress. However, this shouldn't worry you as you might only need to sit on the mattress in the morning or evening while you get your shoes on or off.

This mattress does way better than most foam mattress on edge support thanks to its high-grade graphite infused poly foam and professional construction.

 On our scale of 1-10 on edge support, the Tuft and Needle mattress scored 9.5.
Tuft and needle mattress review

Tuft and Needle Mattress Review. Suitability: who is it made for?

It’s our tradition to help our readers know whether a given mattress is right for them. So, is the Tuft and Needle mattress right for you? Hold on your horses. You are about to find out.

In our view, the Tuft and Needle mattress comes with a whole pack of benefits to its users. Therefore, its suitability for you is solely dependent on how you value the following benefits of the mattress:

Bouncy and soft resting foam feel

If you are looking for a bouncy, soft but firm and durable mattress, then the Tuft and needle option suits you appropriately. Its graphite infused poly foam assumes the characteristics of the high-grade latex foam. Thus, you can be sure to experience great bounce for easy adjusting of your sleeping position without disturbing your sleep or that of your partner.

Great budget mattress

The price of the Tuft and Needle mattress is nothing as compared to its value.  It cost way too low as compared to other foam mattresses in its performance class.  The manufacturer aims to keep the Tuft and Needle mattress cost as low as possible leads them to ship their mattresses to the consumer directly from the factory.

• No complex structures in its construction

The Tuft and Needle mattress features straightforward design and construction. It features only three segments; the cover, comfort layer and the base. Its simplicity allows the manufacturer to look into its comfort and durability in the best way. No decorations are added that would depreciate the mattress within a few days when they start peeling off. You are bound to love your experience with this straightforward mattress.

• Excellent shopping experience

The Tuft and Needle Company doesn't concentrate its entire potential on making profits. Excellent customer experience is also a factor that keeps them working. Their mattresses are easily accessible via Amazon prime, a safe and reputable E-commerce site. Again, they have gone ahead to partner with Amazon in opening retail stores locally for selling their mattresses. Therefore, you can be sure to receive an original Tuft and Needle mattress on time and in the right condition regardless of your location.

Does the mattress sleep hot?

With its distinctive bottom surface design and breathable cover, you can tell that the Tuft and Needle mattress is made for nothing but offering a comfortable and relaxed sleeping surface. It's its professional design that allows it to draw heat from one's body while eliminating it through its layers and cover.

Most foam mattresses feature an integration of two or more foam layers of different densities with the aim of attaining a certain firmness level. This attempt leads to inclusion of a glue layer between the layers to maintain the layers attached to each other appropriately.

Hence, though the foam layers allow the trapped air and heat to escape into the surroundings for a significant cooling effect, the glue layer becomes a partial hindrance to air and heat transmission. It means, therefore, that the more the layers in a foam mattress, the more it will sleep hot.

With that in mind, the Tuft and Needle Company got rid of all but two layers in their mattress.  The best layer combination that provides absolute value was formulated.

We love the natural airflow in the Tuft and Needle mattress. It doesn’t sleep hot any day. Its cooling power is vastly superior to that of other competitive foam mattresses.
Tuft and needle mattress review

Does it come with a chemical smell?

It's an everyday ordeal to find new poly mattresses with a mild chemical smell when shipped from the factory. The Tuft and Needle mattress comes with no difference. The volatile organic compounds released throughout its manufacturing process makes it release a chemical smell. As mentioned earlier, this mattress ships directly from the factory. Thus, often, the VOCs will not have escaped entirely by the time the mattress arrives at your doorstep.

Our passion for research led us to analyze the customers’ reaction to the mild chemical smell on the Tuft and Needle mattress.  Surprisingly, we couldn’t trace a customer who complained of off-gassing.

However, in case you find the “new mattress” smell unpleasant and unbearable, you can choose to leave the mattress in an open space for some hours before returning it to your sleeping room. The smell will disappear in not more than 48 hours.

What we mean is that the off-gassing when the mattress is new is normal, and not harmful.

Foundation specification

It's the Tuft and Needle Company's recommendation that their mattress is placed on a firm and unwavering foundation.  Slatted frames or a box spring bed will serve this aspect in the best way. Again, if you are operating on a strict budget or wish to keep your bedroom setting straightforward, then we are happy to inform you that the Tuft and Needle mattress may be used on a clean, dry floor. It's wise to buy a caveat for use with your mattress on the floor. The only drawback that comes with using the mattress on the floor, cotton rugs, plywood or moist foundations, is airflow restriction. The featured spacer cloth on the mattress' bottom may be pressed against the mattress restricting the air circulation. Also, mildew may grow on the mattress.

Therefore, you will be required to rotate (through 180 degrees) and prop your mattress once or twice in a week to maintain the air flow at normal levels.

Finally, for those living in humid areas, it’s recommended that you place your mattress in a foundation or bed frame to avoid the growth of mildew.

Satisfaction guarantee and trial period

Consumer satisfaction ranks among the top aims of the Tuft and Needle Company. Again, they are more than confident with the quality and performance of their mattress.  The 100-night trial period offered on the Tuft and Needle mattress is sufficient proof of their dedication to your satisfaction.  Apart from the trial period, the mattress comes along with a 10-year full replacement warranty. The warranty covers all natural defects on the mattress within the stipulated protection time. It’s wise for you to read through the entire warranty script to get familiar with any practice that may void the warranty.

You can always get a refund within the 100-day trial period.  Again, your mattress can be replaced at any time during the warranty period. All you will need is to call the manufacturer's customer support desk and they will respond and attend to your request as immediate as possible.  The mattress will be picked right at your doorstep. Therefore, you won't incur any added shipping costs.

Ideally, your satisfaction while using the tuft and needle mattress is guaranteed.

Tuft and Needle Mattress Review of Size, price, and shipping

The Tuft and Needle mattress comes in various sizes as indicated on the table below





California King












Twin XL






Shipping to the United States is entirely free. We were impressed by the shipping time as the mattress arrives in about 3 days after purchasing. Again, their delivery persons were amiable as they even helped in unboxing our Tuft and Needle mattress. It arrived in a well-compressed, compact and movable box.

Where is the mattress available?

We recommend purchasing the Tuft and Needle mattress through Amazon, owing to their excellent reputation and unquestionable approval by customers across the globe. As opposed to buying the mattress directly through the manufacturer's website, Amazon will always be there as a third party to ensure all the involved parties (customer and seller) are satisfied with every transaction. Following up on aspects such as shipping, warranty, or refunds, is more comfortable and more accurate when purchases are made on Amazon.

Caring for the Tuft and Needle mattress

The following are the recommended care and maintenance practices for this as well as other foam mattresses:

•  Don’t use machine wash or tumble dry the mattress cover. Instead, use a mild detergent to spot clean the cover after careful unzipping and removal from the mattress.

Ensure that the cover is entirely dry before replacing it on your mattress.
• The exclusive design of the tuft and needle mattress calls for no airing, rotation or flipping.    
Ensure that the mattress is placed on your foundation with the zippered side facing the bottom.
• Always use sheets with your mattress to avoid unnecessary or accidental spillage or dirt on the mattress’ cover and also to keep you warm throughout the night.

Conclusion on Tuft and Needle Mattress Review

When we compared the Tuft and Needle mattress with other competitive foam mattresses, we noticed a significant disparity. Its price is way too low and affordable despite the fact that it comes with no compromise in construction, materials, return policy or even the warranty.

It's a mattress that offers real value to anyone willing to use it with care and precaution. We highly recommend this mattress to anyone searching for an affordable but high-grade foam mattress. It will serve its purpose for many years with no disappointments whatsoever.