Zinus Mattress Review. What’s the catch?

Zinus mattress review

There are many mattress companies out there, but then there is Zinus, a mattress company that has been in existence for over 25 years. It’s known for creating quality mattresses and selling them at an affordable price thus acting as a perfect alternative to some of the most expensive brands. The company uses high-quality materials to create durable mattresses that deliver great support and comfort at an affordable price.

You will come across various mattresses by Zinus, but this review focuses on one of their best mattress, Zinus Memory Foam 12” Green Tea Extract mattress. The addition of Green Tea extract infused memory foam makes this mattress stand out from any other memory foam mattress. Overall, the mattress is crafted with the users’ needs in mind. It provides not only great support and comfort but also constant freshness.

Zinus Mattress Review of main feature - Natural Green Tea Extract & Active Charcoal

Well, natural green tea extract is a trustworthy and a safe anti-oxidant, and as such, it helps your mattress in maintaining its freshness. So, you will be sleeping on a fresher and cleaner mattress. However, it is also important to note that memory foam is resistant to dust mites and naturally antimicrobial.

And, the mattress also features active charcoal, so you get a clean and fresh mattress without breaking a bank. Green Tea will keep the moist that causes that muggy feeling at bay while ensuring that the freshness and cleanness feeling lasts throughout. Active charcoal is great at controlling odor and absorbing moisture.

Zinus Mattress Review - our scores





Edge Support


Pressure point Relief


Back Sleeping


Side sleeping


Stomach Sleeping




Off Gassing


Warranty & Support


Value for money


What’s the Mattress Made From?

The Zinus Green Tea infused Memory Foam mattress features four separate layers, all made of high-quality materials. All the materials in this mattress are infused with natural green tea extract hence offering anti-oxide and antifungal properties. As such, the mattress stays fresher and remains healthier throughout its lifespan. Again, none of these materials are harmful as they are all CertiPUR-US certified meaning they contain no toxic chemicals. Let’s look at each layer and its content and function, starting with the cover

Zinus mattress review


This mattress features a polyester cover that’s not removable or washable. For any mattress, the cover is an important factor to pay attention to because it is the first thing you see and touch even before feeling the layers. Luckily for this mattress, the cover is of high-quality and adds some softness to your mattress. Again, it is highly breathable thus reducing heat retention hence keeping your mattress cool throughout the night. It also has small detailed imprinted to it and it’s white in color. The design is pretty basic yet modern looking.

1st layer- the comfort layer

The topmost layer of this mattress features three inches memory foam. It is the layer that conforms to your body curves to give you that hugging feeling. It also gives the mattress a soft and cushy feel which helps in minimizing motion transfer. This means you can share your bed with a restless sleeper and not be disturbed by their turning and tossing hence making it a better choice for couples. The layer is designed to offer comfort to the sleepers and it does this perfectly.

2nd layer - pressure point relief layer

This layer further enhances the mattress’ comfort and it is made of two inches of comfort foam. It is highly responsive meaning you won’t experience the “stuck in the mattress” feeling as is the case with most mattresses. Again, the layer provides great pressure point relief as it effectively distributes the sleepers’ weight throughout and you won’t wake up with pains or develop soreness.

3rd layer - Airflow layer

Memory foam mattresses are known to sleep hot and the only way to ensure that you will have a comfortable and cool night’s sleep is ensuring that your mattress is highly breathable. This Zinus Green Tea infused Memory Foam mattress features the third layer that’s made of 3.5 inches of air flow high-density foam. As such, the layer keeps the entire mattress cool by allowing air circulation hence cooling the hot temperatures coming from your body heat. Some people still feel that the mattress sleeps hot despite having this layer but you can add a cooling mattress topper if need be.

4th layer - Support layer

This is the final layer of this mattress and acts as the support layer, for the sleepers and the other three layers. It is made of 3.5” of airflow high-density base support foam. As such, this layer serves both as a support base and a cooling layer by pulling and dispersing the sleepers’ body heat out of the mattress. Again, this layer provides point elasticity thus helping in keeping the sleepers’ bodies in perfect alignment hence reducing pains and aches no matter your sleeping position.

Overall, this mattress is built to offer the best comfort and support at a very affordable price.

After the construction, let’s now look at the important features of the mattress such as firmness, comfort, support, pressure point relief, heat retention, motion transfer and off-gassing.

Zinus mattress - Review of basic features


There is no “the definite firmness” when it comes to the mattress as this is always a matter of opinion. What someone finds as the perfect firmness for a comfortable sleep might not be perfect for someone else. However, based on our research and experience with this mattress, we are able to rate its firmness using a scale of 1-10 where 10 is the firmest and 1 is the softest. The mattress takes a 6 which means it is medium-firm hence most average sleepers might find the mattress comfortable to sleep on. But, the mattress might be too firm for lighter sleepers and too soft for heavier sleepers. Thus, you should keep your body weight into consideration if you’re thinking of getting this mattress.

Zinus mattress review


As noted on the construction part, this mattress has two layers meant to offer the sleepers the comfort they need for a good night’s sleep. The top layer especially conforms to your body thus creating that hugging effect without making you feel "stuck in" the mattress. This results in great comfort throughout the night, and you wake up feeling fresh. Again, this mattress is highly responsive and provides a great bounce.


The base layer of this mattress is the support layer, and it does a great job providing the needed support for a comfortable sleep and durability. The sleepers’ body weights get distributed evenly throughout the memory foam layers hence no sinking or poor spine alignment. The mattress perfectly contours to the sleeper’s body curves to minimize motion transfer, and offer support and comfort.

Motion transfer

With Zinus Memory Foam Green Tea mattress, motion transfer is not a problem. You can easily tell this by moving about it. Even when sharing a bed, you won’t be bothered by the movement of your partner. This adds to its comfort and makes it a great choice for a good sleep.

Pressure point relief

The responsiveness of a mattress determines its ability to offer pressure point relief. This mattress is highly responsive meaning you won’t be dealing with pressure points as this can be really uncomfortable especially for side sleepers. Its contouring capability plays a big role in promoting pressure point relief.

Zinus mattress review

Heat Retention

The third and fourth layers of this mattress are designed to allow air flow for temperature control. The air flow technology employed here helps in reducing heat retention for a cooler sleep. The air flow technology works by dissipating the sleepers’ body heat out of the mattress which results in a cooler body as opposed to when the heat is trapped inside. This a good incorporation especially given that memory foam mattresses are known to sleep hot.

Again, the mattress’ jacquard cover is highly-breathable hence reducing heat retention further. Based on our experience, the Zinus Natural Green Tea Extract infused memory foam mattress sleeps cooler than most other memory foam mattresses, and it is super comfortable for any sleep position. However, if you find it hot, you can add a mattress topper to cool it because again, if you leave in an area where temperatures are usually higher, any mattress might sleep hot.

Chemical Off-Gassing Smell

Most new mattresses emit odors, and the intensity depends on how long the mattress has been compressed and rolled up for delivery. If the mattress has been rolled up in a box for a long time, then the chemical smell keep intensifying. This gets worse with a purely synthetic foam mattress but luckily, this Zinus mattress features active charcoal and natural green tea extract thus you are likely not to experience any off-gassing smell, and if you do, it will be weak and disappear within days.

There is a simple way of dealing with off-gassing. Firstly, you are supposed to allow your mattress up to 72 hours to fully expand so you should have no plans of sleeping on it at least for the first night. So, once you unpack it, leave the windows open, or better, take it outside for quicker airing.

Zinus Mattress Review of popular positions. Does Zinus fit all positions?

• ​Back

This mattress takes a 9/10 for the back sleeping position. Scoring a 6/10 in firmness level means that most back sleepers find it comfortable and it offers the needed support for the position. Back sleepers need perfect support to ensure proper spine alignment and even weight distribution to ensure that none of the body parts are sinking and this mattress offers just that. However, heavier back sleepers might find the mattress uncomfortable as it will feel too soft. And, it is not the best option for back sleepers that prefer firmer mattresses.


The mattress scores a 7/10 for side sleeping position. Side sleepers need extra support to find a mattress perfectly comfortable. This is because unlike back sleepers, side sleepers’ weight concentrates in one area hence they are more likely to experience painful pressure points if the mattress does not provide pressure point relief. This mattress offers both great support and pressure point relief. Thus it’s a winner for side sleepers.


The mattress scores a 7.5/10 for stomach sleeping position. First off, stomach sleepers need a considerably firmer mattress because all their weight moves to the front once they lie on a mattress. And, a softer mattress will mean that parts of their body will sink which results in poor spinal alignment. As such, the mattress should have a decent firmness level and should also offer great support as well as.

Zinus Mattress Review of Pros and Cons


  • All the material used in manufacturing this mattress are Certi-PUR certified meaning it meets the US recommended standards for durability, content, and performance
  • The natural green tea extract and active charcoal helps keep the mattress fresher and cleaner
  • Sleeps cooler
  • Provides adequate support and comfort for all sleeping positions
  • It’s very affordable yet high-quality
  • Reduced chemical smell as 2%-15% of the petroleum content is replaced with natural plant oil
  • It’s a healthier mattress
  • CONS

  • The mattress might still sleep hot for some people, but you can always add a topper
  • It’s not a good choice for heavier sleepers
  • Has a medium firmness thus might not appeal to people who prefer a firmer mattress
  • It’s a one-sided mattress. You can’t flip it, but you can rotate it
  • The cover is not washable nor removable
  • No sleep trial period
  • Warranty

    Zinus offers the buyers a 10-year limited warranty. This means you can contact the manufacturer for a repair or replacement if your mattress develops any manufacturing related defects within 10 years from when you purchased it.


    Most mattresses companies guarantee a cost-free return and/or full refund in case you don’t like the mattress. However, Zinus makes no such guarantees, and you might have to confirm before ordering to be on safe side.

    Trial Period

    Again, most mattress companies offer a certain number of a risk-free trial period where some give even over 100 nights. However, just as with guarantee, Zinus has no specified trial period. However, you can contact the Amazon customer support team soon enough if you don’t like the mattress and hopefully get a refund. But, to be on the safe side, ask all these questions before ordering the mattress.

    Who should buy Zinus mattress?

    This mattress is not for everyone but, if you are looking for an inexpensive but still a high-quality mattress, this is the deal. Also, if you prefer medium firmness, great pressure point relief, a mattress that sleeps cooler with little to no smell then gets this mattress.

    Who shouldn’t buy Zinus mattress?

    The mattress performs great for all sleeping positions but might not do so well for heavier sleepers. Again, with medium firmness, the mattress will feel too soft for people who prefer firmer mattresses for whatever reason and might also be too firm for lighter sleepers. Again, the mattress’ cover is not removable nor washable so if you don’t want to add a topper you shouldn’t get this mattress.

    What you should know before buying Zinus mattress?

    Zinus mattress review

    Each mattress is crafted differently, and as such, you should be careful when shopping for one because even two mattresses from the same company can feel different. When buying your mattress online especially, you need to be more cautious and point out exactly what you are looking for in a mattress to avoid disappointments. There are mainly six factors to have in mind when searching for a mattress: your body weight, your preferred firmness level, your sleeping position, if you have any allergies, whether or not you are sharing a bed, and your budget.

    The other consideration should be the company. There are many mattress companies, and it’s good to know their reputation before making an order. The best place to get this is from the customer reviews as most people love to share their experiences may be on how easy or hard it was to get help from the said company’s customer support, the return process, or getting a refund, etc. Lastly, read and understand the warranty and the policies. Some companies won’t honor the warranty if within the time you had the mattress you had it washed or stuff like that.

    Conclusion on Zinus Mattress Review

    For the price, Zinus Memory Foam Natural Green Tea Extract Infused Memory Foam Mattress is most probably the best mattress that you’ll come across. In fact, it’s far much better than most expensive mattress. It has a medium firmness so it might not be the best for all sleepers but if medium firmness is your ideal firmness level you will definitely love it. It provides great support, good comfort and does a good job with pressure point relief and in preventing heat retention.